• Published on Nov 15, 2019
  • The Vlog Squad boys day! Then I surprise Mariah with something she never expected!
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  • Roxann Rios
    Roxann Rios 5 hours ago

    When are you going to propose

  • OkayThenJade
    OkayThenJade 21 hour ago


  • Nick Neurohr
    Nick Neurohr Day ago

    You're the man Heath

  • WarpedNut
    WarpedNut 3 days ago

    his gf could be icarly

  • Marcella Milione
    Marcella Milione 4 days ago

    You’re an amazing cinematographer

  • Cherisse Persad
    Cherisse Persad 4 days ago +12

    Zane: No... I’m gonna break my elbow.
    Two weeks later: *breaks arm*

  • alexx woodwick
    alexx woodwick 5 days ago

    STTAAAAPPP being mean to my Matty.

  • Bren Beasley
    Bren Beasley 5 days ago

    yes, hello heath. i just want to say that you look so good now and i am so proud of you! you go baby boo

  • Joe Lisk
    Joe Lisk 7 days ago

    Best blogs in the squad. (I still fucking love carly tho)

  • Austin Ryan Koevoets

    I admire that you are playing around with the cinematography of your videos. Very few creators that don’t consider it as their niche don’t typically put time and effort into how the shots and scenes look aesthetically pleasing.

  • Andrew Dollard
    Andrew Dollard 8 days ago

    Peep the googan squad sweatshirts

  • Sledneck
    Sledneck 8 days ago

    White boy problems, gotta move my mud free raptor to pull out my Lambo, lol. The videos are great, I picked a good time to become a vlog squad fan! But Heath, honestly bro, no ring WTF! Step it up man!

  • abby Atkins
    abby Atkins 8 days ago

    My moms been waiting 6

  • Rebeca Salazar
    Rebeca Salazar 10 days ago

    that lambo intro was so soothing

  • Almu Casas
    Almu Casas 12 days ago

    6:40 Zane's random whip LMAOO

  • Almu Casas
    Almu Casas 12 days ago

    Me: Sees mariah on the thumbnail with a cowboy hat.
    Also me: Did he got her a horse?

  • Pure Xyle
    Pure Xyle 14 days ago

    There are so fuckibg stupid it is so funny 😂😂

  • Fuzzy_Potato
    Fuzzy_Potato 14 days ago

    Y’all. I have a group chat with 16 people not including me

  • Lenka Pavlović
    Lenka Pavlović 15 days ago

    I wonder who is in the group chat

  • Barbara Teu
    Barbara Teu 15 days ago

    6:14 me and my sister playing at the backyard when we were 5

  • Kayla Frady
    Kayla Frady 16 days ago

    Look at them wearing Googan Squad merch!

  • Hunter Wagner
    Hunter Wagner 16 days ago


  • Hunter Wagner
    Hunter Wagner 16 days ago


  • Vanessa Villa
    Vanessa Villa 16 days ago

    So y’all telling me Mariah wasn’t in the gc 🤭🥴🥳

  • Justin Knipper
    Justin Knipper 17 days ago

    love the new style

    ANNSLEEJ 17 days ago


  • Natalie Esparza
    Natalie Esparza 17 days ago


  • Hilariously Random!
    Hilariously Random! 18 days ago

    Do another fishing video

  • Garry W88
    Garry W88 18 days ago

    Casey neistats editing and just in general videos are the best on TVclip I’m glad your taking his channel as a guide

  • Shalyn Monkman
    Shalyn Monkman 18 days ago

    Such a genuine person

  • christina birtwell
    christina birtwell 18 days ago

    You and Mariah are so amazing together and she is so beautiful with the energy in her soul you are meant to be.

  • Kalyn Payton
    Kalyn Payton 18 days ago

    She was in the vlog squad females video yet wasn’t in the groupchat?!?!?

  • Daniel Medrano
    Daniel Medrano 18 days ago

    Damn Idk why but I love seeing you doing good

  • Hey there big boy Hehe

    I love his editing style!!

  • Annastacia Thomas
    Annastacia Thomas 19 days ago

    Thank you for giving us more Mariah!!!

  • Slick Trademarc
    Slick Trademarc 19 days ago

    Does Mariah have bad vision ? The font size on her phone is maxed out.

  • Bob Aus Metalheim
    Bob Aus Metalheim 19 days ago

    That thumbnail looks like a werd orgy....

  • Asia Kolish
    Asia Kolish 19 days ago +3

    mariah's energy is just so.... *chefs kiss*

  • Kelly Brueger
    Kelly Brueger 19 days ago

    Dying to know who the 13 ppl are haha

  • Bluxio
    Bluxio 19 days ago +1

    5:53 Zane: “Warrr words”

  • karla avila
    karla avila 19 days ago

    Omg so proud of you for taking this step

  • carishannon76
    carishannon76 20 days ago

    baby you got so many ads on this vid congrats

  • carishannon76
    carishannon76 20 days ago

    I love the edits in this video amazing job!!!!

  • Casey Matthews
    Casey Matthews 20 days ago

    Zane: "Wharrrrrrrrrrrrrrrthe words?"

  • Joshua Castillo
    Joshua Castillo 20 days ago

    Has sun visors. Continues to use hand to block the sun

  • Furrbal
    Furrbal 20 days ago +1

    3:48 Matt is a literal Barbie doll 😂❤️

  • Mykala Bilodeau
    Mykala Bilodeau 20 days ago

    love this

  • Virza Farabi
    Virza Farabi 20 days ago

    The ceremony was hilarious. I never laugh this hard before 😭😭😭

  • xpithersx
    xpithersx 20 days ago

    heath is so 😍

  • Lucia Nieves
    Lucia Nieves 20 days ago +9

    just casually flex’s how many cars he has

  • MiloTheHunk
    MiloTheHunk 20 days ago

    love it how you keep big red in the garage with the lambo "make new friends (get new cars) but always keep the old, the new ones are silver but the old ones are gold"

  • eric thomasson
    eric thomasson 20 days ago

    really makes me happy u wearing the googan hoodie at the end

  • Braian Osorio
    Braian Osorio 20 days ago

    Heath congratulations I'm hooked on these vlogs

  • Gabrielle Mcnesby
    Gabrielle Mcnesby 20 days ago

    Heath bring back bubba merch!!! Please I really want one!!

  • Lívia Karla Roque
    Lívia Karla Roque 20 days ago

    i can’t handle mariahs cuteness

  • Vanessa Photography
    Vanessa Photography 20 days ago +1

    why do i feel like you are the sweetest person ever?

  • Freysteinn Sverrisson
    Freysteinn Sverrisson 20 days ago

    8:09 is that something something in todd´s pocket ore does he just have a massive dick?

  • Maureen Kyle
    Maureen Kyle 20 days ago

    2:27 I knew exactly what Toddy said so it confused me with the translation but then got it lol true Californian vibes

  • Mckenzie Black
    Mckenzie Black 20 days ago

    I wish Matt would do a girlfriend application so I can apply for it 😍 ugggggh, always been in love with his soul and humor, wish I could talk to him!

  • natasha florer
    natasha florer 20 days ago

    Casey is a dope creator to follow!! I’ve been watching him for years♥️ got those vibes from the Miami video!!