2 Weeks with iPhone X

  • Published on Nov 13, 2017
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  • iJustine
    iJustine  5 days ago +423

    Watch all my iPhone X videos! tvclip.biz/video/vqztGUwhRlQ/&list=PLoYRB6C09WUDbCndtEDELX-Fpk_pgATvF

  • 1stMil.com
    1stMil.com 58 minutes ago

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  • LionheartNh
    LionheartNh Hour ago

    All hail the mighty iPhone.

  • Obed Tejeda
    Obed Tejeda 2 hours ago +1

    Yeah! I'm a Android fan and you're am Apple fan but I LOVE YOU!! love your videos!! 😊😊

  • Scott Godown
    Scott Godown 3 hours ago +1

    My iPhone X is now a brick, unusable. Turned it off, turned it back on and you need a passcode to unlock it after a restart which I do not remember creating. So after about 12 different numbers and nothing works it permanently locked me out. I now have to do a total restore of the phone. Not a happy camper right now.

  • Maksym Edel
    Maksym Edel 4 hours ago

    Yep, definitely the iPhone X is for girls with blonde hair and pink dress. But not for real men :)

    GENILTON TEIXEIRA 4 hours ago +1

    What the brand and model of the clear case that you're using at your iPhpone X?

  • Prateek Jalan
    Prateek Jalan 4 hours ago

    You can swipe up and drag towards right to do multitasking quickly! Just FYI.

  • Ikea Arrington
    Ikea Arrington 6 hours ago

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    ALLYSUN 6 hours ago

    Soooo expensive! A little out of my budget...interesting video!!
    I'm new on YouTube..if you have a minute let me know what you think of my videos!!

  • Sporkguy3
    Sporkguy3 7 hours ago

    Screen lock works with a mirror, I wonder if it works with a 3D picture, like maybe on a 3DS XL

  • CarlosCast
    CarlosCast 7 hours ago

    I 100% know why you mean by saying the from camera quality is so good! I actually not liking my selfies cause I look way too tired! Even with the new lifting filter things. And I was so excited for those

  • Jericho Majewski
    Jericho Majewski 7 hours ago


  • Play Man
    Play Man 8 hours ago

    iPhone kids are funny... hahaha said an android user

  • Boucha Nagendran
    Boucha Nagendran 8 hours ago


  • The Austinator224
    The Austinator224 8 hours ago

    Justine, to open the app switcher faster, swipe your finger up some and move it to the right.

  • Cameron Perez
    Cameron Perez 9 hours ago

    Just waiting for a video that has Marques, Justine, everything apple pro, Jonathan, and unbox therapy doing a collab

  • SouthCarolinaMike
    SouthCarolinaMike 10 hours ago

    If you swipe up and right there's no delay to your open apps. #ProTip

  • diman
    diman 10 hours ago

    Sorry, but I clicked that "subscribe" button...

  • Min_Allan
    Min_Allan 12 hours ago

    I hate when people refer to the 8 plus or 7 plus as "the 7" or "the iPhone 8". The iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8 is a different phone from the plus versions ffs.

  • Aswin Sb
    Aswin Sb 12 hours ago

    IPhone Xpensive

  • annisus hshsbd
    annisus hshsbd 13 hours ago


  • TheMadBrad
    TheMadBrad 13 hours ago

    the reason why a mirror works is cuz the sensors that scan your face are bouncing off the mirror and are still scanning your face, its like you shine a laser pointer at a mirror, its still gonna hit the subject its pointed at in the mirror

  • Shadowswarm 0
    Shadowswarm 0 13 hours ago

    How much did apple pay you for all this branding and advertising?

  • dylan nolan
    dylan nolan 14 hours ago

    the reason it works in the mirror is because the infrared is bouncing off the mirror to your face back to the mirror being picked by your phone. since it is infrared the many infrared dots take different amounts of time to hit the different parts of your face and back to the phone, creating the 3d map of your face. since the mirror reflects light with out much distortion the phone still works in a normal mirror but not a image or a reflection of an image.

  • William Arocho
    William Arocho 14 hours ago

    Buy lamps that have built in wireless charging

  • moaaz abdelhafieez
    moaaz abdelhafieez 14 hours ago

    Try not to make fun as u r not funny woman at all , just make the review as u cover ur good review with bad fun movements

  • nina allegra
    nina allegra 15 hours ago +1

    So I need a new iPhone and I can't decide between the 8 Plus or the X 😩

  • jacques jon
    jacques jon 16 hours ago

    just another dumb Apple sheep

  • Achilles Alexander
    Achilles Alexander 17 hours ago

    When you put an "i" in front of your name and review iPhones it's clear where your allegiance lies. This is one of the most shameful product review youtube channels. What's still more sad is she apparently inspires the next generation of youtubers like Sara Peachy or as I call her Ditzzy who has devolved into a pure product pitchman. And for godssake quite calling yourselves Creatives . Editing a video of a lit product, throwing in some top 40 musak, sprinkle in a timelapse, using a cool prepackaged transition does not make you creative.

  • Steven McCoil
    Steven McCoil 19 hours ago

    Why are you trying to use your phone while picking up your dogs shit??

  • yodaddyxx
    yodaddyxx 19 hours ago

    I'll just wait for the next iPhone.

  • EvilPlaya
    EvilPlaya 20 hours ago

    For multitasking you swipe up and swerve left like this " ↱ " and then you dont have to hold. thank you.
    And a $1200 phone that comes without a Fast charger even though it supports fast charging, nobody should buy it on general principles to teach that company a lesson.

  • BuNNii3s
    BuNNii3s 20 hours ago

    Is it just me or does the wireless charging seem kinda inconvenient. Your phone would have to stay flat on the charger for it to stay charging which means you can't pick it up and use it. At least with a cord charger, you can keep it charging and still pick it up and use it...

  • Jorge Rosales
    Jorge Rosales 20 hours ago

    What’s your gamer tag?

  • Kate Capurso
    Kate Capurso 22 hours ago

    Swipe up and to the right instead of swipe up and wait. Way faster to get to your open apps.

  • Questionable Cheeto
    Questionable Cheeto 22 hours ago

    How are you random person!😁

  • Garrett Eastin
    Garrett Eastin 23 hours ago

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  • noitsbubbles
    noitsbubbles 23 hours ago

    Thank you for not being those you tubers who buy iphones to destroy them


    i phone x has weakest screen it can break easily

  • Animelover987 AMVlover

    I am still on iOS 10.3.3 on my iPad mini 2

  • LesleyyX1
    LesleyyX1 Day ago

    are there any case that you recommend for the X?

  • LesleyyX1
    LesleyyX1 Day ago

    noooo ur drifting away from snap and going to insta stories.....

  • Xxmoon LightxX
    Xxmoon LightxX Day ago

    What about Animoji:/

  • Himaloy Padma
    Himaloy Padma Day ago

    lol phone doesn’t work under water 💧

  • Danny Kirkpatrick

    So excited when I got mine on launch day, stolen 5 days later and my insurance wouldn’t pay out devastated :(

  • Paulo Rodrigues
    Paulo Rodrigues Day ago

    It's ugly as shit.

  • Andy Melgar
    Andy Melgar Day ago

    Same Justine, I too like to just close my apps.

  • Albert Cruz
    Albert Cruz Day ago

    Let's team up on call of duty

  • 35donb
    35donb Day ago

    If you start a video above water it will continue underwater.

  • עמית פרץ
    עמית פרץ Day ago

    The reflection unlock works because since the IPhone projects these IR dots on your face, using a mirror *will* deflect these dots since they are light and the dots can deflect on your face and recognize you.

  • Katyana Livingston

    Where do you keep your phones?

  • Robyro Nz
    Robyro Nz Day ago

    2 weeks with the iphone x
    3 weeks with the iphone x
    4 weeks with the iphone x
    A year later :
    The 1500$ iphone Xi is wayyy better than the iphone X

  • Pozvaty
    Pozvaty Day ago

    Desearía un teléfono sin importar la marca. Me asaltaron y me robaron mi teléfono hasta el collar de mi perro se llevaron ;(

  • Syed Haider
    Syed Haider Day ago

    Face Id hacked. Checkout Video. tvclip.biz/video/Daz72oYXsw4/

  • George Kapelis
    George Kapelis Day ago

    You can thank Samsung for the product you so much love (iPhone X). Smaller body - bigger screen, oled display and so much more. But still you are amazed by iPhone products. When Samsung had those characteristics on their phones you thought it was just OK but when you see it on an iPhone it's wow! Not fair

  • Scott Weinberg
    Scott Weinberg Day ago

    Thank you for a FAIR review and adequately addressing the notch without saying you barely notice it. We both agree it’s there. Great work as always.

  • Brandon Huntsberry

    swipe up and right to get to apps in use... its faster

  • Mat
    Mat Day ago +1

    why tf would you be using it underwater

  • Ken Angell
    Ken Angell Day ago

    I can sign in with face ID with my sunglasses on I can sign in in the dark pitch dark.

  • Evan Snyder
    Evan Snyder Day ago

    It doesn't work with reflection its still scanning your actual face, the little dot projections are just bouncing off the mirror.

  • DAO Reactions
    DAO Reactions Day ago

    The iPhone X review is here

  • Mel Roman
    Mel Roman Day ago

    am i the only one who never had an issue with the question mark thing?

  • Abdallah Bashir
    Abdallah Bashir Day ago

    playing call of duty???? woooow i love you

  • Star Etoile
    Star Etoile Day ago

    Hi my beautiful eyes.
    You can make a 3d printing to your face and let will see whoe doesn't work

  • Tim young
    Tim young Day ago

    Yes, the Notch is their, but really after a few days (or even hours) you really don't even notice it.

  • nathaly Lazarde
    nathaly Lazarde Day ago


  • Alina Shamsutdinova

    yabuilder.com/81DE best iphone x case ever

  • alina maria
    alina maria Day ago

    Justine plz make some funny videos

  • Victor L
    Victor L Day ago

    You know the 8 Plus’ screen is still physically bigger than the X's right?

  • Cocoa Brown
    Cocoa Brown Day ago

    Can you unlock it in the dark for example when you’re in bed in the middle of the night? Thanks. Great videos!!!

  • Goodday Freelance

    Hei! My dream was to be able to afford new phone or laptop. Now it's has come true. And if you would like to get Iphone for free - please give me PM on gmail staasts1 @ gmail. com :) Have a nice day :)


    your videos's Quality is Unbelievable it's nsaaaaaaaaaaaaaannn Wooow

  • ohdascrazy
    ohdascrazy Day ago

    That bug didn't affect everyone, but it was quite a bit of people. I do know a few people who updated to 11.1.1 (the firmware that was supposed to get rid of the bug) and got the bug after that update.

  • Mr. X
    Mr. X Day ago

    Maybe the mirror thing works because the laser dots that scan your face reflected off the mirror onto your face...

  • Abhay Oberoi
    Abhay Oberoi Day ago +1

    Baby, If you were an iPhone X
    I would tap you all day!

  • Alex Yell
    Alex Yell Day ago

    Why does it seem that everyone wit the I phone X NEED to use the face I'd? Is there not still a PASSWORD?????

  • THeKawaiiDino Gaming

    can you try animoji

  • Bobby MKD
    Bobby MKD Day ago

    Just shut up about the facial recognition! It is not the end of the world!

  • Jay Daniel
    Jay Daniel Day ago

    You swipe up to the middle and to the left/right (can't remember) for multitasking to open quicker...

  • Arjay Rey
    Arjay Rey Day ago

    I just love watching your videos... its not just informative but also full of emotions which makes me feel more chill even after having to work for 11 hours a day.. more videos and hopefully i also get to win something from your giveaways hah! Like the new xbox or nintendo switch or an iphone...

  • leena al
    leena al Day ago

    my iphone is x and too hot for 4 hours what i do💔 It is floating

  • Jake Rich
    Jake Rich Day ago

    Does samsung work underwater?

  • John Joshua
    John Joshua Day ago

    Why didn't they make force touch on bottom of screen the home button

  • Thelifeasnate
    Thelifeasnate Day ago

    ijustine!!!! For the multitasking, you have to swipe and then to the right, it goes much quicker!

  • Christopher Jansen

    Technically the phone is not unlocking via your reflection in the mirror. What is happening is the IR light from the phone is reflecting off the mirror onto your actual face.

  • Paola C
    Paola C 2 days ago

    Do you think there will be an iPhone x Plus??? The regular x isn't big enough for me

  • Kerry Zimmerman
    Kerry Zimmerman 2 days ago

    You said that you like to do videos that entertain. Well I enjoy watching because they are very entertaining. I appreciate being entertained by you.

  • SlighMD
    SlighMD 2 days ago

    What case do you have on your X? It looks so thin without hiding the phone’s majesty.

  • Tushar Sudake
    Tushar Sudake 2 days ago

    Can it detect my face under lava?

  • Laura Andrea Vallejo

    Most excited about the size!!!!

  • Nate Salsman
    Nate Salsman 2 days ago

    Is the notch the selfie cam ?

  • Daniel Aguilar
    Daniel Aguilar 2 days ago

    To make multitasking faster on iPhone X you’re suppose to swipe up and to the right of the screen so their won’t be a delay.

  • Michael Shandor
    Michael Shandor 2 days ago

    There’s a faster way to open n close apps. When you slide up. Slide up and to the right in one motion. It will not pause and it will not have a delay anymore.

  • aiesl fi
    aiesl fi 2 days ago

    justine make another cooking video

  • Nicole Fagnani
    Nicole Fagnani 2 days ago

    I can unlock my moms phone with my face every single time 😳

  • Roddy Gonzalez
    Roddy Gonzalez 2 days ago

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  • Parth Patel
    Parth Patel 2 days ago

    iOS > Android
    Samsung > Apple

  • Jessica Recas
    Jessica Recas 2 days ago

    I also hate the gestures for app closure! like when u have the multitask open why not just let us swipe up to close instead of having to hold and then swipe?! Also the mirror thing seems a bit dodgy!

    • Jessica Recas
      Jessica Recas Day ago

      TRay T yeah, I’ve seen this swipe up and to the right to close apps but I can’t get that gesture down either 😂

    • TRay T
      TRay T 2 days ago

      Do you have an X? Probably not! Its easier than you think!