2 Weeks with iPhone X

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  • iJustine
    iJustine  2 months ago +500

    Watch all my iPhone X videos! tvclip.biz/video/vqztGUwhRlQ/video.html&list=PLoYRB6C09WUDbCndtEDELX-Fpk_pgATvF

    • Nicole May Palmiotto
      Nicole May Palmiotto 8 days ago

      DANCING WITH TAYLOR SWIFT at Google, Apple & Facebook!

    • kennedy nicole
      kennedy nicole 21 day ago

      how do you become a apple product tester and were so i sign up

    • Steven Krupski
      Steven Krupski 26 days ago

      @ijustine easy trick with Face ID is to blink it unlocks much faster even with the extra security on. Also the mirror thing is a pretty big deal when it comes to security. What I’m curious about it if you take a picture of the reflection print it in high quality and try it that way ? If not the cut eye holes and have someone position their eyes behind it.

    • DarkBornLight
      DarkBornLight 29 days ago

      Have TheX. &Cant Agree On The Camera Yet,But Alot Of That’s Been IOS11,&Potrait Mode Fails,It Literally Pixelated/Chopped Off My Cats Head,Half The Time Mono Portrait,Doesn’t Even Work,Or It Does,Accept,It’s In Colour,So Many IOS11 Issues That’s Ruining The X Experience

    • Nygel Solís
      Nygel Solís Month ago

      iJustine Hey have you heard of the LG V30 u need to try it out ... It's amazing you can shoot on LOG format I'LL LIKE TO SEE YOU UNBOXING & TEST IT

  • Saujanya Paul
    Saujanya Paul 11 hours ago

    Justine I'm from India. Your videos are fabulous .Iam agreat fan of yours.

  • Cindy Zhang
    Cindy Zhang Day ago

    iPhone Xpensive

  • Diego Furber
    Diego Furber Day ago

    I am buying one of these 2 things soon
    What should I buy
    The iPhone X or the MacBook Pro 2017 13 inch
    Plss someone

  • Sakib Ashraf
    Sakib Ashraf 2 days ago

    Off topic. Where did you bought this iphone x cover from?

  • Bebe Ballerina
    Bebe Ballerina 3 days ago

    do you see the notch on netflix?? (very important info lol)

  • JOE Bozza
    JOE Bozza 3 days ago

    A Top Notch Phone.

  • Emily Howard
    Emily Howard 3 days ago

    I had my iPhone X for literally a week and I traded it for an iPhone 8 Plus. 😂

  • Kevin Leong
    Kevin Leong 3 days ago

    Can you put the links for iPhone X Mophie case and wireless charging? I totally agree it is so much more difficult

  • Kevin Leong
    Kevin Leong 4 days ago

    Even though it is smaller the iPhone X screen is the same size as iPhone plus. It seems like it has the same size screen.

  • Kevin Leong
    Kevin Leong 4 days ago

    Look at this video. Apple Pro says that it can go down to 30 feet.

  • Abhishek Peter
    Abhishek Peter 4 days ago

    Slow down girl

  • Reilly Case
    Reilly Case 4 days ago

    Doesnt she seem kind of high energy

  • JasonFrosty
    JasonFrosty 4 days ago

    When you used a mirror the phone shoots the lights at the mirror and it reflects back onto your face and unlocks

  • Prabesh Pokhrel
    Prabesh Pokhrel 5 days ago

    Your video quality is soo good and bright

  • Lacy Shanks
    Lacy Shanks 5 days ago

    Geez you talk too fast for me 🙄 lol slow down when you’re doing a video

  • Apple Devices
    Apple Devices 6 days ago

    Looks like a moto droid lol i have x 256 g. The name Sounds like motrola x lol.

  • OmaKicks
    OmaKicks 6 days ago


  • Mimi Chappel
    Mimi Chappel 7 days ago

    Ok I have a few questions
    1. If you have your hair down one day and have it in a ponytail the other day will face ID work?
    2. If you get a cut on you will it still work?

  • Andrei Rubio Rubio
    Andrei Rubio Rubio 7 days ago

    I hope you read this!! Is anyone having a clicky noise on the back of your IPhone X? Just notice that when using it and i thought it was becuse of the case, but I take it off and press the back glass of the IPhone and OMG, that noise came from the back of the IPhone:( anyone else with the dame issue?

    WWOYS 7 days ago

    Can we get an update?

  • 11Yo:Johnny11
    11Yo:Johnny11 8 days ago

    I love you miss iJustine hahahaha love your videos so much!

  • Abhay Jain
    Abhay Jain 9 days ago

    You look pretty mam and awesome video

  • Frank Valentine
    Frank Valentine 11 days ago

    I have the 7 plus and I see absolutely no point in upgrading yet.

  • Stacy Poncelet
    Stacy Poncelet 12 days ago

    What case do you have!?

  • Nikolaos Tzavaras
    Nikolaos Tzavaras 12 days ago

    Help... On iPhone X (iOS 11.2.1) cannot open my YouTube (version 12.49) account Library?
    I get all the time Error loading
    I reinstall 3 times the app but still the same problem

  • Sparksy Cat
    Sparksy Cat 13 days ago

    Tech geek here-> the reason Face ID works on a mirror is because the dots from the dot projector get reflected onto you. It’s basically the same as holding your phone twice as far away.

  • CreativeNadz
    CreativeNadz 13 days ago

    Do a giveaway plzzzZz

  • Gabriel Leung
    Gabriel Leung 13 days ago

    lol I get better things on my Note 8...except for that stereo speaker, but i have the headphone jack and i can do real multitasking I dunno why iSheep are so obsessed because literally every Android flagship is miles ahead of Apple

  • Amaan Siddiqui
    Amaan Siddiqui 13 days ago +3

    Her video quality is so bright! My eyes hurt

  • Ahmed Raza
    Ahmed Raza 14 days ago

    My technology girl

  • dj izzy
    dj izzy 14 days ago

    can u do a video the differce of the 1phone 8 plus and X

  • Nella Birungi
    Nella Birungi 14 days ago

    Face tracking doesn’t work as accurately on the iPhone SE

  • The Awkward Teen
    The Awkward Teen 14 days ago

    when she had the fake silicon nose, she kinda looked like Angelina Jolie..

    CAAARRRLL 15 days ago

    If you swipe from the bottom left to the right of the screen on the X you don’t have to hold anything it just goes right to the tabs. That’s what I’ve been doing

  • Hamed Hamadah
    Hamed Hamadah 15 days ago

    Put face paint and try face id

  • Fly Concorde group
    Fly Concorde group 16 days ago

    I have the IPhone X only 24 hours and this is amazing!!!! Phone!!!!!

  • Blackbeast
    Blackbeast 16 days ago

    No hate really but wear your apple watch correctly

  • Amanda Willemsen
    Amanda Willemsen 16 days ago

    But when its dark outside and you have no light how do you can do the face id?

  • The Bastion
    The Bastion 16 days ago

    I’m buying a new phone I’m 2 days. iPhone 8+ or the iPhone X?

  • Hkrishna bagtharia
    Hkrishna bagtharia 16 days ago

    What’s the size of pic clicked on iPhone X coz m little bit confused between 64 and 256😇

  • Emmy Alison
    Emmy Alison 17 days ago

    With the Touch ID you still had the chance to put the pin in order to unlock your iPhone. Is it still possible with Face ID? I mean, if I wore sunglasses one day and wanted to unlock my phone without using the Face ID feature...is it still possible or not?

  • BanditsAtZero
    BanditsAtZero 17 days ago

    god i'm so in love with you

  • Taylor
    Taylor 17 days ago

    to multitask you don’t have to swipe up and hold all the time, you can also swipe up and then right to do it.

  • Faith Sarmiento
    Faith Sarmiento 17 days ago

    Even if u can give away your iphone 8or iphone 7plus.. Plss😭😭it will be my sisters bdayy on feb 14qnd all she wanted is an iphone 7plus.. But i cant afford plss help me ijustin😢

  • Faith Sarmiento
    Faith Sarmiento 17 days ago

    Plsss! Im really a big fan of yours.. But i have some trouble Watching alot of your videos because the phone im using isnt really functioning.. So i really nead a new phone.. But my parents cant afford.. ..pls 😢😭😭

  • Faith Sarmiento
    Faith Sarmiento 17 days ago

    Ijustine... Since you have a new phone may u give your old phones!! I really nead a phone... Annd my family csnt afford😢

  • ALGamingZ03 Channel
    ALGamingZ03 Channel 18 days ago

    I feel sad for iPhone X users thay they already robbed by buying the producy 😭😭😭

  • Kirks2010 PSN
    Kirks2010 PSN 18 days ago

    Nothing better than a girl that likes technology

  • kelley-anne cartee
    kelley-anne cartee 19 days ago

    What's the notch?

  • AquamarineKay KB
    AquamarineKay KB 19 days ago

    I choose the iPhone 8.

  • Nataly Gonzalez
    Nataly Gonzalez 19 days ago

    Can you do an air pod giveaway or wireless charging pad giveaway?

  • paul woodward
    paul woodward 20 days ago

    I bet she buys her phones if there only pretty another dumb blonde

  • Selma Tobudic
    Selma Tobudic 20 days ago

    iPhone ten 800$!!!!

  • Selma Tobudic
    Selma Tobudic 20 days ago

    Ijustine I really like your videos!!im a kid my parents say this year if I be good in school I'm gonna get iphone ten and the iPhone 4

  • Musicallys Best
    Musicallys Best 20 days ago +1


  • Adhip Sarda
    Adhip Sarda 21 day ago

    Can I get MARRIED to you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Harkirat Khare
    Harkirat Khare 21 day ago

    hey justine I personally don't t like the iPhone X cuz i still wanted the button with touch ID, so I resently lost my iPhone 6s and i'm gonna get the IPhone 8 plus cuz i like that one a lot
    thanks justine ur vids help a lot
    love ya ❤️

  • Dustin Krejci
    Dustin Krejci 22 days ago

    Did an artist make you?
    Because of you are surreal beautiful!

    • Dustin Krejci
      Dustin Krejci 22 days ago

      Thank you, Jesus for drawing her!

  • KingG
    KingG 22 days ago +1

    First female YouTuber (that I have encountered) that isn't a boobtuber!

  • Alidzulwi Mukwevho
    Alidzulwi Mukwevho 22 days ago

    You just had an iPhone 8 plus😭😭😭😭😭😭 omg, please do a giveaways !!! Like I need an iPhone and I've been joining and entering giveaways and they all scams or I just don't win

  • Alidzulwi Mukwevho
    Alidzulwi Mukwevho 22 days ago

    You just had an iPhone 8 plus😭😭😭😭😭😭 omg, please do a giveaways !!! Like I need an iPhone and I've been joining and entering giveaways and they all scams or I just don't win

  • Aranya Gaind
    Aranya Gaind 23 days ago

    When I tested the phone I opened some apps and when I tried to close them it was a struggle. But I still really like it.

  • sanwal farooque
    sanwal farooque 24 days ago

    how old are you? blonde dumb thing aside u are awfully hopped up. like kids on sugar.

  • Brooks Lackey
    Brooks Lackey 24 days ago

    It’s still a great phone. I hated it when I saw the keynote and I didn’t like that notch. I’m really Suprised because at first I hated it now I don’t even notice it.

  • Akifa Qureshi
    Akifa Qureshi 24 days ago

    Justine u need a cigarette

  • Akifa Qureshi
    Akifa Qureshi 24 days ago

    I lost my brain cells.

  • herbsabeast1
    herbsabeast1 25 days ago

    Apple is behind the latest trend. Also I question if the vitality of some of these apple developers. It would seem they don't quite know what their doing.

  • Thug Life41
    Thug Life41 25 days ago

    What’s your gamer tag

  • Daniel Szulc
    Daniel Szulc 26 days ago

    is it possible to mount that charger somehow inside my night desk so I could just put it on the desk and cable etc will be hidden inside desk? Would be cool to have desk for it and also monitors should have this charger build in on the bottom leg ^^ damn I should study industrial design

  • Daniel Szulc
    Daniel Szulc 26 days ago

    I really like your reviews, its like talking to a friend, cool.

  • Kay Nguyen
    Kay Nguyen 26 days ago

    is it just me or the iphone 8 plus looks better?

  • Ariella Bat Levi
    Ariella Bat Levi 26 days ago

    I got the new x from 8plus and it's the BEST upgrade ever! I am 30 years old. 😊

  • Edward Schwenk
    Edward Schwenk 26 days ago +3

    In the 1970's my parents had one phone in the house that was screwed to the wall, with four other neighbors on the party line, and you either
    had a neighbor listening into your phone call, or had to wait for someone else to get the hell off the line to use the phone. What a change in
    forty five years. I can't remember the last time I actually wrote a letter, and mailed it to someone since using this new technology of being able
    to send an email from my desktop (Windows XP) computer.

  • Mateus Geraldini
    Mateus Geraldini 27 days ago


  • Lisa Cagle
    Lisa Cagle 27 days ago

    Can you do a favorite iPhone X case review?? ❤️

  • Prince Sartorius
    Prince Sartorius 27 days ago

    I hope i receive iphone in this xmass :(

  • kgonepostl
    kgonepostl 27 days ago

    Apple products are garbage. Mother fucker, get up on my level.

  • Zain Tariq
    Zain Tariq 28 days ago

    Face ID sucks .... one of my colleague picked my phone up in a joke facing towards me while I was busy on laptop and it un locked ...good job he didn't look further after he saw his number was saved as D I C k

  • HASnoGAMER- He he
    HASnoGAMER- He he 28 days ago

    Y didn’t u get a case

  • Jose Negrete
    Jose Negrete 28 days ago

    What kind of fan would I be if I didn’t go out and get the iPhone X 256. Love it and thank you for everything you do

  • Joshua Thomas
    Joshua Thomas 28 days ago

    To see tabs you can swipe up and to the right which is quicker than swiping up and holding for tabs.

  • Amethyst Smith
    Amethyst Smith 28 days ago

    Or 10... whatever

  • Amethyst Smith
    Amethyst Smith 28 days ago

    Omg I just got the x and I love it

  • michele edelstein
    michele edelstein 29 days ago

    I have the iPhone X

  • Burak Kısalar
    Burak Kısalar 29 days ago

    Please speak sloww

  • Dascha Jaya
    Dascha Jaya 29 days ago

    I don’t get it I watch YouTube, Netflix and ect and I have an iPhone X, but I don’t see it, which is a good thing but everyone else says that they could see it

    • Dascha Jaya
      Dascha Jaya 29 days ago

      Btw I meant the notch on the top

  • Lady Glitter Sparkles
    Lady Glitter Sparkles 29 days ago

    pointless video

  • yeasin sami
    yeasin sami 29 days ago

    Iphone lover

  • Star Boy
    Star Boy 29 days ago +1

    Agian to much talketive😅😅😅😂

  • Raphael Pimenta
    Raphael Pimenta 29 days ago

    Does it unlock in the dark?

  • Mike Christensen
    Mike Christensen Month ago +1

    iPhone and CoD? Ugh. Walking, brainwashed stereotype.

  • Arran Lee
    Arran Lee Month ago

    watched lots of your tech vids

  • Kali K
    Kali K Month ago

    I really want to watch a video “My iPhone collection “ pleaseee make it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Christo Jordan Manopo
    Christo Jordan Manopo Month ago +4


    • itz me
      itz me 19 days ago +1

      Christo Jordan Manopo if u own an iPhone X ( I own one too ) then y r u calling a video supporting the product biased... do u not like the phone?? If so, why did u buy it then??

    • Christo Jordan Manopo
      Christo Jordan Manopo 19 days ago +1

      pineapple pineapple i actually own an iphone x :p

    • itz me
      itz me 22 days ago +1

      Christo Jordan Manopo
      Android user

  • BC BC
    BC BC Month ago

    So vapid

  • RedRose Gamings
    RedRose Gamings Month ago

    My uncle works at the Apple company and he’s seen the iPhone 11 and he has a phone that’s not even out here

  • Olivia Miller
    Olivia Miller Month ago

    Next iPhone is the iPhone Xtreme 😂

  • Shane Simpkin
    Shane Simpkin Month ago

    waiting for Justine to drop it because why WOULD YOU NOT BUY A CASE.

  • Joe Party
    Joe Party Month ago

    Damn the phone doesn’t work underwater? I am not getting it then.