Casually Explained: Body Language

  • Published on Sep 5, 2016
  • After a bit of a hiatus I am back! Hope you guys are still around.
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Alyssa Marie
    Alyssa Marie 16 hours ago

    if she subtlety touches the side of your arm.. ordicktOEMPHASIZE a point :)

  • Big Mans
    Big Mans 20 hours ago

    They can’t have your kid if you don’t get to fuck 😎

  • Jonathan Toledo
    Jonathan Toledo 4 days ago

    Hey instead of high fives she usually hugs friend zone?

  • Robin flaherty
    Robin flaherty 4 days ago

    Bruh jerk off their dog 😂

  • SydneyPhotography2019

    HAHAHA the watermelons should’ve broken his arm. “Nice melons” 😂

  • Mara Web
    Mara Web 6 days ago

    This helped so much!
    I was going on dates with this guy, but he never called it anything other than hanging out.
    But he was always trying to be near me, tried shaking my hand randomly, also threw things at me a lot(he was also 5yrs older than me... but I was 18 so 🤷🏻‍♀️it was legal.)
    When I found out he had been going out with my coworker all this time, I wondered if I had the right to be angry or not.(since we weren’t official) I also wondered if I mistook his advances. But this video helped things to be a bit clearer. So thank you

  • leachatee
    leachatee 8 days ago +1

    It's 3am and I just hyena laughed way to loudly and prolly woke all my neighbors. 10/10 thank you

  • JamJamsss
    JamJamsss 8 days ago

    2:19 "Jerk off dog" wtf

  • ChampionOfFire
    ChampionOfFire 9 days ago

    2:20 “Jerk off their dog” wtf

    THROUGH THE STORM 11 days ago

    I love your characters. 😀

  • stillFLiP
    stillFLiP 14 days ago

    Holy shit, I want to build a menu fort now!

  • Verydog gaming
    Verydog gaming 24 days ago +1

    Just remove your body so you don’t need to worry about body language

  • Benjamin Brewer
    Benjamin Brewer 27 days ago

    Is anyone above a seven actually looking at this.

  • Lord Odysseus
    Lord Odysseus 28 days ago

    *Go on r/amiugly*
    I tried this and was told that I'm really ugly. Like, unbelievably ugly. I was asked why I looked like I was from the uncanny valley. One person said I look like Gothmog from Lord of the Rings.

  • Robert Eischen
    Robert Eischen 29 days ago

    I am a master at step 3

  • Yoda
    Yoda 29 days ago

    He just perfectly described me when I like someone

  • Dean Smith
    Dean Smith Month ago +1

    The step about "Sending two text messages in a row and not getting a response to the first one" hit me hard.

  • SnakTheRIpper
    SnakTheRIpper Month ago

    you are one of the funniest and fourthcoming people I have ever bare witnessed too. Keep it up man, you are an inspiration to many.

  • Rodrigo Goncor
    Rodrigo Goncor Month ago

    Point 3. True story?

  • Devil Solution
    Devil Solution Month ago

    I feel like youre trying to take the piss out of my life, which is great

  • John Onia
    John Onia Month ago

    "Please subscribe."
    Alright, fuck.

  • dachevashe
    dachevashe Month ago

    Lol I can’t watch your videos I start laughing just feeling the coming irony! Best laughs I had in don’t remember how long!

  • Happy boi Koupier
    Happy boi Koupier Month ago

    Who hurt you 😨

  • Dean
    Dean Month ago +1

    Ah, yes, fucking it up. I at good at that part.

  • Regen's Uploads
    Regen's Uploads Month ago

    Lmfao everytime I do any of this as a female the dudes like.
    Bitch you're gay tf get away hoebag-
    I guess I'm a 6.9

  • Big Beerus
    Big Beerus Month ago

    As a canadian i put my timmies in between me and a woman when we talk. Cause in canada thats the one thing everyone knows not to touch. Its great when you can tell they wanna move it but wont, cause its your mfkn timmies

  • - Nolanjr55Gamez -
    - Nolanjr55Gamez - Month ago

    I try to stay as FAR away as possible

  • Rodney Tholanah
    Rodney Tholanah Month ago

    You'd make a great stand-up comedian

  • Mib
    Mib Month ago

    "Particularly guys are guilty of this"
    Holy fuck, was it that obvious?

  • matthew bai
    matthew bai Month ago +1

    is she into you?
    -Again not sure

  • James Fleming
    James Fleming Month ago

    They have a kid and it is yours 😂

    I BROKEMYOWNHEART Month ago +21

    -Be yourself
    Me: okay
    Her: you’re weird
    -stops talking to be. Forever.

  • Dorothy Billings
    Dorothy Billings Month ago

    Ughhhh I’m completely addicted to these videos

  • Simpan Limpan
    Simpan Limpan Month ago

    Damn, Stage 3 in the body language checklist tells one hell of a story

  • Aron Lavilla
    Aron Lavilla Month ago

    Fucking It Up

    ✅ jErK oF ThEiR DoG

  • Gabriel Rodriguez
    Gabriel Rodriguez Month ago

    Dude, when I saw stage 3 on 2:19, I was like...


  • WiZZeL
    WiZZeL Month ago

    "Nice melons" omg that pun just made my day.

  • Reilly 72
    Reilly 72 Month ago

    Jerk off their dog

  • Tomás Román
    Tomás Román Month ago

    This must be Casually Explained's best video

  • Brunerboy
    Brunerboy Month ago


  • Angus McPherson
    Angus McPherson Month ago

    literally anyone with confidence says about anything "just be yourself"

  • sillybilly98
    sillybilly98 Month ago +1

    *stop tapping the watermelons; you look stupid*

  • andync96
    andync96 Month ago

    "Its a good indicator if she lightly touches you on the arm or dick to emphasize a point." 😂 fucking died

  • Simply Erayn
    Simply Erayn Month ago

    "Jerk off their dog"

    Jesus fuck I laughed way too hard at that and am so glad I decided to read all of phase 3

  • ij ij
    ij ij Month ago

    Is to be above a 7😂😂😂

  • Rix
    Rix Month ago

    *Jerk off their dog*

  • DV
    DV Month ago +1


  • ileana M
    ileana M Month ago +75

    "Download Grindr
    No matches
    Go on Reddit
    Write a post that actually isn't made up
    0 karma
    Post on r/amiugly

    • Yt Teioq
      Yt Teioq 5 days ago

      ileana M 69 likes xd rawr

  • Sheen
    Sheen Month ago


  • Aplha-Lion
    Aplha-Lion Month ago +729

    The Girl I like: bites her lip and stares at me.
    ME: "Well you can't really tell, she might Canadian "

    • NQT Nexez
      NQT Nexez 5 days ago

      Jojo is that a jojo reference

    • NQT Nexez
      NQT Nexez 5 days ago

      Jojo same

    • Scarecrow7
      Scarecrow7 29 days ago +4

      If she is licking her lips it's just leftover maple syrup

    • Aplha-Lion
      Aplha-Lion Month ago +6

      @Kunio Saiki yeah maybe she is licking the sugar of her lips from a doughnut LOL

    • Kunio Saiki
      Kunio Saiki Month ago +2


  • Xx_Mars_xX
    Xx_Mars_xX Month ago

    3. Fucking It Up
    Jerk off their dog

  • Collin Keepers
    Collin Keepers 2 months ago

    "Jerk off their dog" I'm dead😂😂

  • Seraphim314
    Seraphim314 2 months ago

    sc2 proxy....

  • Cyan
    Cyan 2 months ago +27

    Then again you can't really tell if she's into you

  • Joshua Howard
    Joshua Howard 2 months ago

    When he said it could be Lou Gherrigs (or however you spell it) 🤣🤣

  • DC Wadu
    DC Wadu 2 months ago

    Did I just see "Jerking it off to her dog" in Checklist 3

  • Patrick Wood
    Patrick Wood 2 months ago


  • Lost meme
    Lost meme 2 months ago +1

    being above a 7 is the most important step. After that just be yourself

  • Luciela
    Luciela 2 months ago +3

    2:47 what the f*** I thought the video was over

  • Saturday Night Seth
    Saturday Night Seth 2 months ago

    Dude look at that animation