The First Time with Maisie Williams & Sophie Turner

  • Published on Mar 26, 2019
  • Maisie Williams & Sophie Turner on the first time they met, getting matching tattoos, having 'Game of Thrones' sleepovers and more.
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Comments • 3 912

  • Rosiana Dranka Furst
    Rosiana Dranka Furst 16 hours ago

    Alguém legenda esse video.. Oh sorry... Please.. I not speak english

  • Oh, it’s not me

    Bit weird but I can imagine Maisie rocking tube tops

  • Eric Russell
    Eric Russell Day ago

    The short one and the tall one

  • Bushra Naz
    Bushra Naz 3 days ago

    I love how in sync they are!

  • Marian Cazabon-Blok
    Marian Cazabon-Blok 4 days ago

    standing ovation for SEASON 8? worst season ever.

  • Cheif Winter
    Cheif Winter 9 days ago

    I would watch them have sex

  • Spiffymind AllDayLong
    Spiffymind AllDayLong 10 days ago

    Wow. Sophie would of been awesome in The Golden Compass, Maisie would of rocked in Nanny McPhee.

  • Ayush Guruswamy
    Ayush Guruswamy 14 days ago +1

    Maisie- “I think I spent more time in your bed than mine.”
    Sophie- “Me too.”
    *Moment of realization hits*

  • Linda Christiansen
    Linda Christiansen 15 days ago +1

    I just secretly really wanted them to make out. No one? I’m not weird. You’re weird.

  • Jay Motiwala
    Jay Motiwala 16 days ago

    They’re definitely high af 😂

  • Frazza X
    Frazza X 16 days ago

    5:48 that’s literally something I say

  • mecho derle eldetu der

    gaha soup

  • bomatt
    bomatt 21 day ago

    They’re so cute together

  • Johan Sakib
    Johan Sakib 24 days ago

    I was sophies first fan

  • James Sizemore
    James Sizemore 24 days ago

    They are so delightful to watch and listen to. Go Maisie and Sophie forever.

  • John Olmos
    John Olmos 24 days ago

    Nanne McPhee and Golden Compass....they really dodged a bullet

  • Naran Majhi
    Naran Majhi 27 days ago

    8:54 we'll cut that out..well..they did'nt.

  • nowthenzen
    nowthenzen 27 days ago

    delightful and charming the pair of them

  • Amanda C.
    Amanda C. 27 days ago

    They’re like the Jim and Pam of the fantasy world 🖤

  • Daniel Fake
    Daniel Fake 28 days ago

    It sucks that they cried so much about the ending of the show, yet it was such a disappointing ending. Too bad the writers made a fucking stupid mistake, it really meant a lot not just to the viewers, but to the actors even more

  • tilman Helfer
    tilman Helfer Month ago

    Sophie turner is my favourite Jonas brother

  • C
    C Month ago +10

    The fact that Sophie said “homeboys gonna like... get it” referencing the Bella Hadid akward sneaker video

  • st3n00
    st3n00 Month ago +3

    „rolling in his grave“ 😂😂

  • Jordan Cheran
    Jordan Cheran Month ago

    Is this 1940?

  • Starman Crusader
    Starman Crusader Month ago

    I love these two so much. They have all this fame, but have the spirits, personalities and humor of long time high school friends

  • Maurina Ruff
    Maurina Ruff Month ago

    7:25 lol

  • Kristen Marie Perry
    Kristen Marie Perry Month ago +2

    “Huge growth in me”
    *laugh like Beeves and butthead*

  • Dennis Cooper
    Dennis Cooper Month ago

    Maisie Williams has eyebrows that WON’T QUIT !

  • The Bourgousie
    The Bourgousie Month ago

    kind of ragin that I live in Belfast and I never saw any of the cast anywhere lol

  • haram ahadi
    haram ahadi 2 months ago +1

    Sophie turner looks like she could be JK Rowling’s daughter

  • Sayad Hussein  Adnaan
    Sayad Hussein Adnaan 2 months ago

    I really miss GOT

  • Gee Dee
    Gee Dee 2 months ago

    I can still see the pink in her hair

  • Chris Anon
    Chris Anon 2 months ago

    I'm too old to be watching this but I loved GoT (until it was ruined) and this cute video of these two really made me laugh.

  • Madfrazzer
    Madfrazzer 2 months ago

    Lol, I fkn love them, they are so funny. Wish they could be like that in the series. Ahahahahhaha

  • Madfrazzer
    Madfrazzer 2 months ago

    Why in black and white?

  • C
    C 2 months ago

    Im obssesed with sophies jacket

  • C
    C 2 months ago

    Sophie is a savage i love her

  • K Bowman
    K Bowman 2 months ago

    Why are they so funny together

  • Rii Rii
    Rii Rii 2 months ago

    Just realize both of them are also part of Marvel X-Men franchise how cool is that

  • Lialop Kastenhuber
    Lialop Kastenhuber 2 months ago

    Omfg this feeling I have that I would just give everything for being l in their squad and being their friend totally kills me

  • Claire Granier
    Claire Granier 2 months ago

    There should be more interviews with these two

  • Claire Granier
    Claire Granier 2 months ago

    I love it

  • My cat butters my nuggets
    My cat butters my nuggets 2 months ago +2

    Such a power couple

  • Shaked Gilad
    Shaked Gilad 2 months ago


  • brazilian
    brazilian 2 months ago

    so they used to take bath together...

  • Aoshi Shinomori
    Aoshi Shinomori 2 months ago

    Masie looks like she's Gordon Ramsay's daughter

  • Klayden004
    Klayden004 2 months ago

    These two are the best, I love Mophie!!!!!!

  • Ankit Chauhan
    Ankit Chauhan 2 months ago

    Got and harry potter is appreciated but not lord of the rings and hobbit ..mmm not fair

  • mysticgamenews
    mysticgamenews 3 months ago

    Maisie is 21... I swear I thought she was 16-18 years old max. Wow

  • tearsandink :3
    tearsandink :3 3 months ago +1

    This is the kind of friendship everyone needs in their life

  • nattiemagic
    nattiemagic 3 months ago

    one of my fav videos on the internet !!!

  • SEK Silly 15
    SEK Silly 15 3 months ago +4

    Sophie"were cutting that out " rolling stone I'm finna end this mans whole career

  • Abu Nowfel Rifat
    Abu Nowfel Rifat 3 months ago

    3.49 what is the name of the song? anyone knows ?

  • THE კლიპერი
    THE კლიპერი 3 months ago +1


  • mario zaal
    mario zaal 3 months ago

    I just wanna thank these girls fore playing there role so good in game of thrones.yes there is backlash on seison 8 but the actors did a fantastic job.

  • Axel
    Axel 3 months ago

    Sophie Turnah

  • Harry Jerry
    Harry Jerry 3 months ago +2

    I need myself a goth gf dude, not even a fuckin dirty or even freaky lady. I just want sum cute chick with a great personality and like yo wtf why am I writing about this

    • Harry Jerry
      Harry Jerry 3 months ago

      Milan yessir

    • Milan
      Milan 3 months ago +1

      I feel you bro someone you can just chill with

  • Paul Forryan
    Paul Forryan 3 months ago

    They have got cali accents

  • fature bass edm
    fature bass edm 3 months ago

    i like sophie's outfitt where can i get?

  • Angelinabug
    Angelinabug 3 months ago

    Sophie’s ring