Annoying Customers (Feat. Theodd1sout & ItsAlexClark)


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  • Rebaka-Chan
    Rebaka-Chan  Year ago +1578

    Thanks so much for a Million views everyone!
    if this is how you are finding my channel, i highly encourage you to checkout some of my more recent stuff, i even did another video with James you can find here:

  • Cheeto Bag
    Cheeto Bag 23 hours ago

    I widh it was legal to kill kids like this

  • nail stun2018
    nail stun2018 23 hours ago

    I'm from Kentucky

  • lps candys
    lps candys Day ago

    2:14 your welcome

  • Alex The Grape - Gaming

    You sound like JaidenAnimations

  • Braixen The Killer Fox

    Fnaf 0^0

  • Daniel Jannetts
    Daniel Jannetts Day ago

    Fnaf is a great game as for the fandom... uhhh... BYE

  • Julia White
    Julia White 2 days ago

    But fnaf dah best

  • Xander Guzman
    Xander Guzman 2 days ago

    At 1:49 was the odd ones out

  • Not_A _Lolbit
    Not_A _Lolbit 2 days ago


  • Maria Villa
    Maria Villa 2 days ago

    2.15 that was james

  • enigma mist
    enigma mist 2 days ago

    come on leave kids out of this.

    • enigma mist
      enigma mist Day ago

      +Daniel Jannetts okay ☺️

    • Daniel Jannetts
      Daniel Jannetts Day ago

      enigma mist well the fnaf games are ok but the fandom is terrible

    • enigma mist
      enigma mist Day ago

      +Daniel Jannetts lol tf ? 😅

    • Daniel Jannetts
      Daniel Jannetts Day ago

      enigma mist fnaf is a great game as for the fandom... uhhhhh..... BYE

  • Career Choises
    Career Choises 3 days ago

    She must work at McDonald's

  • Aurora Lovato
    Aurora Lovato 4 days ago

    I live in kentucky, and i know old people just like that....i would love to move😅

  • Galaxy Artist
    Galaxy Artist 4 days ago


  • Daniel Garduno
    Daniel Garduno 5 days ago

    1.odd ones out

  • Hans Christian Sebayang

    Wot fnaf is very good

  • Abandoned Channel SpringtrapExE

    I like fnaf!

  • Michael  Bonnette
    Michael Bonnette 8 days ago +1

    I know theodd1isout and ItsAlexClark butt not,you

  • therealsamueldsf
    therealsamueldsf 8 days ago

    I think someone stole this video idea I recognize this

  • 1inkthan113
    1inkthan113 8 days ago

    Kid how dare you not shut up

  • Cookie Dough
    Cookie Dough 9 days ago

    DAYUNNG James is M.A.D.
    Edit: James is TheOdd1sOut.

  • Logan Velez
    Logan Velez 9 days ago

    Who else came here because of The Odd 1s Out?

  • Naomi
    Naomi 9 days ago

    If a kid randomly started talking to me about fnaf I would ignore all my responsibilities just to chat with them

  • Myguerra
    Myguerra 9 days ago

    0:45 I’ve heard this story multiple times

  • Mr. Yoda
    Mr. Yoda 10 days ago

    I have a annoying server story: one day I went to McDonald’s and asked for a burger with no ketchup and they gave me ketchup so I went up to the counter and asked for a new one the server was slightly annoyed and did it reluctantly so I got my burger back AND IT STILL HAD KETCHUP!!! So I asked for another one and the counter guy got mad at me for not liking ketchup and called for a new one AND IT STILL HAD KETCHUP!!! So now I was annoyed ALOT so I went up and said PLEASE JUST GIVE ME NO KETCHUP and the freaking counter guy took my burger looked at it and handed it back and threw some napkins at me and said “here take these wipe it off it’s not my problem”
    So I just walked away and to this day I still remember this whenever I go to McDonald’s so yeah.

  • Adrianna Sandoval
    Adrianna Sandoval 10 days ago

    Thumbs up if you are watching this in 2018

  • Super twisted Vids
    Super twisted Vids 10 days ago

    I feel like that fnaf kid was me but I don’t know what restaurant it was

    FUNTIME FREDDY 11 days ago

    I love fnaf

  • the pasta goddess
    the pasta goddess 11 days ago


  • but bluetooth
    but bluetooth 11 days ago

    0:27 I WILL KILL YOU

  • Micah Laws
    Micah Laws 13 days ago

    James always trying to get a lot of food

  • Ddad Animations
    Ddad Animations 15 days ago

    Love your vid's, can you check out my NEW Animation Video ( ) and
    critique it for me, thanks

  • TheOneGirlGamer2
    TheOneGirlGamer2 15 days ago

    What restraunt did you work at? (Pls don’t correct my spelling ik I spelled restraunt wrong) T-T

  • Dank mr crabs LIVE
    Dank mr crabs LIVE 17 days ago

    Plzsub street wow imma have to chek that out!!

  • Karim Elmansouri
    Karim Elmansouri 17 days ago

    Hey Rebeka chan that kid has ADHD what you think

  • MooseMovies !! - MOOSEFILM STUDIOS

    Stupidly unfair that this is your only million view vid

  • Susnay martin
    Susnay martin 18 days ago

    I'm dum

  • Susnay martin
    Susnay martin 18 days ago

    The old man sounds like another animator I don't know what his name is

  • Susnay martin
    Susnay martin 18 days ago

    That man that ask for the apple pie sounds a lot like James from odd ones out

  • Faith the fnaf mangle cat dragon

    Looks at Baka-Chan reads name... y?

  • Ninetales_Playz 08
    Ninetales_Playz 08 19 days ago +1

    Thanks for making it kid-friendly
    Like if you’re a kid

  • World of Wonder
    World of Wonder 20 days ago


  • gloria antonio
    gloria antonio 20 days ago

    The odd 1 out aaaaa

  • Krazy Chicken
    Krazy Chicken 21 day ago

    CROSSED OUT THE ADDRESS WOOOOOW (not saying she was stupid I ain’t that rude) THAT WAS NOT SKETCHY AT ALL DUDE

  • bru it's watermalone b

    I hate u for hatin fnaf

  • hunterjoestar
    hunterjoestar 22 days ago

    you cannot describe the amount of hate i have on your name with words on a first glance.

  • Sherry Cheng
    Sherry Cheng 22 days ago

    How much 2 customers sweared/ItsAlexClark TheOdd1sOut

  • Ennard & Bonnet
    Ennard & Bonnet 23 days ago

    Nobody needs to breathe when you talk about fnaf

  • Mirkan Palaz
    Mirkan Palaz 23 days ago

    And alexclark

  • Mirkan Palaz
    Mirkan Palaz 23 days ago

    İt was the odd1sout

  • The Chair Country
    The Chair Country 23 days ago

    loli feel like you met my ex-friend who hit me with his backpack cuz he wouldnt stop talking about fnaf for three weeks

  • AC_coolio YT
    AC_coolio YT 24 days ago

    You copied the Odd1sOut.

  • Kat Animates
    Kat Animates 25 days ago

    What animation app do you use

  • Frank Bomberger
    Frank Bomberger 25 days ago

    Not a ghost not a spirit we are now a creature

  • CJthe ONE
    CJthe ONE 27 days ago

    2:53 how could you James!

  • JoeJoemac 9
    JoeJoemac 9 28 days ago +1

    Fnaf is my life how dare ya

  • roberta dupuis
    roberta dupuis 28 days ago

    I love fanf wow

  • It’s Yo Boi Brochacho

    Why don’t you guys have the fricking pies for James

  • Ty Vasquez
    Ty Vasquez 29 days ago

    I've literally squared up with someone. I don't regret it. 😂

  • Jack C
    Jack C Month ago


  • Emma Sheehan
    Emma Sheehan Month ago

    Theodd1sout yeee

  • Snowy Cabin
    Snowy Cabin Month ago

    8 pies? At 1:30 am?

  • Dragon Dude
    Dragon Dude Month ago

    Vaping is cheaper and actually a bit healthier than smoking

    • Dragon Dude
      Dragon Dude Month ago

      But don't vape if you don't smoke
      And if you don't smoke never do it

  • Lucas Literature
    Lucas Literature Month ago +2

    Rebaka? Where have I heard this name.....
    Are you Rebaka from Let Me Explain Studios?!
    Sorry, I’m new! Please tell me if I’m wrong......

  • Aiyanna Plays RBLX And more!

    James seemed in kinda a bad mood 🧐

  • Lexi Lacoste
    Lexi Lacoste Month ago

    tahats the odds 1ns out

  • Debbie Merryman
    Debbie Merryman Month ago

    Like how allot of the comments are about fnaf

  • KevinPlayz
    KevinPlayz Month ago

    You made it Peachy :D

  • DoctorX17
    DoctorX17 Month ago

    man, James and Alex voiced some real jerks [and they're good at it XD]

  • WWEBoi 1007
    WWEBoi 1007 Month ago

    Why don't u care about fnaf

  • Tony Urena
    Tony Urena Month ago

    1:27 OMG its 1:35 AM RN

  • Tony Alvarez
    Tony Alvarez Month ago

    3:51 itsalexclark? If so...WHOOOO HOOOO!!!!

  • Tony Alvarez
    Tony Alvarez Month ago

    JAMES?!!??!!?!?$? 1:46 YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS

  • victoria bohr
    victoria bohr Month ago


  • Nurshafiqa mohamad salim

    Dont be angry at the odd 1s out im a fan of him

  • inanimate insanity lover bfdi and bfb lover

    I know about fnaf (I'm a kid)

  • Ilham Danish
    Ilham Danish Month ago

    I think he wanted to drink more than a cup in total and pay for 1

  • TheLavaMan Gaming
    TheLavaMan Gaming Month ago

    but fnaf is awesome! HOW DARE YOU >>>>:::(((😡 😡

  • A_Nightcore_Fan ?!
    A_Nightcore_Fan ?! Month ago

    I want three red slushys and eight pie things and I WANT .... air

  • Eduardo Gutierrez
    Eduardo Gutierrez Month ago

    Your art looks like theodd1out old art

  • PA 1 the hacker
    PA 1 the hacker Month ago

    I love fnaf if someone talk about fnaf I well rispoand nicely

  • Minecraftman31 85
    Minecraftman31 85 Month ago

    OMG SHE SOUND LIKE Jaiden Animations

  • MR C008
    MR C008 Month ago


  • suzanne life
    suzanne life Month ago

    Please learn about vaping more

  • Tiger joy Joy
    Tiger joy Joy Month ago

    That is so rude how dare you call my fellow kentuckians rude just because we have a freking country accent don't mean nothing most of us are nice

  • MooseMovies !! - MOOSEFILM STUDIOS

    I was wonding if the word frick existed back then

  • Teneile Webb
    Teneile Webb Month ago

    the lack of hair XD

  • Xrea IXE
    Xrea IXE Month ago

    TheOdd1sOut Made A Video With The Same Name And Perpuse --->

  • kawesome 248
    kawesome 248 Month ago +1

    Now 2 Million Geez! XD

  • gaming kid
    gaming kid Month ago

    nvm it was both ahhhaa

  • gaming kid
    gaming kid Month ago

    i think that was james that used the guy with the 8 pies or alex you shuld now them

  • Munther Jaghbeer
    Munther Jaghbeer Month ago

    fun fact: talking is breathing

  • queen ari
    queen ari Month ago

    *get out*

  • TheFlying Scotsman
    TheFlying Scotsman 2 months ago


  • Gwenyth Halter
    Gwenyth Halter 2 months ago

    Well not all kids are horribly behaved in pretty good behaved

  • One boy talk show E
    One boy talk show E 2 months ago

    Is that James he looks really pist out because I'm a fan oh and is Alex because I'm a fan too

  • Galaxy Wolf
    Galaxy Wolf 2 months ago

    FNAF RULEZ!!!!

  • Gavin McK
    Gavin McK 2 months ago


  • megaspeed 6
    megaspeed 6 2 months ago