• Published on Dec 13, 2017
  • ♡ hello everyone i am the same girl u have always known but 100% more T R E E ♡
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Comments • 791

  • Miranda Clapp
    Miranda Clapp 9 days ago

    The mintylocks make you about 20%cooler 😆

  • Myth Lass
    Myth Lass 18 days ago

    I was thinking of just doing rainbow and pink cause I can’t live without pink hair lol (:

  • victorMtutorials
    victorMtutorials 2 months ago

    What did you use for the mint

  • Sierra Draws
    Sierra Draws 3 months ago

    They sell arctic fox in Canada now finally

    • Pixielocks
      Pixielocks  3 months ago

      Yesssss I use it as my yellow and pink now and buy it locally it's the best!!

  • Panda Child
    Panda Child 3 months ago

    14:45 "And we trrow it in the bath tub!" *plop*

  • gl1tterb0mb
    gl1tterb0mb 4 months ago

    im boutta dye my hair rn so i wanted to rewatch this *iconic* vid to get me in the mood. im gonna do half pink and half purple !

    • gl1tterb0mb
      gl1tterb0mb 4 months ago

      im using ion brights in magenta & the exact same purple you used, radiant orchid :0

  • Kylie Gaspard
    Kylie Gaspard 5 months ago

    Where is your top from???

  • Destiny
    Destiny 5 months ago

    you know the funny thing is i kinda clicked on thid video randomly from reccomended, i've never been on this channel before. and i was kinda like 'she looks like the blue one from my little pony but less blue" and then i looked throught the comments and thought, oh, it's only me that thought that i say you just go for the dash fromm my little pony look though because, why not.

  • Cecy Flor
    Cecy Flor 6 months ago


  • La Muerte
    La Muerte 6 months ago

    You sound like Amanda bynes

  • Nikki -Chan
    Nikki -Chan 6 months ago

    hi pixie!!! how to you dye you rainbow bangs?? i really wanna try and dye my bangs like yours if thats ok!!!!!

  • julia lima
    julia lima 6 months ago


  • Angel
    Angel 7 months ago

    Please help! I want to dye myself a rainbow fringe but my hair is kind of wavy/curly, should I do it?

  • Marissa Chow
    Marissa Chow 7 months ago

    You can get arctic fox at any hot topic lol:)

  • This Bipolar Gal
    This Bipolar Gal 7 months ago

    Wow hello you're awesome i can't believe I haven't seen you before. I look at hair videos ALLLLL the time 😂 I think im gonna sub

  • Belle Patterson
    Belle Patterson 8 months ago

    I can't!! When she said "Oops sorry mom." like that I couldn't. I can't. I'm dead. I'm living but dead. That makes sense!! Omg I actually love you!! lol♡♡

  • Caroline Olivia
    Caroline Olivia 8 months ago

    The rainbow bangs are SO FREAKING CUTE

  • carrie white
    carrie white 9 months ago

    Your hair looks cool on u

  • Alexandra McCall
    Alexandra McCall 9 months ago

    Yay! Love you!

  • Foreverdreamingcorpse
    Foreverdreamingcorpse 9 months ago

    Omg it looks so cute 😍😍💚💙❤️💜

  • caitie daniel
    caitie daniel 9 months ago

    whaaaat the heck camrea do you use?!

  • Orion Chandler
    Orion Chandler 9 months ago

    Your so beautiful

  • krystyle smith
    krystyle smith 10 months ago

    I love rainbow dash what’s wrong with looking like rainbow dash lol

  • evie
    evie 10 months ago

    her hair dye videos are my favorite cause they're so incredibly chill and its just like ur hangin out with big sister pix, i love it

  • Cynthia Hulett
    Cynthia Hulett 10 months ago

    You are so freaking cool man. Its refreshing to see someone real

  • Emlah9081
    Emlah9081 10 months ago

    I love your hair and all the colours but I wanted to ask, are you from America? I'm British do idk lol XD

  • Shaan Richard
    Shaan Richard 10 months ago

    i used to want rainbow bangs back when i was 13/14, but when i saw how expensive dye boxes are, i decided to forget about this idea
    rainbows look very cute on you!

  • Gorilla Feet
    Gorilla Feet 10 months ago

    Pixie is equal to all, everyone is human even everything!!

  • Cristilcold
    Cristilcold 10 months ago

    "oops sorry mom" A MOOD

  • Twinkle Heart
    Twinkle Heart 11 months ago

    So which one are you, Minty or Rainbow Dash? i am confusion

  • Salem Olivia
    Salem Olivia 11 months ago

    I wish Ion worked with my hair but it doesn't. The brand i use, and have been using for years, is punky color.

  • Potatolord 69
    Potatolord 69 11 months ago

    try punky colour hair dye

  • Cece :P
    Cece :P 11 months ago

    And we... throw it in the bathtub! *SMACK* idk why but I thought that was halarious XD

  • Alice Strom
    Alice Strom 11 months ago

    i love your hair color styles so much omg

  • Amanda Padilha
    Amanda Padilha 11 months ago

    please make an asmr video T-T

  • Mathilda Gustavsson
    Mathilda Gustavsson 11 months ago

    7:17 ... u are a Unicorn!!!😱💖🦄

  • Cola Bottle
    Cola Bottle 11 months ago

    Hey did u know that Brad Mondo reacted to this video? U should go check it out if u haven't seen it yet!

  • Colleen Simpson
    Colleen Simpson Year ago

    Goooorrrrrgeous!!!! I love your video, personality, and spontaneity. I found you while watching someone doing a reaction video to your hair. Totally left that video #negativity 🙅‍♂️😒 #hatersgoingtohate & added you 🤸‍♀️🤸🦄🤸‍♂️as a like and as a subscription.👯🤗😁🌞💛 You are awesome! #gorgeous #beyou #love🌺🏵️🌻🌼🧚✌️

  • Dumpster Rat
    Dumpster Rat Year ago

    i use argan oil hair dye for my hair but it fades rather fast ( in about 3 weeks)

  • Dezarae Grovenburg

    Where did you get that purple striped shirt in the end? it's so cute !!!

  • Lolo
    Lolo Year ago

    Do you have to bleach your hair (besides root touch ups) every time your previous semi-permanent color fades?

  • TheMothPrincess
    TheMothPrincess Year ago

    I miss the mint. ♥

  • Dawn Collinson
    Dawn Collinson Year ago

    You look sensational xxx

  • Valerie Dougherty

    Love it

  • Artsy Roww
    Artsy Roww Year ago

    ManicPanic's greens and blues rock because green and blue themselves are colors that take soo much to your hair...

  • Ginger McGowan
    Ginger McGowan Year ago +1

    Brad Mondo reacted to this vid ^.^

  • ——
    —— Year ago

    I think this is my favorite hair that you’ve had

  • PrinsessAnna
    PrinsessAnna Year ago

    Pixie! Brad mondo reacted to your hair! tvclip.biz/video/EjFYBBantWM/video.html

  • M Bae
    M Bae Year ago

    could you please tell me where you got that stuffed bunny in the background? :') hair so cute btw

  • Rande Thorman
    Rande Thorman Year ago

    You can get Arctic Fox online on their website or Hot Topic.

  • Shoko
    Shoko Year ago +1


  • Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom Year ago

    I love your hair!

  • Alice Mcshee
    Alice Mcshee Year ago

    Spearmint rainbow .

  • brightnitelights
    brightnitelights Year ago

    Link to the hair extensions??

  • Mintyoreos
    Mintyoreos Year ago

    I am obsessed with this hair. 💚

  • Hee Hee
    Hee Hee Year ago +1


  • Paradomics Intonix

    ♡ hello pixie you are the same girl u have always been but 100% more U G L Y ♡

  • Snow Lynna
    Snow Lynna Year ago

    “The one with the giant....personality “ yaaas Queen! You just gained a new subscriber!!
    Also Ion’s red is kickass I used to put it over my natural brown and it looked like Dorothy’s red slippers. I adore the ion colors.

  • Nicole Goncalves
    Nicole Goncalves Year ago

    Which green color do you use on your bangs?

  • Celeste Arias
    Celeste Arias Year ago

    I loveeeeee your hair!
    Do you have the exact link from the extensions?!😱💗

  • Tim And Mindy Bickerdike

    Hair dye top tip:- Use wet/baby wipes to remove any dye you might get on your skin. Do it while the dye is wet. 😘 That's what I do when I dye my hair

  • Isabella J
    Isabella J Year ago

    loveeee the hair xxx

  • kittyjessica
    kittyjessica Year ago +1

    I wonder if the extension company she mention was vpfashion cause sometimes they are hard to work with

  • Blair Coldrick
    Blair Coldrick Year ago

    you should do a lilac purple with the rainbow fringe!

  • Nachtlichtje
    Nachtlichtje Year ago

    I am so darn happy you made a video about this. I was going to eventually (if I wasn't so nervous and anxious) going to send a PM to ask about how manic panic worked since I bought their cotton candy pink, but this pretty much explained how white my hair needs to be to get anything to take. I'm also so happy you showed how to do your bangs.

  • Mahou Jojo
    Mahou Jojo Year ago

    Pixie you should totally watch dragon maid if you haven't! It's very cute and gay. 💞

  • LpsRena
    LpsRena Year ago

    Aw yess! Your hair is so cute! Your personality is so likeable too!

  • Wølf Productions

    I always get renew hair dye ads before your hair transformation videos 😂♥️♥️

  • Zarah Zu
    Zarah Zu Year ago

    As a pro colorist! You inspire me 😘

  • Sima Belman
    Sima Belman Year ago

    amazing color!
    what light do you use to film?
    looks really natural

  • Tiffany Goddess
    Tiffany Goddess Year ago

    I am a new fan of yours. You rock and love your style. Definitely happy I found you on here.

  • WaterGirl
    WaterGirl Year ago

    What where the hair extensions

  • Maggie and Emily's Place

    Just found your channel and omg! New subscriber for sure! You are adorable! And also, ranbow dash is the bomb do GO for it!

  • Destiny Mariee
    Destiny Mariee Year ago

    Dying my hair purple while watching this!!! Arctic Fox is the best

  • Kat Nickolas
    Kat Nickolas Year ago

    Anyone have the link for the extensions

  • Float On
    Float On Year ago

    Your hair looks super cute just bleached

  • Marie P
    Marie P Year ago

    Your hand gestures sometimes look like sign language.

  • Noella Mella
    Noella Mella Year ago

    Are you in Canada? They sell arctic fox at hot topic! It's the greatest, I LIVE for artic fox.

  • Andy Dawn
    Andy Dawn Year ago

    This is the third/ fourth time I’ve watched this, I love it so much

  • Strawberry Sprinkles

    I love your videos so much ^__^

  • Eerika Kankkunen
    Eerika Kankkunen Year ago

    You look amazing! But I was making fan art but I have to re do it cause you dyed it xD luv you darling💖💖

  • Erin Konrad
    Erin Konrad Year ago

    I’ve found arctic fox on shelves in hot topic in Canada.

  • Abby C.
    Abby C. Year ago

    You are so adorable

  • Jenncake
    Jenncake Year ago

    Sally Beauty is getting Arctic Fox in the coming year!!!

  • Brittani Allen
    Brittani Allen Year ago

    You can buy arctic fox dyes in hot topic in Canada. Your hair looks lovely!

  • Cat Thompson
    Cat Thompson Year ago

    oooo the argan oil perfect intensity emerald is what i used for my green hair a while back and it's sooo nice. it smells fantastic and faded to a beautiful minty color. one of my fav dyes I've used

  • Andy Dawn
    Andy Dawn Year ago

    I currently have blonde hair, and instead of bleaching my roots and dying it a fun colour, in dying it black because i don’t really want to spend 20$ on dye

  • Tremems
    Tremems Year ago

    I love your hair!

  • Melodemonica
    Melodemonica Year ago

    Your aesthetic is literally my desired aesthetic I wish to be a pastel child too!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Artist's Corner

    "Green is such an underrated hair color." Sailor Neptune and Sailor Pluto approve that message.

  • zoie dahlberg
    zoie dahlberg Year ago +2

    pixie: doesnt want to look like rainbow dash, a my little pony
    pixie: dyes her hair mint
    minty: a my little pony

  • Bella Brookhart
    Bella Brookhart Year ago +2

    U are such a cute ray of positivity i love ❤️💕💖✨🌈

  • Sydney Distortion

    Hi hunny you should link the hair extensions!! Thank you 😘

  • han.
    han. Year ago +1

    when you talked about being afraid of your tracks showing i immediately thought of tana mongoose

    • Pixielocks
      Pixielocks  Year ago +2

      +han. I used to like her then she was super rude to me on twitter lol I can’t look at her the same way anymore

  • han.
    han. Year ago

    i feel like rainbow hair is like “HELLO MY FELLOW QUEERS”

  • han.
    han. Year ago

    i feel like the rainbow is just a part of you now like ??? pixie w/o rainbow isn’t something i can imagine now ????

  • ABC Sims
    ABC Sims Year ago +1

    hey pixie! just commenting to say how awesome your videos are! So...

  • Chill Jelloton
    Chill Jelloton Year ago

    My local Hot Topic has Artic Fox, and I'm in Canada.

  • Robin Graham
    Robin Graham Year ago

    can u link the amazon shop where you got the extensions fam???

  • Harriet Rose
    Harriet Rose Year ago

    every colour looks good on you, but my gay ass loves this colour SO MUCHHHHHH