The One Guy Who Is Actually Responsible For Half The Marvel Universe Disappearing

  • Published on Dec 26, 2018
  • Helmut Zemo is the REAL MCU Villain
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    When it comes to bad guys in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thanos is obviously the first one who leaps to mind at the moment. It’s hard to get past the events of Avengers: Infinity War, but let’s think back to how our heroes got into this predicament in the first place. Captain America: Civil War was a game-changing movie that fractured one of the greatest group of heroes in the universe and what villain was at the core of it all? That’s right, Helmut Zemo. He may not have grabbed any Infinity Stones, but he was one of the few MCU villains who didn’t fail in their mission. How would Infinity War and ultimately Avengers: Endgame be different if not for Zemo? Let’s find out!
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  • The Amazing Henry. Parker
    The Amazing Henry. Parker 15 hours ago +1

    In the Avengers movie Hawkeye was there and they won. In Avengers Age Of Ultron Hawkeye was there and they won. In Avengers Infinity War Hawkeye wasn't there and they lost. Proff that Hawkeye is an important Avenger

  • Black Star
    Black Star 21 hour ago

    Joker is immortal -Batman Is linked with him yes Batman can die but as long as joker is alive Batman soul will become Batman to fight joker 😂

  • ScreenSlaver & The Underminer

    CONFIRMED: Baron Zemo Is The Other Villain Of Endgame!

  • Myhead Bro
    Myhead Bro Day ago

    Pls like if you are a marvel fan

  • Don Bennet Joseph

    Thanos would still win

    • Don Bennet Joseph
      Don Bennet Joseph Day ago

      Even if all the avengers were together, thanos would still win

  • Matthew Loftus
    Matthew Loftus Day ago

    I can dig it

  • Harry Harry
    Harry Harry Day ago

    When you think he not evil enough lol🤣😅🤣😅😢😭😭😭😭

  • Safa Rehan8
    Safa Rehan8 2 days ago +1

    These are the most important characters in the MCU leading to Infinity war.
    The celastials(they created the stones)
    Odin(if he hadn't adopted Loki ultron would have never been created)
    Red Skull(He dug up the tesseract)
    Thanos(he sent Loki to earth)
    Loki(he traumatized tony to create ultron after the invasion in New York)
    Ultron(he was responsible for Zemos family's death which made Zemo split up the avengers)
    Zemo(he split up the avengers which made them easy pickings for Thanos)
    Iron man(if he hadn't created ultron zemo's family would be alive And Zemo would have not split up the avengers which would make the avengers be ready for Thanos)

  • storm Zilla
    storm Zilla 2 days ago +1

    Well it between Zemo and tony stark.

  • Song Jordan
    Song Jordan 2 days ago

    Think of this, tachaka died so lead to tchallah as king, lead to wakanda opento public therefor iron man learn nano tech, there for ironmab can at least make thanks bleed a little. Without Ironman’s power up avengers loose one of their most important member’s involvement

  • Ritchie88
    Ritchie88 3 days ago +5

    Ant Man is gonna shrink down and then expand in Thanos' butthole.

  • BuckPack
    BuckPack 3 days ago +1

    The one guy who gave alot of money to the MCU

  • Razvan Dobrescu
    Razvan Dobrescu 3 days ago


  • A random flower in the internet

    It's annoying that a villain in the comics with his name is just a nazi who's most known for a special super super glue...

  • Nitinroo
    Nitinroo 4 days ago

    Star lord is

  • gHostIi -
    gHostIi - 5 days ago

    Like if this is true

  • Deported Imperium
    Deported Imperium 5 days ago +1

    The other half was snapped ;)

  • kuikai kui
    kuikai kui 6 days ago

    what i don't get it why did wankada not use som of there jets in the battle why dos wankanda not have dam tank og somthing maid with all there tek, noo noo lets fight with spires and swords there can shoot witch we can use. and like how the the earth military where naaaa lets not help.

  • KD6 - 3.7
    KD6 - 3.7 6 days ago

    Red skull does have superpowers though
    He’s stronger than normal people

  • Matt N
    Matt N 7 days ago

    This is a brilliant video. Thanks

  • John ash
    John ash 7 days ago


  • Mathilda
    Mathilda 7 days ago

    Technically it was Bucky’s fault because he fell off the train all those years ago and got controlled by Hydra leading to all these events in the future.

    • RestlessHarp
      RestlessHarp 6 days ago

      It's not Bucky's fault that he fell off the train, though...

  • Call me MR no skin
    Call me MR no skin 7 days ago

    Zeno looks kinda like Tobey Maguire spider man

  • abhilash jena
    abhilash jena 8 days ago

    in-short Humans are more powerful than superheroes.

  • annabella wood
    annabella wood 8 days ago +4

    *Zemo is the real Regina George*

  • smoooth yoda
    smoooth yoda 9 days ago

    I’ll bet money that Tony won’t die in Endgame. He will just retire after all of it.

  • Brad Van
    Brad Van 9 days ago

    Idk it’s confirmed or not but wouldn’t it be ironic if Zeno was snapped away

  • dragon youtuber
    dragon youtuber 9 days ago +1

    5:07 YES finally someone who appreciates Hawkeye like I do

  • Panda Noodles Wish
    Panda Noodles Wish 10 days ago

    marvel is successful is because they changed the game by letting such a big battle fail.

  • DRJ Wizzle
    DRJ Wizzle 10 days ago

    i always wondered if zemo survived the snap

  • Qian Michiko Contreras

    I believe that Tony would die, as I see some pictures surfing the net
    Not sure if they're legit though

  • dk13
    dk13 11 days ago

    it's still a bit surprise if Zemo was survived from Thanos snap
    ..still sitting in his cell

  • Kaya Yavuz
    Kaya Yavuz 13 days ago

    With that logic the events were started with Ultrons invasion so the actual guy who is responsible for Thanos victory is Tony Stark who created Ultron but that fear was implanted by Loki and Chitaru army and it was Thanos who send themto earth it is a full circle

  • Rugby Man
    Rugby Man 13 days ago

    Did Zemo survive the snap?

  • Heather Manton
    Heather Manton 23 days ago

    He only talks about the comics

  • slibertas1996
    slibertas1996 24 days ago

    Ant man should’ve been on Iron Man’s side and Spidey on Cap’s

  • disneyinuyamon
    disneyinuyamon 25 days ago

    Stupid little Zemo just condemned entire universe & he doesn’t even care if he does himself

  • MrBJPitt
    MrBJPitt 26 days ago

    Hawkeye having an affect on the fight with Thanos??? 😄 How the hell would that go?

  • Micael Lundgren
    Micael Lundgren 26 days ago

    If Wakanda would not have opened their borders then the Avengers would not have brought Vision there to remove the stone most likely. So without that option they maybe would have destroyed the Mind Stone musch earlier

  • Vladimir Louis
    Vladimir Louis 27 days ago

    If not for Zemo they would all be in one place for Thanos. I think that they were separated forced Thanos to spread his forces looking for them.

  • Nils Hughes
    Nils Hughes 28 days ago

    (Reeds title)
    Star lord

  • I don't know what I'm saying

    zemo is the real MVP
    Thats what i have been telling my friends since civil war
    glad to see a videO Which agrees with me

  • TheGreenBreeze
    TheGreenBreeze 29 days ago

    Quick answer: Thanos

  • WrongNumberZ
    WrongNumberZ Month ago

    Tony Stark is a multi millionaire...
    But he uses a flip phone

  • Ashley Smith
    Ashley Smith Month ago

    14 days until: Captain Marvel
    63 days until: Avengers Endgame
    133 days until: Spider-Man Far from home

  • NCN Dragonite
    NCN Dragonite Month ago

    It’s kinda the avengers folt for making zemo atttack because tony created ultron who killed zemos family who technically is the reason 1/2 of the universe is dead

    Mr Stark I don’t feel so good

  • Roger Stevens
    Roger Stevens Month ago

    Damn The Russo Brothers are the actual Bosses...
    They should win an Oscar or at least a mention as the best directours in SH history.

  • Roger Stevens
    Roger Stevens Month ago

    Im thinking about how that Son of a Holy Bitch is feeling right now ....
    And it piss me off!!!
    Man I hope he is Decimated.

  • Aditya Kotian
    Aditya Kotian Month ago


    Change my mind bitches


    T chaka lol

  • ULTRA NOVA plays
    ULTRA NOVA plays Month ago

    Is it just me or does zemo have that face that will just get you mad

  • Sick Lid
    Sick Lid Month ago

    Did Zemo himself survive the snap tho?

  • Aaron
    Aaron Month ago

    thanos sent loki to nyc but in infinity war, it seems like thanos doesn't know loki

  • Fresh Ohh
    Fresh Ohh Month ago

    This guy actualy made a 10min vid
    With a topic that can be explained in 3minutes

  • Amaan Khan
    Amaan Khan Month ago

    ultron killed zemos family then zemo split the avengers team in half then thanos obliterated them to be honest ultron was behind all of this mess if stark hadnt created ultron zemos family wouldve been alive and the avengers team wouldnt be divided into two parts

  • kaz
    kaz Month ago

    "..threat they could have once defeated.." That, remains to be seen. As they were at the beginning of civil war, they would have lost faster.

  • GoldenSquid 296
    GoldenSquid 296 Month ago

    Thanos obviously

  • Samerah Mera
    Samerah Mera Month ago

    How come zemo has fault of tearing the avengers apart? In age of ultron, thor and hulk were moved out from earth. So the avengers were incomplete already before zemo made his mission/goal. Thor injured thanos. It is peter's fault, they almost take off thanos glove but because og him, thanos escaped. But its not his fault that there was a thanos, its just it is his fault that the chance of defeating thanos was gone.

  • N3Knowledge
    N3Knowledge Month ago

    Look at this barely 10 minute video jam-packed with ads, and you will understand why this channel is shit.

  • Nafihu Lawal
    Nafihu Lawal Month ago

    the black panther bit is wrong t’chala took on the mantle of black panther before he became king as t’chaka was too old. so even if t’chaka was alive. t’chala still would’ve fought as the black panther

  • Fabio Sequeira
    Fabio Sequeira Month ago

    I think it's loki fault

  • Jose Rojas
    Jose Rojas Month ago


  • KoopiTroopi
    KoopiTroopi Month ago

    Next video: iron mans actual girlfriend
    Thumbnail: captain America

  • Edible Rubber
    Edible Rubber Month ago +1

    Civil war could’ve been a whole avengers movie

  • Aron Nomdoe
    Aron Nomdoe Month ago

    I think thanos will snap his fingers again.

  • Ronald
    Ronald Month ago

    Dormammu vs thanos. what dya think?

  • Ky Anh Ta
    Ky Anh Ta Month ago

    Plot twist:
    Zemo is a skrull

    Nah jkjk

  • CheeseheadPlayz Field Of Battle


  • Freddy Krueger
    Freddy Krueger Month ago

    The one guy responsible. "Chris Pratt"

  • Vladimir Marcellus
    Vladimir Marcellus Month ago

    This needs more views. Such a great point

  • RickyRisha410
    RickyRisha410 Month ago

    No but that mobile call Tony couldn't

  • Aaron Rainbolt
    Aaron Rainbolt Month ago

    This is why civil war is one of my favorite movies ever

  • Sir Seyptek
    Sir Seyptek Month ago

    Thanos’ mom.

  • Phantom Stories
    Phantom Stories Month ago +3

    But was zemo decimated from the snap???

  • ray harrris
    ray harrris Month ago


  • Riyan Gajbhiye
    Riyan Gajbhiye Month ago

    Zemo red skull inhumans ghost rider i sawin agents of sheild ofcourse who will forget defenders and green skrulls damn.

  • Riyan Gajbhiye
    Riyan Gajbhiye Month ago

    Nah he came because cap call him who cap

  • Modok
    Modok Month ago

    Zemo is the reason why Spider-Man doesn't feel so good

  • Wolf
    Wolf Month ago +1

    0:32 Zemo is pirate or irish

  • beast slayer123
    beast slayer123 Month ago +1

    I think we are forgetting about the one who was actually responsible for half the marvel universe disappearing...


  • Kizer Soze
    Kizer Soze Month ago

    I have been telling people that for years. That Zemo was a good villain cause he won, he succeeded what no other villain could.

  • Eclipse Chaser
    Eclipse Chaser Month ago

    The one guy of made half the universe disappear...

  • 0rezinlv
    0rezinlv Month ago

    Wakanda was literally coming out to the rest of the world when the UN was bombed. T'challa's father decided to do so, but was killed mid doing so.
    His son did what his father was about to do at the end of Black Panther. Zemo delayed it, he didn't assist it.

  • juan alberto obredor beltran

    I think they dont. But cleary they would give a bigger fight

  • 暴力Hinsha
    暴力Hinsha Month ago +1

    The Nose

    • Modok
      Modok Month ago

      暴力Hinsha Than nose

  • Christopher Roblero
    Christopher Roblero Month ago +1

    Why wasn't Thor part of Avengers: Civil War?

  • Dweeb Squad NBF
    Dweeb Squad NBF Month ago +2

    If you like Marvel Press the like button!!!👍👍

  • Harvin Gaming
    Harvin Gaming Month ago +1

    Why did people blame peter quill for thanos’s snap, I mean if gamora didn’t tell nebula and destroyed the map to the soul stone, thanos wouldn’t have known she found it

  • Krisha N
    Krisha N Month ago

    I like how they just forgot about the Incredible Hulk movie

  • Tony Stank
    Tony Stank Month ago


  • Evitable
    Evitable Month ago

    HAHA! Keep following that causal chain back further then ask yourself... why do I draw the line here as opposed to somewhere else?

    COSMOSTAR Month ago

    At the end of civil wars, Zemo tried to kill himself, so theres a small chance that he wants to continue his journey. (Fight the avengers)

  • Michael Warunek
    Michael Warunek 2 months ago

    Is Zemo still alive or did he get dusted? I know someone has the list.

  • My Brain Glows
    My Brain Glows 2 months ago

    It's like to blame the east roman empire for getting invaded by arabs that leads to europeans looking for new trading routes to india finding america and later the natives get killed by brits, french and us. So, the east roman empire is guilty for the native-american

  • retr0 117
    retr0 117 2 months ago

    You forgot

    Star lord
    Dr strange

  • Norii
    Norii 2 months ago

    Off topic.
    I honestly think Loki isn’t dead.
    He would of turned into his frost giant form if he really was dead.
    he was probably faking it.

  • King Slayer
    King Slayer 2 months ago

    I wish there was 3x play speed

  • ImCookster
    ImCookster 2 months ago

    That guy is starlord actually

  • SSG Squidward
    SSG Squidward 2 months ago

    Fuck Zeno

  • Psicoolty
    Psicoolty 2 months ago

    10 minutes to say something as simple as to put on a thumbnail about it.