Love, Honour & Obey - Legendary Gunfight


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  • Elaine SP
    Elaine SP 6 months ago

    Dont mack me off like a two bob its sunday xD
    Fix! Bannets!!!

  • incyblue1982
    incyblue1982 Year ago +2

    The whole script was improvised...why they all use their real names...also the same group did a TV series called "Operation good guys" all improvised.

  • David Gillett
    David Gillett 2 years ago

    my《bang bang》 fucking Singing! 《bang bang》

  • DJ The y1d
    DJ The y1d 2 years ago +3

    Fuckin epic! Forgot how much this film made me howl 😂

  • luke james
    luke james 2 years ago +1

    ahhhhh me hole lol

  • Karl Wilde
    Karl Wilde 2 years ago +1

    class film lol

  • Lord Funface The Atomic Toaster

    In fairness, I've wanted to shoot Rhys Iffans in the fucking head on numerous occasions.

    • Scott Wallace
      Scott Wallace 2 years ago

      I bet the poor buggers that were trying to live in that adjacent housing estate would agree with you wholeheartedly.

  • andy james
    andy james 3 years ago +3

    just watched for the millionth time and tears of laughter again......fix bayonets was priceless

  • Man Beadle
    Man Beadle 4 years ago +2

    'Carry On Cockney Gangster'

  • MissJulie2009
    MissJulie2009 4 years ago

    Mycroft and Lestrade are the targets here of a trigger happy Sherlock Holmes. This film is a favorite of JLM fans.

  • Demi dempster
    Demi dempster 5 years ago

    And not a car window broken?

  • andy c
    andy c 5 years ago

    ahhhhhhhhh me hole

    NIKKI DEE MOUSE 5 years ago


  • vespasianlegx11
    vespasianlegx11 5 years ago

    great film funny as fuck .

  • imblch
    imblch 5 years ago

    Overdone... a delicate hand is needed with the largess of the brush.

  • muppet fondler
    muppet fondler 5 years ago +1

    argghh me hole!

  • steven macfarlane
    steven macfarlane 6 years ago +1

    F'ing brilliant.ray winstone=national treasure.

  • jammedgunner
    jammedgunner 6 years ago +1

    i dont like champagne the bubbles go up my nose.....wheres my coke lol

  • TheMrgaztop
    TheMrgaztop 6 years ago

    Based on a true event. 2000 rounds fired. Not one plonka hit! It happened at the old sugar factory in Wandsworth. The old bill let it go because the paper work was enormous! Class.

  • Chris Peters
    Chris Peters 6 years ago

    Love it

  • MPA Bromley
    MPA Bromley 6 years ago +2

    @Wattsie Agree to, The acting is so top notch.

  • Brammert The Third
    Brammert The Third 6 years ago

    aw me hole!!

  • Vince Walk
    Vince Walk 6 years ago +1

    @Wattsie AHH my hole!!

  • DannyBoy
    DannyBoy 7 years ago +1


  • Dallas Burns-Parrott
    Dallas Burns-Parrott 7 years ago

    @leedswiggy The guy who plays Bill the Minder, is actually ex-SAS, he was awarded the QGM

  • 1701Tex
    1701Tex 7 years ago

    OW! Me 'ole!

  • howzie23yo
    howzie23yo 7 years ago

    @WesthamMr because they used to attach bayonets to guns

  • howzie23yo
    howzie23yo 7 years ago +1

    lets have a wawk and a tawk

  • WesthamMr
    WesthamMr 8 years ago

    why does he say fix bayonets?? is a fucking funny scene lool

  • TheJoe12345678910
    TheJoe12345678910 8 years ago

    dont mac me off like a too bob,its sunday.#LOL

  • Tony K
    Tony K 8 years ago


  • TheIceP
    TheIceP 8 years ago

    Thanks for uploading, this film is the Business, Fucking Genius is what it is !!!

  • maleproz
    maleproz  9 years ago

    Quadrophenia, my fav film of all time. actually i might upload a few bits of sexy beast soon now that i thinking about it ;)

  • Wattsie
    Wattsie 9 years ago

    Sexy Beast is definitely in my top ten favourite films. There isn't much Winstone does that I haven't really liked - he;'s a British instituition :) To think he started out in Scum and Quadrophenia and look where he is now. Another really great film - but no Ray is Gangster No.1

  • maleproz
    maleproz  9 years ago

    Yea seen that mate, how about sexy beast, great that film.
    Operation good guys is a classic, i got them on dvd from EBay

  • Wattsie
    Wattsie 9 years ago

    Have you seen Final Cut? A tad dark for me - well Ray was, didn't like that role but what an actor. I've sat on here tonight and just watched an episode of Operation Good Guys, I have not stopped lauging - (That's Entertainment) :)

  • maleproz
    maleproz  9 years ago

    totally agree with that mate, never fails to amuse!

  • Wattsie
    Wattsie 9 years ago

    I've watched this film more than any other and makes me laugh every time even though I know what's coming - absolute classic!!

  • maleproz
    maleproz  9 years ago +1

    Don't mack me off like a two bob mate it's Sunday!

  • TboneWilson1978
    TboneWilson1978 9 years ago

    classis film mate