Top Rookie Plays from Week 2 | NFL 2019 Highlights

  • Published on Sep 16, 2019
  • Check out the best rookie plays from Week 2 of the 2019 NFL season.
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Comments • 119

  • helmedon
    helmedon 29 days ago

    You forgot Jahlani Tavai from the Lions. Dude is up for rookie of the week.

  • Ron Skullie
    Ron Skullie Month ago

    The receivers are definitely the stars of this Rockie class

  • Sean Im
    Sean Im Month ago

    How is that a touchdown?

    • Jonah Bik
      Jonah Bik 29 days ago

      Cuz a bit of da ball was in the end zone...

  • Alexia Sebastian
    Alexia Sebastian Month ago

    Next week just show all of kyler Murray's completions. Again.

  • Ron
    Ron Month ago

    Bears got a gift from the refs that was not a Touchdown.

  • Kent Mahaffey
    Kent Mahaffey Month ago

    A 7 yard reception by Hockenson but not Omenihu’s strip sack? Alright

  • KeFan Gao
    KeFan Gao Month ago

    Tavai punches the ball out for a fumble at the 1 yard line? Where is it?

  • Diabeetus
    Diabeetus Month ago

    Deebo is gonna be a problem soon dudes a beast

  • Benjamin Forney
    Benjamin Forney Month ago

    They literally showed the whole highlights from the cardinals game

  • quan coleman
    quan coleman Month ago

    Is that Keyshawn Johnson’s son?

  • wIrav
    wIrav Month ago

    It’s crazy how accurate Kyler Murray is, too bad cards are so trash

  • Unskilled Boss87
    Unskilled Boss87 Month ago +5

    Entire video is Kyler Murray highlights. But they don’t show devin singletary

  • Trix
    Trix Month ago +1

    Wheres Singletary you bumbs

  • PALi friendly
    PALi friendly Month ago +1

    lions rookie tavai made the chargers fumble around the goal line. you don't know anything about football nfl network.

  • Silhz
    Silhz Month ago


  • Chester Bee
    Chester Bee Month ago

    Murray completes a pass to a wide open WR= highlight; Singletary runs 14 yards for his first TD=no highlight. Typical NFL highlights.

  • Nation 105
    Nation 105 Month ago +1

    How bout dat dk metkalf

  • Bernard Shaw
    Bernard Shaw Month ago +14


  • gocubbies 6
    gocubbies 6 Month ago

    Wheres Eddy Pineiro’s gw 53 yd fg??? guy got robbed

    • Joseph Mendoza
      Joseph Mendoza Month ago

      Respect eddy but he ain't a rookie anymore...

  • Stephen Marks
    Stephen Marks Month ago +1

    I hope Tyler Murray does well and rubs it in the face of those old, white, fat coaches who still cling to that antiquated model of a 6'5 human statue behind center.

  • Cooper Smith
    Cooper Smith Month ago

    So they just gonna disrespect Brian burns gettin his first sack

  • Michael Shan
    Michael Shan Month ago +1

    What about Jahlani Tavai forcing the fumble from Ekeler on the one yard line?

  • Iyanna D
    Iyanna D Month ago +1

    Why is Larry fitz in this 😂

  • Adrian Kopec
    Adrian Kopec Month ago


  • Grant Rosenbaum
    Grant Rosenbaum Month ago +3

    No Darnell Savage hit that forced an interception?

  • BryanEbunny
    BryanEbunny Month ago +4

    Jahlani Tavai easily had the best and most clutch play with the forced fumble at the goal line, and you leave that out?

    • Silhz
      Silhz Month ago

      because NFL hates the lions

  • Randomgaming69 -
    Randomgaming69 - Month ago +9

    Gardner Minshew is gonna be a problem

  • IamJohnTravolta
    IamJohnTravolta Month ago +17

    Why not just call this the Murray highlights jeez

    • DigitallyVeiled
      DigitallyVeiled Month ago

      He brings clicks

      THUNDAGROUND Month ago

      Cause he already has his own video that the nfl posted 💀💀💀dedicated to every pass attempt he made not gonna lie he was lookin good no turn over against the ravens and deep throws

  • Ximenes66
    Ximenes66 Month ago +3

    Bills nation litting the comment section on🔥. We all gon sit back and read the comment section and oh Kyler Murray is a baaad man

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith Month ago +1

    Hollywood Brown is damn good

  • Thomas Miller
    Thomas Miller Month ago +9

    Forgetting Devin Singletary?

  • mayhemlolz
    mayhemlolz Month ago +7

    I might have to bandwagon for Kyler Murray🌚

  • Megálopros
    Megálopros Month ago +1

    1:26 why wasnt this clip in the top catches video?, even the commentators acknowledged that type of pass is the least probable to catch

  • YoMama JR
    YoMama JR Month ago +25


    • YoMama JR
      YoMama JR Month ago +1

      @RichE 420 I'm not even saying that what I'm saying is that this is a montage of rookie plays a rookie scored a TD, his first TD...

    • RichE 420
      RichE 420 Month ago

      @YoMama JR aren't* and the bills are still trash

    • YoMama JR
      YoMama JR Month ago +3

      @matt h the plays are about the Bills you bot, it's about rookies... to show off rookies... he is a rookie... therefore his first NFL touchdown should be in there... btw 2 and 0

    • matt h
      matt h Month ago +1

      YoMama JR bills sucks who cares

  • Buckeyes 512
    Buckeyes 512 Month ago

    No Charles Omenihu or Lonnie Johnson smh

  • TTundragrizzly
    TTundragrizzly Month ago

    Larry Fitz is a legend. Love the guy. But man! A butterfly can tackle him.

  • Savagesavagesavage McSavageton

    Why was a 5 yard grab by a TE in this video but not Singletarys TD

  • Nickolas A
    Nickolas A Month ago +4

    Nobody saw cudi get friend zoned dap from that lady at 4:50?? She built like a linebacker doe

  • Yarini
    Yarini Month ago +53

    It’s crazy how accurate Kyler Murray is, too bad cards are so trash

    • Brian Fisher
      Brian Fisher 27 days ago

      @Trey What is happening well in that case all QB's do that

    • Trey What is happening
      Trey What is happening 27 days ago

      @Brian Fisher that is not back shoulder pass that is throwing it up and praying

    • Brian Fisher
      Brian Fisher 27 days ago

      @Trey What is happening its called a back shoulder throw

    • Mando 2.0
      Mando 2.0 29 days ago

      Cataya they should’ve drafted Christian Cronk Left tackle from Fresno state he only had one sack his whole senior season that’s one reason why cards line is trash

    • Patrick Chaney
      Patrick Chaney Month ago

      mbonner1023 Oh yeah, I was at that Ravens game! He’s like the Noisy Cricket from Men in Black!

  • TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan

    Wow NFL thats disrespectful you didnt put in rookie Devin Singletarys first nfl td atleast you put in ed oliver batting down the ball

    • Delray Velo
      Delray Velo 25 days ago

      Bruh this whole compilation is bullshit it’s just random plays

    • TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan
      TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan Month ago

      @ChipWiththedip periods are for weak minded people you need to open up your mind and explore the possibilities of an endless sentence 😂😂

    • NAD
      NAD Month ago

      Bro u need to use commas

    • ChipWiththedip
      ChipWiththedip Month ago

      Bro u need to use periods

  • Paolo Gonzales
    Paolo Gonzales Month ago +1

    Don't miss the moment when My boy Trevor Lawrence makes it to the nfl

  • 1 Leonard
    1 Leonard Month ago +2

    where tf is Lamar Jackson highlights??

    • Jared Budler
      Jared Budler Month ago Wait he had two highlight videos last week.

    • Jared Budler
      Jared Budler Month ago

      @1 Leonard

    • Samuel Mwamba
      Samuel Mwamba Month ago

      1 Leonard I understand even though I’m a cardinals fan he’s been doing pretty well in the passing game I’d like to see some highlights of him as well

  • FreelanceXD
    FreelanceXD Month ago +18

    Singletary snubbed WTF...

  • Mohsin Qamar
    Mohsin Qamar Month ago +2

    *No point of watching football as Pats will win again with all-star team and Goat 🐐*

  • Joshua Brunia
    Joshua Brunia Month ago

    Love Gardner Minshew

  • Anthony Grizzly
    Anthony Grizzly Month ago +25

    1:54 was homie running the wrong way at first?

    • Cataya
      Cataya Month ago +2

      Anthony Grizzly nah it looked like he wanted to run around to the right side but realized there were too many Seahawks there so he had to turn around to the left

    • GameBoy Kiwi
      GameBoy Kiwi Month ago +1

      Yea imma give him some slack and say he wanted to try and find some space

  • Andrew Richmond
    Andrew Richmond Month ago

    Wanna watch football fans react to a game and then get stuck in a chair? Watch my recent video!

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis Month ago

    I been looking at some teams. I think some teams should be tanking for Jalen Hurts

  • YaBoiNaz 84
    YaBoiNaz 84 Month ago +74

    Isnt Devin Singletary of the Bill's a rookie? Wheres his 14 yard td run

    • Joseph
      Joseph Month ago +1

      My thoughts exactly. Only big name rookies I guess. The NFL clearly hates the Bills. I cant believe I watched the whole video hoping to see it, though I knew half way through I wouldn't.

    • The Way
      The Way Month ago +6

      I swear the bills get less attention just because they are a small market team.,
      That run by singletary was nice. Kid is a stud..

    • YoMama JR
      YoMama JR Month ago +6

      Buffalo vs everyone

    • TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan
      TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan Month ago +4

      Its disrespectful

    • FreelanceXD
      FreelanceXD Month ago +5

      I know wtf

  • Carter H
    Carter H Month ago +5

    Forgot Jahlani Tavia forced fumble

  • Sway Yous
    Sway Yous Month ago +11

    Like if Kyler Murray is going to be a top 7 qb in 5 years💯

  • Michael
    Michael Month ago +18

    DK coming in clutch. Go Hawks!

  • Carlos Mendez
    Carlos Mendez Month ago +3


  • Swagner17
    Swagner17 Month ago +2

    I broke my TV today due to saints VS rams game. Footage is on my channel 😭

    • TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan
      TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan Month ago +2

      @Swagner17 i cant tell if the video is satire or your really trying to act like that was the same tv but anyways its clickbait because your making it seem like in the middle of the game you broke your tv but you didnt your in the yard with a different tv thats why its clickbait 👍

    • Swagner17
      Swagner17 Month ago

      TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan how is it clickbait

    • TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan
      TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan Month ago +1

      ⚠This is a clickbait warning ⚠

  • Alexander Shelton
    Alexander Shelton Month ago


  • anandguruji83
    anandguruji83 Month ago +1

    Top Rookie Plays from Week 2

  • MRG
    MRG Month ago

    Hola como están me gustan amigos

  • Kaleb070
    Kaleb070 Month ago

    Bad calls by refs in denver

  • Sawyer Cole
    Sawyer Cole Month ago