The Sims: Play With Life

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
  • It's more than a game. It's life.

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  • Synth Spooker
    Synth Spooker 2 days ago

    Why is the sims team/ea literally manipulating peoples life stories for their own gain and money
    just give us shit from the sims 3 and we'll be happy

  • J O’Brien
    J O’Brien 5 days ago

    This game is so fun but man is this video fucking cringe

  • Liamster
    Liamster 9 days ago +1

    They are legit marking it sound like a religion lmao

  • Leonida Blue
    Leonida Blue 12 days ago

    This is why I have brought the sims 4 I still play the sims 3 only the only thing I like about the sims 4 is the build & buy tools and cas they’d it and it still wasn’t enough for me to buy the game EA fu*ked up the sims 4 hopefully when the sims 5 comes they take all that was good about sims 2 and 3 & 4 and put it into the sims 5 and give use more in the base game

  • WildGypsy Rose
    WildGypsy Rose 12 days ago

    Hahahaha! This is a game, not a life changing experience!! So serious... this video would of definitly gotten me in the feels for sure and then you realize they are talking about The Sims. CHEESE!! :-) haha!

  • Dominick Acevedo
    Dominick Acevedo 15 days ago

    Maybe a tease for sims 5 tho

  • Anne Kaljee
    Anne Kaljee 21 day ago

    Why did this make me cry

  • Familjen Wache
    Familjen Wache 23 days ago

    Please can you add horses in the game 🐴

  • Chi Zhan
    Chi Zhan 24 days ago

    where to download all those sims at 1:54??

  • Minino Bonito Precioso
    Minino Bonito Precioso 28 days ago +1

    Please spanish

  • Lia Papapa
    Lia Papapa Month ago

    maybe once... but your not giving us much anymore but now only sucking us dry

  • Mean Old Lady
    Mean Old Lady Month ago +2

    This is the most shallow, vapid crap coming from the most spoiled generation in this country's history.
    There are actual genocides going on against white people in South Africa & non-muslims in the Middle East & Africa right now.
    But the world is ending when some spoiled kids are teased at school while the leftists running the entire education system do absolutely nothing to help kids who are actively being tormented at school or at home.
    No, everyone piles onto diversity shit shows like these to pretend they care while they do absolutely nothing to end abuse at home or spend money helping genocide victims abroad.
    Shallow, vapid hypocrites!

  • Erin Rizzo
    Erin Rizzo Month ago

    2:06 if this game is so realistic why can I bang stuff of a hammer and it automatically gets fixed because that is so realistic or maybe EA is just lazy and so they basically just designed one animation for everything

  • Jason bolden
    Jason bolden Month ago

    This is only 1% of Simmers.
    99% of Simmers just put their Sims in a fenced swimming pool.

  • SantiRdz98
    SantiRdz98 Month ago

    F*ck this crap

  • Valleyhero_ Bizarre adventures

    And then there is me a person who just likes to game act and have fun lol I don't have a story lmao!

  • Josie
    Josie Month ago +1

    when i was in sixth grade i had a surgery that made me stay in bed not even being able to sit for about two months. my parents knew i wanted the sims 4 so they got it for me as a surprise and i seriously lived life through a computer. this game means so much to me but it’s sad how vague every pack is being, and how expensive they are

  • Jeff Kaplan
    Jeff Kaplan Month ago

    I play to serve Jimmy Pickens

  • HorrificHorribles owo


    EA: Realm Of Magic

  • Call Me Hyphen
    Call Me Hyphen Month ago +1

    “It’s more than a game. It’s life.”
    >Sims 4 *Realm Of Magic*

  • Jay Adam
    Jay Adam Month ago +2

    The sims 4 has minor upgrade and major downgrade from sims 3. Just make the sims 5.

  • love.mp4
    love.mp4 Month ago

    I like the diversity in the video. Everybody would be mad that there were only white people and now people are mad they're using diversity to get 'clout'. Smh

  • Jayden Brieske
    Jayden Brieske Month ago

    What's the song in the background? 😂

  • liv v
    liv v Month ago

    guys stop hating i cant like all of the comments

  • Pixel Gacha
    Pixel Gacha Month ago

    One barrier is your parents wallet...

  • Nettie O's
    Nettie O's Month ago +1

    I just want someone to make me into a sim. I fail everytime. Let me take a pic and upload it!

  • alice cole
    alice cole Month ago

    I can relate to the trailer for sure. A very positive message :)

  • Miniya's gaming channel

    it's funny how this video got way more likes then dislikes but all the comments are hate comments, go ahead and like the video but you BETTER leave a hate comment with it

  • DJStella
    DJStella Month ago

    Can you make sims 5 plz like I really want to see how realistic it’s going to be

  • Freya Elffina
    Freya Elffina Month ago +1

    Yes, it is more than a game & hell yeah it's life, Sims is a way of life 💜

  • essecarasoueu 171
    essecarasoueu 171 Month ago

    I just have one question...


  • fireapple gamer
    fireapple gamer Month ago

    0:25 looks familiar

  • Scott Gray
    Scott Gray Month ago +2

    I hope Sims doesn't go away and go to mobile I want a Sims 5 LONG LIVE THE SIMS!!!!!

    • Scott Gray
      Scott Gray Month ago +1

      Make Sims 5 BIGGER BETTER and SO what if it doesn't run on all systems go out and buy a new computer for Sims 5

  • Silence Salem
    Silence Salem Month ago

    Play with life! Now $39.99
    Also get DLC for $39.99, $19.99, or $9.99!

  • MasterONT
    MasterONT Month ago

    Honestly this is kind of offensive because they ONLY show people with racial and public bias on them. African American Folk. Crippled Folks. Asian Folks. Thats just not kind. Trans Folks. Its like they are purposely throwing them out there. Just throwing them out in the open like: Oh yea so these people had deppresing lives but sims helps with it. But you know white american people don't have problems or issues. you need to fix your problems so here. Here is sims because people don't want to help you. Thats just rude. Everyone has problems. Don't just throw them under the bus because it gets you more views.

  • iiAveri
    iiAveri Month ago +1

    "I play to"
    Girl: To create the world I want!
    Boy: *tO mAkE dRaMa*

  • It's as great as life

    I love these comments :P

  • watermeloned
    watermeloned Month ago +1

    they do know the actual drama comes from mods and shit? obviously these are actors, but with the new paralives game (which is made by just one person and the sims has a whole team) coming out, EA is really being outdone. its obvious EA is just doing this for the money and doesn’t really care what the community thinks.

  • Mit k
    Mit k Month ago

    The theme of the video is touching and appreciated, but is it even related a little to the actual game?

  • Play Games
    Play Games Month ago +1

    Good like the sims

  • Будимир Иванов

    Kevin: "To be an ultimate asshole"

  • JulianIsH00T
    JulianIsH00T Month ago +5

    The Sims: Play with your Wallet.

  • Izabell !
    Izabell ! Month ago

    Sims Polska film nawet nie ma napisów po polsku SIMS POLSKA hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Jev Junior
    Jev Junior Month ago

    How about DLC where we can play stock like GTA V.

  • Shush
    Shush Month ago

    “It’s more than a game, it’s life”

    * kills all sims*


  • Kaylee Bryant
    Kaylee Bryant Month ago +1

    It makes me sad how negative these comments are here. No one ever is happy, are they?
    "Add more diversity"
    *adds more diversity*
    What are they supposed to do? Yeah they are gonna want money geez but that's not it they wanna make a game. I don't think most of u know how hard game developing is. It's gonna take time. More time than now. Give them a break for goodness sakes.

    • extra
      extra Month ago

      also, this video makes the sims 4 more deep than it actually is.

    • extra
      extra Month ago +1

      it's because of how they were talking about the ultimate freedom you have. however, ironically the sims is pretty limited, and a lot of things that should be in the sims (a game that imitates life) aren't in the sims and can only be used in the sims by downloading mods/cc.

  • Genuine John
    Genuine John Month ago +1

    0:05 no boundaries, no barriers.
    EA: that'll be $51.99, oh and you need Origin

  • zandy moyo
    zandy moyo Month ago +1

    ew, base game 💀

  • Jason
    Jason 2 months ago +1

    Oh man. They should of called me up for this. I would of had the best one.

    "Women always rejected me because I'm unattractive and have a shit personality. Then I recreated all of the women in The Sims and they all love me. TAKE THAT SOCIETY!"

  • * Moved *
    * Moved * 2 months ago

    So basically
    *Play in a world where you’re God*

  • Google User
    Google User 2 months ago

    কেনে ছলর?

  • AndyFloss
    AndyFloss 2 months ago +1

    Sim5 Looks good

  • Keo Kurai
    Keo Kurai 2 months ago +2

    5% of sims player: For self growth and for good purposes
    95% of sims players: make people and watch them suffer

  • Tim Tim
    Tim Tim 2 months ago

    And here I am making my cow plants eat everyone

  • Tehora Jacobs
    Tehora Jacobs 2 months ago

    Can Anyone Help?
    I would love to download/have the Sims4 games on my PC but i dont have a link or any of that sort...could you help with that?

  • Nadege L
    Nadege L 2 months ago +2

    to much loading screen every little thing load screen even your neighbor in the hallway next door why all that ,this is crazy, l know it is a game but this is not good ,LOL... no car still ,and this game suppose to be better than sims 3 ,but sims 3 still a plus on my book ,a lot of stuff park people don't want and stuff take space on our PC for no reason . they should bring back stuff we miss in the sim 3, sims 4 only create a sim is good after that nothing even city living, the buildings in the sim 3 look better .

  • Silver91
    Silver91 2 months ago

    It sounds beautiful at first but we have a problem here, you cant scape or ignore reality ... We have to change the wrong things. I did this too I build my ideal world but when I go to real live it was sad because I did not do anything to improve my life.

  • Good Enough Guru
    Good Enough Guru 2 months ago +1

    The sims kept me going through an abusive childhood. It was my escape from my home life. I didn’t know that what I lived wasn’t normal, so I couldn’t confide in friends or anything. It later kept me going as a teenager to deal with depression and anxiety and what was later diagnosed as ptsd as a result of my childhood. It was how I coped with the death of my father. And then the death of my mother (abusive though she may have been, she was still my parent). I wound up in abusive relationships after, and once again, the sims was my therapy. My place to escape and live in a world where that abuse didn’t exist. Where I wasn’t told the awful things I had been told, or lived through the awful things I’d endured. The sims has saved me, many many times. I love the sims for that 💕

  • Shadow Girl
    Shadow Girl 2 months ago +1

    Sims has changed my life forever. Sims helps me everyday deal with my anxiety and I am so so thank full! Thanks Sims ❤️

  • Clare Callery Edits
    Clare Callery Edits 2 months ago

    I have anxiety and it has helps me❤️❤️ So does Clare Siobhán