• Published on Nov 11, 2017
    Ebay is literally my new favorite place to shop for celebrity dupes and styles, so today I am showing you my best deals on designer purchases of 2017! So here are my new shoes and new clothes and new other random stuff I didn't need but bought anyway. (like I said, shopaholic.)
    1,144,000 kisses!
    Insta/Twitter: @AmberScholl
    TWEED JACKET: bit.ly/2zviYsl
    If you want to splurge! Tom Ford perfume: bit.ly/2zNyuzY
    Fluffy Coats!
    Tufted: bit.ly/2zvjdnf
    Not tufted (like my white one): bit.ly/2zQ2zPq
    Designer Shoes- just type your size and brand you want!: bit.ly/2zvjUwR
    Magazines: bit.ly/2zwvh7E
    Vintage Perfume: bit.ly/2zuEo8Q
    Actually nice diamond rings lol: bit.ly/2zOl1bs
    Yeezy Merch: bit.ly/2zOlmee
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  • Angeline Velazquez
    Angeline Velazquez 2 hours ago +1

    *your videos always make me happy when I’m upset thank you so much for acting happy in all ur videos I’m a subscriber for a while I love you* ❤️❤️

  • MakenzieLPS TV
    MakenzieLPS TV 3 hours ago

    28 to 33 uh yeah I did

  • Arooshi S
    Arooshi S 3 hours ago

    hun you're telling me you payed 99 dollars for an empty bottle, XD
    thats why we love you

  • Alex gug
    Alex gug 11 hours ago

    omfg does anyone know which eyelashes she uses?? i need them in my life!!!

  • kari's world
    kari's world 11 hours ago

    you just talk so so beautifully i love the way you say things do things i love you form my heart 😍😘😍😍😘

  • Sakina Cherrie
    Sakina Cherrie 13 hours ago

    You can find those heels on FashionNova for 30$...

  • Ladyinblack
    Ladyinblack 20 hours ago

    Amber....There isn't such thing as faux feathers. That jacket is made out ouf real feathers because fake feathers is really hard to make "real" looking so there isn't many products made of that. If the seller said it was fake, just know it's not. You can also see that's it's real feathers just by looking at it. And those boots are definitely real leather 😕😕

  • Zatoya Childs
    Zatoya Childs 20 hours ago

    what does she do for a living

  • Cleugene Cabanillas

    I really love watching your videos but I HATE how you try so fucking hard to look cute 😭💔 your poses with all your smirks and blinking (idk how u call em) are really cringyyyyyyy. CRINGY AF. It stops me from watching your videos

  • Sophia G. Beaumont

    what size did you buy in the tweed jacket?

  • Anna Corley
    Anna Corley Day ago

    I'm a singer songwriter! Check out my channel and let me know what you think! 😊🎸

  • Tes Apostol
    Tes Apostol Day ago

    am i the only one who thinks she looks like that woman from despicable me 2

  • savanah medrano
    savanah medrano Day ago

    I just joined your channel Amber you are so funny and i love your videos they are so entertaining.

  • Bby JHK
    Bby JHK Day ago

    I swear she’s a Disney princess

  • Catarina Coutinho

    I swear that if you come to Lisbon I will be your shopping guide!
    PS: I do have a bachelor on Tourism Information.

  • Bønni
    Bønni Day ago

    you know most of these items are probably fake stuff

  • LaurenE Jordann
    LaurenE Jordann Day ago


  • LaurenE Jordann
    LaurenE Jordann Day ago

    girl, those fucking manolos... slllllayyyyy

  • Iona Peters
    Iona Peters Day ago

    'Ofc its fake fur I've been a vegetarian for like 5 years' I think ur thinking about vegans that can't wear it

  • Jodeci Arellanes

    Hey babe I would.love to see what you eat trying to transition

  • salty min 07
    salty min 07 2 days ago

    Amber try aliexpress they have stuff as cheap as 10 cents but can sometimes takes a long time to ship

  • Sheena Marie Tubiano

    amber pls make story time about how you ended up in the price is right, you'e such a sunshine!

  • Krhodes02
    Krhodes02 2 days ago

    ‘Honey I shrunk the kids’ is not that old!😂

  • D'Na Ok
    D'Na Ok 2 days ago

    Omg what's with all the hate???
    I love Amber I think she's so entertaining and has a really positive vibes. She's just really fun loving and all over sweet 💞💗

  • Yesenia Valencia
    Yesenia Valencia 2 days ago

    You nrver look bald

  • brandon noonan
    brandon noonan 2 days ago


  • Jess w
    Jess w 2 days ago


  • Cassandra Prehn
    Cassandra Prehn 2 days ago

    You're so cute and I love you. 💕💕💕

  • Dede Diah
    Dede Diah 2 days ago

    I want her to marry a rich man and buy her goddamn nice things PLS.

  • Risaa.rosee 90
    Risaa.rosee 90 2 days ago

    Can you do an Ali express haul?

  • Alexia McCullison
    Alexia McCullison 3 days ago

    I just started watching your videos, but your energy is addicting!

  • Dawnandlo
    Dawnandlo 3 days ago

    Beware ebay faux fur...a lot if times its dog or cat or feathers.

  • Brie Stokes
    Brie Stokes 3 days ago +1

    I am new to this channel so I like amber videos

  • Miss Erika_J 719
    Miss Erika_J 719 3 days ago

    Being extra on a budget, yasssss girl!! Keep doing you girl love your videos!!! 😍💕💕

  • Rafke Heuvelmans
    Rafke Heuvelmans 3 days ago

    It is so irritating that youre like zooming in and going Really fast with youre cam!😂😂❤️💗

  • Mariam kadhim
    Mariam kadhim 3 days ago

    I️ love amber but I️ do agree that moving the camera so much ruins the video and the video said $1 but nothing was $1, and there wasn’t any lipstick like the picture showed

  • Evelyn Mendez
    Evelyn Mendez 3 days ago

    Try shopping on AliExpress

  • Leandra D.m.b
    Leandra D.m.b 3 days ago

    I love watching your videos you are so freaking pretty&extra 😂❤️

  • M Glam
    M Glam 3 days ago

    OMG!!!!! tvclip.biz/video/FmmRIgw0e90/

  • TheAndchipzz
    TheAndchipzz 3 days ago

    Oh my God Amber. You are so real and honest with yourself.

  • Saskia B
    Saskia B 4 days ago

    What is the name of the outro song? :0

  • Ashley Bradley
    Ashley Bradley 4 days ago

    You’re so animated! I️ love it!

  • Happy Gay Conservative

    Amber, please try to be MORE narcissistic.
    You're almost there . . .

  • Faith Paulson
    Faith Paulson 4 days ago

    OMG I died she talks like a skysofrenic

  • Karen Carballo
    Karen Carballo 4 days ago

    This video gave me epileptic seizures. Stop moving the camera back and forth pleaseeeeee xoxo

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez 4 days ago

    Since this is gonna get lost in the comments. This video is like a jerk off challenge vid

  • Glitter Zombies
    Glitter Zombies 4 days ago

    Just discovered you, love your channel. New favorite YouTuber 😇

  • Irandamay Productions

    She’s too preppy

  • Cupcakeclaydelights
    Cupcakeclaydelights 4 days ago

    I swear to god you could be a disney princess!

  • Anisa Henninger
    Anisa Henninger 4 days ago

    When she said that she’s been a vegetarian for 7 yrs I remembered my mom because she was vegetarian for 7yrs too!! But then one day she ate a Big Mac and has been eating meat since.

  • Am Bam
    Am Bam 4 days ago

    She's not broke, kind of annoys me when she puts "broke" on her vids. Still love her but that just annoys me as I'm actually broke livin in a council estate

  • Gigi V
    Gigi V 4 days ago

    I love your videos! Your personality is great!

  • Kylie Deapersoin
    Kylie Deapersoin 4 days ago +1

    Is this bitch on drugs

  • Courtney Smilko
    Courtney Smilko 4 days ago

    I love that movie honey I shrunk the kids

  • Caitlynn Eliz
    Caitlynn Eliz 4 days ago

    You talk lile me after 8 cups of coffee and is drunked up on caffeine

  • Kristopher Prevo
    Kristopher Prevo 4 days ago

    Your eyelashes scare the FUCK outta me

  • Emilee Marcum
    Emilee Marcum 4 days ago

    Please do an updated room tour

  • xXLilly_ LoveXx
    xXLilly_ LoveXx 4 days ago

    Things I wish I had 👗👡👑🐶🐺🍕🍗🍦🍫🍟💻📱📷💵💎🛍

  • Eloise van Oranje
    Eloise van Oranje 4 days ago

    can you use a tripod for hauls??????? ☺️☺️

  • Lillian Albright
    Lillian Albright 4 days ago

    How did the tweed jacket fit?? Did it run small or true to size? Really want it but concerned about how it'll fit. Thank you!!!!!

  • Kimberly Orozco
    Kimberly Orozco 4 days ago

    Amber here's a hint, the channel "mini perfume" is actually and essence which makes the fragrance A LOT stronger if you want to wear it use only a drop trust me I own more than half of the channel fragrances

  • Brenda Palomera
    Brenda Palomera 4 days ago

    It’s sad because I love stuff too

  • uni corn
    uni corn 4 days ago

    vegetarian...you know that also birds had to die for that jacket, even when it is not fur...birds are animals too

  • Meili B
    Meili B 4 days ago +1

    You often say things like being 24 years = being old, and honestly, it’s a bit inconsiderate of you. How do you think your older viewers would feel? Especially with ageism present in every aspect of our life.

  • Meili B
    Meili B 4 days ago +1

    Great haul! I feel like you should have just bought the 300$ Tom Ford perfume bottle, instead of a 99$ empty bottle.

  • Ana Seg
    Ana Seg 4 days ago

    Her use of aesthetic, love it😁😊

  • LuvCreativity
    LuvCreativity 4 days ago

    Why why why???? Why are you moving that camera front and back.... 🙄

  • Niana guererro
    Niana guererro 4 days ago +1

    Your voice is like cartoon

  • Mario Trujillo
    Mario Trujillo 4 days ago

    Why do I enjoy your videos? Swear it's not that I'm attracted to you!

  • Roberta Libro
    Roberta Libro 4 days ago

    How do u figure out the right shoe size?

  • Linda Rivera
    Linda Rivera 4 days ago

    If this is a haul then i have one almost every day lol

  • Olivia Simon
    Olivia Simon 4 days ago

    Hey amber! Really love your channel..
    P.S : Please do a Shein Haul Video

  • Carla Garcia
    Carla Garcia 4 days ago

    Donate to raise money for sick children in Hospitals! More info in link!

  • Hoy Pabebs!
    Hoy Pabebs! 5 days ago

    I thought the manolo blahniks were gonna be the ones from sex and the city 😭😂❣️

  • The Chalupa Crew
    The Chalupa Crew 5 days ago

    I used to call lip gloss "clip clops" when I was little

  • Danielle Delatorre
    Danielle Delatorre 5 days ago

    After I watch her videos I go straight to online shopping lol

  • Grecia Esparza V
    Grecia Esparza V 5 days ago

    How old is she

  • Steph s
    Steph s 5 days ago

    The way this video is filmed gives me a headache. :/

  • Team Duo
    Team Duo 5 days ago

    Yessss I fricken loveee that movie AMBER YOU ARE NOT OLD

  • YASSSthisIsLily
    YASSSthisIsLily 5 days ago

    Just pre ordered your custom necklace, and I love it so much and I haven't even got it lol....love you and your videos so much💕

  • Syeda Kanwal HASSAN
    Syeda Kanwal HASSAN 5 days ago

    24? 🤣 I thought u must be atleast 29 😶

  • Araceli
    Araceli 5 days ago

    What camera does she use to record?

  • Malin Westin
    Malin Westin 5 days ago

    Can you please do a video about bags! <3

  • Yassira Alonzo
    Yassira Alonzo 5 days ago

    4:30 @peta what do you feel about this ?

  • Edina759
    Edina759 5 days ago


  • Craycray Nerverland
    Craycray Nerverland 5 days ago

    Her tranny voice wants to come out

  • Destinee Araujo
    Destinee Araujo 5 days ago

    We need a wish haul 😭😍

  • Erika Viteri
    Erika Viteri 5 days ago

    Omg I didn’t know she’s vegetarian, makes me love her even more!! 😄💕

  • Arnold Davis
    Arnold Davis 5 days ago

    Hot just to.peppy

  • Ashley Gildner
    Ashley Gildner 5 days ago

    You voice sounds like a Disney princess taking to her animals friends all happy. Lol

  • Pooboo Baby
    Pooboo Baby 5 days ago

    Amber, can you please be my sparkly fairy godmother?

  • Leah Kitty
    Leah Kitty 5 days ago

    All of these items are over priced! Like wow and most of it is counterfit. You have to be extremely careful about buying sheos on Ebay. I buy more important things on Ebay like antique and vintage leather jackets. Antique jewlery which actually has value. Misleadung title to.

  • alma wallenius
    alma wallenius 5 days ago

    The shoes look AMAZING!💗😫

  • I'm Sillybillybee
    I'm Sillybillybee 5 days ago

    I dub thee Princess Extra from the kingdom Fabulousa. 👸

  • Jenn
    Jenn 5 days ago

    You're so hyper and I love it haha you're pretty awesome. New subscriber for sure hun

  • Daniella Shankle
    Daniella Shankle 5 days ago

    Are those falsies or lash extensions?! They look so good!

  • pizzagateisreal504
    pizzagateisreal504 5 days ago +1

    jeezus krist what is with all these materialistic girls on (((youtube)))

  • Juice Box
    Juice Box 5 days ago

    I just wanted to say thank you for being you
    You are amazing, awesome, funny, bright and creative.
    Your videos always bring a smile to my face. You brighten my day. Thank you.

  • Christian Gyllensegel
    Christian Gyllensegel 5 days ago +1

    U seems high and wired 😅😜. Your speak sounds even 😱😱🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Ge Lee
    Ge Lee 5 days ago

    This is literally what I do... I take pics of stuff In stores and look on eBay!!!!