How it FEELS to SUFFER in SFM (sp00ky) [Behind the Scenes]

  • Published on Oct 31, 2018
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    and a huge shoutout the the SFM community in general... hopefully I properly credited everyone in the video itself
    Songs used:
    0.00 Floating Whirlindas - Luigi's Mansion
    0.27 Haunted Fortress - TF2
    0.37 Mad Monster Mansion - Banjo Kazooie
    5.00 Bowser's Rage - Paper Mario
    6.35 Mother Brain - Super Metroid
    8.45 Creepy Castle - DK64
    11.35 Twilight Town - Paper Mario TTYD
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  • LazyPurple
    LazyPurple  Year ago +6326

    Just gonna edit this pinned comment to say YES, I now know how to fix the "ghost buildings" thank you

    • Zeta0001
      Zeta0001 2 days ago

      SFM, the pinnacle of LJN

    • Peter Stamerra
      Peter Stamerra Month ago

      You’re doing great, dude. Love the content. Keep it up!

    • TEXAS W.&.A.R.R
      TEXAS W.&.A.R.R Month ago

      @Mr.LegendsXD the Winglet

    • Mr.LegendsXD
      Mr.LegendsXD Month ago

      @TEXAS W.&.A.R.R the whichent?
      You mean The Winglet?

    • Aidan G
      Aidan G Month ago

      I have stared into the face of madness.

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 6 hours ago

    But ghosts arent real... Right?

  • Jayray
    Jayray 10 hours ago

    What would happen if you just, deleted controlpoint2? Can you even delete? If you can could you change the colour then?

  • andrew lau
    andrew lau 23 hours ago +1


    4UDIOTAPE Day ago

    You're an absolute entertainment master. The shit you go though serves as great material, but even with that, you make it amazing! I'm a fan. I have a lot of hours put into the Hammer Editor, and am familiar with all the errors you can come across there, but this... I feel your pain while knowing I haven't experienced the same. (2nd comment on this video btw)

    4UDIOTAPE Day ago


  • Davy Machinegun
    Davy Machinegun Day ago +1

    In Expiration Date, when Spy is pouring whiskey to a glass while talking Scout, you can see it's all black. This is referenced in Official TF2 Wiki as a material error.


  • Nannonites
    Nannonites Day ago


  • André Gallego
    André Gallego Day ago

    these videos are so damn good, such great editing, im completely new to all of this (to the game and to the film-maker)

  • Zeta0001
    Zeta0001 2 days ago

    SFM, The pinnacle of laser

  • Dragonrewind4152
    Dragonrewind4152 2 days ago

    10:24 what you think you look like stubbing your toe
    What you look like 11:03

  • Dragonrewind4152
    Dragonrewind4152 2 days ago

    Wondering lazypurple have you tried deleting the laser default color point so that you can control its color and not the map and coordinates?

  • 遅延squidglasses
    遅延squidglasses 2 days ago

    Soooo sp00ky!!!

  • Zeta0001
    Zeta0001 2 days ago

    SFM the crytic FUCKING SHIT!

  • DirectMAG
    DirectMAG 2 days ago +1

    Ent_fire env_lightglow kill means entity fire (the lights) environment light glow (the effect) kill (self explanatory)
    For those who are actually curious about what that means

    • DirectMAG
      DirectMAG 14 hours ago +1

      @RandomCatDude ah, I see. Thank you for the correction :)

    • RandomCatDude
      RandomCatDude 18 hours ago +1

      Close, but ent_fire is a console command that sends, or "fires" an input to an entity. And env_lightglow is the classname of the entity that is typically used to make those glows seen in Source games.

  • Kill-Shot Studios
    Kill-Shot Studios 3 days ago

    my guy spent like 9 hours trying to get the laser to the wrangler but he put it on the wrong model

  • BluestYosh
    BluestYosh 4 days ago

    i watched this before i even used source filmmaker now i think its a living nightmare...

  • David Dai
    David Dai 4 days ago

    Y’all know he suffered when he spent 3000 hours on SFM

  • Kassidy Chan
    Kassidy Chan 4 days ago

    ngl when he tried to explain using rgb as xyz i actually understood it

  • Marxyboi
    Marxyboi 4 days ago

    i need a full version of purple making his models dance to earthbound music

  • Joaquim Marçal
    Joaquim Marçal 4 days ago

    ent = Entity (The Light)
    fire = Firing (Triggering/Activating)
    env = Environment (Place)
    lightglow = Light on Satan Mode (Light Glowing)
    kill = Deactivate (Stop)

  • yaboiDoofenschmertz
    yaboiDoofenschmertz 5 days ago +1

    why did i just watch 11 minutes of a broken mans cries

  • OmegaChase1002
    OmegaChase1002 6 days ago

    the gunslinger is under the glove.

  • CyanideWorks MC
    CyanideWorks MC 6 days ago

    11:14 Top 10 Cryptid Encounters

  • Felix T
    Felix T 6 days ago

    oh my gihad

  • m1ghty 4 ever
    m1ghty 4 ever 6 days ago


  • Austin Carreno-Aguirre

    2:27 hold up let me get my notebook real quick. This is already scary its like school all over again!

  • GamingToastAirways GL

    Question: why is the Wrangler laser PINK!?
    Answer: That's because...PINK SHEEP IS HIDING SOMEWHERE IN SFM OR THAT ILLUMINATI DOING SPOOKY THINGS TO LAZYPURPLE AND PURPLE SHEP (TEXT TO SPEECH)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GamingToastAirways GL

    Dont do SFM Animations at Halloween!!! 2SPOOKY4ME

  • Da Person
    Da Person 8 days ago

    Just use g mod

  • DrunkTruck
    DrunkTruck 8 days ago

    you actualy having only 3000 hours on sfm

  • Seal Guy
    Seal Guy 8 days ago +1

    I'm just happy to here that you put so much effort into these animations :)

  • The CHONKY Wuf
    The CHONKY Wuf 8 days ago +1

    I want 10 hours of engineer dancing to earthbound music

  • GucciGamer XD
    GucciGamer XD 9 days ago

    1:45 bruh I'm eating spaghetti why u gotta spook me like that ;c

  • Assasin Bear
    Assasin Bear 9 days ago

    Lazy has more hours in source filmmaker than tf2 feels bad man

  • Ali Alatrach
    Ali Alatrach 10 days ago

    Many times I run into problems and that caused me hours, days, weeks, months and even years to fix it and know how to do it, have it, get it, etc ... I spend 2 years can't know how to make "Mission Objectives" for C&C3 KW and 2 or 3 days ago I FINALLY KNEW HOW!

  • Sir Mumbop XIV
    Sir Mumbop XIV 10 days ago

    How do you add splines? I can't really figure it out

  • Zixal
    Zixal 10 days ago

    I feel a little more appreciative for your videos now

  • Time 2 Stop
    Time 2 Stop 10 days ago

    h u h

  • Oliver Præstholm
    Oliver Præstholm 10 days ago

    Im pretty sure the laser comes out of the sentry and not the wrangler ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Jason Marksman
    Jason Marksman 10 days ago

    you got another thing wrong on the engineer sfm. the wrangler laser comes from the sentry, not the pointer of the wrangler.

  • Мимикью ютубер

    Wrangler laser is PINK

  • Redgurt
    Redgurt 10 days ago

    Making hen tye was also difficult using sfm

  • Proffnanners
    Proffnanners 11 days ago

    This is honestly eye opening. Had no idea how much goes into one of your awesome videos!

  • Felipe Chimbo
    Felipe Chimbo 11 days ago

    LazyPurple :"I fear no man" (Heavy quote) "But that thing... It scares"
    Source Filmmaker: (Laughing in the dark) "YOU FOUL I HAVE SEVENTY EIEGHT ETERNITY PARTICLE FILES"

  • Maru Studios
    Maru Studios 11 days ago

    Try out blender lol

  • MrFreak0r
    MrFreak0r 12 days ago

    Holy shit man, how much work goes into these is astonishing. I hope you get money for it, it seems as tedious as a hellish office job.

  • Gamer Cat
    Gamer Cat 12 days ago

    You should’ve used the broken lazer as a meme in the engineer video

  • Frog
    Frog 13 days ago

    Sure you couldn’t just move the point closer to 0,0,0 and tested it there? :P

  • Kyle The Peashooter
    Kyle The Peashooter 14 days ago

    What earthbound music is this? 10:53

  • Petr Maťko
    Petr Maťko 14 days ago +1

    *stop the video at **11:06*
    engie's face: *_Why are we still here? Just to suffer?_*

  • Crazy A.S.S
    Crazy A.S.S 14 days ago

    I'm started animating in sfm recently, and i understand almost everything

  • Laura DelRossi
    Laura DelRossi 15 days ago

    THE LAST ONE I SCREMED AT!THIS IS SCARY!I do create animations on the same program but never post them

  • Ninjareaper357
    Ninjareaper357 15 days ago

    I know you probably won't see or read this comment, but I just wanna say thank you. I appreciate all of the painful hours you spend to edit these videos for OUR entertainment. Keep up the good work bro

  • Seth Martyrdom
    Seth Martyrdom 16 days ago

    It work inventally

  • Dragon Lord
    Dragon Lord 16 days ago

    9:47 ?cigam ni eveileb uoy oD

  • GeorgiePlayzYT
    GeorgiePlayzYT 17 days ago

    I just realised that lazy uses same the vtf editor, that I also use.

  • QuantumNanoTeo - Mateo Martinez

    Make a pelvis dancing rave

  • Ya Boi Temmeh
    Ya Boi Temmeh 20 days ago +1

    sp00ky AF

  • Joseph Voskuhl
    Joseph Voskuhl 20 days ago

    Sourcesghetti... sorry.