China's Future MEGAPROJECTS (2016-2050's)

  • Published on Feb 9, 2016
  • China is embracing megaprojects at an unprecedented rate and will - over the course of a few decades - complete a phase of infrastructure that will rival what the United States has built in its entire history.
    More information on China's Future Mgaprojects:
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  • 张欣
    张欣 2 hours ago


  • Oragamey
    Oragamey Day ago

    They are dumping the dollar into these mega projects , hmmmm ? Their dependancy on nuke power is frightfull , after all they dont hold the best safety records in construction , and it would seem that they have learnt nothing from the Japan experience , there should be a world movement against such increase in this area .

  • Emperor Xi
    Emperor Xi 2 days ago

    Not "Heibei" but "Hebei". At least show some freaking professionalism.

  • 客居星球
    客居星球 2 days ago +1


  • Adam Brame
    Adam Brame 2 days ago

    Modernisation Of China has no negative from it. Once achieved I guess we will start to see less pollution and more care towards this planet. However I hope to see China with more of an open mind towards other races rather than the closed mind of current. Then we can then focus on India.

  • Paul Charles
    Paul Charles 5 days ago

    America already looks third world compared with China!!

  • Paul Charles
    Paul Charles 5 days ago

    The Chijnese are the nearest thing humanity has to ants, bees, termites and locusts!!

  • Michal Milko
    Michal Milko 6 days ago

    Narrator is pretty stupid about nuclear powerplants. In Slovakia, after we finish two reactors in construction we will produce over 75% of electricity by nuclear reactors. Todays reactors are safe and non-poluting option for producing stable electricity supplies.

  • Joseph Peters
    Joseph Peters 11 days ago

    The greening of the desert should draw in water naturally. Make a lake somewhere to hold water to help keep it green.

  • Sheriff Kamara
    Sheriff Kamara 12 days ago

    Just another anti Chinese progress. Get use to it.

  • sherlock tang
    sherlock tang 12 days ago

    I really want to see what China will look like in 300 years, probably much more developed and advanced than USA, but unfortunate I won't be alive to see it.

  • john z
    john z 14 days ago


  • Lee Shelton
    Lee Shelton 15 days ago

    Look at their new credit reporting. That’s a joke. Commies will be Commies.. lol

  • Lee Shelton
    Lee Shelton 15 days ago

    China? They probably stole the damn plans and everything to make all that. Cheap bastards. They’re good at making junk

    • Michael Yu
      Michael Yu 5 days ago

      Additionally, justify "cheap bastards" and that we are making junk.
      In this case, we are making ur junk 🤔

    • Bin Dong
      Bin Dong 14 days ago

      It's true. You made plans, we not just stole them but execute them. Keep making good plans, cuz we need more to build.

    A ONE MEDIA 15 days ago

    China has light up the fire and we even from Bangladesh could feel its heat. Now Asia is not weaker than European countries or USA.
    New super power Like China, India are Showing us the way to work out for a better Stronger Asia with no poverty no war. Good luck for you. Bangladesh is with you in this journey.

  • Leslie Chen
    Leslie Chen 15 days ago

    China's mega projects and exquisite arts started 2,500 to 3,000 years ago, when the rest of the world were dwelling in the caves in a naked manner. The palaces built in the kingdom of Chu, were magnificent.

  • Alex Katz
    Alex Katz 16 days ago

    I dont understand why they keep including short clips of Hong Kong...

  • renpin chen
    renpin chen 18 days ago


  • Owen Parry
    Owen Parry 22 days ago

    Communist scum

  • A Google User
    A Google User 24 days ago

    4:25 talking about "China being the worlds most populous country" yet you're using a video clip of Hong Kong LOL

  • Hariah Rahmad
    Hariah Rahmad 25 days ago

    We love.. ghost.. City....and...u. all...shut...up....kappa..

  • SS Hanafia
    SS Hanafia 26 days ago

    bisa dibilang kalau gk ada perang di dunia 30 tahun mendatang, china bisa jadi negara no.1 di dunia dengan kekuatan luar biasa (ledakan prekonomian yg mengguncang dunia) .... bisa jadi :v

  • Wei Sun
    Wei Sun 28 days ago +1

    Another country also has many mega projects, namely the USA. Most of its projects are human killing weapons. FGS, why do the US army need 10 human killing aircraft carriers!

  • James Wisrik
    James Wisrik 28 days ago


  • Sir Rk92
    Sir Rk92 29 days ago

    do you handle all these documentaries alone?

  • Vision L
    Vision L 29 days ago

    But earthquakes... You would be a fool to built those type of projects.

  • DeCiPhErIng GAmiNg
    DeCiPhErIng GAmiNg 29 days ago

    China just don't create problems for India

  • Haiming Zhou
    Haiming Zhou Month ago

    where is heibei?hebei?

  • mugsy gloster
    mugsy gloster Month ago

    Clearly a way move to alot of not only supplies weapons and ammunition but millions of soilders... quickly. .doesnt need to be built to last just built to work.. was wondering how they would mobilize that huge force they have amassed... impressive and interesting if this is it.

  • Raj Singh
    Raj Singh Month ago

    Fun fact: *Documentaries don't have to be factual or unbiased.* Good vid though, just wanted to point that out for people. Everyone seems to be obsessed with documentaries not realizing some don't present the truth realistically or frame things to give a certain perception (Shane Dawson anyone?). Just be careful.

  • Zeek M
    Zeek M Month ago

    China has only one future, DEATH.

  • Hello _123
    Hello _123 Month ago

    Neither Chinese people nor American people are “bad” or “inferior.” It’s the governments that are flawed. And currently, China’s appears to more effective.

  • Chen
    Chen Month ago

    Now in 2018, these information seems outdated

  • Sebastian Tkocz
    Sebastian Tkocz Month ago

    10:01 jest błąd... 50 km jest dłuższe niż 50 mili?

  • Timothy Kwong
    Timothy Kwong Month ago +1

    CHINA builds bridges!!🚳🚳🚳🚳
    US builds walls !!🚷🚷🚷🚷🚷🚷
    Mexico builds tunnels !!🚭🚭🚭🚭!

  • Sumeeth Vlogs
    Sumeeth Vlogs Month ago

    Dubai’s Al Maktoum international airport will handle 250 million passengers I think

  • George Burns
    George Burns Month ago

    Good luck government programs rarely produce good results.

  • bogdan78pop
    bogdan78pop Month ago

    Bohai Strait Tunnel project (red line)
    The Bohai Strait Tunnel or Dalian-Yantai Tunnel project proposes the construction of an undersea tunnel to connect Dalian on the Liaodong Peninsula to Yantai on the Shandong Peninsula. Another name for the project is Cross-Bohai-Strait channel.[1]

    Crossing the Bohai Strait, the tunnel would be 123 kilometres (76 mi) long, 90 kilometres (56 mi) of it under water. This would exceed the combined lengths of the two longest undersea tunnels on Earth, the Seikan Tunnel and the Channel tunnel.[2] The tunnel is planned to run more than 100 kilometres (62 mi) under the Strait.[3]

    Operated by China Railway Engineering Corporation, the tunnel would be linked to the Chinese highspeed railway system. Cars would be loaded on railway carriages to make the 40-minute crossing. Currently, the Bohai Train Ferry, inaugurated in 2007, crosses the strait in eight hours.[2]

    The project is estimated to cost 200 billion yuan (US$32 billion). In August 2014, it was reported that work is likely to commence during the 13th Five-year plan and construction would take ten years to complete.[4]

    As of March 2018, the central government now wants to get construction underway on this bay connection 'as soon as possible'.[5]

  • Maqsood Ahmed Ali
    Maqsood Ahmed Ali Month ago

    Why the Western media highlights only accident of high speed train ? They most successful railway than any in the world for sure

  • unboxing theboxx
    unboxing theboxx Month ago


  • Pyotr Tchaikovsky
    Pyotr Tchaikovsky Month ago

    Only Africa can topple China, FACT!

  • Vk Travel log
    Vk Travel log Month ago

    Someday China will have the say that the US will have to follow to. China will soon dominate the world.

  • Ears Wolf
    Ears Wolf Month ago +1


  • Steven Low
    Steven Low Month ago

    Its a 5000 yrs dynasty,its people is its greatest assect,if only its can rule the world.only mankind will know the future.

  • Accurate Granite
    Accurate Granite Month ago

    CIA propaganda folks. Nothing to see hear. All lies.

  • Linjun Chen
    Linjun Chen Month ago

    Nuclear fusion is the future, China is doing well to get 100,000,000 ℃, the man-made sun.

  • Jose Souza
    Jose Souza Month ago

    SEMPRE AMEI OS QUE SE DESENVOLVE O MELHOR, EU AMO OS CHINESES , Um dos maiores prêmios que você pode receber no seu trabalho, é a consciência de que está dando o seu melhor.

  • ReetVeter2000
    ReetVeter2000 Month ago

    This program has been approved by the People's Republic of China

  • Zhifan Zhou
    Zhifan Zhou Month ago

    This is fake.China Uncensored will give you a REAL CHINA.

  • mb ni
    mb ni Month ago


  • Sen Aiigongus
    Sen Aiigongus Month ago +1


  • Mains Blanches
    Mains Blanches Month ago

    Totaly crazy projects!!...

  • Doraemon Dorara
    Doraemon Dorara Month ago +1

    China becoming a developed country because of the hard working people are in China. People from all over the world should follow the footprint of Chinese people.🙆🙆🙆🙆

  • Cliff Gamer
    Cliff Gamer Month ago

    USA: Lets dump all our money on the military and ignore the failing infrastructure.
    China: Lets build infrastructure for the long term benefits.

  • Jeff Mitchell
    Jeff Mitchell Month ago

    Keep in mind all this fantastic information comes from a tightly controlled Chinese government and this video glosses over major problems and highlights how wonderful everything will be. The inside story is that huge over population means people are starving and commuting 5 hours from poorly serviced cities.

  • 忽悠扑火的
    忽悠扑火的 Month ago

    Why so many Americans here disparaging US that much? Too much. I applauds that someone giving an objective view of China. But US is obviously the greatest country in the world now and for the past 100 years. Disparaging the achievement of US is no difference than saying China is collapsing because it can’t maintain double digits growth anymore.
    I understand you people criticize US because you love your country, you have high expectations for your homelands, but some degrading words used here seems too much even to me as a Chinese. Sometimes when I wanted to say harsh words about US, only to found myself lost in those enormous American-self-criticizing which totally dwarfed what I was going to say.
    You Americans are really innovative not only in technology ……and in vitriolic self criticism.

  • Silverio Rebelo
    Silverio Rebelo Month ago

    still spewing out the big globalist lie about the pollutant character of carbon based energy sources. Even the nuclear based energy source is "infinitly more clean than carbon". The hability of so many people to operate as faithful lackeys of the big elite

  • me
    me Month ago

    What a great video. Very well made and great visuals. Loved it.

  • Wooby D
    Wooby D Month ago

    Chima has decimated their emtire coumtries emviormemt , a plague camot come fast emough

  • Lex Nuss
    Lex Nuss Month ago

    Make China great again? A one party nation shows can do advancement.

  • Todd Abbott
    Todd Abbott Month ago

    That bridge you talk about near the end is now finished, but do to government regulations it is barely used. Not only do you need 3 special permission slips from the government that need to be applied for separately, but you also need special insurance. The bridge is practically empty except for limited government traffic.
    China puts out way more pollution than they say. 80% of their rivers are labelled the worst level of toxicity. They are still building more and more massive coal power plants and unlike the newer cleaner ones in the US these are dirty coal plants. They say they took 500 million out of poverty... but they still have the same 600 million in poverty they had 40 years ago, but do to population increase they do have a much lower percentage in poverty. And while the US dropped out of the Paris Accord it is the ONLY major country that actually decreased its pollution output. Both China and the EU increased their pollution at higher than the average increase and both are part of the Paris Accord.
    Solar panels are a wonderful idea, but when most are made in China there is a net loss. Understand that to purify silicon and create the solar panels requires huge amounts of electricity and produces a significant amount of toxic waste. This waste could be recycled, but that would require even more electricity, so instead it is typically dumped. Add to that the fact these solar panels are typically produced using electricity produced by those dirty coal plants. The net carbon footprint is detrimental to the environment.

  • Phat Le
    Phat Le Month ago

    now do the same thing with the US, oh wait we have 0 megaproject

  • clarkent
    clarkent Month ago +1

    China hatred is so Anglo in nature.

  • Yin YuPeng
    Yin YuPeng Month ago +4

    China: I want this bridge
    *Approved, planned, and built

    US: I want to fix this pothole
    *Endless congress debate

  • Jk Sharma
    Jk Sharma Month ago

    Amazing Sir ! Your video and the China Growth Reality....not just Story.

  • Dūm Dūm Brown
    Dūm Dūm Brown Month ago

    Large European ships have sunk in history as engineering developed and corruption went wild e.g. how the Lusitania was loaded with ammunition just so the Germans would sink it, hundreds of boiler explosions on ships all over the UK & Europe etc. Ditto with the UK’s Comet aircrafts, the USA’s aircraft and space shuttles killing people throughout history. Technology takes time to perfect.
    Almost all the ‘developed’ countries in the world got there on sadism, racism and extremist Christianity/Islam (e.g. Columbus’s terrorism in the Americas, the UK, French and Belgian terrorism in Asia and Africa, the Islamic and Ottoman rapes of Southern Europe, northern Africa and west Asia). China halted the Islamic and Christian infections and re-built their great land through sheer determination. Goooooo China!

  • Michael Felix
    Michael Felix Month ago

    A ching chong ching. Jing jong bing bong. Hung Kung Bung Dung. Kee ko me ki yama ping pong. (Great vid) - China.

  • Vasili
    Vasili Month ago

    Hehe .... I doubt our missile could miss that target 8 nukes would sort out 150 million .... Do it China

  • acorn sucks
    acorn sucks Month ago

    Going to slow down a bit now as they cannot rape the USA on trade deals.

    • roy C
      roy C Month ago

      The trade deficit with China is getting even higher in Nov, as expected.

  • 此生无悔入华夏,来生愿在种花家.


  • 嘤嘤嘤
    嘤嘤嘤 Month ago

    Very high quality video!! And you shows things about China that lots of people dont know .

  • Jay Cadilak
    Jay Cadilak Month ago

    Add the mega surveillance grid that would shock Orwell to the list. Currently in operation. Red shield pivot to Asia...

  • Stefan Zheng
    Stefan Zheng Month ago

    only one accident,

  • Joseph Lee
    Joseph Lee Month ago

    I just realized the video was made a few years ago because the Hong Kong - Zhuhai - Macau bridge has been completed and is open for public use some 6 months ago. This is written on 11/23/2018. Anyhow, I enjoyed the video. Thank you very much for all the wonderful information you shared with us.

  • fl00fydragon
    fl00fydragon Month ago +3

    So basically as the old industrialized world attempts to stall progress to retain the power of their old economic dynasties China is moving rapidly with the singular focus of becoming the first spark of type 1 civilization.

  • Phenurio
    Phenurio Month ago

    "China will grow larger!"
    - A Caterpillar Pilot in Command and Conquer Generals..

  • Bima Rahman
    Bima Rahman Month ago

    Western are just envy china, well done china keep up the good work, show them Asian power

  • Paladine
    Paladine Month ago

    A middle class is the foundation of any country. In America, the middle class is disappearing. In China, it is growing. In China, the universities concentrate unification and progress, on the STEM whereas, in America, we concentrate on dividing the country and rewiting history and on gender and black studies.

  • jim robbins
    jim robbins Month ago

    I hope people understand China wish to destroy the world economy is on track when you look at their books they are in unbelievable debt. When your system allows debt to be consider an asset this is sure fire recipe for destruction. The good thing about China they do not care about their people which they use like a renewable resource. Chinese heritage live with this because the way they do it, flood a problem with people 10 die 10 more take their place expendable. A strong system but faulted why China wants to exploit Russia the silk road is their weapon bypass Russia their pawn. Putin is in the pocket little economy which China can use Russia strong military but weak economy lots of resources. China will use Putin little fish in big pond China will consume they understand world debt. I would like persons thoughts I want to see your opinion just something to consider.

  • Lyachos
    Lyachos Month ago

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha everything they build collapses after 3 years hahahahahaa

  • Weikun Chu
    Weikun Chu 2 months ago

    that the reason UAS will have war with China. USA not allowed othe country better than him. People worry and scared. hope China not like second Irap. plz USA dont kill Chinese and broken the City in China. hope god will help china be finished by the USA. the kid not be killed by USA. plz god save Chinese poor kids. they just want have better live

  • Weikun Chu
    Weikun Chu 2 months ago


  • Fernando Moreira
    Fernando Moreira 2 months ago

    These videos are "green" energy biased

  • HoldenNY22
    HoldenNY22 2 months ago

    Can the Chinese come in and rebuild the New York Subways. Maybe they can really build the 2nd Avenyue, not just take 40 years to build 3 Subway stations and Refurbish anotehr one.

  • HoldenNY22
    HoldenNY22 2 months ago

    Can I as an American Citizne Emigrate to China?

  • Benj
    Benj 2 months ago


  • 陈团
    陈团 2 months ago


  • Dave
    Dave 2 months ago

    make the see water become drinkable!

  • k krishnan
    k krishnan 2 months ago

    China is moving super fast. America and the West simply cant accept it.

  • 00 le petit PD
    00 le petit PD 2 months ago

    China sees a problem, the government fixes it.
    USA sees a problem, both political sides fight over it until no one remembers what the problem was..

  • Freeman Lee
    Freeman Lee 2 months ago +3

    When we were the sick man of Asia, we were called the yellow peril.   
    When we are billed to be the next superpower, we are called the threat.   
    When we closed our doors, you smuggled drugs to open markets.   
    When we embrace free trade, you blame us for taking away your jobs.   
    When we were falling apart, you marched in your troops and wanted your fair share.
    When we tried to put the broken pieces back together again, free Tibet you screamed, It was an invasion!   
    When tried communism, you hated us for being communist.   
    When we embrace capitalism, you hate us for being capitalist.   
    When we have a billion people, you said we were destroying the planet.   
    When we tried limiting our numbers, you said we abused human rights.   
    When we were poor, you thought we were dogs.   
    When we loan you cash, you blame us for your national debts.   
    When we build our industries, you call us polluters.  
    When we sell you goods, you blame us for global warming.   
    When we buy oil, you call it exploitation and genocide.   
    When you go to war for oil, you call it liberation.   
    When we were lost in chaos and rampage, you demanded rules of law.   
    When we uphold law and order against violence, you call it violating human rights.   
    When we were silent, you said you wanted us to have free speech.   
    When we are silent no more, you say we are brainwashed-xenophobes.   
    “Why do you hate us so much﹖”we asked.   
    “No,” you answered, “we don't hate you.”   
    We don't hate you either, but, do you understand us?   
    “当然了解”,你说,“我们消息多的是,有 AFP、CNN、还有BBC……”   
    “Of course we do, ”you said, “We have AFP, CNN and BBC's ……”   
    What do you really want from us?   
    回答之前,请仔细的想一想… 因为你的机会不是无限的。   
    Think hard first, then answer, because you only get so many chances.   
    Enough is enough, enough hypocrisy for this one world.   
    We want one world, one dream, and peace on earth.   
    This big blue earth is big enough for all of us.


  • TheRussificator
    TheRussificator 2 months ago

    the US supposed to be an example of how to build economy and behave on the international stage. U.S. failed that mission. the U.S. behaves like a worlds policeman. Putting sanctions everywhere, setting on fire endless "democratization" wars, consealing of islamists who kill people right in their embassys and so on. But keep in mind my american friends - the world tired of you, of your "wise lessons" and "exceptionalism", you were the hope of the world, but now you have become world's heaviest burden. America, please, just go, we no longer need your services, thank you. Just go, bye!

  • William Chao
    William Chao 2 months ago

    China is not doing it right. US is spending trillions of dollars in military to do nation build in other's country. US is a true world peace keeper. China is so selfish. China's real intention to build the reactors is to have as many nukes or 10 times more nukes to become a new world peace keeping force.

  • Grozaaïmid
    Grozaaïmid 2 months ago

    Free Tibet!

  • Haaris Toor
    Haaris Toor 2 months ago +1

    I, for one, am excited for the future. Regardless of what will happen in reality, such ambitious projects will surely serve to progress technology and engineering! Now we have to figure out what to do with the pollution. As of now, we only have one planet possible for average folk to live in-- some are looking towards Mars, but only very wealthy and trained people will be able to live there, if at all. You'll be one of the first to figure it out China (from my knowledge anyways. If someone has already figured something out I'm sure someone will tell me in the comments below). Best of luck!

  • MrBigT
    MrBigT 2 months ago

    honestly, pleasantly surprised.
    This was well balanced.
    VOX, vice and Co, I hope some intern directs you to comments such as mine. You could learn alot.
    Immediate sub, cant wait to learn about Latin America, Africa, Asia etc from this typa voice, as compared to yur vice/VOX etc.
    It always felt like eating a meal you like, but had fell on the floor, so you consuming, but avoiding sand grains, and other bits, - thats how most VOX/Vice videos feel if you not American [and/or Democrat]

  • John Chang
    John Chang 2 months ago

    Too many many people in China......

  • Brandon Drakus
    Brandon Drakus 2 months ago

    So they want real people as in the fake to leave hahah ha ha ha

  • Mighty Dubya
    Mighty Dubya 2 months ago

    do not connect us to russia

  • Joshua Herbert
    Joshua Herbert 2 months ago

    Such mega projetcs are in their blood. I mean 2000 years ago the already built the great wall and the silk road.