The End Of The Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Build?!

  • Published on Jun 18, 2019
    This has been a wonderful journey! This dead lamborghini huracan was brought back to life and now it is going to get even better. We are hoping to take this build to a whole other level. Be sure to follow along and see what happens!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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Comments • 3 054

  • BattleField
    BattleField Day ago

    Please shave the pussy pubes from your chin lmao

  • Seth
    Seth Day ago

    Dayum had the hellcat sitting in the driveway the next morning??? Its pimpin pimpin

  • Alex Karumbo
    Alex Karumbo Day ago cut the video to talk to that chiq in the hellcat. probably paid for the fuel and took a ride.

  • aaron wood
    aaron wood Day ago +2

    No you actually did not have to give your i.d. but it's always best to cooperate. Things normally go much better. You made the right call.

  • Cody Johnson
    Cody Johnson Day ago

    Where did you get those little stands to lift the car like that? Those would be so helpful

  • Chris L
    Chris L 2 days ago +1

    YYYYYYEEESSSSSS best video of the series!!!!! Love the exhaust crackle 'n pop on the over run, gets the blood pumping everytime 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • mikedaflexta
    mikedaflexta 2 days ago

    so i just really binge watched 26 vids. Not gonna lie, it was satisfying seeing the beast turn into a beautiful beast.

  • Stockz
    Stockz 3 days ago

    How much did it cost in total to rebuild and purchase of the car if I may?

  • Brandon Clark
    Brandon Clark 3 days ago +1

    Just saw the video chat with Sheepey race! God I cant wait for that collaboration!

  • Louis Iovine
    Louis Iovine 3 days ago

    Car sounds Sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hunter Morris
    Hunter Morris 3 days ago +2

    How ever many likes you give me is how many times they said dude in the vid.

  • Saku Kangas
    Saku Kangas 3 days ago +2

    That same type of car costs 349000€ in Finland, a bit pricier.

  • Владимир Морозов

    Good guys good jod, but it's not finished. Were is the rear labale "Lamborgini"?) Peace !

  • My 2Sense
    My 2Sense 3 days ago

    Fully watched the 1st 3 or 4 vids, then most of the "complete" vids. The best part? The look of "I must stfu & pay *1000%* to wtf I'm doing right now!" every time he mashes the gas! lol
    I would too tho...great series...I'm sure a great experience too. Congrats on popping ur 1mil cherry, well deserved.

  • Fnb Draco
    Fnb Draco 3 days ago

    19:18 their face says it all 💯

  • Doana Taligatus
    Doana Taligatus 4 days ago +1

    Watched the dude grow his goatee through the build.

  • Md.Saiful Islam
    Md.Saiful Islam 4 days ago

    How much did you spent to rebuild it??

  • Nonya Bizness
    Nonya Bizness 5 days ago

    I will put on my cape and pay for her gas, if she is as fast as that car!

  • Richard Persoage
    Richard Persoage 5 days ago

    Watch your speeds, guys. Your insurance rates are going to rise. It seems to me that you are 25 years or younger.

  • carly sipe
    carly sipe 6 days ago


  • Blake Blake
    Blake Blake 6 days ago

    Im so jealous :(

  • Daquarius Butler
    Daquarius Butler 6 days ago


  • Edible x_unpopular
    Edible x_unpopular 6 days ago +1

    18:00 "this thing is pimped" 😂😂😂😂👌

  • G. W.
    G. W. 7 days ago

    17:05 - "Just a loud car, that's it." - My ass that was just it.

  • rb67mustang
    rb67mustang 7 days ago

    You were having way too much fun and they were not, so they broke up your fun which made them happy. They were probably hoping you stole the car and they would look good to their superiors. Anyway, the Huracan sounds sweet!!!

  • subox
    subox 7 days ago


  • Roger Smith
    Roger Smith 7 days ago

    @goonzquad - greetings from New Zealand! You guys are amazing- what you've done with this Huracan is mindblowing from what it once was. And the courage to take on a huge financial project and risk. Well done lads, well done 👍

  • Sparsh Saraogi
    Sparsh Saraogi 7 days ago

    Your builds are too good to be true. You people keep all the problems and drawbacks off the Camera

  • corey adams
    corey adams 8 days ago +2

    The hood line kills me. Right where it meets the front bumper. It’s just a hair off.

  • Zooni
    Zooni 8 days ago +1

    Imagine cop would’ve stole the car 😂

  • Doron Zisso
    Doron Zisso 8 days ago

    awsome clip with the cop

  • the RR champ Robinson

    Goonzquad I love watching your video.. I use all my divide to subscribe on your channel

  • Lil Z
    Lil Z 9 days ago

    ive been watching since 500 subs

  • Lil Z
    Lil Z 9 days ago

    keep the lambo

  • SuperFuntimeLolbitProductions

    theres just one thing isn't the Engine in the back wait he said 2016 ;-;

  • CME4 Sheepdogs
    CME4 Sheepdogs 9 days ago

    Kudos to having the thin blue line flag hanging in the garage boys.... Patriots!

  • Vapornotsmoke
    Vapornotsmoke 9 days ago +2

    He 100% stopped you because he wanted to look at the car. No crime was committed, doubt he had the radar on you guys. It was just loud.

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson 9 days ago +1

    I'm surprised Lambo never sent you something for doing a complete rebuild.

  • kevin quicker
    kevin quicker 9 days ago

    You two lucky motherfucks I wish I had the TVclip skills to drive the nice shit you drive .. I just drooled and cried lol.. good work guys ... keep it up

    THE VATO LOCO43 9 days ago

    Umildad sobre todo ☝️👍

  • Andrew Terry
    Andrew Terry 9 days ago +1

    My dad has a Lamborghini hurrican it is a nice car

  • JT G
    JT G 10 days ago

    You guys are crazy if you think they’re really just putting wrecked super cars together in they’re garage by themselves. There’s a lot of people and know how going it to this off screen. A lot of money too. Daddy funds them I assume? Probably 30k or more in these builds. I guess it’s more entertaining to just be oblivious. I know I sound like a hater but I promise I’m not. I like these guys, they have fun and seem genuine.

  • Htown Lifer
    Htown Lifer 10 days ago

    You guys are lucky for a number of reasons in reference to that cop and his behavior with you
    I think you know exactly what Im talking about....and I didnt make it that way, buts its my reality, yours not so much

  • Chris Rogers
    Chris Rogers 10 days ago

    You guys need air tools, perhaps a half inch impact wrench and a compressor might be a good idea. Leave the breaker bar alone already. Have you tried hitting up Ingersol Rand for a sponsorship? I bet they would love to hear from you guys. If they turn you down try a distributor like Mac and stage a drive up and drop off from one of their tool trucks. They could use the exposure and you could use some adult tools for those adult toys you guys are so passionate about. Keep up the great work!

  • X-F-P
    X-F-P 10 days ago

    Love that ! ...

  • Cosmo Payne
    Cosmo Payne 10 days ago

    One question if you where to sell it how much youll sell it for

  • VINMAD666
    VINMAD666 10 days ago

    Yes sir........killer u guys......

    Best auto channel BUY FAR.......THANK U

  • Charles Stauffer
    Charles Stauffer 10 days ago

    Meant to say Lamborghini

  • Ed DeBolt
    Ed DeBolt 11 days ago +1

    That's a YT first I think. Cop sitting in Lambo he pulled over.

    • mrnoah1124
      mrnoah1124 10 days ago

      @Ed DeBolt this is the first video i remember seeing.. probably more out there though. That video is two years old

    • Ed DeBolt
      Ed DeBolt 10 days ago

      @mrnoah1124 who was the first you recon?

    • mrnoah1124
      mrnoah1124 10 days ago +1

      no, not even close.

  • Kabir William
    Kabir William 11 days ago

    with you I have traveled through time, with time and in time, thank you very much! you deserve your weight in gold,
    And even if it is not in reality, with you I realized a great dream, thank you a thousand times, good luck, and I think that I begin to like "thenessie" thanks to you!
    Friendly yours!

  • Jake grant
    Jake grant 11 days ago

    Why do y’all still film with a iPhone if you have over 1mil subs... still love the vids

  • Rahman R
    Rahman R 11 days ago

    Following too closely is 5-6 point, speeding ticket is 3 point, the cop is a jerk.

  • Chirag Singh
    Chirag Singh 11 days ago

    It would look sick

  • Chirag Singh
    Chirag Singh 11 days ago

    Bro you should libertywalk you lambo

  • Darrell Holland
    Darrell Holland 11 days ago

    Havent seen you use a Torque wrench? Have I missed it! lol Considering no workshop manual seen, you have done a great job! Has it been sold ?

  • ivy hype
    ivy hype 12 days ago

    been here from 10k

  • Ridhwan Kaiser
    Ridhwan Kaiser 12 days ago

    So to whom does the cars belong to the cameraman or the mechanic? I know the channel belongs to the cameraman and the mechanic has his own channel, so this means all those cars belong to the camera guy?!?!

  • AustinEscultorVLOGS
    AustinEscultorVLOGS 12 days ago

    So what if the cars too loud. F**k the people who are napping

  • Fabrice Labonne
    Fabrice Labonne 13 days ago

    I’ve watched all the 26 episodes for the Hurancan rebuild, this is insane dudes, you’ve done great job and this is really impressive! I’m from Mauritius 🇲🇺 and this Hurancan, if I ever dream to buy the one you’ve rebuild, would cost me like Rs 5,651,660, which is really really cheap for this type of exotic car!
    Nevertheless, you got a fan from Mauritius 🇲🇺 and, I’ll stay tuned for more of your incredible rebuilds incoming.

  • Kent Yaun
    Kent Yaun 13 days ago

    Car giveaways goodzquad? Hehe

  • Robert Dettelbach
    Robert Dettelbach 13 days ago +1

    He should rebuild a wrecked ford raptor and then use it to pick up other cars on the trailer that would be sick

  • Gran Ry Sero
    Gran Ry Sero 14 days ago

    watching you guys working this hard.. You'er guys such a beast

    RAYMOND MAY 14 days ago

    Ray from England U.K.
    Hay guys just wanted to say keep up the good work really enjoy your videos, and had a thought about what you can build with the wrecked Huracan, what about a cool off roader as its all wheel drive my thought was some radical all roader? maybe. What ever you decide i am sure it will be cool.
    Thanks Ray.

  • Adam Clements
    Adam Clements 14 days ago +8

    Cop: do you know why I pulled you over
    The driver response: you can sit in it if yea want
    Cop: dude this thing pimped

  • Amit Doobay
    Amit Doobay 14 days ago

    i have watch all the parts of the videos,it was great good job guys.
    you need too do a engine swap next!

  • Toàn hói Vlog
    Toàn hói Vlog 14 days ago


  • theFMU channel
    theFMU channel 15 days ago

    The music at 0:38 sounded like the one on subway surfers

  • Sven König
    Sven König 15 days ago

    How much did you payed for the whole rebuild over all??

  • Vince Salerno
    Vince Salerno 15 days ago +12

    New mirrors so you can see the next cop coming better. Impressed with the rebuild outcome completely.

  • graham pasloski
    graham pasloski 15 days ago +1

    Just heard the news about the twin turbo from sheepy. Can’t wait to watch you guys install more ponies into this already insane fast huracan