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  • Published on Aug 27, 2016
  • equanimity.

    ((thesaurus people, don't hurt me i mean well. i'm a 'copacetic' and 'simpatico' person i promise))
    also- pigeon documentary if ur curious:
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    I do not own the pigeon documentary. (lol)

    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D According to the website, you're very "fine and dandy".... nah I'm just gonna use the word "nice". Yeah that's better.
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  • Rebecca Semple
    Rebecca Semple 13 hours ago

    you helped me, you made me and my friend weirder

  • kork shingucci
    kork shingucci Day ago

    activities express more forte than conference

  • Koko Felinczak
    Koko Felinczak Day ago

    Barren not barron

  • Sehrish Sajjad
    Sehrish Sajjad Day ago

    Oh Jaiden

  • Random Peep
    Random Peep Day ago

    4:02 not gonna lie i was personally attacked into tears

  • Kam Chakraborty
    Kam Chakraborty Day ago

    I said equanimity in a English lesson

    My teacher didn't know what it meant

  • •Everything_Kitt_Playz•

    Half of the words I’ve heard in this video I don’t know what it means

  • KK Smiler
    KK Smiler Day ago

    my school uses theaurse .com

  • Mathew Sun
    Mathew Sun Day ago +2

    Like=thesaurus for school
    Comment=thesaurus for fan fiction

  • Scott McClain
    Scott McClain Day ago +1

    Jaiden: Do you use the website for work, or fan fiction.

    Me: Why can't it be both... equanimity

  • FireCrimson34
    FireCrimson34 Day ago

    I use it cos ima student

  • • Sophie Hawks •


  • The Sonic Gamer
    The Sonic Gamer 2 days ago

    1:43 I died 😂

  • Gennasie Daggs
    Gennasie Daggs 2 days ago


  • FloofBear .V
    FloofBear .V 2 days ago

    I mean you can add more describing words

  • Cool Glasses
    Cool Glasses 3 days ago +1

    1:45 didn’t expect that and it had me laughing for a while

  • Agatha C
    Agatha C 3 days ago +2

    Normal people: Milk

  • Raymond Gerald
    Raymond Gerald 4 days ago

    Baron? Not barren?

  • Nao Mew
    Nao Mew 4 days ago +3

    How may used it for watching fanfics?
    Me: [shows this part to my friend]

    KAITLYN STOKES 4 days ago

    Translation: that hoe over there.

  • Dante Parendhnsidbdhveksvdnfhbsisvvnsisbdudbd

    For real

  • hunkyGoddess
    hunkyGoddess 4 days ago +1

    i use it for fanfiction and I'm not sorry

  • pugicorn2009
    pugicorn2009 4 days ago

    Do it for da memes

  • .;Joeha;.
    .;Joeha;. 5 days ago

    Why did this make me laugh so much XD

  • AshTheStupidOne79
    AshTheStupidOne79 5 days ago

    Jaiden: Indupidably
    Me: *heavily breathes in matt*

  • iReact&Game - Fortnite & More

    FRIGGIN Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia!!!

  • Ravough Official
    Ravough Official 5 days ago

    2:45 yeah!! VEGAN!!!!!!!

  • Icing love
    Icing love 5 days ago

    Hey your not aloud to say lamao

  • PatriceElizaBlythe
    PatriceElizaBlythe 5 days ago

    I’m watching this while writing a essay ladt minute at 10:53 at night because I procrastinated for TWO WEEKS AND ITS DUE TOMORROW. anyway, thank you for keeping me sane

  • Ro Jag
    Ro Jag 5 days ago

    Wait... Barron....isn’t it barren? P.s. love your vids jaiden :)

  • Ava's tube!
    Ava's tube! 6 days ago

    Blow up out of proportion de facto hanker for your canneds Jaiden

  • Pandora
    Pandora 6 days ago

    I got a fucking grammarly ad..

  • Lps_Lunar_ Moon
    Lps_Lunar_ Moon 6 days ago +3

    My English teacher actually asks us “what’s good” almost everyday (basically everyday.) He also says stuff like lit and emo. (He said that for a Billie Eilish song don’t remember what one) everyone was laughing hysterically 😂)

  • a•field of_roses
    a•field of_roses 6 days ago

    i walked to a good restaurant to eat a tasty meal
    translation to foncy people speak:
    i perambulate to a prodigious restaurant to masticate a delectable collation

  • Jin Choi
    Jin Choi 6 days ago

    Didn’t James work at sooubway for 6 mounts

  • Allie
    Allie 7 days ago

    Moo juice

  • preogi edits
    preogi edits 7 days ago

    I stayed during the bloopers because jaidens laugh makes me happy

  • 野生 Leaf
    野生 Leaf 7 days ago

    What's Thesaurus ?

  • Lana Bear
    Lana Bear 8 days ago

    the thumbnail really hurts because u put idiosyncratic as an overly fancy word, and i even abandoned ¨quirky¨ to say idiosyncratic >o

  • Amelia Fink
    Amelia Fink 8 days ago

    anyone else notice the word she's searching at 2:27

    hint: "bullsh-uhh.. bullcrap"

  • Raleigh Freschi
    Raleigh Freschi 9 days ago

    What if you don’t watch memes

  • Keira .M Bespalov
    Keira .M Bespalov 9 days ago

    The bit where she “transformed “ phrases killed me.

  • This Game
    This Game 9 days ago


  • Donna Sherlin
    Donna Sherlin 9 days ago

    Jaiden can you please give me a shout out?

  • Crossroad AJ
    Crossroad AJ 9 days ago

    More like Amy is JAKE'S girlfriend.
    If you got that.....

    we can be friends

  • Neonlaser
    Neonlaser 9 days ago

    Someone: I use words to make me sound more phot-
    Me: NOOOOOO!

  • Zara The Unicorn
    Zara The Unicorn 9 days ago

    Go up to somebody and ask
    Do you think nepotism is ok?

    Nepotism~ Favoring somebody you know over that random stranger stalking you
    I used it with my friends and they thought it was bad, which in situations I guess it is....

  • Marites Tanglao
    Marites Tanglao 9 days ago +4

    I tried “Where is the library” and i made “Whence bears particular archive”!!?!???! IDK😂😂😂

  • Dylan Hill
    Dylan Hill 10 days ago

    Dont ask just click 1:35

  • upside down cat potato !

    One thing that this website is writing books

  • Icy Fox
    Icy Fox 10 days ago

    What about Aussie penguins

  • Loyola Moris
    Loyola Moris 10 days ago

    So now for our essays we use old time English so in the future people use our language . Isn't that weird . Ex : I am feeling really really really really really really really really cold and I need a blanket
    Old times : Sir I am feeling really bad because the weather is not good therefore I shall use a material that keeps me at warm state.
    Nowadays: ey yo bro I'm cold gimmi a blanket asap

  • Arkvoodle Of The Sacred Crotch

    I watched this directly after a clip from a documentary about a flightless parrot from new zealand that there are less than 200 of

  • Julian Rees
    Julian Rees 11 days ago

    How to sound good while working as a cashier at McDonald's"I handle transactions the multibillion-dollar company"

  • Julian Rees
    Julian Rees 11 days ago

    The only thing that I was thinking about in the intro was wow 3 years ago grammarly wasn't a thing

  • amen Aden
    amen Aden 11 days ago

    Baffling Isn’t a professional word mate 😂

  • WK
    WK 11 days ago

    Who else paused the vids at the BABY part???

  • Emily Dalton
    Emily Dalton 11 days ago


  • Primal Pheonix
    Primal Pheonix 11 days ago

    When I was 8 I looked up all the swear words I knew.

    • Primal Pheonix
      Primal Pheonix 11 days ago

      On thesaurus if I didn’t make that clear enough.

  • Emma K
    Emma K 11 days ago

    I definitely don't use it for fan fiction