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  • Published on Aug 27, 2016
  • equanimity.

    ((thesaurus people, don't hurt me i mean well. i'm a 'copacetic' and 'simpatico' person i promise))
    also- pigeon documentary if ur curious:
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    I do not own the pigeon documentary. (lol)

    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D According to the website, you're very "fine and dandy".... nah I'm just gonna use the word "nice". Yeah that's better.
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    K.K. KIND KARMA 51 minute ago

    Oh wow. Irl my name is Amy and people ship me with this guy named John. Lmao

  • Toaster Strudel
    Toaster Strudel 6 hours ago

    Amy x John

  • Twiplayer
    Twiplayer 7 hours ago

    I also ship Amy x John XD

  • Violet Studios
    Violet Studios 14 hours ago

    BUT- amy is johns girlfriend. I SHIP IT

  • Dawn Breaker
    Dawn Breaker 20 hours ago +1

    It takes me 4 seconds too tyyyppppppppeeeeeeeee......

  • Brockplayz 5150
    Brockplayz 5150 23 hours ago

    A sponsor ?(reads title) oh dang I need start reading the title more often

    • Brockplayz 5150
      Brockplayz 5150 23 hours ago

      I have a Chanel plz sub I don’t have many subs:(

  • dudepersonguything5843

    Wow, -awesome- overwhelming video, Jaiden.

  • Mads Gacha
    Mads Gacha Day ago

    Once we had to write an essay and we were the narrator of whatever we wrote and we weren’t allowed to use then words said or asked and I’m like WHYYYY

  • Mads Gacha
    Mads Gacha Day ago

    Once we had a math test with like 30 questions in class my teacher read like 5 and those 5 kids she 1st read all failed the test so she decided to rip them ALLL up no matter what without reading them and threw the ripped up shreds in the trash then a day later she felt bad for not reading them all because some kids may have been good so we resserected them from the trash and tapped them back together and a lot of kids got like 80 or higher and only the kids who failed to redo it and I didn’t cause I got freaking 90 so that proves teachers don’t like reading our crap they give up after 5 failed tests but then feel bad and take them out of the trash and tape them back together and grade them 😂😂

  • Aricuno
    Aricuno Day ago

    Jaiden: ...More Fan girls use it?

    Me: Flashbacks to that one time I read Sonic vore tails.....

  • Kinggamer967
    Kinggamer967 Day ago

    Who said memes aren't productive

  • Burnt Taco
    Burnt Taco Day ago

    I dont now why but I ALWAYS say Consume instead of Eat.

  • Lisa Hu
    Lisa Hu Day ago


  • ak o.o
    ak o.o Day ago

    Yea I'm a fangirl
    I ship Amy and John
    * even though they are already together*

  • TeresaTime
    TeresaTime Day ago

    Or add supercalifragilisticexpalidoucis

  • Sebastian Guzman


  • Cactus The Bad The Lucky Cowboy

    I am now calling milk, moo juice. 🥛🐄🐮

  • DJLongpants
    DJLongpants 2 days ago

    Jaiden: indubitably.

    Me: inboppeehsggdgsfsgeyvetvutfuyfdufhf$gfjdhgxymf!

  • Lilian Rodriguez
    Lilian Rodriguez 2 days ago

    1:36-2:09 Honestly I was not expecting that. Also I’ve never seen someone talk about pigeons that dramatic and intense. That part definitely threw me of guard. 😂😂

  • Megan Is cool
    Megan Is cool 3 days ago +1

    Pigeon: sup.

    ZOE WILSON 3 days ago

    Jaiden I have a funny Idea, as the first paper I turn in at Central Magnet I’m going to write a huge essay with massive words you would never use in a real conversation and the essay will be about why we should write papers as we would say them.

  • Thomas Taylor
    Thomas Taylor 3 days ago

    You misspelled Barren.

  • Dakota Peters
    Dakota Peters 3 days ago

    yea lmao

  • LowerTheBoom
    LowerTheBoom 3 days ago +1

    First of all, you spelled it "baron" at. 0:52. Then you spelled it "barron" at 1:06.
    *The word, in this context, is BARREN.*
    "Barron" (with two rs) is not even a word.

  • Kaja3
    Kaja3 3 days ago

    Antidisestablishmentarianism everywhere.

  • Kitty Bakes
    Kitty Bakes 3 days ago


  • I liek Subway
    I liek Subway 3 days ago

    So a pigeon is better than a gorilla a cheetah and a gweat white shark........ *interesting*

  • Weirdos World
    Weirdos World 4 days ago +1

    Once I searched the word LiZaRd.....

  • Milk
    Milk 4 days ago


  • Lydia B
    Lydia B 4 days ago

    So I apparently read books way ahead of my grade level average and I use long and complicated words compared to others in my grade. Some time along 3rd or 4th grade I got the the name big word girl.

  • Mara MooGamer
    Mara MooGamer 4 days ago

    moo juice

  • Zoe Isabella
    Zoe Isabella 4 days ago

    And I’m like heck and what the doggos

  • Aesthetic Vibes
    Aesthetic Vibes 5 days ago

    5:18 I sent that to my friend I’ll update when she responds😂

  • Gabriel Rhen
    Gabriel Rhen 5 days ago

    In stead of using lots of obscure words, they should try to use a combination of simple analogies and better narration. It's easier for people to understand and makes the speaker sound far less pretentious. You don't need lots of big, flowery words to write well; you just need a good sense of how to properly illustrate a thought through simple language.

  • Gaming Champ
    Gaming Champ 6 days ago +1

    Sometimes use aforementioned when saying something about a something already vaguely described in the paragraph or essay

  • Spencer Donovan
    Spencer Donovan 6 days ago

    Did you play with Lagos when u kid

  • Jack x Ari
    Jack x Ari 6 days ago

    Moo juice

  • blur_does_art
    blur_does_art 6 days ago

    I use it for school essays and writing for fun.

  • Infinitygm451
    Infinitygm451 7 days ago +2

    My primary school literally banned us from using the word "said" lol

  • Rebecca Burgos
    Rebecca Burgos 7 days ago

    4:02 Oh, crap, she found out :0

  • SuperBlueBoi 853
    SuperBlueBoi 853 7 days ago

    Ok I wouldn't really laugh at things like this but I don't know why that applebees thing just got to me.

  • Untried Carrots
    Untried Carrots 7 days ago

    I like the bloopers at the end

  • Nova the Soulkeeper
    Nova the Soulkeeper 8 days ago +4

    I don’t know what you’re talking about. I most certainly have not used the aforementioned website in order to further process my writings to an acceptable level, creating anecdotes outside of a particular series’ canon. Nor have I begun to spread this interest outwards, expanding myself beyond just one fandom, but a multitude of such. No, no never would I do such a thing, let alone be inspired by such tales to draft my own original content.
    I would never *stoop* to such a _low_ level...

    • spade of all trades
      spade of all trades 2 days ago

      And thus the English language was served justice.

    • Nova the Soulkeeper
      Nova the Soulkeeper 2 days ago

      Whoops my bad.
      _Even more conclusive evidence to support the claim that I have never and will never write such a thing as ‘fanfiction’._

    • spade of all trades
      spade of all trades 2 days ago

      Stoop not steep

  • Wacky Flowers
    Wacky Flowers 8 days ago

    Baron..? You mean... Barren???

  • TheSonicMeme
    TheSonicMeme 8 days ago

    I was fired for too many big words...

  • M.A. Zaidan
    M.A. Zaidan 8 days ago +7

    Mom: what drink do you want for breakfast?
    Me: moo juice
    Mom: what

  • The dark lord Sauron

    Choc-o moo juice

  • Captain Kittyface
    Captain Kittyface 8 days ago

    Moo Juice.

  • military boi
    military boi 8 days ago

    I agree hhh

  • Benjamin Johannes Sánchez

    Honey, ye need some milk.

    My dear, it is to be considered with great valour thou art in great requirement of


  • sage pressley
    sage pressley 8 days ago

    To your question. Both!

  • Mixed up Shizzz
    Mixed up Shizzz 9 days ago


  • Enzo Chen
    Enzo Chen 9 days ago

    you spelled baron wrong. it is barren

  • cesar david lopez policio

    0:52 "penguins can be found in extreme COLD places"
    Magellanic, Humbolt, Galapagos & Cape penguins: are we a joke to u

  •  9 days ago

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    fact, I prefer it over the weather compared to last Tuesday!
    it was quite delightful on that day, however the slight breeze
    present in the air is very refreshing. Wouldn't you agree?

  • Lucas Johann Roble
    Lucas Johann Roble 9 days ago

    I control transactions in a multi-bilionair company = im a cashier in McDonalds

  • FictionGirl11
    FictionGirl11 10 days ago

    I’ve used it for both but probably more with fanfiction just because I write more fanfiction than essays

  • coco coco
    coco coco 10 days ago


  • Gubi Jay
    Gubi Jay 10 days ago +4

    Who else would only watch animal documentaries if jaiden animated all of them?

    Just me? Okay...

    POTATOGACHACAT :3 10 days ago +1

    Moo juice, I died😂

  • Jocelyn Castro
    Jocelyn Castro 11 days ago

    random teacher: what is another word for milk?
    me: moo juice

  • Mikel Montalat
    Mikel Montalat 11 days ago

    *_moo juice_*

  • Rachel Aragon
    Rachel Aragon 11 days ago

    dUn DUn DUN........tHe PiGeOn

  • Michelle Tran
    Michelle Tran 11 days ago +5

    Absolutely nobody:
    Jaiden: M O O J U I C E

  • The Dino
    The Dino 11 days ago

    Aw, the pigeon documentary has been copyrighted...

  • Julie Leahy
    Julie Leahy 12 days ago

    I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Ruby Brown
    Ruby Brown 12 days ago

    me and my bird love your animation! :)

  • Jaunel Childers
    Jaunel Childers 13 days ago

    Comments name 1 time need to sound smart but it was list in the this video

  • Carleigh Portia
    Carleigh Portia 13 days ago

    Hello moo juice