Hiring Someone to RATE How I Eat

  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
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Comments • 4 742

  • gigi lasagna
    gigi lasagna 15 hours ago

    Literally no one
    not my brother
    not even my dog
    Morgan- "Hiring someone to RATE how I eat!

  • BassLikeTheFish
    BassLikeTheFish 15 hours ago

    When your brother constantly interrupts the etiquette coach

  • Diana Arevalo
    Diana Arevalo 16 hours ago +1

    Morgan was falling apart the whole time 😂😂

  • Graecyn Gudgeon
    Graecyn Gudgeon 16 hours ago

    6:58 “no one is that important” something tells me she’s single

  • Aimee Elise
    Aimee Elise 16 hours ago +3

    "mukbang is lit"
    "wait it's whaattt??" 🤣🤣

  • Bratz Doll Silva
    Bratz Doll Silva 16 hours ago

    This is the content I never knew I needed

  • Sofie
    Sofie 17 hours ago

    What did she say¿¿¿ "somethings wrong in Denmark" what im a dane and I never heard that

  • pastel stars
    pastel stars 18 hours ago

    *cotillion flashbacks*

  • Nina Illy
    Nina Illy 18 hours ago

    this video should have been sponsored by Audible ...caus her book ! not honey haha

  • Pigment Figment
    Pigment Figment 18 hours ago

    Honestly I learned something from this, also I love your vids with Trinity, you are an inseparable comedic duo. Also I love your videos with your mom.

  • Ashley Sneath
    Ashley Sneath 18 hours ago

    When she said blast shield I laughed...and then I laughed harder that Morgan and rylands head were in the same place lmao

  • Amy Lin
    Amy Lin 19 hours ago

    why does ryland look SO good and boujee in his formal casual wear

  • Emerys Shaw
    Emerys Shaw 19 hours ago

    lmao i read the title as “i hired someone to rate how i EDIT” was so confused

  • onehundredcats
    onehundredcats 19 hours ago

    Morgans wardrobe malfunctions gave me anxiety.

  • Hailey Matheson
    Hailey Matheson 19 hours ago

    .... so how long has she been married

  • Assura Yuguma
    Assura Yuguma 20 hours ago

    You should have taken Garrett with you

  • DarkShadow
    DarkShadow 20 hours ago

    Hold up... you can get paid to be pretentious!? Gotta call my mom, she’s in the wrong field.

  • Blondifull Life
    Blondifull Life 20 hours ago +1

    Aw I actually loved this, was quite entertaining❣️ you guys are hilarious together & I love Ryland drinking wine🤣🥂🍾😘 I miss my brother Ryan..he’s not with us anymore but I’m happy you guys have each other!! siblings are our 1st & hopefully forever besties, much love💕👑💕✌🏼✌🏼

  • Kate Theobald
    Kate Theobald 20 hours ago

    died when she said Morgan lost a strap

  • peet tabetha
    peet tabetha 21 hour ago

    You call this etiquette?
    *laughs in European*

  • plsleavemealonehoe
    plsleavemealonehoe 21 hour ago

    we 👏 need 👏 more 👏 LISA 👏

  • Its Me
    Its Me 21 hour ago

    Who's their camera man this time?

  • Din Ohe
    Din Ohe 21 hour ago

    36 years _really?!_ 😂😂😂😂

  • Dezzy
    Dezzy 21 hour ago

    The first cut to the lady helping Morgan eat killed me. I laughed so hard

  • Hasan Rizwan
    Hasan Rizwan 21 hour ago

    Morgan invite her over for dinnerr

  • Yara Al bawardi
    Yara Al bawardi 21 hour ago

    The lady was so cool😂🖤

  • Ellie Vlogs
    Ellie Vlogs 23 hours ago

    Morgan is becoming a stasaaaaaarrrrr

  • Sille Knudsen
    Sille Knudsen 23 hours ago

    Something's rotten in the state of Denmark*

  • Freya Fox
    Freya Fox 23 hours ago

    hell yes

  • Mimi So
    Mimi So 23 hours ago

    Really f*cking entertaining 😂😂♥️

  • Account Dracula
    Account Dracula Day ago

    Am I the only one with a pen and paper out

  • unexplained specie
    unexplained specie Day ago +1

    when dhe said 'goodbye'I literally just finished my homework. COINCIDENCE

  • Naati Lose
    Naati Lose Day ago +1

    The lady - have you's heard of the car BMW
    Ryland - *Owns a GWagon*

    I meaaaaaaaannn....😂😂😂😂

  • Redlead 1943
    Redlead 1943 Day ago

    Nees reve evi kcirt gnitsugsid tsom tseggib eht staht

  • Kate Chen
    Kate Chen Day ago +3

    "mukbangs pretty lit" "it's what?"
    She must be married for at least 20 years

  • Proof PoziTV
    Proof PoziTV Day ago

    Etiquette for videographers: Don't wave the camera around so frenetically your viewers get eye ache and feel sick.

  • L E X I E
    L E X I E Day ago

    Ugh yeas Maggianos

  • Zoe knight
    Zoe knight Day ago

    It’s like being back in high school for them: “skirts to short missy” “I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that” “no I’m at work”

  • Erin N
    Erin N Day ago

    The worst part about paper plates and disposable dishes, is that they create so much waste :(

  • Siobhan Starr
    Siobhan Starr Day ago

    This is great

  • Holo Gator
    Holo Gator Day ago

    The lady is so tinyyyy

  • Tiberius Sugarplum

    Bring Lisa back! Let her stay with Shane and Ryland for a day and see how she's losing her mind haha

  • Pan Dita
    Pan Dita Day ago +1

    Lmfao can’t get past the Tarzan lookiNg Morgan with her straps falling down ahh🤣🤣😭😭 I love it. I need this class

  • Julia :0
    Julia :0 Day ago

    Ryland is fucking annoying

  • Shadow
    Shadow Day ago

    She could pass as there nice step mother if they were to suddenly become heirs

  • Spathi Aitheras
    Spathi Aitheras Day ago

    Ryland complaining about everything and everyone is me on a daily basis

  • JakeLX
    JakeLX Day ago

    I hope we see more of Lisa.

  • pattycakelove
    pattycakelove Day ago

    Wow I didnt know she had a channel.. might be my new fav to watch ❤

  • Kai Marie
    Kai Marie Day ago

    Actually do this again?

  • F A I T H. H A R P E R

    Wow honey is an app were I can basically save my money... an I oop-

  • paula sandoval
    paula sandoval Day ago

    I haven’t even watched the video and this shit is MOOD!!! Lol i fucking love you

  • Debbie Heath
    Debbie Heath Day ago

    Lisa was great! Cool, laid back and funny!

  • Dylanboss68
    Dylanboss68 Day ago +3

    Me: Watching this video
    Also me: Eating food in my pjs and making a huge mess on a paperplate

  • Sophia S
    Sophia S Day ago

    Morgan’s bra Hahahhaha

  • Holly Oneal
    Holly Oneal Day ago

    This whole video i was wondering who is filming? Lol

  • Mad man Scientists

    I'm too much like Morgan, Ryland complaining about, "When are you gonna be back?" Was making me cringe cuz I know several family members who have said that exact same thing to me, lol, we just have fun, that's all, try it sometime fam! Lol! 🤣🤣🤣💃🏼

  • Kaleb Harmon
    Kaleb Harmon Day ago

    10:48 😂😂 I can’t

  • Emma Stanczak
    Emma Stanczak Day ago

    that woman looked so sweet

  • PieceOfToast
    PieceOfToast Day ago

    We need more Lisa videos lol this is so helpful

  • PieceOfToast
    PieceOfToast Day ago

    Morgan has literally the most beautiful eyes ever 👀💎

  • Lco
    Lco Day ago

    This is just how I eat. Props to my European parents!

  • Nocturnal Nurse
    Nocturnal Nurse Day ago +1

    Morgan is a beautiful soul but clearly struggling emotionally. Time for an intervention. Next episode better be....Ryland and Morgan hit the Gym.

  • Sabrina D
    Sabrina D Day ago +3

    “She’s gone to two hands now to steady the wine glass” 😭😂😂😂

  • Sabrina D
    Sabrina D Day ago

    This video was hilarious, Morgan’s strap falling, Morgan picking up the wine glass with her pinky out, “to JESUS” 😭😂😂

  • Alexandra Rachelle

    That woman is trying so hard to be patient with them😂

  • Jess Chas
    Jess Chas Day ago

    Lisa was great. She was enamored with Morgan.

  • ItzJul
    ItzJul Day ago

    Personally I would NEVER eat of a paper plate at home lol

  • Michele Eslick
    Michele Eslick Day ago

    I loved this! It was wonderful!

  • dorky doodler
    dorky doodler Day ago

    Ryland is such a mom omg, I stan

  • Angel Lopez
    Angel Lopez Day ago

    18:15 “hallelujah” 🤣🤣

  • Kyle Heck
    Kyle Heck Day ago +1

    “I’d rather go to Wendy’s”

  • Depressed Potato
    Depressed Potato Day ago +2

    so I was talking to my therapist and she was like "what do u do in ur free time" and i said I watched TVclip. She asked for an example of someone I watch n I said Morgan Adams. We just sat there watching this entire video 😂

  • TheAccidentalvlogger


  • isabella sanz
    isabella sanz Day ago

    The constant sound of the door opening and closing in the background kept making me think someone was coming into my house 😭😅

  • Samantha Reyes
    Samantha Reyes Day ago

    This was my favorite Ryland. more red wine Ryland.

  • BeccasLife
    BeccasLife Day ago

    Are you and Teala still friends?

  • Andric Saquic
    Andric Saquic Day ago

    8:33 cultural appropriation

  • Amber Blonk
    Amber Blonk Day ago +2

    Ryland: I already dumped my spoon
    Lady: oMg RyLaNd

  • AWKisbored
    AWKisbored Day ago

    I always say vine-yard vines
    Am I wrong

  • zny
    zny Day ago


  • Avery Meyrose
    Avery Meyrose Day ago +2

    "every Tuesday night"
    "I don't know what that means but Im going to pretend like I didn't hear that"

  • Jennifer Johnson

    She has posted this video with 3 different names.

  • Karah Paddock
    Karah Paddock Day ago

    Wait! I wanna here the rest of that chip story

  • d.bany_ 18
    d.bany_ 18 Day ago

    You and Garett have the weirdest content hahaha I love it

  • Gabby Gabrielson

    I already eat like the lady naturally 😂

  • Sarai Mitchell
    Sarai Mitchell Day ago

    What if you have carpal tunnel holding up fork and knife like that my fingers are going to go numb so that wouldn't work for me you can't tell me that I'm being rude because I'm holding the fork wrong get a life different people have different abilities so leave it alone grow up and stop being so judgmental ! ! ! ! !

  • J H
    J H Day ago

    Make a Lisa series!! She’s so BA😃😃

  • Devil
    Devil Day ago

    She's really pleasant and not snobby

  • Kaitlyn Thompson

    This was hilarious!!! Please do more videos with her!

  • Jenna Melman
    Jenna Melman Day ago


  • Jenna Melman
    Jenna Melman Day ago


  • Jenna Melman
    Jenna Melman Day ago


  • Meagan Nicole
    Meagan Nicole Day ago

    Didn’t know there was so many rules to eating

  • Brittany C.
    Brittany C. Day ago

    I wonder if it’s different for lefties.... I know it’s a stupid question but I have to switch my fork to my right and then put the knife my left hand to actually cut my food and then put my fork back in my left..

  • Worse Than
    Worse Than Day ago +4

    morgans straps falling down is my grades during 4th quarter

  • Devil
    Devil Day ago

    Oo i have that jacket

  • Captain Storm
    Captain Storm Day ago


  • Lily Dotson
    Lily Dotson Day ago

    I don’t even cut my meat,I just pick it up with the fork and rip off a piece with my teeth and eat it 🥴🤣😶

  • KatNicole
    KatNicole Day ago

    and here i am watching this while laying in bed with instant ramen in a paper bowl with a plastic spoon sitting on my chest shoveling it into my mouth with one hand while holding my phone with the other lol

  • Gloria Kang
    Gloria Kang Day ago

    camerawork is kinda shaky