SUPER. HECKING. MESSY! ~ ARTSNACKS February 2019 Unboxing

  • Published on Feb 8, 2019
    Today I'm going to be unboxing the February 2019 Artsnacks box. Getting really messy with some pastels!!
    If you are unfamiliar with what Artsnacks is, they are a monthly art supply subscription service, giving 4-6 arty goods in each box. They deliver monthly goodies, for $24 per month for US buyers, and $24 plus $10 for International buyers!
    If you would like to purchase an Artsnacks box, you can do so here:
    Art materials used in this video:
    Stonehenge Kraft Paper *
    Faber Castell PITT Pen (White) *
    Rembrandt Soft Pastel Set of 5 (Cool Yellows) *
    Zebra DelGuard Mechanical Pencil *
    Faber Castell Kneaded Eraser *
    Amount of time taken to complete this piece:
    45 minutes
    Email with references!
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    INSTAGRAM: kaatydid_art
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    SUPER. HECKING. MESSY! ~ ARTSNACKS February 2019 Unboxing
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Comments • 61

  • ana foster
    ana foster 8 months ago

    Love your drawing. Thank you for the review. I will definitely not be not subscribe to art snacks. Not worth the money

  • Carolyn's Art Adventures

    Those eyes are amazing! I love the diamond shaped pupils.

  • Yamino game
    Yamino game 9 months ago

    Cool eyes. Agree with the snake vibe...I got brown shades and am uninspired by mine :/ I do characters so not alot to go on there...The white pen was cheap, it broke on me after one use.

    • Yamino game
      Yamino game 9 months ago

      @Kaatydid Art no problem :D yeah I don't know anyone who would be excited to get brown, lol..maybe landscape artists but I'm awful at landscape. That's an idea though, maybe I'll give it a try :).yeah the Faber Castell was kind of a weak translucent white. I'll stick to my uniball.

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  9 months ago +1

      Thankies! I totally understand, as brown is one of my least favorite colors. You COULD try practicing skintones? Idk, that's the only thing that comes to mind haha. Yeah, my nib on the Faber Castell marker crapped out already too. Oh well, didn't like it anyway haha!

  • Joanne Patton
    Joanne Patton 9 months ago

    🖍 We got pink and purple pastels

  • Beky Avery
    Beky Avery 9 months ago

    Whoa!! Those eyes are captivating! I got the pink set.

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  9 months ago

      Why, thank you! Oooh those sound so pretty!

  • Kyla Yep
    Kyla Yep 9 months ago

    i got skin tones...

  • clikkie #10518
    clikkie #10518 10 months ago +1

    i got a pack of pink pastels, they come with a dark pink (almost red), hot pink, a medium pink, light pink, and an almost white pink

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  10 months ago

      Oh nice! I bet those were super fun to play with!!

  • ThatOne Hippie-Chick
    ThatOne Hippie-Chick 10 months ago

    First, i do love your videos!! Been subscribed for a few months now, love the eyes!
    This month was my first box and i was honestly kind of disappointed... the retail value doesn’t even make 25$ ... I came up with $21.29 also
    Maybe another Pitt pen in another color or a sampler pack of the paper instead of one sheet should have been added.

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  10 months ago

      Why thank you!! I totally understand being underwhelmed by the retail value, especially if this was your first box. Hopefully next month's will be more bang for your buck!!

  • Katy Meletti
    Katy Meletti 10 months ago

    Hey, new subscriber. Loved the eyes, amazing!!!

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  10 months ago

      Welcome to the Squid Pod!! Eeeep thank you!

  • Sariah Noel
    Sariah Noel 10 months ago

    i got light grey pastels

    • Sariah Noel
      Sariah Noel 10 months ago

      Kaatydid Art i also have tan toned paper so itll really make them pop

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  10 months ago

      Oh nice! Those would be fantastic for some value studies!

  • alec ramirez
    alec ramirez 10 months ago

    i ended up getting the storm greys

  • tiffanyveng
    tiffanyveng 10 months ago +2

    I agree with you about this box. I love how this box is different from the past ones but it's retail value was a few dollars less than what I paid. I pay $25 a month. Great idea that they could have added a blending tool like a tortillon, sponge, or even more paper samples. I got a set of grey pastels...they almost all look the

    • Ellie
      Ellie 9 months ago +1

      I feel like subscription boxes should have at least 2-3x the value in them because you dont get to pick..
      Ive always kinda sensed that it was a way to pawn off bad/unselling products and the featured product is usually an ad. The featured products are what get people to purchase the box- its always exclusive, limited edition, or a new product.
      I used to get makeup subscriptions and it was just like that.
      Anyway, cant believe this box is $25. I feel it would be better to spend the $25 on some new supplies monthly that you choose from an art/craft store.

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  10 months ago +1

      Yas! A little blending stump set, and a few more sheets of paper? This box would have been TOP NOTCH. Hey, greys are "grey"t (omg puns okay sorry) at doing value studies!! ♥

  • Ecks dee
    Ecks dee 10 months ago

    I loved those yellows! I got earth reds 👌

  • Mike Sevilla
    Mike Sevilla 10 months ago

    I have had that same pencil for like 8 months I love it so much

  • Rin Lehtisaari
    Rin Lehtisaari 10 months ago +2

    Agree more paper would have been nice especially since 'kraft' paper is generally pretty cheap. They seem to have a relationship with Legion and could have offered the 'Stonehedge Matchbook Sampler' 2x6 pad that they sell in the sample section online for 99¢, but this just me. is the link if you are looking for some 'sample paper packs'. Yes they cost money... but its worth while if you dont have an art store near you that offers samples.
    I love the cool yellows that you got. Rembrandt pastels are crazy expensive where I live and are amazing quality. Hope I get some colours I dont already own... not that I use them that often but I really should try.
    I have the white marker already in a much larger size and a smaller nib. I have to say the larger lays down quite a bit more product than the smaller one.
    Great art piece! cant wait for my box!

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  10 months ago

      LOLOL thank you for that link, brb buying paper that I don't need, but NEED. I've never even seen Rembrandt pastels near me, so I don't even want to think of the price. I don't use soft pastels that often, but these make me want to. I hope you got your box, and loved what was inside! ♥

  • Sydney Jane
    Sydney Jane 10 months ago

    Oh fun! Always love watching you unbox. I got the cool greens set. They look very turquoise/teal. I would have loved to have more of the paper, it's some of my favorite. I lost the mechanical pencil to my other half. I assume it works good :p

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  10 months ago

      Aren't you super duper sweet?! Ohh those sound like a dream! And I agree, the paper was wonderful to work with. LOL I know that feeling, I've banned my Hub from my art room for that reason XD

  • Rin Lehtisaari
    Rin Lehtisaari 10 months ago +1

    Lucky you... They didn't even ship mine. I contacted them and they are on it. Guessing I am going to get it end of month :(
    To anyone else reading this who might not have gotten yours yet. Check your Tracking number to make sure it exists. If it doesn't just reply to the email that has your tracking information on it. They will make it right.

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  10 months ago

      Oh no! I'm really sorry that happened to you. I'm glad they're fixing it though. Hopefully you'll get it sooner than the end of the month!

  • Hannah Cockcroft
    Hannah Cockcroft 10 months ago

    COOL!! Love the art its really cool!

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  10 months ago

      Ah thank you! You're the cool one here 😎

  • Dark Warrior
    Dark Warrior 10 months ago

    It is funny because I am subscribed to scrawlrbox and we also got the Faber castell pen for January's box which was delayed so it came last week. Yeah I agree I don't really like it.

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  10 months ago

      What a coincidence. But yeah, it just didn't work well for me. I saw others' photos and it looked super bright for them, but not for me LOL

  • Cassie Ledar
    Cassie Ledar 10 months ago

    love love love your channel so much!!!

  • aartadventure
    aartadventure 10 months ago

    Always enjoy your ArtSnacks unboxings. It makes me regret taking a break from it hehehe. But my delayed Paletteful Packs will hopefully arrive soon, and I'll have something of my own to unbox and review for Feb!

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  10 months ago

      Yes! I've seen what's in the PalPacks box and I am SUPER excited to create with it!!

  • kaylaglazz
    kaylaglazz 10 months ago

    I want the vday boxes but they said it was all old boxes and i have not been impressed this last year.

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  10 months ago

      YEAH, same. I think the "blind date" idea is cute, but not from this past year's collection of supplies LOL

  • Todd & Lisa Smith
    Todd & Lisa Smith 10 months ago +3

    My daughter's box of pastels was Storm Greys. It's basically a brown tone, a greenish grey tone, and three grey tones that are either warm or cool. All the tones are pretty medium so the white Pitt pen is the only thing that is light. She hasn't done art with them yet and I've only gotten to swatch them.

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  10 months ago

      Oh wow, honestly, they sound fun! But, yeah, I'd imagine having the white Faber Castell marker would help bring out some highlights! Make sure to layer it up, to get those bright whites!

  • TamaraDeonka
    TamaraDeonka 10 months ago

    Beautifully done.

  • Marblez
    Marblez 10 months ago +3

    can you make a cat eye tutorial?

    • Marblez
      Marblez 10 months ago

      @Kaatydid Art oki thanks!

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  10 months ago

      I only do tutorials over on my Patreon, for now! But I can always do one over there!! :)

  • GummyTumor
    GummyTumor 10 months ago +4

    I might have to give pastels another shot. The only experience I have with them was in high school, and I'm sure it was some really inexpensive brand. The one's here look like you were painting with buttah, and those super saturated colors! *drools

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  10 months ago

      In my (very limited) experience with pastels, you definitely get what you pay for. You should definitely give them another go, but be sure to be patient with yourself!

    • Todd & Lisa Smith
      Todd & Lisa Smith 10 months ago

      GummyTumor these are really smooth, a totally different consistency to the basic oil pastels that are used in high school IMO.

  • Amethyst Aesthetic
    Amethyst Aesthetic 10 months ago +1

    woah that looks great

  • Nephtalie Albert
    Nephtalie Albert 10 months ago +11

    The eyes give off a snake like or dragon vibe.

  • 小奇干
    小奇干 10 months ago +1

    Haha this was so messy 😂

    • 小奇干
      小奇干 10 months ago

      Kaatydid Art lol 😂

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  10 months ago +1

      It was! My hands and desk (which is now stained yellow LOL) were covered!