• Published on Jan 31, 2019
  • Fish safe roller coaster!
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    POTATO IN A HOODIE 9 months ago +7924

    this will go down in history😂

    • Toco Monkey
      Toco Monkey 2 days ago

      POTATO IN A HOODIE yes it will

    • Memes 4 Days
      Memes 4 Days 10 days ago

      Javier Velasco me or is this just another comment like me hating on this asshole

    • Javier Velasco
      Javier Velasco 10 days ago

      And this is entertaining for you😡😡😡😡😡😡

    • Memes 4 Days
      Memes 4 Days 16 days ago

      POTATO IN A HOODIE As goldfish abuse

    • Why do i need a name?
      Why do i need a name? 19 days ago

      Aw, it's the autistic children here to ruin this person's *positive* comment.

  • Ongkit Lepcha Ongkit Lepcha

    Wow beautiful fishes

  • sakurako hattori

    A 5 year old is smarter

  • Pet Care and Facts
    Pet Care and Facts 3 days ago

    This is so cruel

  • Ukrainian Brian
    Ukrainian Brian 3 days ago +1

    When the swim backwards water gushes into there gills and they drown

  • Ukrainian Brian
    Ukrainian Brian 3 days ago

    Your a psychopath how about we put you in that

  • THEfuriousKat
    THEfuriousKat 3 days ago

    why are people so angry

  • Reynon Barrameda
    Reynon Barrameda 3 days ago

    ok i already just hit "unsubscribed"

  • Savannah King
    Savannah King 4 days ago

    This is not okay by any means

  • Gosia Przemek
    Gosia Przemek 4 days ago

    Twoja stara

  • TheZygarde Gamer
    TheZygarde Gamer 6 days ago

    pls 1000 Robux

  • Cid Brennan Agnes
    Cid Brennan Agnes 7 days ago

    THE fish swims in the pipe

  • Natalie Chiocchi
    Natalie Chiocchi 9 days ago

    For a fish keeper you do not treat your living creatures with respect. Even if you were to eat something it still deserves the best care until it is made into your meal. Shame on you. You dont know if they are safe obviously bc your pumping the water through the gills the wrong way. Torture is not ok.

  • Mike ekiM
    Mike ekiM 9 days ago

    Are you FUCKING kidding me????? This is officially a top 10 youtube video I have ever seen in my life 😂

  • Zara Lundy
    Zara Lundy 9 days ago

    Most of them will have died from the shock of what was happening.

  • Zara Lundy
    Zara Lundy 9 days ago

    This really will go down in history, as animal abuse that is. Would you like it if you got sucked up by a tube and after that terrifying few minutes get fed to another fish?

  • Gamin9 N0w
    Gamin9 N0w 10 days ago

    Why is joeys shirt or hoodie always wet 😂 no hate brw

  • Jam1Girl is dead
    Jam1Girl is dead 10 days ago

    This video makes me sick. You can't say "It's fine, they're gonna die anyway.". That's like saying, "I'm gonna abuse you, you're gonna die anyway", torture is torture, no matter what.

  • Kyle CoW
    Kyle CoW 10 days ago

    One of the worst youtuber I ever know. Disgrace.

  • Javier Velasco
    Javier Velasco 10 days ago +1

    I feel bad for the fish who would do this and he was laughing

  • Rylee Lindstrom
    Rylee Lindstrom 10 days ago

    Poor fish my fish died :(

  • Sanjulata Ghadai
    Sanjulata Ghadai 10 days ago

    Stop this

  • Andux
    Andux 11 days ago

    Are you serious? Fuck you, you stupid son of satanism bitch!

  • Dalie Leblanc
    Dalie Leblanc 11 days ago

    Watching this is making me mad 😡

  • sadiq khan
    sadiq khan 12 days ago

    笑弓竹竹弓弓 🤣

  • bperezx x
    bperezx x 13 days ago

    So funny I bought these fish

  • ren koba
    ren koba 13 days ago


  • FireWolfCat34 Firecat34

    That’s not nice to do to the fishy’s

  • Derek Wilson
    Derek Wilson 14 days ago

    Ewww i hate it im playing on my dads acount

  • D 0 P E _
    D 0 P E _ 14 days ago

    Roller coaster? More like how to give PTSD to your fish.

  • yesi C
    yesi C 16 days ago +1

    You're terrible. I used to respect you...but after how you played with their loves like that...all lost and I unsubscribed

  • Memes 4 Days
    Memes 4 Days 16 days ago

    I feel like every video this guys makes was a way to abuse an animal

  • your coworker Janice
    your coworker Janice 16 days ago

    This man is honestly not aware of how the fish feel actually all the men here arent, its so annoying how childish and ignorant they sound in the video

  • TheWeabooCollecter
    TheWeabooCollecter 17 days ago

    I immediately regret coming into the comment section so many softies

  • arnelbiolena
    arnelbiolena 17 days ago

    Wow fishies

  • Ahmet Cinar
    Ahmet Cinar 17 days ago


  • cristian guadalupe vazquez briseño

    No es justo q ocupen animales para esto jente loca 😬😠😡

  • Wulf
    Wulf 17 days ago

    You are ASSHOLES

  • Guy Bernard
    Guy Bernard 17 days ago

    Torture Fish

  • 파닥파닥금붕어
    파닥파닥금붕어 17 days ago

    물고기 입장에선 먹힌줄알듯ㅋㅋ

  • Diz Riz
    Diz Riz 17 days ago

    This is a way to kill fish.

  • Lemur124
    Lemur124 18 days ago +1

    Just take down this video it’s animal abuse
    Also did you mean the Cinnabon of *death*

  • James Dickerson
    James Dickerson 18 days ago


  • soniapiker
    soniapiker 18 days ago +1

    Hola 😀

  • soniapiker
    soniapiker 18 days ago +1


  • Gabe Hardin
    Gabe Hardin 19 days ago


  • Why do i need a name?
    Why do i need a name? 19 days ago

    Man, that was funny. Keep up the good work guys.

  • Cayleigh Madison
    Cayleigh Madison 20 days ago +1

    “I’m having friends over so instead of them helping me take his huge tub off the table I’m going to terrorize my fish and put them in my bathtub for my friends to enjoy”!????! I don’t understand

  • Bad iMovie Editing
    Bad iMovie Editing 20 days ago +1

    Why is my question why I have disliked very few videos but this I wish I could take all of those likes and turn them into dislikes this is disturbing distuging and inhumane I don’t care if your feeding These fish to other fish that’s just the circle of life but there are so many other ways you could of done this and I know exactly why you transferred them this way 1 for the pleasure of your psychopathic brain 2 for views and money people like u disturb me your probably some of the people who don’t believe global warming is real and you have given other people this inhumane idea and I absolutely hate you and anybody else who puts animals in stressful or hurtful situations that they can’t get out of I won’t be surprised if I see u guys on they news on day because u killed someone

  • Kinkin
    Kinkin 20 days ago +1

    This is so wrong and immature grow up and stop abusing animals for views

  • Luke Odell
    Luke Odell 20 days ago

    Everyone just shut up about fish abuse there just goldfish they would off got fed to some other fish anyway

  • Adler William Sicht
    Adler William Sicht 21 day ago

    Report him! Report him! Report him!

  • PL Cole
    PL Cole 21 day ago

    Y’all being sensitive about these fish...WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK HAPPENS IN WILDLIFE like Jesus

  • Вачо Елизбарян


  • Вачо Елизбарян


  • BoDaggit 79
    BoDaggit 79 21 day ago +1

    It was fun watching this one and hearing your laugh! 😆

  • Crystal Clear Thoughts

    So... DUMB >:(

  • Rigo Montero
    Rigo Montero 22 days ago

    i think this guy feeds off of shit which gives him that brain full of shit he got what a dumbass

  • Jon Caudill
    Jon Caudill 23 days ago

    7:26 I died laughing