• Published on Jan 31, 2019
  • Fish safe roller coaster!
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    POTATOE IN A HOODIE 2 months ago +7225

    this will go down in history😂

  • Tomiwa Ilesanmi
    Tomiwa Ilesanmi 2 hours ago

    Don’t watch if you’re just going to complain

  • Gecko Manthys
    Gecko Manthys 8 hours ago

    How CAN you have that much of followers

  • Chance Stoker
    Chance Stoker 9 hours ago

    Who else saw Joey

  • love and L.O.V.E
    love and L.O.V.E 13 hours ago

    fish: nooo! so fast!😱

  • ur mom
    ur mom 14 hours ago +1

    This Guy is a fish killer

  • Maddox D
    Maddox D 20 hours ago

    How much is it my fish need some fun

  • Lucas Lucas
    Lucas Lucas 20 hours ago

    IM DYING 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jordan Ruffin
    Jordan Ruffin 21 hour ago

    I bet you they would rather just be eaten instead of being tortured

  • Jordan Ruffin
    Jordan Ruffin 21 hour ago

    This is horrible also how did they make the current

  • Survival prepping for normal people

    U are abusing animals this is not safe for fish u liar😡

  • Nel Tin
    Nel Tin Day ago


  • Gabby M
    Gabby M Day ago

    That girl sounds slow how do you tell if a fish looks distressed :/

  • Mohammed Yusuf
    Mohammed Yusuf Day ago

    They should not do like this so sad of them

  • KillerBella_71 YT

    This is sad , what people do for views.

  • Tony cantu
    Tony cantu Day ago


  • Tuba Goes Yeet
    Tuba Goes Yeet Day ago

    This video was hilarious I loved it! Thanks for makingy day! 😊

  • Ruby Lam
    Ruby Lam 2 days ago

    Dude there fish THINK before u r going to do SOMETHING.

  • Brandon kkk 113
    Brandon kkk 113 2 days ago

    São seus irmoes

  • yash khot
    yash khot 2 days ago

    See DIY FISHKEEPER'S video how he treat the fish and take care of them

  • yash khot
    yash khot 2 days ago +2

    This you can do by using net also
    You are not a true pet (fish)lover
    U just treat them as toy not as fish(Life)😞

    NOBERT CROG 2 days ago

    Missed opportunity to call it a waterslide

  • Marco Munster
    Marco Munster 2 days ago

    I feel bad 🥺

  • Porkchop Sandwiches
    Porkchop Sandwiches 2 days ago +1

    Unless you medicate or long term quarantine the goldfish your quarantine method is pretty useless.

  • Shanu Khan
    Shanu Khan 2 days ago


  • Inaudible Terror
    Inaudible Terror 3 days ago

    I know theyre only feeders but this is just stupid and cruel. Proper anglers and aquarists wouldnt appreciate this at all. Jeremy Wade would slap you round the head. Unsubbed.

  • Girl VENOM
    Girl VENOM 3 days ago

    Doesn’t look very comfortable

  • Nadia Antezana altamirano

    Alguien que Abla Español

  • Dudinha fofis
    Dudinha fofis 3 days ago


    CΞNK TR 3 days ago +1

    Go fuck yourself man burn in hell all of you

  • tomas miguez
    tomas miguez 3 days ago

    Stoel😂 its chair

  • Nadya Draws
    Nadya Draws 3 days ago

    Im no fish expert but gold fishes need lots of space, fishes cant swim backwards. This looks painful and not safe for them.

  • c u t e p o t a t o
    c u t e p o t a t o 3 days ago

    starts at 9:00

  • Vansitos gg
    Vansitos gg 3 days ago +1

    Do a VR!!!!

  • Lauryn Rossback
    Lauryn Rossback 3 days ago

    this is animal abuse.

  • Edwin Watts
    Edwin Watts 3 days ago +2

    You should make it to where there’s no current and that they can just swim through instead

  • aldric cruse
    aldric cruse 4 days ago


  • Meiling F
    Meiling F 4 days ago

    Weirdos I swear

  • Edward's Aquatics
    Edward's Aquatics 4 days ago

    It doesn't matter weather there feeder fish or not they still should be treated and respected as you would treat your pet fish

  • javier sanchez
    javier sanchez 4 days ago


  • Spencer Cockerill
    Spencer Cockerill 4 days ago

    in a bad way

  • Spencer Cockerill
    Spencer Cockerill 4 days ago +1

    this is fucking sick

  • Dursun
    Dursun 4 days ago

    Who is this girl ? His new wife ?

  • Chickenstrippz :D
    Chickenstrippz :D 4 days ago

    WHAT THE FUCK OMFG when you die, will the goldfish suck thugh a rollercoster?? Are you mentally insine

  • Paxtyn Meyer
    Paxtyn Meyer 4 days ago

    Y’all do realize that these goldfish are getting fed to other big fish within like the next two days right?

  • Lillian Gura
    Lillian Gura 4 days ago

    This is sad I feel so bad for the fish they don’t deserve this I’m sad bro

  • Davina Dewi
    Davina Dewi 5 days ago

    Omg dis fish hafe fun 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 🎪🐟🐠🐡

  • OMGitzLisa
    OMGitzLisa 5 days ago

    THIS made my day !!! HEAD FIRST hahaha omg !!!

  • Hailey&Jocelynn 738
    Hailey&Jocelynn 738 5 days ago

    This is abuse but the fish were gonna die either way 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Yuda Arsiansah
    Yuda Arsiansah 5 days ago


  • Monique Toohill
    Monique Toohill 5 days ago +1

    People are saying this is abusing the gold fish but these are food for his bigger fish so does it really matter what he does with them look I care for animals but these are food we eat fish all the time

  • Dr. salty
    Dr. salty 6 days ago


  • Sarah Duce
    Sarah Duce 6 days ago

    This is animal cruelty😡😥😡😡😥. You are so sick. those fish will die of stress because of you. Get a grip and use ur mind. Seriously dude that's just sick.. You would really do that to some fish.. Those fish will be wasted because of you. Kids who want a gold fish in the pet store, will be like crying because. there's no more fishes left. they watch your video and see what ur doing with the fish. All I can say is you are so sick to to animals😠😠😠😡😡😾. Hope your proude. Watch paule.cuffaro, he looks after fish and cared for them he doesn't kill them by making some stupid stress ride. Ugh I just cant watch that anymore. 😡😡

  • bry taguran
    bry taguran 6 days ago

    this is cruelty

  • RageDarkPrince
    RageDarkPrince 7 days ago


  • Janita Sawyer-Boatman

    Good video

  • lillypoppyseed ,
    lillypoppyseed , 7 days ago

    Peta left the chat.

  • Rachel Lenzen
    Rachel Lenzen 7 days ago

    I've never had such little faith in humanity before.

  • Green Demon Mike
    Green Demon Mike 7 days ago +1

    That was king of mean, I am not saying you had bad intentions but goldfish are fragile and shouldn’t be handled in this way

    • lillypoppyseed ,
      lillypoppyseed , 6 days ago

      True... True..

    • Green Demon Mike
      Green Demon Mike 6 days ago

      @lillypoppyseed , I like getting mine naturally, like minnows, they are better to feed fish then, pet store artificially bred goldfish

    • lillypoppyseed ,
      lillypoppyseed , 7 days ago

      They are feeder fish but ok

  • Genesis
    Genesis 7 days ago +1

    U have lost a subscriber see yah

  • Larissa de Lucca
    Larissa de Lucca 7 days ago

    You are pathetic. It doesn’t matter that they will be eaten! That doesn’t give you the right to abuse the goldfish!
    They are alive and you are being a son of a b*tch!

  • shiet face
    shiet face 7 days ago


  • ThethingfromChernobyl

    Retards in comments be like: tHiS iS aNiMaL aBuSe

  • Randomnes S
    Randomnes S 7 days ago

    Guys I’m sure he didn’t mean to hurt the fish. All this hate like “you’ve lost a subscriber” is quite rude. He would never mean to hurt a fish unless he’s feeding it to their fish.

  • Chhaya Thakur
    Chhaya Thakur 7 days ago

    How did they are going up in the pipe .Is there is water in the pipe.

  • æstaetic
    æstaetic 7 days ago +11

    He gives me Jake Paul vibes. Idk why.

  • yeet yeet
    yeet yeet 7 days ago +4

    People are so triggered 💀 I thought this was funny

  • LeGo KnIgHt
    LeGo KnIgHt 8 days ago

    2:57 WTH?

  • Sanjana Das
    Sanjana Das 8 days ago

    nise video coll😎😎😎

  • Hays Nichols
    Hays Nichols 8 days ago +3

    You should make a fish amusement park with this as the main attraction and use a funnel as a mass entrance. XD

  • Waffle_Squad
    Waffle_Squad 8 days ago

    How does the water get in

  • Renti harayani Harayani

    This will go down in hestory

  • Salma’s Gaming Channel


  • spitonmebeckbennett
    spitonmebeckbennett 11 days ago +2

    Blocking your channel 😔 this wasn’t right. Respect them and let them be food, don’t have fun at the expense of their lives. That makes you small

  • Kohl Kaiser Kaiser
    Kohl Kaiser Kaiser 11 days ago

    Chill out there just gold fish

  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic 11 days ago

    You need to be sent to gulag.

  • Tfue
    Tfue 12 days ago

    F̤̮i̤̮s̤̮h̤̮ k̤̮i̤̮l̤̮l̤̮ c̤̮o̤̮ṳ̮n̤̮t̤̮

  • Tfue
    Tfue 12 days ago

    ⒹⒾⓎ ⒽⓄⓌ ⓉⓄ ⓀⒾⓁⓁ ⒻⒾⓈⒽ r̤̮i̤̮p̤̮ f̤̮o̤̮s̤̮h̤̮

  • YvngJJ J
    YvngJJ J 12 days ago +2

    He said this is the best way to do it😑⚠️

  • Zorica Mitrovska
    Zorica Mitrovska 12 days ago

    Fuck you man

  • Sundran govender
    Sundran govender 12 days ago

    Grown man behaving like a sadistic twat. No matter what you say you have abused those fish. Whether feeder or not its still torture. You are a fool. Bitch. Unsubscribed.

  • Brandon Etheridge
    Brandon Etheridge 13 days ago

    My 9 inch goldfish just died after 6 years, and now i have to wait for my 6 and a half inch goldfish to die, before im finally rid of them

  • Christina Gayle
    Christina Gayle 13 days ago

    This is amazing

  • Madi Lucas
    Madi Lucas 13 days ago +1

    Congrats. Just lost a sub 🤦🏼‍♀️🙄🤷🏼‍♀️ #animalabuse

  • iiBAPE GOD ii
    iiBAPE GOD ii 13 days ago

    Poor fish

  • Güneş Tanrıkut
    Güneş Tanrıkut 13 days ago

    Abone ol

  • Fizzy Wuzy
    Fizzy Wuzy 13 days ago

    Lol people are like that dude is killing the fish while I’m like well why are you here watching this

  • jim poeschmann
    jim poeschmann 14 days ago

    all this abuse just for your utube account huh grow up what you do is low standerd go play lego

  • 奈美
    奈美 14 days ago


  • Sandra De Las Mercedes Vega Gonzalez


  • omar harraz
    omar harraz 15 days ago

    how can I buy guppy fish

  • Vishwa BR
    Vishwa BR 16 days ago

    Sonilika 42

  • John Albert Gavilangoso Tan

    animal cruelty

  • chlowee valenzuela
    chlowee valenzuela 16 days ago +1

    Me as fish:Blop Blop Blop!
    Me:What are you doing?
    Me as fish:Going to a Bloppy Gold Fish RolppyCoaster.
    Me:Rolppy what now?
    Me as fish:(dancing fish way)BLOP BLOP!


  • sonic fernandes
    sonic fernandes 16 days ago

    Like si no entndiste nada y ablas español

  • Eloise Davies
    Eloise Davies 17 days ago

    That is just mean to the poor fish!

  • Game Of comments
    Game Of comments 17 days ago

    Borderline douchey animal cruelty

  • Rule_ 34
    Rule_ 34 17 days ago

    Caralho só tem gente moralista nos comentários, ah para

  • Jonathan Derenburger
    Jonathan Derenburger 18 days ago

    I thought pushing water backwards in fish lungs mad them suffocate?

  • Claire ivo
    Claire ivo 18 days ago +1

    You all should go to jail for animal cruelty!!!!!