How to Look Amazing Up Close in Person

  • Published on Apr 5, 2019
  • Hey guys!! In today’s video, we’re going to be talking all about how to make your makeup look good in person! I feel like this is the ultimate goal for all of us, and I wanted to make a video sharing my top tips on how to make your makeup look it’s absolute best. When I want my makeup to look great in person, I make sure I’ve prepped the skin, matched my foundation shade correctly, filled in my brows properly, and so much more! I really hope you guys learn something from this video! Let me know if you have any other questions!! Love you guys so much! xoxo
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  • Ameya Jain
    Ameya Jain Hour ago

    Wow ok i started following you a month ago so i somehow missed this video but thank god i was stalking you today this video is SO HELPFUL i love this and i love you so much you’re amazing ❤️❤️

  • Ãll Thęm
    Ãll Thęm 10 hours ago

    Im all.them1 from the giveaway i hope win really because i don't have any makeup product 😢

  • Rocio Palacios
    Rocio Palacios 22 hours ago

    I always love your videos. You won't just use the products, but you always educate us on the what, when, and why's to use them. That k you so much

  • Haya Wahed
    Haya Wahed Day ago

    I’ve been watching so many makeup videos and I’ve been wanting to buy lots of makeup online but I don’t know if I’m going to receive the right shade and the right product. How do I know I’m ordering the right thing?

  • Deirdre Fischer
    Deirdre Fischer Day ago

    This video brought me back to life :) i loved your comment "it's ok to look HUMAN, well because you are :) "

  • QueenMzKriz 7
    QueenMzKriz 7 Day ago

    This video was fabulous!!! Thank you for the great tips!! This is exactly how I love to wear my makeup 98% of the time. I absolutely love your lashes too girl!! 💗💖💞

  • Bertran Tapp
    Bertran Tapp Day ago

    Thanks ....I do want to look good

  • Mithusa Sriwarnasooriya

    aww ur so cute I love that you "it's ok to look human" that was adorable

  • lèo lèo TV
    lèo lèo TV 2 days ago


  • Nirilse
    Nirilse 3 days ago

    Thank you for explaining stuff more in depth, it really helps, instead of just assuming that people know every basic stuff

  • Bakhtawar Hussain
    Bakhtawar Hussain 4 days ago

    It's always the foundation 😐💕

  • Nathen Kad
    Nathen Kad 4 days ago

    Thank you-Very informative time well spent

  • Ally gator
    Ally gator 5 days ago +1

    Omg I was looking at your Instagram and saw these videos and I was like wth why am I not getting any of these I then come I’m subscribed but omg I don’t have notifications 😂😂

  • Ally gator
    Ally gator 5 days ago

    Yes sis

  • Karel Ganzini
    Karel Ganzini 6 days ago

    Great video! Thank you! Gorgeous and natural looking!

  • arina rose
    arina rose 6 days ago

    this is so helpful omg

  • Tahera Begum Uddin
    Tahera Begum Uddin 7 days ago

    Love all the tips and advice, I will be using most of them. I feel like it was a lot of steps with so much makeup layered on the face.

    • Tahera Begum Uddin
      Tahera Begum Uddin 7 days ago

      Please dont get offended, I am very grateful for all those tips, Thank you soo much.

  • ChristineF1234
    ChristineF1234 8 days ago

    I always feel like moisturizer makes my foundation glide around

  • ChristineF1234
    ChristineF1234 8 days ago

    ”The biggest fear in most women.”

  • CheekyLibraryon
    CheekyLibraryon 8 days ago

    Wow- that was such a thorough tutorial! Thank you very, very much for all of these wonderful tips!

  • Vera Vegas Experience
    Vera Vegas Experience 10 days ago

    Love your passion you have for makeup! I understood everything you were saying and doing! I could listen to you all day! I subscribed!

  • Darcy Storer
    Darcy Storer 11 days ago

    This video is great at describing everything. Thank you! I’ll refer to this often!

  • Hami Boi
    Hami Boi 12 days ago

    I have a verrrry strange skin tone and eye shape, in makeup school other students struggled to match me and I still have to keep a multitude of products to keep up with it changing so frequently, I'm fair with cool undertones most days however experimenting with my complexion it turns out warmer, bronzed light coverage looks the best, basically mixing warm sheer products together and carefully colour correcting my eyes creates a faux natural that is more flattering than my normal 'natural' skin tone

  • niaakima
    niaakima 13 days ago

    you are a very kind and generous teacher.

  • Chau Vu
    Chau Vu 14 days ago

    This video is amazing Allie! I never realized I was doing my brows wrong this whole time (the middle didn’t meet my nose, but ended where my brow hairs ended which left me with one brow longer than the other) until I watched this. My brow game is so spot on now, thank you!

  • Petrina Marian
    Petrina Marian 18 days ago +4

    It's so good to see natural makeup, i love it! This is what i call makeup,not what you find on Instagram, 10 layers of foundation Please keep making more natural makeup videos! You are the best inspiration for me! 👌😘♥️

  • Iris Haggai
    Iris Haggai 19 days ago

    SO HAPPY I FOUND YOU!!! Finally a video we can actually learn from.

  • I V
    I V 22 days ago

    a good skin thats a secret

    BERNARDETA BERISHA 24 days ago

    Wow, loved all the tips. Thank you, I felt like I was in an actual class learning how to do makeup!!! Sending love all the way from Croatia.

  • Kamlesh Vatish
    Kamlesh Vatish 24 days ago

    My God you make it look so easy ..super presentation

  • Donna Rupinski
    Donna Rupinski 24 days ago

    I naturally have the "sperm" shaped eyebrows. Lol. Heavy and rounded toward the inner brow, quite sparse leading up to my arch, then normal thickness that tapers down to temple area. I've tried plucking the inner parts of my brows and it always just looks weird. Any tips on how to shape brows like mine?

  • monce33
    monce33 25 days ago

    I have alot of lashes and pretty long. But still since I tryed primer lashes before mascara I can not help to stop using it :-D With the primer my lashes look so full and long + it keeps on my lashes till I am washing it of in the evening. You can get the primer from many brands like Dior or Estee Lauder but you can get one also at usual drugstore from cheaper brand and they work ( atleast from my experience ) the same as those expensive. Anyway lash primer is worth the money ;-)

  • Rita Hellraiser
    Rita Hellraiser 27 days ago

    You remind me of Mandy Moore! And forgive me if I missed it, but what nail polish are you wearing? It’s so pretty!

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    Kathleen Fillo 27 days ago

    Gorgeous eyes .... I miss my long lashes ... after chemo they never came back.....

  • Abigail Porter
    Abigail Porter 28 days ago

    I know I'm playing mass catch up on your videos here and I'm sorta just liking on all but not making comments, but I had to comment on this one. Thank you so so much on this video I loved it so much . I haven't started wearing make up again yet (aside of the 2 half attempts it's been over 10 years!) . Watching your videos is slowly helping me to feel brave enough to attempt it but I love how you've focused on trying to create the best version but not completely mask the face, I love that you point out skin is meant to be textured, going forward this gives me more confidence than any full on primer. Thank you ever so much Allie, I could listen to you for hours!! xXx 💜💙💜

    • Abigail Porter
      Abigail Porter 28 days ago

      @Allie Glines thank you too! right back at ya lovely! xXx 💜💙💜

    • Allie Glines
      Allie Glines  28 days ago +1

      You are SO sweet! 💕😊 Thank you so much. ❤️ Love you!!! xoxo

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    you remind me of Evie from Mako Mermaids! both of you are so beautiful, and you seem so nice :))

  • Natalie Speedracer
    Natalie Speedracer 29 days ago

    You dont have dark under eyes so none of this really works for me. And if I use powder it's super dry and ugly. I'm so frustrated

  • sev
    sev Month ago

    i loved that this was actually so informative

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    I love the way you explain everything. You are so cute and honest. Well done lovely! Greetings from Scotland UK ❤️

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  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebel

    Hiya! You *do* have beautiful eyes! Did you know you have a form of heterochromia iridum? You have the sectoral version (there are 3 types, not just the commonly referenced version- “complete” which is 2 different coloured eyes) it’s most pronounced on your right eye; very lovely! Great info, I’m sick of IG makeup! I’ve seen it worn on the streets; not only does it look ridiculous it makes a woman look like she’s in drag! (No offence to drag artists/performers as I have many dear friends who are famous drag queens. They taught me so much about theatrical makeup, I often helped. Later became a hair/MUA specialised in avant garde stuff, am *so* grateful to my kind friends!) Have a lovely day! Jet 🧡🎸🎶⚡️

  • Sabah A
    Sabah A Month ago

    enjoyed your video. thanks!

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    Ninjanova Month ago

    benefit has no redish- ginger products =[ . ABH does have 2 for each

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    purrfect_0ne Month ago

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    Cin Chung Month ago

    This was a great video. I love how humble you are. May God always bless you and your family. :)

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    Margot Zöttl Month ago

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  • Cnith TheOnliestOne

    With the perfume, PLEASE do not bathe in it... Some of us have scent sensitivities and some get asthma attacks over it. So while you're feeling "fresh" some of us are trying to breathe and can't. PLEASE be sensitive to us.
    Other than that, I liked this tutorial. Idk how well it will work with "older" skin (aka over 40) but some of it could work. Just not powder, that's the death of you after 30-35. It will find wrinkles you never knew you had. Trust me.

  • Jessica Mcgreevy
    Jessica Mcgreevy Month ago

    Your so awesome Allie!! Thanks for the informative vid!! Love watching you so much. You are truly an inspiration! I hope to get to meet you one day 🙂.
    luvpink99- Instagram

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    tomie 22 Month ago +1

    Wish i saw this video in highschool when my foundation did not match my body and i caked it on. 😅

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    violettiger21 Month ago

    Everyone who loves makeup should see this video! The info here is similar to what we learned in makeup and beauty books in the 90s (I'm 37), when there was no social media or filters, and cameras & use of photos was mostly very different, so it was all about how the makeup looked IN PERSON. Also your ethos about finding what you like about yourself, and what you feel your face needs each day is very similar to what Bobbi Brown used to teach. Bravo!

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    GorillaPlayingSax Month ago

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    Cata Lystic Month ago

    Thank you for this video! I love how you stress the point that you should emphasize and enhance your own natural look to fit you instead of "letting your makeup wear you", I've been trying to learn about myself and my own features, but I haven't seen a video where this point is even mentioned. I also appreciated that you explain every step of the process well and that you are very detailed in your sharing. Thanks!

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    Michelle Kimball Month ago

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    Just happened to stumble onto this video have a subscriber for life!! The way you explain and describe everything and STRESS that we are all different (I love that we have similar skin though 😉). You talk a lot but it is SO helpful and informative! You are such a natural beauty and this video is AMAZING. THANK YOU for making this natural look video!!! So many "natural" looks are still cakey looking!! Thank you, Allie!!!!😍

  • Beth W
    Beth W Month ago

    You don't wear SUNSCREEN??? EEEK

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    Keena Chabot Month ago +1

    Oh god no wonder you like your eyes.
    Btw I'm super jealous. I was born with heterochromia, very very (weirdly) similar to yours. The inner half of my right eye was light brown and everything else was gray. Unfortunately when I was 2 years old everything changed and I now have light brown eyes :( You can still kind of see that the inner right half of my eye is darker, but I wish it had stayed like yours!
    Anyways thank you so much for this tutorial! I feel like it's really going to help me. Even though this video was slightly long, you explained everything so well that it was worth the 32min :) You've got yourself a new subscriber :)

  • Natural Beauty Ambassadors

    Great tutorial Allie well done x

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    • Laura Hamilton
      Laura Hamilton Month ago

      I can't apply setting powder with a wet sponge. I've seen several youtubers recommend it to not look as "cakey" but it just fucks up my foundation. I do use a wet sponge for foundation tho and I have oily skin. But I'm super anal about washing it after every use so maybe that's why haven't had an issue.

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    Tabassum Aziz Month ago

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