• Published on Oct 4, 2019
    Coca-Cola lovers will be happy to watch this video as it is full of incredible ideas and uses of this soda pop. You will find how to make delicious desserts from coke, how to reuse plastic bottles and coke tin cans and the most surprising thing is how to use Coke for household problems.
    Here is a collection of top unusual uses for Coca-Cola:
    -Let’s make coke jellies together! Mix coke with gelatin and heat up a bit. Pour into ice cube mold and freeze
    -We share a cool way to marinate meat and make it juicy. Place cut onion and meat in a bowl, season and cover with coke. Leave for two hours
    -Amaze your friends with Coke cupcakes. In a bowl, mix flour, baking powder, cocoa powder, sugar, butter, eggs, and Coke. Bake and enjoy!
    -You can clean a burnt pan using Coke. Pour coke into a pan, boil and you will easily clean it
    -One incredible way to use coke is to clean ceramic tile in the bathroom
    -Resistant stains are a big problem, especially if it’s your favorite t-shirt or dress. But we know what to do! Again use Coke to solve this problem. Pour Coke on a resistant stain and leave for 10 minutes. After that wash as usual with detergent.
    -You will be surprised but you can make a lip gloss with Coke flavor: mix Vaseline melted coconut oil and coke. Microwave and pour into empty lipstick container. Besides, you can awesome gifts for your friends
    -Learn how to make a beautiful artwork using a recycled soda bottle
    -You can make caramelized bacon at home: place bacon in a baking tray and cover with Coke. Fry bacon and enjoy!
    00:09 Sprite lollipops
    00:50 Coke jellies
    01:34 How to upcycle coke bottles
    06:38 How to get rid of resistant stains
    07:05 Coke cupcakes
    07:47 Coke flavored lip gloss

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    Elle WUCHATSCH 7 days ago

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    Leo Johns 12 days ago

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    himanshu sharma 27 days ago

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  • Naya Thomas
    Naya Thomas Month ago

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    WilliamManuelHD Month ago

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  • Slytherin Lover
    Slytherin Lover Month ago

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    Ann-Mari Mauri Month ago

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    Fayte .T0 Month ago

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    Harrison Kertes Month ago

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    Audrey Bland Month ago

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    Σταματιστε τις μαλακιες

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    Second hack: uses Pepsi

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