Blue is the Warmest Color - Movie Review by Chris Stuckmann

  • Published on Nov 12, 2013
    Chris Stuckmann reviews Blue is the Warmest Color, starring Léa Seydoux, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Salim Kechiouche, and Jérémie Laheurte. Directed by Abdellatif Kechiche.
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  • David Rice
    David Rice 27 days ago

    It’s odd how no one wants to address the underage sex, drinking, and smoking in this film honestly Adele is supposed to be 15 and she does all this immoral inappropriate stuff like why is everyone cool with the type of stuff that happens in this film? I see kids in real life engaging in that type of stuff too like wtf has happened to society why is everyone completely fine with immortality? Not to mention this girls character is underage in the film and has sex with a chick who’s in college who’s in her 20s.

  • NERD Incorporated
    NERD Incorporated Month ago

    Yay gayness!

  • Robin Banks
    Robin Banks Month ago

    Pornography isn’t fake. It’s real.

  • Robin Banks
    Robin Banks Month ago

    Well who could blame the old man for making the “hmmmm” sounds?

  • Robin Banks
    Robin Banks Month ago

    I like how he acts like this is his first experience watching pornographic content.

  • Bryce Spencer
    Bryce Spencer Month ago

    Yeah this movie sucked

  • Orion6699
    Orion6699 Month ago

    I tried watching this and couldnt get through it. It was an overlong porn flick with a boring story.


    What’s also amazing is that most of the movie is improv, the girls read over the script once and went with it when they started filming

  • Pica Weltschmerz
    Pica Weltschmerz Month ago

    I do not get the hype over this film. It embodies the most cliched American perceptions of French films; namely that they're long, boring, and borderline pornographic. Any thematic content was directly projected through stunted dialogue about the very subjects in question, dialogue where natural flow was sacrificed for philosophical clarity.
    Maybe I just don't get it, but I will say this: the acting was great. Everyone seemed very French. I never once felt I was being lied to about this being a French film that takes place in France. They nailed that aspect.

  • Kaleb Ortiz
    Kaleb Ortiz 2 months ago

    I hate gays and lesbians

  • Keith Klitses
    Keith Klitses 2 months ago

    That sigh you made at the end of your opening says it all!

  • U mad Bro?
    U mad Bro? 2 months ago

    Was the movie a pornography gag?

  • Ryan Harper
    Ryan Harper 3 months ago

    You should really watch Amélie. It is an amazing movie! I'd love to see what you think of it.

  • Ava L
    Ava L 3 months ago

    so yes this is pretty much porn but if you took away half of the sex the love story would still be same. The love that they portray is real it’s infatuating, it’s a great love story.

  • Nemesis Enforcer
    Nemesis Enforcer 4 months ago

    Lesbo romance are the best.

  • sky bro
    sky bro 4 months ago

    I came here because I had seen the girls on the thumbnail on pornhub... I thought the title of that video was weird but now I know. Thanks Chris!

  • Brett Pulley
    Brett Pulley 4 months ago

    Dumb hipster movie.

  • Mark Kohler
    Mark Kohler 5 months ago +1

    Just watched this again on Netflix. 3 hours later I’m still thinking of it. It’s a film that lingers deep in your mind afterwards. It’s a masterpiece

  • demolitionGoat
    demolitionGoat 5 months ago

    That movie made me feel feels i have never felt before. It gripped me four hours after watching. Had to make several cocktails to deal with it.

  • david cunningham
    david cunningham 5 months ago

    amazing film

  • Nathanael Walsh
    Nathanael Walsh 5 months ago

    Evil dead 1 was a great nc- 17 movie

  • KyleReviewsMovies
    KyleReviewsMovies 5 months ago

    My favorite NC-17 movie is definitely Antichrist

  • Jody Nikodem
    Jody Nikodem 5 months ago

    So I finally watched this film last night after putting it off for 5 years. And fuck me sideways. I'd rather have my heart ripped out of my chest then watch it again any time soon. It was so well made and realistic. Brilliant film.

  • Sell Me On Craigslist
    Sell Me On Craigslist 5 months ago

    I remember being 14 and I watched NC-17 movie called A Serbian Film on TVclip and I didn’t understand the story but I remember being horrified and disgusted but I kept watching up until a scene with a baby and I immediately turned it off.

    • Jerry Jazzbo
      Jerry Jazzbo 5 months ago

      If it still haunts you, serves you right.

  • Sara Mohamed
    Sara Mohamed 6 months ago

    طب الي جاي من عند وهبزززز لااايك😂💦

  • Josip Prša
    Josip Prša 6 months ago +2

    This move was horrible, not in the sense of camerawork and the acting. Just the storyline.
    A 14 year old girl gets in a relationship with a 25ish woman, they have sex, nobody seems to think theres a problem there?
    Not only that, but soon after that, when she was 15, yes.. 15 she starts posing for her and the 25 year old girlfriend shows EVERYONE the naked drawings of her 15 year old girlfriend. Sickening movie.
    Not only that, they fucked on the 2nd date and called it love. This movie has got nothing to do with love, love is a bout sacrifice, not sex, and this movie is everything that is wrong with the world, especially since everyone loved it.

  • Nico Marquez15
    Nico Marquez15 6 months ago +1

    My only two favorite NC-17 movies are Shame (2011) and this one.

  • orlandobabe
    orlandobabe 6 months ago

    I fell in love with this movie, it was perfect in so many way. I love Adele struggling with trying to figure out her sexuality and (sorry I’ll try not to be a spoilers) when she manages to get her balanced ground she fucks up but still in life sometimes you need mistakes to learn better in life.

  • Zachary Siple
    Zachary Siple 6 months ago

    If it were rated it would be NC-17: Salo or The 120 Days of Sodom is my favorite!

  • Alja Grešak
    Alja Grešak 6 months ago


  • هيفا
    هيفا 7 months ago

    It felt too goddamn REAL.

  • Jerry Nosek
    Jerry Nosek 7 months ago

    i grew up watching french porn vidioes.

  • DarthYuYevon
    DarthYuYevon 7 months ago

    Social status, art, blah blah blah, lets be honest, this movie is nothing more than a soft core porno and people love it because fo the sex scenes.

  • Alireza Najd
    Alireza Najd 7 months ago

    Favorite NC-17 gotta be Shame, but i really enjoyed Blue is the Warmest Color too. fantastic writing, acting and directing. it's a film you can really study and learn from it.

  • God_is_LoVe
    God_is_LoVe 7 months ago

    Please kindly explain the ending, it’s just sooooo sad really

  • Koothodil Abhijith Augustine

    I watched this movie today...
    "Love": Damn!!!

  • Nate DS
    Nate DS 7 months ago

    Blue is the warmest color? Huh. Cool.

  • blu henriquez
    blu henriquez 7 months ago

    I personally loved this film.

  • Angela Reyna
    Angela Reyna 7 months ago

    I love how for once a movie portrayed how lesbians actually have sex, not that girl on girl porno type pounding but the real passionate type sex, at least in my experience with sex W females. It was awesome and tastefully done.

  • Tony Paradise
    Tony Paradise 7 months ago

    From what I know about Chris, I hope he was wearing a raincoat! He loves the women!

  • Rika Loren
    Rika Loren 7 months ago

    I was fine for most of it (skipped past the intimate scenes) right when they were about to break up I stopped watching it last night (I didn’t know they were about to break up), started watching it again tonight and didn’t cry until she was at the art show, god I cried my eyes out during that time, it makes you feel like what Adèle did was personal, like she cheated on you herself, god it just hurt my heart to watch

  • Angela Singleton
    Angela Singleton 7 months ago

    To Say Adele Swear She Ain't No Lesbian...She Done Every Possible Sex Position On The Sex Scenes 😂 I Love It! Down And Dirty

  • luis heredia
    luis heredia 8 months ago

    great movie but my girlfriend was pissed during the movie , specially during the sex scene , i mean come on the 69 they were doing was pretty realistic

  • pie- ninetyever
    pie- ninetyever 8 months ago

    I didn't even realise it was 3 hours long whilst watching, though I did notice that it has over 15 minutes worth of 'scenes'

  • Declan Hargrove
    Declan Hargrove 8 months ago

    I feel conflicted about this movie because it obviously has so much merit; it’s beautiful, so well acted, not a second is sloppy, even when it goes on too long (and I promise you, if you haven’t seen it, it does)...but I don’t like it. I don’t think it’s shit but I kind of dislike it. I need spend a lot more time thinking about why because I can’t put my finger on it...I feel like I’d have to give it a high rating because, again, I know it’s beautifully made, so why the fuck don’t I like it?? And, for the record, it’s definitely NOT because of the sex scenes. I don’t care one way or the other. I do feel the first one (not the dream scene, the first real hook-up) went on for...maybe a smidge too long? But there were a lot of scenes I felt that way about - it wasn’t because they were having sex in that scene specifically. The movie is almost three hours long, I feel like it could afford a couple cut seconds here and there.

  • Lady_ OreoXD
    Lady_ OreoXD 9 months ago

    I watched it and to my opinion I prefer the graphic novel than the movie. I enjoyed the movie at first but after the end I felt a bit disappointed. It's not the worst but it's not good either. The actors and their acting is great, the cinematography is so refreshing and amazing, but there are some 2 things I didn't like about this movie.
    1) The movie is WAAAAAAY too long. 3 HOURS?!! REALLY
    2) The ending really disappoints me, especially for Adele's perceptive. I don't wanna give spoilers so you'll go see it for yourself
    I would thought "It's a hipster movie OMG," but really it's more than that. Overall I'd give it a 7 out of 10 or above average.

  • Sasuke 222psycophat
    Sasuke 222psycophat 9 months ago

    U know abdelatif kechiche is a pervert

  • saix music
    saix music 9 months ago

    I found it boring, pointless and superficial
    It could have gone deep on important topics
    And Adele doesn't really have a personality either

  • sansthedevil
    sansthedevil 9 months ago

    probably the best soft porn i have seen

  • christopher dean
    christopher dean 10 months ago

    i like the pornhub version

  • 22martinez1
    22martinez1 10 months ago

    All I can think about in this movie aside from being a very erotic, realistic and great film but the one thing that stuck me is food there's so much food in this movie and it has themes to it if you look deeper into it's other themes but my god watching this 3 hour long movie made me feel hungry.

  • Google made me do it
    Google made me do it 11 months ago

    This movie makes me really sad, completely the opposite of what I was expecting based on all the reviews and critiques.

  • ladedade23
    ladedade23 11 months ago

    the thing is Adelle's scenes having sex with a male arent as graphic or drawn out but the lesbians scenes are drawn out and examined from different angles. it was just realistic lesbian porn because unlike lesbian porn at least one of the girls will be butch or very boyish shaped

  • dsjiyeyo
    dsjiyeyo 11 months ago

    Frozen flower (2009) its almost nc but it get me teary at the end. Tragic.

  • Yashaswi Katailiha
    Yashaswi Katailiha 11 months ago

    Chris, when are you gonna give a review of Blue Velvet or Mulholland Drive? PLSSSSS!!!!

  • moviemadness 1030
    moviemadness 1030 11 months ago

    If first seen this when I was 14

  • Zaria Duncan
    Zaria Duncan 11 months ago

    Good film.

  • Julian Hans Halbeisen
    Julian Hans Halbeisen 11 months ago

    French people don't make "real movies" and "porn" the make just movies. And if it is a part of the story they... they :-O

  • 볼아해bts
    볼아해bts Year ago

    A cool fact about this movie is that alot was improvisation

  • Ellie Louise
    Ellie Louise Year ago

    Maybe it was the same man?

  • Akron162
    Akron162 Year ago +1

    This movie is a porno disguised as an artsy movie. As simple as that. Either that or the director was looking for an excuse to get off.

  • Diae J
    Diae J Year ago

    The one thing that kept bothering me about this movie is the lead lady chews her food with her mouth open.

  • Ricardo Persaud
    Ricardo Persaud Year ago

    After having watched this, I can confirm that this movie does indeed have scenes

  • HodWatt
    HodWatt Year ago

    Why watch porn when you can just watch this? DE-LISH!! :)

  • Dan Iordache
    Dan Iordache Year ago

    My favourite NC-17 movie is Bad Lietenant.

  • Mike Paul
    Mike Paul Year ago

    David Cronenberg’s Crash is still my favorite NC-17 movie.

  • Tris ghoul
    Tris ghoul Year ago

    I just watched it for the second time. The sexual scenes do go on for a long time and they are sexy. However the difference between the sex in this movie and porn is the passion. These two cheracters feel very strong emotions for each other and you can see it through their physical contact.

  • Cola Decker
    Cola Decker Year ago

    Lets be real boys we all watched for some titties

  • Zvonomir Zuboronovic

    I give this film 5 boxes of tissue out of 5.

  • Kimchi G
    Kimchi G Year ago

    i really respect the french for their culture of films

  • Lexi Renay
    Lexi Renay Year ago

    I liked nymphomaniac

  • abhishek joarder
    abhishek joarder Year ago

    You are a film reviewer as well as film enthusiast and you can not pronounce the name of the director of this film?Is this some poor attempt at self-mockery ?I thought you are a serious film reviewer as you are doing these for a long time.I seriously doubt your credentials now @Chris Stuckmann

  • Shiva SarwaDe
    Shiva SarwaDe Year ago +3

    Chris' penis grew up with Blue Is The Warmest Color

  • Дункан Хэйворд

    *its not just a "romance movie", stop calling it like that, damned.*

  • BLAIR M Schirmer
    BLAIR M Schirmer Year ago

    Letting a scene go on well past an American director would cut can be a terrific practice, since US directors routinely cut as soon as something begins to get uncomfortable.

  • Tomy Lim
    Tomy Lim Year ago

    when can we find that 800 hours of footage? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Blender Dumbass
    Blender Dumbass Year ago

    PORNOGRAPHY IS REAL SEX, it's not fake... Love does not exist.

  • Sean Harrison
    Sean Harrison Year ago

    my favorite NC-17 movie is a toss up between Ang Lee's Lust, Caution and Chan Wook-Park's the Handmaiden. I also loved Shame, but in a different way.

  • Jack Farley TV
    Jack Farley TV Year ago

    My favorite NC-17 film is Henry Portrait Of A Serial Killer!

  • Jack Farley TV
    Jack Farley TV Year ago

    The NC-17 rating is a complete joke!

  • Niggurou Faggimus
    Niggurou Faggimus Year ago +2

    It’s Lesbian propaganda

  • Juliette Moss
    Juliette Moss Year ago

    How've you not done Kung Fu Hustle?! I searched, and it's nowhere mi amigo!

  • Sarah Walter
    Sarah Walter Year ago +1

    Ok look guys in the book there's a bunch of sex scenes too and because it's a comic you see everything they don't hide. The fact that the movie didn't shy away from that is impressive

  • Sarah Walter
    Sarah Walter Year ago +1

    I can't even watch this movie because it makes me cry so much!! Too relatable

  • Sarah Walter
    Sarah Walter Year ago +1

    The book made me cry so much

  • Daniel Barron
    Daniel Barron Year ago

    I didnt know other peoole watched this movie lol

  • Sewlo Savoy
    Sewlo Savoy Year ago +1

    I feel that movies could do without sex scenes, they make me uncomfortable because they are pointless.
    The sex scenes with these 2 girls I totally forgive, there is a purpose (for the most part), and that is French. One of the best romantic films I have seen 👍👍

  • Raymond Doetjes
    Raymond Doetjes Year ago

    I'm a fool for French cinema; which is ironic because I don't speak French and I'm not really interested in France either (unlike most Dutch). Being openly bisexual and thus seeing the gay scene I've to say that it's so realistic. The garden party scene where andele realizes that she's an outsider in their friends club. That she wants to date people more of her cultural background. Really puts the viewer on edge. Because we've seen 1.5 hours of intense passion that turned into love. And the second scenes are really arousing but at times I found it too heavy on the sex and too long.
    But it's a great movie and so down to earth. I love it.

  • SloppyJoe TheCat
    SloppyJoe TheCat Year ago

    I actually really do like this movie too I know what you mean it was the same for me ladd

  • Lover of everything
    Lover of everything Year ago +1

    I honestly find this movie unpleasant, the sex was just so erotic, that distract about the plot, there are some cool ideas and the break out scene feel real, but sometimes it felt like a porno "one make up scene in a cafeteria for god sake, the idea of discorvering sexually are pretty well made.
    The characters feel real but sometimes they talk like they were on a porno
    So it has its flaws but if you are over 18, have a free day and you are alone give it a watch ( see it alone it's awkward to see it with people )

  • Radmehr _games
    Radmehr _games Year ago

    plz Review A Separation and The Salesman

  • Oriol roca parse
    Oriol roca parse Year ago

    Guy you're the best movie reviewer in the net... by far: brief and efective... Go on man! ...

  • Lekker Pineapple
    Lekker Pineapple Year ago

    I just want to try the pasta

  • Jennifer Guajardo

    For some reason, I feel as though the blue haired girl will die at the end.

    • Barb Patch
      Barb Patch Year ago

      Neither of them die, they just break up and Adele is broken hearted over it. Apparently in the source novel Adele dies.

  • Adam Johnson
    Adam Johnson Year ago

    Nymphomaniac has more graphic sex scenes.

  • Bare Mare
    Bare Mare Year ago

    How that this movie be porn? Lesbians don't have sex - they just can't. Okay.

  • hurrdurr25
    hurrdurr25 Year ago

    I cry ervy teim

  • mehdi lee
    mehdi lee Year ago

    it's not porn movie !

  • Mr Chaz
    Mr Chaz Year ago


  • The Shadow Of Anarchy

    I'm not the biggest fan of romance films I do like some of them but this is one of the few and one of my top five that I like and actually give a fuck about pun intended