Game Theory: How to WIN the Mr Beast $100,000 Challenge!

  • Published on Apr 14, 2019
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    MrBeast is best known for donating and/or giving away a LOT of money - sometimes as part of some crazy challenge. In one video, MrBeast gave his friends $100,000 to spend in ONE HOUR. They all spent the money in a different way - some smart, some more... extravagant. Now, you can't blame someone for wanting to buy a lamborghini when you hand them the cash to do it, but this challenge really made me wonder about something. What is the best, most profitable way to spend $100k in one hour? How can you "win" this challenge and possibly even come out ahead of the game? Well Theorists, start taking notes in case you ever find yourself pulled into one of MrBeast's crazy schemes because I'm going to teach you how to beat the Beast at his game!
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    Writers: Stephanie Patrick
    Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Josh Langman, Tyler Mascola, and Marc Schneider
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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Comments • 16 541

  • MimkageArts
    MimkageArts 31 minute ago

    What would even happen if you suddenly show up with that amount of money to the bank. Lord XD

  • The sick Cichled
    The sick Cichled 3 hours ago

    Mat pat why not just spend all the money on gold then after sell the gold and now up you have 100000 bucks after the challenge so you can keep it

  • Tinie Tony
    Tinie Tony 3 hours ago

    As soon as I read this title I though invest in stocks and shred, as even if you had little to no knowledge of the stock market, you could hire the right person to do it for you, if you hire someone for $5000 per year it’s still £95000 on the stocks, hire the right guy and he could double or even triple it in 3 to 4 weeks, easy

  • Roll Crunchy
    Roll Crunchy 7 hours ago

    MatPat: fine I'll do it myself

  • Paulette Lewis
    Paulette Lewis 7 hours ago

    Mrbeast I think your next video should be coming to Covington Louisiana
    Lending a helping hand to us I know I’m not the only single mother out here would greatly appreciate it!! I honestly don’t even care for the money because god will make a way but if I get to just meet the whole gang that will make my day!! 🥰 I love y’all and keep making a positive change in the world and people’s life!! ❤️

  • April Smith
    April Smith 11 hours ago

    If i had all that money i would try to buy matpats merch but i think they ran out

  • Moisty Man
    Moisty Man 13 hours ago +1

    That intro is so underrated 😂😂

  • Just_roberto
    Just_roberto 14 hours ago

    just buy $100,000 worth of gold then wait for the challenge to end then sell the gold and boom you can still have $100,000

  • Alex Warb
    Alex Warb 20 hours ago

    I swear if it’s merch

  • Lizzy gizzy guy
    Lizzy gizzy guy 21 hour ago


  • David Westcott
    David Westcott Day ago

    I love how Mr Beast hasn't done one of these challenges since this video went live. xD

  • Costume Man
    Costume Man Day ago

    Don’t you think that mat pat can be a teacher?

  • CyberHut
    CyberHut Day ago

    MatPat: can I buy a Lambo... *SHOULD I BUY A LAMBO*
    MatPat (again): *GASP* I ÇàÑ bÛy Šø MûĆh DiÊt ĆôKė
    I’m dying XD

  • Sandra Ortega
    Sandra Ortega Day ago

    I literally live about 45 minutes from him😂 did you know he’s from nc

    LOL LIFE Day ago +1

    If i got 100,000 in a hour i get ice cream then pokemon card well 20 pack of it and then go buy thing to wear and sent thing to mt mom and then buy a phone and then give all the thing to my mom cause she know what to put it at and that mean she don't have a timer on hand so yeah then she don't have to work hard on life when my dad and mom is not together :..) then get cake

  • Powervex.A
    Powervex.A Day ago

    *chantler has joined to chat*

  • Daniel Balleza
    Daniel Balleza Day ago


  • level up
    level up Day ago

    How to get his challenge

  • Fearghus Keitz
    Fearghus Keitz Day ago +1

    I think I’d invest it directly into stocks, I can take it out directly more easily and quickly, which means whatever I actually wanted to buy with it I could get, and while I wait and keep it secure i can make money off of it as well.

  • Fearghus Keitz
    Fearghus Keitz Day ago +1

    Invest all of it in an hour

  • Ryan 5396
    Ryan 5396 Day ago

    But what about Bitcoin

  • MrKrik45
    MrKrik45 Day ago

    HERE IS ANWSER! Buy 100 000 used car, and then sell it, then you don't have to do it in an hour

  • Vortexx Alexx
    Vortexx Alexx Day ago +3

    guess what...

    MrBeast is from North Carolina

  • your life
    your life Day ago


  • Sleiman Nohra
    Sleiman Nohra Day ago

    Mate, you can buy a 100000$ diamond and sell it after the hour.

  • Frostbyte
    Frostbyte Day ago

    How about cartridge ink at 20,000% markups

  • Plutonium Gaming
    Plutonium Gaming Day ago +4

    Chandler:Write That Down, Write That Down.

  • cars for kids
    cars for kids Day ago

    Just get a Tesla

  • Drew Hudson
    Drew Hudson Day ago

    I'm from north Carolina

  • Snipers boy14
    Snipers boy14 Day ago

    Nah don't get a lambo get a holden

  • SboilerBoy !
    SboilerBoy ! Day ago

    Why don’t you just bye some pets

  • Poke Toons
    Poke Toons Day ago

    Me i want to be in mr beasts challenges
    Mr beast all it will cost is an arm a leg and 24 hours

  • Saoiiqoqoqoqiqi PewQlqppqlqlq

    Chandler: I’m gonna spend all th-
    Mrbeast: No

  • Wateraven
    Wateraven 2 days ago

    Distribute it to the homeless in my city

  • F U
    F U 2 days ago

    I'm 12 and I knew it from the start because my mama is awesome and I have investments

  • Depressed Tarantula
    Depressed Tarantula 2 days ago

    12:56 I like how he used Danny and Nickolas from hot fuzz as the cops

  • qespyish gaming
    qespyish gaming 2 days ago

    Hyór nél kár nó◇ vûnárnûzt

  • trex121305
    trex121305 2 days ago

    actuality tarantulas go for much more than there original cost, if you buy upwards of lets say 200 tarantula slings and keep in minds these things can be kept in little 20 cent plastic containers, after about a year or two they might be double in value, this of course also depends on the species your buying but as they grow up and molt there prices go higher and higher but there is no guarantee they will all survive.

  • OGPplays 1
    OGPplays 1 2 days ago

    How about just bitcoin it and then when it turns into like million dollars

  • The Z show
    The Z show 2 days ago

    Did you know he’s from NC?

  • Sami Binhaji
    Sami Binhaji 2 days ago

    ill just buy gold tbh..

  • Shadow Dragon
    Shadow Dragon 2 days ago

    Matt wants us to join the IRA

  • Mikegames113
    Mikegames113 2 days ago

    With 100k you should by a future classic car. Just do some research and make a profit after about 10 to 15 years

  • Wolf Foureyed
    Wolf Foureyed 2 days ago +1

    I would spend the dough by buying more gems in pixel gun 3D (where my pixel players at?)

  • HusstavoTota
    HusstavoTota 2 days ago

    When you put the translate on the intro it says " the most awesome theme song ever plays " LOL

  • tyler loren
    tyler loren 3 days ago

    Well if your friends with mrbeast your gonna keep getting paid a lot of money for more challenges

  • Emory Epps
    Emory Epps 3 days ago +5

    MatPat is wrong... everyone knows the best way to spend $100,000 is on GT merch

  • Lone wolf 124775
    Lone wolf 124775 3 days ago


  • chris freeman
    chris freeman 3 days ago

    or you can invest in $46000 dollars of airsoft guns mod them and price scalp like a mad man.

  • Wally Mac
    Wally Mac 3 days ago

    Put the money in the bank because then you could get your money out of the bank after the time is up and not be rushed to spend it all quickly

  • Thecloverr
    Thecloverr 3 days ago

    I would immediately give 25k to my family’s savings and also get a pc and 2 4K TVs and a pro racing setup and get my mom a new car and get her a Mini Cooper countryman

  • Leandro Baltazar
    Leandro Baltazar 3 days ago

    Which challenge?

  • Matulis19
    Matulis19 3 days ago

    Buy tesla

  • KeyMasterMind
    KeyMasterMind 4 days ago

    Me: the stock market? Matpat: THE STOCK MARKET

  • Videogamer slo
    Videogamer slo 4 days ago

    6 y.o. me geting ten dollars

  • ItzTurtle
    ItzTurtle 4 days ago

    Mr. Beast: Times up

    Matpatt: I HavEnT EveN GoTtEn To SalES TAx Yet

  • qespyish gaming
    qespyish gaming 4 days ago

    I buy sapphires not diamonds

    • qespyish gaming
      qespyish gaming 2 days ago

      Also my country doesn't use dollars it uses qrékós

  • Xania LM
    Xania LM 4 days ago

    How to win: *Buy Stuff*

  • dump face
    dump face 4 days ago


  • Old Patrick
    Old Patrick 5 days ago

    Chandler should watch this

  • Sub to Frank tomasic

    Hey don’t insult beanie baby’s I used to love those

  • Alex & Ben Gaming
    Alex & Ben Gaming 5 days ago

    How to win?
    Go to best buy and buy the Xboxs and tvs and ps4 and phones and then go to a video game store buy anything then waste the rest o grocereys

    • Thecloverr
      Thecloverr 3 days ago

      Alex & Ben Gaming terrible idea, electric tax and groceries won’t help, you might have a lot of food but no place to store it

  • Pyro _Dood
    Pyro _Dood 5 days ago

    Why would you buy a diamond for your girl when you can just buy them to make a Diamond pickaxe, much better idea.

  • Pizza Quacks
    Pizza Quacks 5 days ago

    Buy 100 $1000 itunes cards and sell them each for $999 online. You lose $100 total.

  • Toxumas
    Toxumas 5 days ago


    • Thecloverr
      Thecloverr 3 days ago

      Toxumas you can’t buy more then one car with 10k

  • wolflov3r_30
    wolflov3r_30 5 days ago +1

    When matpat gets $100,000:

  • Iakopo Mauai
    Iakopo Mauai 5 days ago

    here are the the things i would bye if Mr beast did this to me
    1 pay my parents money
    2 pay for there bills like electricity bill and all the other ones
    3 go shopping for food for my family
    4 by my mom a car
    5 then get me a computer

  • Kat_And_The_Waves
    Kat_And_The_Waves 6 days ago

    Let us all bow to the super power that is compound interest.

    For real though, invest as young as you can and you'll get those extra years working for you.
    This has been my PSA.

  • Epic gamerz
    Epic gamerz 6 days ago

    How do you win?

    Buy game theory merch

  • James Dominguez
    James Dominguez 6 days ago +1

    *Chandler taking notes*

  • sideways sheep
    sideways sheep 6 days ago

    Id spend it on stuff if the apocalypse happened like turn my basement in a bunker

  • Bruno Senra
    Bruno Senra 6 days ago +1

    How to win: be goldfriend of him has the others

  • Ingrid Wörz
    Ingrid Wörz 6 days ago

    i would buy toys

  • Wayne Programe
    Wayne Programe 6 days ago

    The correct answer would be: (In my opinion) The stock Market. All have to do is just think about it and its so easy. Its simple to find an app to trade it on. There are so many people sellig at every second and you can blow cash on expensive stocks in no time at all. Also, over time stocks go up! Sure, there happens to be pit falls but the market is amazing at recovering and moving on. While researching the stocks you buy is a good idea you dont have time so you might as well spend your money on Starbucks, Apple ect. If you spent 30k you would have only bought 145 Apple stocks! Say you spent half of your money you would only get 242 stocks in apple! Apple goes up, you get money and its increadibly expensive. And making your money back is not that har either. Just use and app like Robin Hood and boom, your set.

  • Connor Everest
    Connor Everest 6 days ago

    My teacher told me this and didn’t real pay attention wops