The 750,000 Bunkers of Albania

  • Published on Sep 1, 2018
  • Bunkers! Albania's most visible uniqueness. A negative that's so definitive of the nation that it has almost become a positive.
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  • Rare Earth
    Rare Earth  11 months ago +215

    We exist because of you:

    • Kube Dog
      Kube Dog 6 months ago

      @TOP FOOOTBALL CK What country is Albania in?

      TOP FOOOTBALL CK 6 months ago

      Why you think it is a bad idea? Enver Hoxha did a lot things for Albania: whe he was alive Albania had a military power much better than now. Albania wasn't scared by anybody!!!

    • Tiago Pereira dos Santos Silva
      Tiago Pereira dos Santos Silva 7 months ago

      Benito Mussolini
      and Facism was left win.

    • Kube Dog
      Kube Dog 8 months ago

      The bunkers seem like a brilliant idea to help the people during the Cold War, when military attacks were a real possibility. The Soviets did it too, and they still maintain and test them today. Russia had drills just a year or so ago, which would have protected millions in Moscow alone. Rare Earth is a dumb douche.

    • Splozy
      Splozy 8 months ago

      no thanks, i'm a pasty white male.

    AWM SUPRESSER 10 days ago +2

    When the wotld ends i want to see you knocking and begging other people to let you inside their bunker.

  • Mbreti Gent
    Mbreti Gent 14 days ago +1

    Ppl its easy to judge but we have been invaded by everyone and their mothers the last 100 years alone

  • PrideDefiler
    PrideDefiler 18 days ago

    10:10 - So, the bunkers are the famous place to lose your virginity in Albania?

    I am definitely gonna search Porn Hub for that!

  • burt panzer
    burt panzer 18 days ago

    Apparently he cared greatly for the peoples safety, though he was portrayed as insane. If ever the bullets start flying, their value will quickly become evident.

  • BNJT
    BNJT 21 day ago +1

    Where did you get the 750,000 figure from? Wikipedia says 173,000 were built in total.

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  21 day ago +1

      The government of the era stated 750k, but as I say in the video, they most certainly never produced anywhere close to that.

  • Willie Wonder
    Willie Wonder 25 days ago

    Are tou kidding me!? Albania was on the eye of Invasion all the time and since the beginning of time. Albanians had to deal with Roman's, Ottomans, Slavs, Bulgarians, Serbs. Most Albanian terrories were already invaded. Such as Montenegro, Sanxhak, Kosovo, Presheva valley, Epirus, Macedonia. Albania was what was left and enemies wanted to also split Albania between Greece and Montenegro but USA stopped that from happening and thanks to Woodrow Wilson.

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  25 days ago

      I never said it wasn't. Merely that it wasn't stopped in any way by these bunkers.

  • John Redcorn
    John Redcorn 27 days ago

    No oil that really why.

  • H ebert
    H ebert Month ago +1

    I got to see them in 1997 during Joint Ops Peaceful Eagle 97.
    It was a trip...

  • Diana Lila
    Diana Lila Month ago


  • Ramiz Bislimi
    Ramiz Bislimi Month ago +1

    The Idea is not bad if enver hoxha didnt make thoose bunkers albania have not Been existed today.

  • Mathew Smith
    Mathew Smith Month ago

    So his defense plan was a scattering of four man bunkers.
    Are we sure he wasn't preparing for a Zerg invasion?

  • 108johnny
    108johnny Month ago +1

    Whatever money they didn't spend on those bunkers, they spent on weapons from Yugoslavia and China.
    Warehouses FULL of anti-tank mines (packed in rotting wooden boxes that are falling over),
    grenades, mortar rounds- that place is FULL.
    I went their to help train their EOD guys to dispose of them- loved Tirana beer.

  • Robothian IV
    Robothian IV 2 months ago

    No shit? Rare earth is from Cold Lake, Ab? Shout out from Edmonton, keep up the great work!!

  • purpandorange
    purpandorange 2 months ago +1

    If every neighbor you ever had has invaded you 20+ times each like Albania's have then you wouldn't find building endless amounts of bunkers such a bad idea yourself. And look at that Albania hasn't been invaded since they built them so who's laughing now?

    • purpandorange
      purpandorange 2 months ago

      ​@Rare Earth Welp, I guess having a joke fly over your head is one way to get noticed by you. Yes, obviously it wasn't the bunkers that deterred anyone from invading but I'm intentionally mixing up correlation with causation to justify building hundreds of thousands of bunkers.

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  2 months ago

      Considering it wasn't bunkers that kept out their enemies and it drained their economy horribly, I'm going to guess nobody is laughing?

  • Besnik Useini
    Besnik Useini 2 months ago

    It's amazing what a man with PTSD can do.

  • Sablon76
    Sablon76 2 months ago

    I can see it now. 12000 yrs from now people looking at the area where Albania is then and trying to work out the religious connections to the thousands of little domes sat all over the landscape! lol

  • Chris Moser
    Chris Moser 2 months ago

    Great video! Some real poignant statements here

  • LostAtSee
    LostAtSee 2 months ago

    and then there are all those Star Forts around the world .. maybe they were all built with the same logic?

  • ÞəŇəň ßœŇõƏ łəQəŒňÆģ rron

    "Sees video"

  • Luan Veizi
    Luan Veizi 2 months ago

    In Switzerland, active fortification dogs? Then you have to tell me when there is war on those sides.In a show of these magnitudes, it is important to preview, you should read the military art of that time. It would take a full answer to the questions you ask and answer you evasively.

  • Loagun
    Loagun 2 months ago +1

    Are you serious... building bunkers for your entire nation following the drop of the A-bomb is what crippled the nation economically? Not the second world war itself? I don't know who's going to believe that.... besides Americans.

    • Loagun
      Loagun 2 months ago +1

      @Rare Earth interesting how that all worked out.

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  2 months ago

      @Loagun Yes. They did. But a single dictator wanted these bunkers, so they did that instead.

    • Loagun
      Loagun 2 months ago +1

      @Rare Earth do you think that a economically poor country following the world wars who had no experience with the new threat of nuclear war knew how to prepare for such a thing besides building underground shelters?

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  2 months ago

      @Loagun an open pit 3 feet deep and 3 feet wide is a bad defense from nuclear war

    • Loagun
      Loagun 2 months ago +1

      @Rare Earth I like my own post because it keeps it near the top :) if it was after the second world war the bunkers were obviously as a precaution to a nuclear war.

  • Fitness First
    Fitness First 2 months ago


  • Kokomiu
    Kokomiu 2 months ago +1

    To break it down: Communist Albania under ENVER HOXHA was like North Korea of Europe. Now its The Columbia of Europe ( cuz of the mafia and drugs)

  • Kokomiu
    Kokomiu 2 months ago

    We simply dont give a fuck if ww3 starts

  • Herb Green
    Herb Green 2 months ago

    Prepping for disaster is a bad idea? Why? The US Military has hundreds of underground bunkers. Why? Our most important bases are underground. The mainstream media in the US work for the Deep State agenda of War Mongering. We could be bombed by China or Russia at any moment. Did the government, or any of the media, think about taking care of any of us? They have used our tax money to build bunkers for them and to built bombs for their wars. Just because one leader thought of protection for the people of his country before outfitting his military with new technology to kill people does not make it a a bad idea

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  2 months ago

      It depends how you prepare. These aren't nuclear bunkers. They're mostly a metre squared and a metre deep. They were never as useful as anyone dreamed.

  • Flat Earth Preacher
    Flat Earth Preacher 2 months ago

    what a load of shit

  • Genesis4:21
    Genesis4:21 2 months ago

    Read Carl May about Albania.

  • Felicity Ray Self
    Felicity Ray Self 2 months ago +3

    I actually don't think the bunkers were a bad idea at ALL.

  • Me Thinks
    Me Thinks 2 months ago

    Export them by the ton 🤣😂

  • Luan Veizi
    Luan Veizi 2 months ago

    We Albanians did not always prejudge, countries and peoples who are in the process of peace development and take measures to defend. Even more denigrous by calling it paranoid. I do not call Englezet just as you build tranches and places of refuge during w w2.Lands of Albanians, was invadet from Romans, Serbs, Greeks, Turks, Italians, Germans, etc. How do you think that a population of 1 million people could survive. In 1944, even more so when the people of our blood wasgave tu them like gifts to five neighboring states? This people was born and rattled in unending wars even though we did not attack anybody. But we used as money exchange to please the appetites of our neighbors. Tell us you , what should we do?And down the bunker number, there were 150000.

  • Luan Veizi
    Luan Veizi 2 months ago

    Being just a journalist, you should put a top ranking officer for evaluation and consideration. Do you know if you can do the same assessment, for example, fortification in Switzerland or in the Nordic countries?

    • lkrnpk
      lkrnpk Month ago

      I hope you do realize that this Albanian nonsense would crumble just from one rocket hitting it. They do not compare well with serious fortifications and underground bunkers for nuclear war...

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  2 months ago

      I'm not a journalist. The fortification in Switzerland is active, makes sense, and is used for an entirely different purpose.
      It is like a wright brothers plane and a 747. They are both technically planes, but it's easy to find the differences.

  • Dawn Morning
    Dawn Morning 2 months ago +9

    Midwest USA need these bunkers to protect them from tornados.

  • drno
    drno 2 months ago +1

    So the bad idea? Albanians take over world after WW3. Lol

  • Sandy Nelson
    Sandy Nelson 2 months ago +3

    Those bunkers might come in handy for the Grand solar minimum

  • fondoftheduh
    fondoftheduh 2 months ago

    Every Mobile home Park should have some of these.

  • db742006
    db742006 2 months ago

    never in my life have i seen as many little bunkers as we did when we visited albania in the 1980's it was incredible the place was destroyed but the people were lovely and friendly

  • Savvas
    Savvas 2 months ago +1

    Southern Albania's real name is Northern Epirus and it actually belongs to Greece! He was very afraid of the Greeks, that's why he was digging like a rat to hide himself! :)

    • danii
      danii 20 days ago

      no one is afraid of greece. greece is same like serbia and turkey coward nations

  • ALaurel Jordan
    ALaurel Jordan 2 months ago

    Birthplace of Mother Theresa?

    • Kokomiu
      Kokomiu 2 months ago

      Yes. She is albania from Shkup ethnic albanian land but part of Macedonia republic

  • Yehela
    Yehela 2 months ago +1

    The best country i've ever visited. Albania is amazing!!

  • DrAgO 99
    DrAgO 99 3 months ago +2

    Enver Hoxha was great 💪🏻

  • Eli Egbert
    Eli Egbert 3 months ago +1

    These things are the solution to the aforementioned housing problem!

  • Bill Johnson
    Bill Johnson 3 months ago

    A bad idea like putting a set of steps in the middle of a path in a public park?

  • intel386DX
    intel386DX 3 months ago +1

    Those bunkers are so cool :)

  • ToxicVaccines ToxicFluoride, HIV HOAX

    Growing up in communist Albania me and my friends liked bunkers.
    Our favorites were the long bunkers located in residential areas in between apartment buildings. We would go in there exploring the inside of the bunkers with torches.
    My grandparents have a bunker in their back yard. This bunker was built for the neighborhood residents in case of an areal bombing attack.
    This bunker was dug in to the hill behind the house. It is around 50 metres long in to the hill underground. I remember going in there exploring the stalagmites wich would form on the ceiling. It was like cave exploration. Very interesting.
    One thing that comes to mind is the temperature in this bunker was constant. It felt cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

  • Aliaksandr Sakałoŭski

    Looks like they were preparing for a zombie apocalypse.. lol

  • dexisツ
    dexisツ 3 months ago +3

    Other countries : We have too many bunkers...
    ALBANIA : Hold my beer..

  • Dracon and Dracaena Illyrian Serpent Pair

    Ill dislike this for many reasons. One of them is you dont have idea what happend to my country after world war 1.

    • Dracon and Dracaena Illyrian Serpent Pair
      Dracon and Dracaena Illyrian Serpent Pair 3 months ago

      @Rare Earth It wos'nt just the fear of an all-powerfull man! Greece had its war law and still has it on Albania since they proclaim southern Albania as their own. Yougoslavia wanted North of Albania the city of Shkoder. So we used whatever we could to protect it. Even if it ment guerilla warfare and building bunkers. We have a saying in my country if you want to steal from a house you might start from the jewels. If you want to explain the behaviour of a country you start from reasons.

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  3 months ago +1

      @Dracon and Dracaena Illyrian Serpent Pair Yes, there are many reasons to be afraid. But the bunkers were incredibly poor military policy. It continues to be taught today as such for a reason.
      Albania had every reason to fear their neighbours, of course, which led to paranoia. Paranoia led to the bunkers.
      It was not a decision made from top military minds, but from the personal fears of an all-powerful man.
      It's a bit like saying "I'm terrified of tigers, so I purchased a gold tiger stick to fight them off with". The concept of being afraid of tigers makes sense, but fighting them off with a gold stick? Nonsense.

    • Dracon and Dracaena Illyrian Serpent Pair
      Dracon and Dracaena Illyrian Serpent Pair 3 months ago

      @Rare Earth okay lets say i belive you, so what happened exactly that we got this much into defending ouer country? There must be a reason we became so much protective and build all the bunkers.

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  3 months ago

      Weird, because I sat down with Albanian historians who taught me what happened while in Tirana. What, specifically, do you think they were wrong about?

  • 2prize
    2prize 4 months ago

    Hey look at it this way

    It's free real estate

  • Kali Uchis
    Kali Uchis 4 months ago

    I have about 3 of them on one street in my home town.

  • Dark Angel
    Dark Angel 4 months ago

    Weakened state????
    Communist albania really was a jewel 💎
    Economy was fine and school and healthcare was free

    • Dark Angel
      Dark Angel Month ago

      @The FBI Long live Enver Hoxha and Stalin

    • The FBI
      The FBI 3 months ago

      Dark angel’s ideas sound awfully familiar..

    • Dark Angel
      Dark Angel 4 months ago

      Rare Earth so what it was then also yugoslavia wanted to attack us and greece too
      That’s why we needed bunkers it was a physiological warfare
      That’s why no one dared 😈

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  4 months ago

      @Dark Angel Lol. Ok dude. It was just a casual change of government. Sure.

    • Dark Angel
      Dark Angel 4 months ago

      Rare Earth it didn’t collapse just changed government
      If albania collapsed there would not have been albania just like the ussr
      Have you seen military power of communist albania

  • Mr. World
    Mr. World 4 months ago

    what a weird shithole of a country.

  • Bryan
    Bryan 4 months ago

    The first "B" in "AirBnB" means something different in Albania.

  • A Daily Odyssey
    A Daily Odyssey 4 months ago

    I used to have a bunker in my backyard

  • christian lee
    christian lee 5 months ago

    I want to live in Albania but the language is so isolated

  • Besar U
    Besar U 5 months ago


  • boulder89984
    boulder89984 5 months ago

    Nice 4 minute video packed into this long one

  • Albo Bossi
    Albo Bossi 5 months ago

    Amerika harxhon 1 trilion dollare ne Ushtri, arme,ba,a te fshehta dhe bunkere kudo. Keta qelbesira i kane lene njerzit pa strehe dhe punojne nga tre punera si skllever vetem te kene nje vend per te fjetur dhe nlte hane nje cope buke me kimikate. Amerikanet e urrejne sistemin komuniste sepse ai sistem nuk i la ti afroheshin Shqiperise dhe sot Amerikanet e kane kthyer ne republike bananeje ku na vodhen dhe rropen cdo pasuri natyrore ose ku flasin vetem per te drejta dhe parada pederastesh

  • Albo Bossi
    Albo Bossi 5 months ago +1

    Americans spend 1 Trillion Dollars on Military whilw many people are homeless. There are only rich and poor in America and people work like slaves three jobs just go afford to eat and have a roof over their heads. There are hidden areas in America like the secret area 51 in Nevada or many hodden bunkers and military bases. These are fucking Americans that propagate against our past communist system

    • Iama monkey
      Iama monkey 2 months ago

      @The FBI top ten US contractors are all areospace with dod contracts that receive over a trillion dollars a year.

    • Albo Bossi
      Albo Bossi 3 months ago

      @The FBI This year the budget for the militaru is 750 billion dollars a d 250 billion are undeclared. It is the same with Russia and Chine where the military budget real nu.bers are three to four times higher then what they show

    • The FBI
      The FBI 3 months ago

      No offense but Americans don’t spend a trillion dollars on military, but yeah, we use a bit to much money.

  • Henji'sPlace
    Henji'sPlace 5 months ago

    There was a real threat of nukes and still is a very real threat that idea may not be so bad in the future looking back at how many them bunkers may end up saving. We are doomed to repeat history the only difference is now we have more destructive weapons. So do not be so quick to say it is bad it may be a saving factor one day for a lot of people and the guy who was thought to be off his rocker turned out to be the reason many lives are saved.

    • Henji'sPlace
      Henji'sPlace 5 months ago

      @Rare Earth oh, i did not know that. Well then i feel stupid now.

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  5 months ago

      These bunkers don't protect against nukes.

  • sailorashore
    sailorashore 5 months ago

    And now the working class East London estate of Gascoigne is full of Albanian drug dealers who supply cocaine to the bankers and Elite in England

    • Kokomiu
      Kokomiu 2 months ago

      Yes. They own prostiution in England with Turkish mafia togethere

  • wakcedout
    wakcedout 5 months ago

    I think millennials should watch this if they want to embrace socialism. Because this crazy dictator is what eventually happens.
    Not a matter of if, just when.

  • Damien Schafer
    Damien Schafer 5 months ago

    The title was more hype than the actual video. I was hoping for like a tour a video of the underground bases and tunnels. Well the history was interesting though.

    • The FBI
      The FBI 3 months ago

      Reasonable expectations I guess

  • Natasa Repovz
    Natasa Repovz 5 months ago

    I really like your video and your spunk! Awesome!

  • Shoudday Cha
    Shoudday Cha 5 months ago

    He was friend with Mao because..I think he needed to get the Albanian military get more modern weapons, equipment, factories and machinery...after he broke away from the Warsaw Pact. China at this time was also having some communist relationship issues with the Soviet too.(Communist mad at each other. Now that's funny.) Mao welcomed Enver as a few friend. Both did trade and supported each other....for a while or so. I think by the time when the Albanian military adopted their SKS version(In 1962. I think)many of the Soviet blockaded countries were already using AKM as standard issued rifle.

  • Chris Parlow
    Chris Parlow 5 months ago

    Very good l love your style. Great report.

  • Standard PlaneTV
    Standard PlaneTV 5 months ago +1

    my parents grew up in the reign of enver Hoxha. it was part of the school curriculum to have military training for days at a time in these bunkers. god bless America my friends.

  • Nobel Tv
    Nobel Tv 5 months ago +1

    im from kosovo!

  • hi how are you
    hi how are you 5 months ago +1

    When you spam level 10 forts across your entire country

  • Vladislavs Dovgalecs
    Vladislavs Dovgalecs 5 months ago +1

    Sadly, those bunkers might be useful in the future...

  • Dead Serious
    Dead Serious 5 months ago

    Fuck Albania. This is a montonegro room

  • Bearded Elder
    Bearded Elder 5 months ago

    600 years..They barely exist for 200. Artificial nation and language assembled by Austria. They are not even from Balkans! It's amazing how someone can be shameless with it's own history. Was it so bad that you have to make a new one?

  • Milan Dičér
    Milan Dičér 5 months ago

    its like poorly planed switzerland :D that nation is too filled with more bunkers than houses :D

  • ┠R⃟²─D⃟²┨
    ┠R⃟²─D⃟²┨ 5 months ago

    I almost proposed to my ex. Just dating her was a bad idea.

  • Jeffrey Clement
    Jeffrey Clement 5 months ago

    Holly crap. You sound like the awkward magician Kyle Eschen. lol This was hilarious.