The 750,000 Bunkers of Albania

  • Published on Sep 1, 2018
  • Bunkers! Albania's most visible uniqueness. A negative that's so definitive of the nation that it has almost become a positive.
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  • Rare Earth
    Rare Earth  2 months ago +173

    We exist because of you:

    • scott web
      scott web Month ago

      Wait...You were born in Cold Lake A.B?? (4wing) I live like 20 mins away lol.

    • Lorik Ibraimi
      Lorik Ibraimi 2 months ago +1

      Rare Earth This was not paranoia! You make Hoxha sound as an irrational paranoiac but there was reason behind the bunkers.. Yugoslavia and Greece had plans to invade Albania! If they can they would still invade it.

    • Danny Ponomarev
      Danny Ponomarev 2 months ago

      This country is an Urban Explorers wet dream

    • Andrew Phillips
      Andrew Phillips 2 months ago

      That was during world war 2. Theses bunkers were built after WW2

    • Demiclea
      Demiclea 2 months ago

      If there's so many bunkers how did the Greeks push back the Italians in Albania?

  • JAB
    JAB 17 hours ago

    By 2077 they might be useful.


    How tge fuck do youget inside of it

  • Albiona Aliu
    Albiona Aliu 6 days ago

    i’ve actually been to one of the bunkers showed in the video, im albanian

  • Slaya gaming
    Slaya gaming 6 days ago

    That was a enough bunker to fit the population of albania 4*750,000=3,000,000

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  6 days ago

      750k was the number they aimed for, but they likely only ever built ~180k. Nobody know for sure.

  • Mentor Pozhegu
    Mentor Pozhegu 7 days ago

    In my opinion Enver Hoxha was not paranoid but a mastermind. I will not take you serious.

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  6 days ago

      Ok. Experts disagree with you. But I'm sure you've studied war history and tactics to the point of being more aware than the world's most professional military bodies.

  • Daris Decani
    Daris Decani 7 days ago

    You know that this bunkers can survive world war right

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  6 days ago

      Those bunkers are almost all crumbled to pieces from far less than world war. There is no way they'd survive nuclear bombing, no. They are literally open to the world. Everyone inside would be vaporized.

  • See Canon
    See Canon 10 days ago

    No MREs?

  • Mostwanted
    Mostwanted 10 days ago

    Fuck you , Bunkers are amazing

  • João Vitor Matos
    João Vitor Matos 11 days ago

    this series should be called "Enver Hoxha and his paranoia"

  • Some guy
    Some guy 12 days ago

    That's the country that sold AK-47s to Jonah Hill

  • duhsmersh
    duhsmersh 13 days ago

    funny how when we all nuke each other, Albania is gonna be the only place prepared

  • Drikus Roor
    Drikus Roor 13 days ago

    Thank you for this video. 10 minutes well spent

  • jerome96114
    jerome96114 13 days ago

    The Maginot is a bad example. It only failed because Belgium did not stick to the originally agreed upon Plan, and Germany did develop Tanks that were able to go through the Ardennes (which was basically impossible when the line was constructed), and even then the later only worked out, cause the French high command did not listen to their own reconnaissance pilots, who spotted the Germans who had kilometer long military traffic jams in (front of) the forest, that could have been easily bombed to Ashes. - The line itself worked perfectly fine in funneling the majority of the German Army up north, just as the plan demanded (that basically everyone failed to stick to, which caused it to fail).

  • Dave Hobbs
    Dave Hobbs 16 days ago

    I always imagined living under a crazy dictator being like living under a crazy mom. Things are fine as long as you do what she says, but hope you avoid her blow ups and god forbid you do anything bad.

  • ninny65
    ninny65 16 days ago

    Maginot line failed because the Germans went around it

  • Napoleon I Bonaparte
    Napoleon I Bonaparte 17 days ago

    A new weapon to defeat Mussolini in HOI4

  • Threewulphmoon
    Threewulphmoon 18 days ago

    a fella from cold lake, who' woulda thought!

  • adot B7
    adot B7 18 days ago

    Actually this isnt a bad idea the idea of bunkers saved so many lives as thick concrete absorbed impacts of bombs etc

    • Σόφος
      Σόφος 16 days ago

      +Rare Earth Which bombs? From Greece and Yugoslavia, ofc. That Bunkers, save many lives in cold war era....

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  18 days ago

      Which bombs?

  • Randy Thomas
    Randy Thomas 18 days ago

    Too much yak yak too fast

  • Balkn Boss
    Balkn Boss 19 days ago

    Wow! You really hate albania

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  19 days ago

      No I don't. It was a wonderful country. I had a great time.

  • Daniel Parks
    Daniel Parks 19 days ago

    One day soon you will be wishing you were in one of those bunkers....

  • Jay Bee
    Jay Bee 21 day ago

    Got to say your channel is one of the very best. So well-written! My other favorite is The History Guy.

  • rin neknekmo
    rin neknekmo 22 days ago

    fuck I'm delusional too then

  • Tom Doherty
    Tom Doherty 25 days ago

    Great channel. Excuse me if i'm being too forward, but if you're going to be an on-screen host you should dress less like a schlubby American tourist. Give us something to look at.

  • WolfGamerTV
    WolfGamerTV 25 days ago


  • Albanian Octagon
    Albanian Octagon 26 days ago

    It was a time during the Cold War, Albanians were dependent on the Soviets and China. The bunkers were part of the defense since our military budget was meager. A person like yourself who has lived a sheltered life would never understand. Diplomacy begins with strength. Our enemies were Greece and Yugoslavia. They thought twice about any invasion thanks to those bunkers.

  • Mr.Man The best man.
    Mr.Man The best man. 27 days ago

    I think the bunkers are cute to be honest.

  • Teopy
    Teopy 28 days ago

    It was not that useless, it WOULD HAVE BEEN USEFUL, if we got invaded or something, *cough cough* Greece

  • Cheryl Carlson
    Cheryl Carlson 29 days ago

    What I hate are the ideas that seem so good and take a left turn during execution and only then do people tell you they saw it coming but NO ONE said anything til then. What I love are the resurrection bad ideas that suddenly redeem a really rotten situation and require very little money. What I really hate is that way too often I can't tell the difference between the 2.... and I am full of ideas.

  • broken hades
    broken hades 29 days ago

    im from albania

  • Conrado Villegas
    Conrado Villegas Month ago

    Hearts of iron meme incoming
    level 10 forts in a nutshell

  • biker
    biker Month ago

    Cold Lake ?

  • padraic gallagher
    padraic gallagher Month ago

    This is a similar mentality to Trumpism, the Bunker vs. the Wall. Paranoid fear mixed with a good amount of racism.

  • ger du
    ger du Month ago

    Imagine thinking everyone wants your butt
    When nobody gives a fuck about you
    Then designing a fuckwit policy to stop them.
    And the further this fuckwit policy was carried out.
    The more necessary it seemed.
    Albania and England have so much in common.

  • Defaulty boi
    Defaulty boi Month ago

    Im from Albania

  • Thomas D.
    Thomas D. Month ago

    >TFW both capitalism and communism can't help ur country

  • E Zandman
    E Zandman Month ago

    6:56 yes all the bunkers were a bad idea. But is your country better? You are born on a military base in nowhereland. NorthernAlberta. lol You people afraid somebody might attack you there? WHo is being paranoid here? You tell me.

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  Month ago

      Having your military practice in the cold when your country is cold isn't as weird as spending a substantial portion of your GDP building bunkers that your own military says are ineffective.

    • E Zandman
      E Zandman Month ago

      ...maybe not as weird as the albanian bunkers but still weird dude, imho.

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  Month ago

      No, it is meant for winter survival training. It isn't a defensive base.

  • jorge pearl
    jorge pearl Month ago

    looks like Trump

  • Cory Goodman
    Cory Goodman Month ago

    No, it is not paranoia. Paranoia is an unrealistic distrust of others; if it is realistic, it isn't paranoia; it is a legitimate cause for concern.

  • ex muslim
    ex muslim Month ago +1

    as an albanian i can confirm on this and fun fact the number of soldiers in military back in comunism was 500.360 in total so there were more bunkers than soldiers to use them

  • Horst Boellinger
    Horst Boellinger Month ago

    750.000? more like 200.000+

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  Month ago

      That is explained in the video, yes.

  • Uros Opacic
    Uros Opacic Month ago +1


  • MrLarryC11
    MrLarryC11 Month ago

    Great writing and presentation. I read a lot of military history but I had never heard of this. Well done !

  • Tony The Go!Animator

    I will go to Albania and do various Fortnite Emotes in each

  • Mike Ryan
    Mike Ryan Month ago


  • PsychoLucario
    PsychoLucario Month ago

    Albania: the tropico of europe

  • Lord Jock
    Lord Jock Month ago

    I dont see the cpoint of bunkers .If there ever is a nuclear war then the air will be contaminated for arount 50 years the planet will be without sunshine a nuclear winter and if it is possibe to one day poke your head out of the bunker what you gonna do .Nah no thanks I'll just perish along with everybody else and leave the heads of state to wallow in their own muck for 50 years


    Hoxha did nothing wrong.

  • MattVon Scruger
    MattVon Scruger Month ago

    OH W O W

  • Jesse Francis
    Jesse Francis Month ago

    Man I love this show, both the writing and the cinematography. You guys are the best!

  • The Watcher
    The Watcher Month ago

    I like them. What may be a bad idea now may not be later. What if the bunkers were needed? This video wouldn't exist, and history would be told differently. Many good ideas came from this bad idea, as shown in your video. Great video, as usual.


    FUCK communist
    FUCK Enver hoxha

  • Canadians Are Gay
    Canadians Are Gay Month ago

    Thats kind of cool. I always used to get drunk in town and sleep outside on benches and in front of shop doors. Imagine if there were concrete bunkers on every street, that would be sweet!

  • The Raw
    The Raw Month ago

    Actually is funny how you say "paranoid and others in comments also say paranoid" The point is don't feed wrong things in your fans!
    Meanwhile in our universe,
    Serbia took over Kosovo, Saying "Kosovo is Serbia", (Kosovo for us was like your neighbour in the other part of road)
    What in the earth make you and others here think that someone else wasn't thinking to do the same thing with Albania? In the moment which Albania had no one to help?

  • olly walters
    olly walters Month ago

    looks like that one says SHITE on it at 7:37

  • Albos Hajdari
    Albos Hajdari Month ago

    At 7:36, on the bunker on the left it's written "FOR SALE" and below that, it's the phone number xD

  • David Feltheim
    David Feltheim Month ago

    At least they tried to shelter from the apocalypse, the CD in America just pretended to make it all safe and expected the majority to die in nuclear war

  • NorwegianCrazyGuy
    NorwegianCrazyGuy Month ago

    We only have Nazi bunkers all over Norway but don't think people use them for much, other than farmers using it as sheds and potato storrage

  • Tedective
    Tedective Month ago

    *Slaps Bunker* You can fit so many schisms in this bad boy!

  • Nexxarian
    Nexxarian Month ago +1


  • Heru- deshet
    Heru- deshet Month ago

    Where can I get an Albanian bunker paper weight?

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  Month ago

      As a souvenir level patron of ours, for one.

  • Heru- deshet
    Heru- deshet Month ago

    I've never had a bad idea. Just a disastrous one.

  • El Sea
    El Sea Month ago

    Nope...not a waste or a bad idea...there WILL be another major conflict and these bunkers will become priceless...these people remember reality and how quickly life can become a nightmare...

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  Month ago

      They are virtually all corroded, destroyed, reimagined and ripped out of the ground. In the next major conflict, they will be utterly useless - even more so than when they were originally built.

  • Luis Moreno
    Luis Moreno Month ago +1


  • Austin Crosley
    Austin Crosley Month ago +1

    Those would be so dope to smoke a blunt in

  • Frank Worley
    Frank Worley Month ago

    'Ex-fascist capitalists"? Fascist were national SOCIALISTS not capitalists.

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  Month ago

      That's some of the most basic propaganda available.
      North Korea isn't democratic, nor a republic. Calling yourself the opposite of what you intend to be is about a standard a totalitarian move as you can get.
      Fools the unthoughtful, though. I'll give it that.

  • Aeternum Vale
    Aeternum Vale Month ago

    One small thing though, the population was not mostly uneducated. The population was poor, but not uneducated. You need to do your research better!

    • Aeternum Vale
      Aeternum Vale Month ago

      Exactly when he took power, which was 1945. Till 1972-1984 when the bunkers were being built and after that the illiteracy rate fell, extensively. And i think the illiteracy rate was more like 86% .

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  Month ago

      When Hoxha took power, the population was 95% illiterate.

  • G Man
    G Man Month ago


  • Peja Lp
    Peja Lp Month ago +2

    Yugoslavia helped albania to be a nation are you joking

    • Epiri Cham
      Epiri Cham Month ago +3

      Hahahahah! Whaaaat? Yugoslavia wanted to eat more of Albanian territories. Read more.

  • Peja Lp
    Peja Lp Month ago +1

    very uninformed video

    • Epiri Cham
      Epiri Cham Month ago

      Yeah, cuz Serbs are the ones we should trust right???? 😂 😂 😂

  • Papa Nick
    Papa Nick Month ago

    4:33 oh shoot that's my school

  • Avitar Magnus
    Avitar Magnus Month ago

    Amazing brilliant that selfish bastard Hoxa bankrupt ALbania building those suicide pill boxes, no friends no allies and no resources fuck its the same today !!leader is a war criminal still hasnt been trialed!!! and when we went last 3 years it never seems to improve since the islamic terrorist get trained there ad funded since the ottoman time when the slaves left behind from the Aurtian Hungarian EMpire left their land. The same as the Bulgarians and Hungarians prior who owned 100% of it and brought the land th efirst farms the mygars and bulgars!!! Its only that no body wanted it that it even exists today. But soon the CHinese will take it and these little people will not be able to do a thing about it!!!! to bad islamic and zionist marxist scared it to death!!! only the illegal drug trade uses it for cheap land and labor !!!until the chinese come I feel bad for these peasants thats why they leve to become house keepers and hookers for the italians.

  • pointless opinion
    pointless opinion Month ago

    Wow, he really butchered that MLK quote there at the end. I had to replay it to make sure cause it makes no sense👌

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  Month ago

      ...what about it doesn't make sense? I changed the last line to a joke from within the video, keeping the fundamental meaning the same.

  • cyberjazz71
    cyberjazz71 Month ago

    Didn't know who Enver Hoxha was until I saw Inside Man

  • Phantoms Colts
    Phantoms Colts Month ago


  • Christy Allen
    Christy Allen Month ago

    Wounder if ya got the wrong idea,at that time getting nuked might have been the reason they were built?here in the U.S.That seems a very real possibility. On the down side at least Albania built what were probably fallout shelters sponsored by their government. Here we were supposed to go into caves,or ductape our houses. How much did our government spend to protect we the people?

    • Adam links
      Adam links Month ago

      +Rare Earth still Christ has a point, the richest country in earth (U.S.A) told their people to duck under tables and school desks in nuclear warfare....I get it though it's still both propaganda in the end but better then what was offered in U.S..

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  Month ago

      Fewer than .01% of the bunkers are built for nuclear bombs, and they're predominately for the government elite. Same same, but different.

  • Rafaela Mora
    Rafaela Mora Month ago

    Why don't people fix up the bunkers if there is a housing shortages? Bunkers can make wonderful homes? Why don't the people fix up the bunkers and grow fruits and vegetables in gardens around their bunkers? You are acting like bunkers aren't useful.

    • Adam links
      Adam links Month ago

      +Rare Earth under government funding and production it's not likely it can be sustained due to incompetents but yet at the same time not impossible.. But as individual venture and individual project it can be used for many things whether agriculture or to being converted to a tattoo parlor (as I seen in another video)... My point is bunkers can be converted to other things and upkept on a individual venture not a govt one..

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  Month ago

      The bunkers generally have about 4 square feet of space inside, and are 40 years rotten. They aren't intensely useful, no.
      They interrupt crop growth, not inspire it. Fixing them up would cost a great deal more than simply tearing them down and replacing them with something purposeful.

  • Its really Hairy
    Its really Hairy Month ago +1

    Afghan, not Afghani. I use to be uneducated on the difference until I offended one by saying Afghani.

  • rfgerdtg43dreffwae4rf23w

    Hoxha goes bunkers.

  • RisingRedTide
    RisingRedTide Month ago

    "Dictator, totalitarianism, paranoia, dictator, Stalin, fear, dictator, bad, bad, communism, dictator...And finally imperialism and free market capitalism brought prosperity and riches for all. Rivers of milk and honey. The End."

  • Epiri Cham
    Epiri Cham Month ago +2

    Please don't take the Serbian and Greek historians seriously LMAO :D

  • Gabriel Badwolf
    Gabriel Badwolf Month ago

    I dunno if I’d say no one profited from building the bunkers... whoever had the contact to build all the bunkers probably did pretty well with steady work out of it for a while lol

    • Adam links
      Adam links Month ago

      +Gabriel Badwolf another fair point would be if RARE EARTH' CAN RIDDLE ME THIS ? ...
      How is it the richest nation on earth my country USA, borrows money FROM CHINA which is a totalitarian! COMMUNIST! country! in MODERN TIMES, A.k.a NOW! How???! Please do tell
      I personally can't wrap my head around that one ??😧

    • Gabriel Badwolf
      Gabriel Badwolf Month ago

      Rare Earth fair point. But at least they had work I suppose.

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  Month ago +1

      In a capitalist society, perhaps. But this is totalitarian communism. You're paid the same regardless.

  • tc556guy
    tc556guy Month ago

    I fail to see how this was a "bad idea". National civil defense structures like bunkers should be available to all citizens. The commentators description of Albania could be said of other nations where conflicts occur. Being outside of the travel routes doesn't mean that your nation wont be a battleground someday.

    • Adam links
      Adam links Month ago

      +Rare Earth warfare in those days wasn't with muskets as you know and those bunkers are more so symbols of constant threat and last resort. not a cure to the dangers of war which I thought you did okay job of pointing out. So your not completely wrong I'd say.

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  Month ago

      It was a bad idea because they don't offer genuine defense. Buying muskets still is "defensive" in 2018, until you realize how useless those muskets are in an actual modern war.

  • computerbob06
    computerbob06 Month ago

    A great video with some lovely words and good looking visuals.
    Where would the world be without Kevin Mcleod. Is the producer, Chris Hadfield, the same as the Colonel who was an astronaut? If so, he should've shot a video of a dot-to-dot using Albania 's bunkers!

  • Christopher Sewell
    Christopher Sewell Month ago

    Help it’s sewelly

  • StateofMind
    StateofMind Month ago

    The narration was very well done, _great job!_

  • StateofMind
    StateofMind Month ago +1

    wow, now Albania has more _Wine Cellars_ then just about any country

  • weeg91
    weeg91 Month ago

    who profitied

  • John Grant
    John Grant Month ago

    You were born in Cold Lake, Alberta?

  • Mark Bennot
    Mark Bennot Month ago

    I just bought one of there bunkers,Best $8.00 I ever spent.

  • flat eman
    flat eman Month ago

    after having your bunker built kill all your construction workers and stops that annoying knocking at the bunker door when the shit hits the fan

  • Rikka
    Rikka Month ago +1

    7:31 The Farmer is selling his bunker hahahah he have let his phone numer there Everytime i see such things i start laughing so hard And im Albanian. I just find it funny. Somehow the bunker is in his house territory so he owns the bunker now and he bout to sell it lmfao

    SAINT PHARMA Month ago

    hahaha the credits are hilarious

  • lili shyta
    lili shyta Month ago

    You know many countries have them and they are not open to public. And if you know Albania history, we have been most of the history occupied by foreigners and the same land currently is the same size is stolen from our neighbors that still nobody talks about it. If Albanians bring that fact up they are accused for wanting great Albania. If you go to surrounding countries Albania is bordered from Albania land officially taken from neighbors where Albanians still live because they were there first were first establishment happened in that area. Other powerful countries have built them to protect themselves from natural disasters too and they don’t show them to the world, since those ones don’t damage anybody. Albanians all the history have been mostly in genocide nobody talks about it since Albania doesn’t write the history in the world. Albanians have been in genocide so bad to the point that most old folk songs you can’t tell they are singing or they are crying. Why so many countries in the world try to have a good military, even though they are strong and they aren’t in danger by anyone. Not any surrounding country in Albania has been threaten by Albania. Albania never had any military to endanger anyone. But any country in the world have rights to protect itself even in the simplest form that they can.

  • ariana ghandi
    ariana ghandi Month ago +1

    So were born in cold lake ?

  • Adam Vanderpluym
    Adam Vanderpluym Month ago

    I've seen Albania under Hoxha referred to as Europe's North Korea.

  • klodi k
    klodi k Month ago

    There are many near to my grandma's house

  • Felix Hill
    Felix Hill Month ago

    "Tiny European nation."