The 750,000 Bunkers of Albania

  • Published on Sep 1, 2018
  • Bunkers! Albania's most visible uniqueness. A negative that's so definitive of the nation that it has almost become a positive.
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  • Rare Earth
    Rare Earth  4 months ago +190

    We exist because of you:

    • Kube Dog
      Kube Dog 11 days ago

      +Tiago Pereira dos Santos Silva Left wing. But yes, 100% true. It's national SOCIALISM, which is Left. Hitler too.

    • Tiago Pereira dos Santos Silva
      Tiago Pereira dos Santos Silva 11 days ago

      Benito Mussolini
      and Facism was left win.

    • Kube Dog
      Kube Dog Month ago

      The bunkers seem like a brilliant idea to help the people during the Cold War, when military attacks were a real possibility. The Soviets did it too, and they still maintain and test them today. Russia had drills just a year or so ago, which would have protected millions in Moscow alone. Rare Earth is a dumb douche.

    • Splozy
      Splozy Month ago

      no thanks, i'm a pasty white male.

    • scott web
      scott web 3 months ago

      Wait...You were born in Cold Lake A.B?? (4wing) I live like 20 mins away lol.

  • I Love That Katie Loves Classic Books

    no because im not dumb like you

  • Zeama Gogu
    Zeama Gogu Day ago

    Stop macking sport of the leaders of other cuntryes and try getting a real job. Like building stuff...

  • Zeama Gogu
    Zeama Gogu Day ago +1

    Poor documentation. Disappointing. The "evil dictator" story is long over. Also he did more than the canadian guvernment.

    • Zeama Gogu
      Zeama Gogu Day ago

      He was good friends with romania.

  • Andi Osmani
    Andi Osmani 4 days ago

    As an Albanian myself, this is kind of mind blowing.

  • Gastyz
    Gastyz 4 days ago

    The video is educational and entertaining, however its built around a fallacy. A 40+ years of dictatorship will always have thousands of mistakes to address and make fun of, are really these bunkers the worst decision in all those years? I'm no expert in warfare, but I guess it will be a serious business to invade a city filled with pillboxes plus with all the civilians acting as militia, let alone the whole country. Again, I think the video took and engaging approach, a bold one, maybe not the best one.

  • Gabberag
    Gabberag 8 days ago

    Fascists were capitalists? now thats funny

  • Johncenafan5534
    Johncenafan5534 8 days ago

    Please dont talk shit about the maginot line it did its job. It was the strategy of the french army that fucked them over.

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  8 days ago

      The maginot line was a major part of that strategy. Some would call it the most important part of that strategy.

  • Pablo Lorenci
    Pablo Lorenci 9 days ago

    I live I albania

  • Jane Zetkin
    Jane Zetkin 10 days ago +1

    The Sino-Albanian Split happened due to Nixon's visit to the PRC in 1972, as Enver believed that Mao was capitulating to the West and turning against Marxism-Leninism. (Small correction)

  • Jason Hunt
    Jason Hunt 10 days ago

    Cold Lake?

  • VintagePC's alike
    VintagePC's alike 12 days ago

    b i g a l b a n i a

  • John Christopher Robert

    But every boy got his clubhouse or fort. I say dear sir, Success.

  • goodcat1982
    goodcat1982 12 days ago

    The irony of an American criticising someone else's "bad ideas" lol

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  12 days ago +1

      I'm not an American. You need better strawmen.

  • Michał Chrobot
    Michał Chrobot 13 days ago

    There were over 300 000.

  • Ratchet Ratchet
    Ratchet Ratchet 14 days ago

    0:31 *COMMUNISM*

  • 1973Washu
    1973Washu 15 days ago

    An idea so bad that millions of people died in eastern Europe and Asia because of it.

  • Lofuckyou
    Lofuckyou 16 days ago +2

    I want to go on record stating; Albania has the best flag.

  • Albert Pepaj
    Albert Pepaj 18 days ago

    Dude this is not correct.
    Officially there are 173 500 bunkers in the whole country.
    750 000 is a fake Wikipedia statistic.

    • O11i05
      O11i05 17 days ago

      It says 173 000 on wikipedia you idiot

  • Γιώργος Μπέκας

    love Albania! mir dita nga Spetses!

  • Uncle Yar
    Uncle Yar 19 days ago

    Did somebody say bunker hotel?

  • gmf iq
    gmf iq 19 days ago


  • Djordje XO
    Djordje XO 19 days ago

    Honestly fuck albania

  • Campit HD
    Campit HD 22 days ago

    Ther are 200‘000 Bunkers in Albania

  • John Aziz
    John Aziz 23 days ago

    Dusk Raiders forever! Down with Mortarion! Long live Old Albia!

  • damca96
    damca96 24 days ago

    Thanks for the video you made! Just to remind me how bad this country is..

  • charlie frost the first
    charlie frost the first 25 days ago +1

    750000 mushroom farms

  • samnelso
    samnelso 27 days ago

    Beautifully written.

  • Er in
    Er in 27 days ago

    "An idea so bad i made a video about it" theres a reason youre in your own vies. Jk no hate i hqte enver hoxha

  • Tomáš Pauliček
    Tomáš Pauliček 27 days ago

    "Bunkers! Albania's most visible uniqueness. A negative that's so definitive of the nation that it has almost become a positive."
    I don't see any negative here.

  • Paguo
    Paguo Month ago

    5:16 Ignorant comment. The Maginot Line served its purpose

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  Month ago

      +Paguo A plan is really only as good as its execution, in my eyes. Of mice and men and all that. The Maginot line didn't serve its purpose so much as it had the potential to serve its purpose if factors that weren't accounted for were taken into effect. I agree it is unduly shit upon, but I don't think it is out of place in this video.

    • Paguo
      Paguo Month ago

      +Rare Earth the maginot line was supposed to work with the river Meuse running through Belgium. The only thing that falled was the execution in covering the Meuse shore because the German Blitz was, well, a blitz so the french and belgians were slow acting, otherwise Germany would have been hold off.
      I just think people shit to much on the Maginot line when it actually was a good plan

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  Month ago

      And yet, it didn't save France because it had a massive, gaping flaw. Exactly like these bunkers.

  • Ren Ping
    Ren Ping Month ago


  • Bernie Kahn
    Bernie Kahn Month ago

    *speaks in clickbait*

  • Δήμιος
    Δήμιος Month ago +1

    i remember few of them on kosovo after a grenade fires came out and few screams

  • Andrew Molloy
    Andrew Molloy Month ago

    I was one of the first 24 tourists to go to Albania just after his death. I was in the Montenegro area with my family and went into a Tourist Bureau. They had just been asked to provide 24 tourists for an "experimental" run into Albania, via a hydrofoil. I had four of the 24 tickets and off we went. It took nearly two hours to clear "customs" at a port (Durres?) - They literally did not know what to do, all the "Guides" were very fit young men in their mid twenties (Secret Police). We went to Tirana on a bus, through miles of countryside, right into the centre and never saw another car!! - These pillbox type things were everywhere!! - The "Guides"! struggled to explain them to us, they were embarrassed. I changed £20 into Albanian money and could not spend it, despite them opening up a "Sweet shop" especially for us. Gave the balance of the money to the "Guide", he nearly had a fit! - This was all before they became the Stolen Mercedes Car Capital of Europe. (I did get an explanation form one of the guides that they were removing the pillbox structures from the fields in a very unusual manner, they built up a fire inside, let the heat build up and then threw cold water on the top, evidently the effect was dramatic and effective)

  • Michael Chun
    Michael Chun Month ago

    USA should do this just in case China will invade them.

  • Phatadhol Rojrahsombat

    When you spam level 10 forts all over Albania
    Shout out to HOI4 fans

  • Erjon Çaushi
    Erjon Çaushi Month ago

    Albania was 5 million not 2 million as you say ! Let alone now is 3 million !

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  Month ago

      No it wasn't...? Google it. It is 2.135 million in 1970.

  • Bambi Able
    Bambi Able Month ago

    It doesn't seem like a bad idea to me.

  • YeahOkBuddy
    YeahOkBuddy Month ago

    omg this is sooooooooooooooo sad poor Albania. Like if youre feel bad for albania

  • Bob
    Bob Month ago

    I know his great grand son personally. Good people turned mafia...

  • Жизнь на Гавайях

    This bunkers are useless - in a time o war every concrete building can serve as a bunker.

  • Wilsarneo
    Wilsarneo Month ago

    I swear to god im dyslexic i thought it said alabama

  • DRhront5
    DRhront5 Month ago

    Come to Israel there is a Real functioning Bunker In every building :D

    • O11i05
      O11i05 17 days ago

      A basement?

  • rolandet
    rolandet Month ago +1

    Currently, the thing Albania is best known for in Europe, is the country where hardened criminals come from. Mainly involved in human traficking and not shy of extreme violence and cold blooded murder.

  • alextyy
    alextyy Month ago +1

    All made of Chinese concrete gave away free by the moron named Mao.

  • Rob Kit
    Rob Kit Month ago

    Albania the middle east of Europe

  • Jonathan Fleming
    Jonathan Fleming Month ago

    as someone who has lived in Albania for the past 7 years I can say that you end up ignoring them

  • Weedus
    Weedus Month ago

    Hmm...put a HPS Lightbulb inside,then you can grow Weed in them...

  • Klajdi ALB
    Klajdi ALB Month ago

    Thanks ❤,but I dont think we would be crushed or undefended ,oh and everyone can go and visit migs in Kucova air Base or u can buy one they are all in sale (we had 300 jets) or submarines bases in Vlora ,Artilleries in Gjirokastra Castle and theres a old 🇺🇸 spy jet that got warned by Albanian jets in communist era to land or they would engage they released the pilot but 🇺🇸 didnt asked for the plane back so he is there now ,and u can check out some tanks in Kukes,Welcome to Albania!🇦🇱🤝🌍

  • Seven-Six Two
    Seven-Six Two Month ago +1

    Yugoslavia wouldn't add Albania to the federation due to the fact they are not slavic or simply their economy is too much of a burden on Tito

    • Jeff Kardos Jr.
      Jeff Kardos Jr. Day ago

      Sounds like BS given many Kosovars greeted Tito with Albanian flags when he visited.

  • daniel smith
    daniel smith Month ago

    ah..this does not say alabama

    • daniel smith
      daniel smith 17 days ago

      +O11i05 woopsie poopsie

    • O11i05
      O11i05 17 days ago

      You should know this stalin!

  • FordFalcon1962nBlue
    FordFalcon1962nBlue Month ago +1

    glory to Albania, you funny guy, papers please

  • Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump Month ago

    still more bunkers than views

  • playfsx
    playfsx Month ago

    i spend a week in Albania cycling from city to city and i din't noticed them. I guess the hide it during my visit.

  • Genetical
    Genetical Month ago +2

    Don't forget the massive pyramid scheme that crippled our nation!

  • A_stereoTYPICALamerican

    the Maginot was not a bad idea.

  • campkira
    campkira Month ago

    When war brake out you know where to go.

    HUGO CHAVEZ Month ago


    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  Month ago

      Yes, absolutely there was. But the bunkers weren't the solution to it.
      It's a bit like the tiger stick joke. I always carry my tiger stick. You can tell it works because I've never met a tiger.

  • D Liu
    D Liu Month ago

    Rare Earth
    In the most polite way possible, your entire attempt to criticize the bunkers are based off of false conclusions and contradictory statements.
    For instance, you portray Albania as a useless country of no value and thus did not face the threat of invasion? However, you said yourself that Yugoslavia wanted to annex Albania, and the same about Greece. That means that either those countries want to invade a piece of useless land OR you are wrong about Albania's lack of strategic value. Either way, you kind of are incorrect. The most obvious advantage one could have through Albania is political influence and security for its neighbours. No matter how small, any unfriendly neighbour is a dangerous neighbour.
    Perhaps the bunkers were not good for "economic progress", but what good is ‘economic progress' to a country when focusing on it will likely result in the country no longer existing?
    ’Also, you portray the bunkers as primarily for "guerrilla warfare". Sorry, but that really is not true. For starters, it is better to have more than too little. Should the need arise, not every bunker was to be used, nor were all bunkers identical. Do you seriously think that each bunker has been assigned four people? The bunkers were constructed so that all parts of the country could be defended when necessary. Furthermore, it serves as immediate protection from potential air strikes. As we see, the government was quite accurate in that prediction, as Albania's neighbours were destined to get air raided decades later. What is wrong with building air raid shelters? Every country that could do so at the time did that. Albania simply added slots so that shelters could double as defense posts if necessary. Oh, and by the way, the rest of the world did not "move on" from WWII guerrilla warfare. WWII era tactics were still very much in use regions such as Vietnam and neighbouring countries. The NLF could only dream of having so many bunkers, so please do not misrepresent peoples you know nothing about.
    But most of all, you tried to obscure the fact that Albania was actually a country that needed defense plans. However, isn't that what so many in the west are so good at? After all, everyone said Vietnam didn't need worry about war... until it suddenly did. Hitler said that Poland need not worry... then he invades it. The west said the Balkan nations need not worry... then they bomb Yugoslavia and destroy the region. It is better safe than sorry. You really don't understand how dangerous it is to be a small country during the Cold War, do you?

  • Mark Nordhausen
    Mark Nordhausen Month ago +1

    Am I supposed to feel like I'm in a brave new world?

  • Aj Wayne
    Aj Wayne Month ago +1

    Sorry I have to do this; so the people of Albania got Hoxha'd..........

  • Aj Wayne
    Aj Wayne Month ago

    @Rare Earth, Dude after watch this vid I'm now a fan girly of your style of narration.

  • Darcy Scott
    Darcy Scott Month ago

    Born in cold lake alberta eh?

  • Your mu Wantssum
    Your mu Wantssum Month ago

    All criminals from Albania live in the uk there is literally no one left here

    INSTALL GENTOO Month ago

    Building bunkers is not a bad idea.
    Hoxha did nothing wrong.

  • bugo
    bugo Month ago

    Serbian proganda

  • Mirko Djukic
    Mirko Djukic Month ago

    Like it or not I am going to say this. Serbs and Albanians were NEVER caught up fighting as countries against each other. During ww1, Albanians LET Serbs pass through the Albanian Golgotha. The two nationalities were living like best neighbours during communism at Kosovo. There was no fighting, no guerilla warfare, no Europe messing with the two nationalities. Now that Communism fell apart and US got their hands onto western Balkans all went to shit. Milosevic was as bad as US was. US started funding terrorists to heat the things up at Kosovo. They funded people to kill each other. Are our lives less worth then money? Think about that. You would say no. But someone WOULD kill you for money, that's what US did and got the whole region corrupt and against each other. If that wasn't enough, imagine living on Kosovo. In a city where there are 50% albanians and 50% serbs freely walking around passing next to each other. Would you really be assuming who they are without knowing the person? We are all just humans, Nations devides us, languages separate us, religion classifies us.. There shouldn't be hate towards each other. I saw one Albanian grandma selling apples at the streets of Skadar (Albanian city at the north), and from that moment on I knew what that woman was thinking. She was thinking how to survive this cruel world. How to overcome the taxes. She wasn't thinking about serbs fighting albanians or such. Every human that walked pass her was same. Now of course if you want to find out what I did. I bought 4 kilos of apples and paid the woman in Euros, just because I was scared that I may get attacked if someone saw a Serbian dinar in public. That's what I am speaking about. Recently an albanian brought his friend in Novi Sad and both of them got beaten up because they were speaking albanian at the center of Novi Sad. I am hoping that they are alright. But that guy's life could've been ruined just because the two nations 'hate' each other. Now I know that this comment section and video have nothing to do with this. I just wanted to point out that not all serbs hate albanians and the same goes for the other way around.

  • Thomas Splittorff
    Thomas Splittorff Month ago

    If we had these here when I was younger they would be used exclusively to smoke weed and loose your virginity in.

  • jefferson fernando araujo

    Communism's stupidity number 3.458.765.890: the Albania's bunkers

  • Apokalipsisx Armagedon

    Thanks ! Now i know why the economy in Albania in 20th century was a mess.

  • Chuck McClain
    Chuck McClain Month ago

    At least they have some doomsday bunkers for WW3

  • Petr Per
    Petr Per Month ago

    Hoxha was a paranoiac dictator that spent 75% of government budge on military. Hoxha was also smart enough to know that western countries had no interest in Albania but it was the surrounding countries that could have annihilated Albania. Greece and Yugoslavia did grab land prior to Albania claiming independence so had Hoxha not stood up Albania we know today probably wouldn’t have existed. Is sad that he never looked up to West to help grow but he shut its people from West and isolated them for decades!

  • Mathias Jørgensen
    Mathias Jørgensen Month ago

    Pffff! I know I don't have bad ideas!

  • Wafflez-Man-
    Wafflez-Man- Month ago

    My shiqpe brothers I got your back. Love from a montenegrian from NY 👐

  • Xaeus Borg
    Xaeus Borg Month ago

    You see things from only one perspective. What resources would an enemy need to take out 750k bunkers ? That's the opposite view of things.

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  Month ago

      +Xaeus Borg it isn't. They spent between 25% and 50% of *all* GDP on the bunkers. That's why the military was upset. Because the money that should have gone to them went to bunkers...

    • Xaeus Borg
      Xaeus Borg Month ago

      +Rare Earth Their lack of army and tech is unrelated to things like bunkers. Some of the countries had 10 times the army they have now. It was a general policy enforced to dismantle them, because NATO 'protects' them in case of something. Additionally, instead of the general population being able to defend themselves, now the armies are 'professional' meaning just a few actually know how to fight. In case of conflict, the effectiveness of a defense in such a country is about 10-15% of that before the 90s.

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  Month ago

      +Xaeus Borg Yes, some lacked that army because they wasted all their money on bunkers. Like in Albania. That's my point.
      The bunkers weren't tactical. They just looked that way to the average person not in the military. It's tricking people even to this day, clearly.

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  Month ago

      +Xaeus Borg I'm not sure how that changes the bunkers being a bad idea, though. The military would have benefited more from the funds spent on the bunkers being put towards a functional army, navy, or air force.
      Hoxha came to power as a guerilla in wartime confusion, so he drastically overrated his military genius, as I'm sure many of us do.

    • Xaeus Borg
      Xaeus Borg Month ago

      +Rare Earth Most countries lack an actual functional enough army. Look at all the so called Eastern Europe ex-Soviet countries. Their police is larger in number than their armies and they got 3rd hand junk tech like F16s or Frigates that are floating sitting ducks.

  • cassey 03
    cassey 03 Month ago +2

    Out of all the things albania has u showed us its bunkers that represent the dark age of albania, coummunisim

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  Month ago

      In one video of a dozen, yeah. Because it is easily the most important image of the country for people from the outside the country, who are the major segment of people watching this series.

  • HD GreenLife
    HD GreenLife Month ago

    It wasn't necessary all those bunkers, it wasn't only paranoid, It's little more complicated to explain anything about that time if you're not albanian or historian

  • Alexander the Greater

    When I heard this, I didn't believe it because I thought that they wouldn't be able to get enough concrete. I was wrong.

  • Connor_o5
    Connor_o5 Month ago +2

    5:24 I live near that place

  • Kristian Nunçi
    Kristian Nunçi Month ago

    You don't know how to pronaunc xh

  • Ken Pira Kriezis Spatas

    Actually my friend it is and it was believ it or not.!?. Shqiperia/Albanian was much much bigger. Maybe u should read a bit about what happened when ottomans lost their touch on Ballkans europe, world war 1 2 was becouse of Ball kans and Albania in specific.

  • Blanik L-13
    Blanik L-13 Month ago

    I remember seeing Albanian bunkers from Yugoslavia. They were spaced about 150 metres apart and layered deeply into the Albanian hills. Everyone said Enver Hoxha was a shit leader, a poor politician and a complete nutter.
    We are all better off having lost the likes of Hoxha and Tito.

  • Jessica Amadeus Jackson

    It is not a bad idea when you live in an area like Balkan, and when you have neighbours like greeks and serbs who are known for causing wars and committing genocides against their neighbors. Greeece in 1944 had just committed a horrible genocide against albanian cham community in Chameria, and then Kosovo war in 1999. Hoxha was right. Albania has no allies. If it did, its terriorries wouldnt have been divided between 4 Balkanic countries in 1913

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  Month ago +2

      Saying "they were under threat" is not the same as saying "the bunkers stop that threat". You're falsely equating the two.

  • kalynigo
    kalynigo Month ago

    The communists from my country moved buildings just for the fun of it.

  • Godfather
    Godfather Month ago

    fuck you haha when you said fan girl i just lost my coffee all over my screen n keyboard :P

  • Holammer
    Holammer Month ago

    Looks like something you'd expect on Fortress World in the 40k Universe.

  • Luka Mandic
    Luka Mandic Month ago

    Greetings from Serbia, I hope one day we can live in peace like brothers

  • Čovjek apsurda
    Čovjek apsurda Month ago

    well, Hoxha was a grim leader but this report is completely biased

  • Bob
    Bob Month ago

    The fact is that Albanians were always throughout the history attacked by west Montenegro, northern Serbia, south Greeks even till today there is still in the constitution, war alert with Greece. Perhaps at that time building, those bunkers was a good idea but proved to be a stupid one

  • Brandon Johnston
    Brandon Johnston Month ago

    50 years later and I'm just discovering that Enver Hoxha is pronounced "Hoh-jah"

  • No you!!
    No you!! Month ago

    "They were useless" Thats fake Greece always wanted to invade Albania

    • Moon Light
      Moon Light Month ago

      +Rare Earth Yeah I know, the Albanian military power after Hoxha's rule was one of the biggest and most feared in Europe.
      In the Balkans only Yugoslavia and Albania were powerful, so Greece wouldn't stand a chance against Albania at that time.

    • Gent
      Gent Month ago

      +Rare Earth what stopped them?

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  Month ago

      Yes, and the bunkers weren't what stopped them.

  • b012345100
    b012345100 Month ago +4

    Hope you enjoyed your stay in Albania Rare Earth. As you yourself have experienced , albania sells nowdays - and not only for the bad news-. We are on that right trajectory of economic & social prosperity as well as cultural convergece with the European values - given our 500 years forced divergence - . Ofc we need 2-3 more decades however it seems feasible. All in all , thank you for the advertisment and your objective representation - even flattering at times-.
    P.S By the end of this year Albania will have welcomed around 6 million tourists with a 20 % increase year to year. Same for the exports of physical products which have increased at 20% as well.

  • eliot carbone
    eliot carbone Month ago +2

    Enver Hoxha was not a paranoid man , he was very smart indeed .The man learned from the past .He was surrounded with enemy Slavic countries that wanted the divide Albania , so that the world would never know that there was a native nation in that area . after the world wars , Albania was divided in many pieces that even today are visible in balcan ,some were given to Serbia ,some were given to Greece ,some to Monte negro , some to Northern Macedonia.And that with the help of the European countries of that time .So no wounder that guy had to build 750 000 bunkers to defend itself , we years before the Albanians faced genocide during the WW1 and WW2 and before and before and before . In his time as a president -good luck invading Albania or good luck building 750 000 tomahawk missals.

    • Gent
      Gent Month ago +1

      +Rare Earth they might disagree on the fact that he was over paranoid, sure, but not on the fact that Albania was still surrounded by hostile nations and entities that wanted to carve the Albanian lands up for themselves. it actually happened before hoxha was in power. he was paranoid by the criteria of that time when things were beginning to settle.

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  Month ago

      The leading military schools disagree with this assessment.

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    Why not do them he was smart 2000 years war .romans,otomans ,fashist,nazist ,so read history and fuck all off cuz all you suck.long live to albania and is people

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    I clicked on this because I thought it said Alabama. Needless to say, I was disappointed.

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    By 2077 they might be useful.

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    How tge fuck do youget inside of it

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    i’ve actually been to one of the bunkers showed in the video, im albanian