The 750,000 Bunkers of Albania

  • Published on Sep 1, 2018
  • Bunkers! Albania's most visible uniqueness. A negative that's so definitive of the nation that it has almost become a positive.
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  • Rare Earth
    Rare Earth  6 months ago +206

    We exist because of you:

    • Kube Dog
      Kube Dog Month ago

      +TOP FOOOTBALL CK What country is Albania in?

      TOP FOOOTBALL CK Month ago

      Why you think it is a bad idea? Enver Hoxha did a lot things for Albania: whe he was alive Albania had a military power much better than now. Albania wasn't scared by anybody!!!

    • Kube Dog
      Kube Dog 2 months ago

      +Tiago Pereira dos Santos Silva Left wing. But yes, 100% true. It's national SOCIALISM, which is Left. Hitler too.

    • Tiago Pereira dos Santos Silva
      Tiago Pereira dos Santos Silva 2 months ago

      Benito Mussolini
      and Facism was left win.

    • Kube Dog
      Kube Dog 3 months ago

      The bunkers seem like a brilliant idea to help the people during the Cold War, when military attacks were a real possibility. The Soviets did it too, and they still maintain and test them today. Russia had drills just a year or so ago, which would have protected millions in Moscow alone. Rare Earth is a dumb douche.

  • boulder89984
    boulder89984 Day ago

    Nice 4 minute video packed into this long one

  • Albo Bossi
    Albo Bossi Day ago

    Amerika harxhon 1 trilion dollare ne Ushtri, arme,ba,a te fshehta dhe bunkere kudo. Keta qelbesira i kane lene njerzit pa strehe dhe punojne nga tre punera si skllever vetem te kene nje vend per te fjetur dhe nlte hane nje cope buke me kimikate. Amerikanet e urrejne sistemin komuniste sepse ai sistem nuk i la ti afroheshin Shqiperise dhe sot Amerikanet e kane kthyer ne republike bananeje ku na vodhen dhe rropen cdo pasuri natyrore ose ku flasin vetem per te drejta dhe parada pederastesh

  • Albo Bossi
    Albo Bossi Day ago

    Americans spend 1 Trillion Dollars on Military whilw many people are homeless. There are only rich and poor in America and people work like slaves three jobs just go afford to eat and have a roof over their heads. There are hidden areas in America like the secret area 51 in Nevada or many hodden bunkers and military bases. These are fucking Americans that propagate against our past communist system

  • Henji'sPlace
    Henji'sPlace Day ago

    There was a real threat of nukes and still is a very real threat that idea may not be so bad in the future looking back at how many them bunkers may end up saving. We are doomed to repeat history the only difference is now we have more destructive weapons. So do not be so quick to say it is bad it may be a saving factor one day for a lot of people and the guy who was thought to be off his rocker turned out to be the reason many lives are saved.

    • Henji'sPlace
      Henji'sPlace Hour ago

      +Rare Earth oh, i did not know that. Well then i feel stupid now.

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  Day ago

      These bunkers don't protect against nukes.

  • sailorashore
    sailorashore 2 days ago

    And now the working class East London estate of Gascoigne is full of Albanian drug dealers who supply cocaine to the bankers and Elite in England

  • wakcedout
    wakcedout 2 days ago

    I think millennials should watch this if they want to embrace socialism. Because this crazy dictator is what eventually happens.
    Not a matter of if, just when.

  • Damien Schafer
    Damien Schafer 3 days ago

    The title was more hype than the actual video. I was hoping for like a tour a video of the underground bases and tunnels. Well the history was interesting though.

  • Alistar zacalac
    Alistar zacalac 3 days ago

    star craft level paranoia?

  • Natasa Repovz
    Natasa Repovz 4 days ago

    I really like your video and your spunk! Awesome!

  • Shoudday Cha
    Shoudday Cha 5 days ago

    He was friend with Mao because..I think he needed to get the Albanian military get more modern weapons, equipment, factories and machinery...after he broke away from the Warsaw Pact. China at this time was also having some communist relationship issues with the Soviet too.(Communist mad at each other. Now that's funny.) Mao welcomed Enver as a few friend. Both did trade and supported each other....for a while or so. I think by the time when the Albanian military adopted their SKS version(In 1962. I think)many of the Soviet blockaded countries were already using AKM as standard issued rifle.

  • Chris Parlow
    Chris Parlow 5 days ago

    Very good l love your style. Great report.

  • Chya Boyy
    Chya Boyy 7 days ago

    my parents grew up in the reign of enver Hoxha. it was part of the school curriculum to have military training for days at a time in these bunkers. god bless America my friends.

  • Nobel Tv
    Nobel Tv 7 days ago

    im from kosovo!

  • hi how are you
    hi how are you 7 days ago

    When you spam level 10 forts across your entire country

  • Vladislavs Dovgalecs

    Sadly, those bunkers might be useful in the future...

  • Robert Griffith
    Robert Griffith 8 days ago

    Fuck Albania. This is a montonegro room

  • Bearded Elder
    Bearded Elder 8 days ago

    600 years..They barely exist for 200. Artificial nation and language assembled by Austria. They are not even from Balkans! It's amazing how someone can be shameless with it's own history. Was it so bad that you have to make a new one?

  • Milan Dičér
    Milan Dičér 8 days ago

    its like poorly planed switzerland :D that nation is too filled with more bunkers than houses :D

  • ┠R⃟²─D⃟²┨

    I almost proposed to my ex. Just dating her was a bad idea.

  • Jeffrey Clement
    Jeffrey Clement 8 days ago

    Holly crap. You sound like the awkward magician Kyle Eschen. lol This was hilarious.

  • Dustinmaester
    Dustinmaester 8 days ago

    Canada had also built like 100 underground nuclear bunkers during the cold war, it was normal thing then, I think most successful countries did.

  • Tylor Cardinal
    Tylor Cardinal 9 days ago

    Dicking down a bittie in one of these bunkers is a goal lol

  • Rayz channel
    Rayz channel 9 days ago

    Our government in the Netherlands just removed many of them we ain't proud of war like Russians or those country s That screaming with army shows we don't like war in many of those country's u Wil see tanks in city for show

    FSXNOOB - GAMES & MORE 9 days ago +1

    Best place to be if you are homeless..

  • Deep Thinker
    Deep Thinker 10 days ago

    super ugly bunkers. ottomans build beautiful mosques while enver hoxha build shit bunkers.

  • Cole Knowles
    Cole Knowles 10 days ago


  • wss wetghg
    wss wetghg 10 days ago

    very well scripted channel!

  • Eclipse YT
    Eclipse YT 11 days ago

    You forgot to talk about the enemies

  • Rotary Dude
    Rotary Dude 11 days ago

    Long Live King Zog!

    extraE MONTAMONTES 11 days ago +2

    how can someone be so condescending

  • multirandom100
    multirandom100 11 days ago

    I actually went to albania just to see the bunkers since we were allready in montenegro so we thought might as well :D

  • bingo bongo
    bingo bongo 12 days ago

    to keep the monkeys safe

  • VirtualHolocaust
    VirtualHolocaust 12 days ago

    i think you shit on the idea a little too hard. sure the number of them would have been insane the concept of them arent a bad idea. You underestimate the value of a pillbox and their ability to force multiply.

  • YourPlanetIsAToilet
    YourPlanetIsAToilet 14 days ago

    Sanctimonious Libtardian Shit!

  • Adam Katsaros
    Adam Katsaros 17 days ago

    there are so bunkers in Albania because Albanians fuck their goats (wives) there! 😂

  • Bill Russell
    Bill Russell 17 days ago

    Educational and brief good modern clip

  • Besi Vata
    Besi Vata 19 days ago

    The Only one thing interesting here is how stupid and uninformed is the reporter of this video,
    98% the bunkers don't exist anymore because people destroyed them for the steel they had and were sold for scrap keep an eye on real life people u going backward

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  15 days ago

      A. I'm not a reporter.
      B. I say that in the video.
      Good work, Besi Vata. You'll go far in life.

  • nuwavghost
    nuwavghost 19 days ago +1

    This sounds a lot like ¢hump’s vanity wall in the US.

  • Deraldo Domi
    Deraldo Domi 20 days ago

    This guy is talking bullshit he doesn't know anything about Albania.

  • James
    James 20 days ago

    Bunkers are good to have

  • Tatag Mutaqin
    Tatag Mutaqin 22 days ago

    i have many talk with them

  • jackinthesack
    jackinthesack 22 days ago

    You earned your self a subscriber friend great content I look forward watching more of your content!

  • John P
    John P 24 days ago

    I would like to have a few of those bunkers. If I got rid of the sand bags surrounding my house, maybe my neighbors would stop nagging me

  • Dennis Greene
    Dennis Greene 24 days ago

    Arm the citizens hmm sounds like the US we Had bunkers went to Capitolizm

  • Авихаил Гаккель

    Too naive review.

  • Тофик Абдуллаев

    Paranoia? Really? Paranoia was dropped on Japan? Or that were the real nuclear bomb?

    LEONG KING YEW 25 days ago

    These bunkers may turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

  • Z Hasangjekaj
    Z Hasangjekaj 26 days ago

    Greece and Yugoslavia were sworn enemies of Albania and the Albanians , they had to think twice because of the bunkers , yes hoxha was a ruthless dictator he had good things too not just bad things ((I’m an anti communist)) educating population, atheism, no one had the balls to even think about touching Albania , yes Albania is surrounded by sworn enemies that wanna put us into Adriatic Sea ,

  • Tony Soza
    Tony Soza 27 days ago

    Comunism-capitalism bankers and dept destroyed my great great country

  • Supreme KeK - Lord of KeKistan

    Enver Hoxha may have been a batshit paranoid crazy tosk but he saved Albania from the hungry wolves surrounding her. Btw the 750k bunkers is a bit of an exaggeration by a bit i mean alot. XD

  • Artur Ahmeti
    Artur Ahmeti Month ago

    As an albanian, grew up around them. Great place as playground though. I don't understand this fascination of the outsiders with bunkers. There's more to albania history than bunkers. If you need bunkers pictures, please dont bother to travel here. I can send you plenty.

  • Artur Ahmeti
    Artur Ahmeti Month ago

    It's very much exaggerated that 750,000. More like 250,000. Just to mention .

  • Rei Diko
    Rei Diko Month ago +1

    500 years under turkish domination, then 70 years under italian and german dominatiom. Well ofc he would build them.... in 1912 in London all Europe voted to cut Albania territory and give it to Greece, Macedonia ect..... sooo.... I would be paranoid too xD

  • Paul Rice
    Paul Rice Month ago

    Where is Albania 🇦🇱.

  • Paul Rice
    Paul Rice Month ago

    Mushroom 🍄

  • Paul Rice
    Paul Rice Month ago

    They should be turned into beer 🍻 taverns.

  • Paul Rice
    Paul Rice Month ago

    Their great places to smoke weed

  • Paul Rice
    Paul Rice Month ago

    I am running for President, I will be paranoid so get ready for many years of crappie living, of course I will be living good along with the people who support me so vote 🗳 for me .

  • Paul Rice
    Paul Rice Month ago

    I had a bad idea to watch this video

  • Albanian Mafia AKSH

    The only man that loved STALIN
    Enver Hoxha wew

  • Mitch Woody
    Mitch Woody Month ago

    okay, liberal

  • Lirian
    Lirian Month ago

    Will the bukers help us of somebody attack us

  • Si Ronconi
    Si Ronconi Month ago

    Great piece! Love it! Very cool that you have done a couple of videos while in Albania, I think your coverage is spot on. I lived there and my better half comes from Tirana. I am putting together a 5 episode series on Albania based on a travelers perspective doing odd things. First one out now on my channel, feel free to take a look :) what happens when you fly a drone close to the border...

  • James Coyne
    James Coyne Month ago

    Wonderful ty

  • x794z2000 x794z2000

    Prepare for the worst and hope for the best

  • New World Disorder
    New World Disorder Month ago

    I hope there is a bunker sprayed like R2D2 or BB8

  • Spectrum The Video Game

    You’ll be glad to have those bunkers for the coming conflict. History is slowly revealing that it wasn’t a delusion. Nobody commissions that many pillboxes without foresight

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  Month ago

      Of those that haven't been ripped up and sold for scrap, a vast majority have rotted into nothingness.
      They would be absolutely useless in any coming fight.

  • Wesley Oosterbosch
    Wesley Oosterbosch Month ago

    Actually, i find that EVERY country should provide enough bunkers and other shelters for EVERY single citizen in case of nucleair disaster.

    YUSKHAN Month ago

    At least he built bunkers for the entire population

  • Re Up
    Re Up Month ago

    Building these bunkers was a smart move if anything. The narrator is way too condescending and his jokes are cringey. Albania had both the USSR and the US to fear since it was neutral from both. It also had Yugoslavia on its doorstep who were sitting on a lot of ethnic Albanian-dominated land and a local conflict of any kind would have been blamed on Albania itself and would be used to invade it.

  • Fred Ferd
    Fred Ferd Month ago

    Well thought out, perceptive, coherent analysis! Well done!

  • PVH
    PVH Month ago

    What about Switzerland? Every home built in the latter stages of the Cold War (1970s and 1980s) and decades following the National Redoubt, included (by Law) construction of Fallout Shelters in homes and businesses built after the decree passed. Not including the myriad Civilian Bunkers built under cities, in random locations or the vehicle tunnels through the Alps with huge doors ready to seal off the mountain and support Civilians caught away from home offering hidden entrances to vast & well stocked complexes. I can't recall the exact ratio, but believe at the peak period, they had more spaces than citizens (I'll double check this number, so leave this as an open and not 100% factual & confirmed source)
    COG and Military Bunkers, as well as hardened bunkers used today to protect the Air Force and other equipment and Branches. Very interesting when you think ab the famously neutral State, maintaining a rigid and long standing Doctrine of Neutrality, but simultaneously preparing for a worst case scenario. Rather impressive! Plus, I imagine this provided a great morale boost for the Citizenry.
    Very cool video and great coverage w\ historical and IR/IA and FP background information! Liked and Subbed! Thank you!

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  29 days ago

      +PVH Ah, ok. I've had a few dozen comments saying they're comparable, so was just answering the same as there.
      If I'm in Switzerland, I'll definitely look into it. Thanks for the note!

    • PVH
      PVH Month ago

      +Rare Earth Didn't say it was. Asking/mentioning the subject as a possible future video, not making a direct comparison between the two

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  Month ago

      Having your home be a bomb shelter is not the same thing as having pillboxes littered throughout the country.
      They serve different purposes for different landscapes and militaries. Switzerland's made a bit more sense, and were infinitely more tactical.

  • OzeritOz
    OzeritOz Month ago

    You probably have no idea about history mate. You need a reality check about Balkans. Before you make a video for such a country with so complicated history do a better research first, fucking trash

  • TinyBolts GP
    TinyBolts GP Month ago

    i was at one of these

  • Moni lit
    Moni lit Month ago

    30k sq km and has 750,000 Bunkers 🤔🤔

  • Srećko Čuvalo
    Srećko Čuvalo Month ago

    Only thing Albania might potentially have more than Gas stations.

    • b012345100
      b012345100 Month ago +2

      Turists Srecko , foreign turists per year - more than bunkers and gas stations multiplied x 10 - .... given that we had 6 million of them this year.

  • Nild Malindi
    Nild Malindi Month ago

    That commie fuck used to put political prisoners inside those bunkers to test them. They would put people inside and throw a rocket at it. If the people died, the bunker wasn't good. He was a monster, i pray to God his bloodline is erased from this earth and no one goes through what us Albanians went through. There are also stories circulating (this was never denied in public) that when he was sick he needed blood transfusion, but because he didn't trust his own shadow, he ordered his people to go find healthy babies with his blood type so they could be used for transfusion, because apparently a sick old degenerate is more important than hundreds of little adorable babies.... When we see bunkers, we are reminded of him and that terrible part of our history. This is what bunkers should represent for tourists and visitors too, a dark time in our history.

  • dave berry
    dave berry Month ago +1

    It doesn't look like a bad idea at all.

  • TheBushdoctor68
    TheBushdoctor68 Month ago

    Paint em all like mushrooms and have a magical country!

  • TheBushdoctor68
    TheBushdoctor68 Month ago

    750,000? Holy shit!
    I guess the new world population will all be speaking Albanian....
    Smart guys, those Alby's.

  • theBatman
    theBatman Month ago +1

    You sheep it has been banker wars since the fall of Rome fuck Israel death is coming to the supporters as well the ppl are waking

  • infamous4141
    infamous4141 Month ago

    Albania is a European country in Europe.

  • Jin Hur
    Jin Hur Month ago

    Fuk this channel

  • Thomas Bleming
    Thomas Bleming Month ago +1

    I visited Tirana, Albania in early 1993.

  • Korin Williams
    Korin Williams Month ago +1

    Fix those bunkers

  • Ocean House
    Ocean House Month ago

    Seems like it would be handy to have some bunkers around incase of invasion...

  • mark steven
    mark steven Month ago +1

    we should all have a bunker . nukes .comets meteorites ,its just when not if

  • Julian Fejzo
    Julian Fejzo Month ago

    How to waste tons of money and ruin your country:
    - Brainwash your people telling them that everyone was the enemy
    - Lie to your people telling them that there will be invasions and build tons of bunkers instead of having durable allies

  • Sunshine Hurricane
    Sunshine Hurricane Month ago

    Albania is one of the oldest places on earth.albanians come from illyrian tribe .Albania was invaded by turkey for 500 years . They brought the muslim religion. Before turkey, albania was Christian, and it was very very developed. It was the only place in europe who did a massive protest on the slavery issue , in a time when in europe slavery wasn’t even known as a concept. After turkey , germany and italy invaded albania. But then it gained freedom . And it was under a dictatorship which turned albania an atheist country. The dictator took down almost all the churches and mosques. Also albania was the only place in europe who took jews when the genocide was happening , and we were also under german invasion.we took about 2000 jews in our homes , changed their names to albanian names and never delivered them to hitler. Now , we are a democratic place . And due to our history, we don’t classify as a muslim or christian place, we have all the religions here living in peace and harmony . We have mosques and churches right next to each other . We also have diff religions such as Buddhists ect ect . We also have a lot of spiritual people too, doing yoga meditating and stuff like that .
    Thank you for your visit to our country. I loved it ❤️

  • bbb bbb
    bbb bbb Month ago

    Albania is the best plase to survive zombie apocalypse

  • mordff nit
    mordff nit Month ago

    This is the most funniest video i've seen in this channel

  • 黑龍 - Hắc Long

    This actually gave me a reason to visit Albania.

  • Jamal Idrez
    Jamal Idrez Month ago

    Ou so you are saying that was a bad idea i dont think so
    In that time albania was the top 3 army for defense
    Reason why bcs westren countrys shared their land an left more albanians out than in her
    Sending people to poverty and without property
    What can a leader can do to defend his country when he dosent have any friends
    He make the ones who love albania ready to protect their land
    You might be right that none would invade albania but Greeks tried to invade with 20000 solider after WW2 after the great power meeting Slave took Kosovo which is 99% albania . Now Please anwer this so i dont say that this is a proganda video . You need to try it to know the pain of Albania History

  • Cave Dwelin
    Cave Dwelin Month ago +1

    When i was in Albania, i was in the Fire region and had the opportunity to check out the ancient Greek/Roman/Byzantine/Ottoman/Nazi/Communist fortification of Apollonia. As farms the eye could see, bunkers made for missile trucks. This hill had a vantage of the flatlands that saw up and down the coast to the horizon 16 kilometres away. I also had the pleasure to travel to Gjirokaster, a 2nd century castle used for all kinds of wars. In the midst of all the drives and walks I went on during my 1 month stay, I can attest to the fact that bunkers and pillboxes literally lie at every block and crossroads.

  • Bean Seanpiro
    Bean Seanpiro Month ago +1

    "Imagine having an idea so bad that it defines your nation" Hitlers hands start shaking

  • Ą Ŭ Ĝ Ą Ŭ Ŝ Ŝ Ŧ

    i have alot of bad ideas

  • Matthew Reid
    Matthew Reid Month ago +1

    What makes Albania different from Switzerland?
    It terms of self-defense, they only did what Switzerland did.
    Also, I would not consider it paranoid to feel distrustful after losing independence for over 600 years. Especially if the country was small and in a vulnerable location. What would you have done?

    • Rare Earth
      Rare Earth  Month ago

      The difference is in location, design, purpose, usage, and practicality.
      Saying they are both bunkers makes them seem similar, but they are drastically different. They did not do what Switzerland did.
      The threat made sense. The solution didn't.

  • Communist Puppy
    Communist Puppy Month ago

    Whats the problem with bunkers? I own my backyard

  • El Presidente
    El Presidente Month ago

    well, you know, history will remember you if you succeed or you fail badly