10 Places Science Can't Explain

  • Published on Mar 6, 2018
  • Some of our planet's most mysterious places seem to defy the laws of science. Here are some of such.
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    The devil's kettle waterfall is believed by some to be a gateway to another universe or even to hell itself. The two streamed waterfall has baffled geologists for decades as no one can work out where the water flowing into the kettle leads. It's as if it simply disappears. But that's not the only mysterious water structure. In the amazon river is now known to be a boiling river hot enough to kill any creature to fall into it. It was thought nothing more than a myth until it's recent discovery and no one knows why the water is hot enough to boil.
    In India stands a small village known for having a high twin rate. It's obvious why the settlement is now known as twin town but less obvious why so many twins are born here. Suggested answers include the claim that government experiments secretly changed the genetics of locals decades ago.
    Perhaps the most mysterious location is the zone of silence in Mexico, a place known for magnetic phenomena and as a dead zone for radio. You will receive no radio signal while in the zone and don't expect your compass to be reliable. Also watch out for mutated animals or strange alien like figures - those are never a good sign.

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  • Mikeila M.
    Mikeila M. 12 hours ago

    For number 7 how do they not know what the reason for the river that is hot it's kinda ovi.

  • Yxng Sisco Beatz
    Yxng Sisco Beatz 13 hours ago

    Don't understand why they don't just get a drone or some shit to go down the hole. It's not that hard

  • CelestteFlores
    CelestteFlores 17 hours ago

    what about the mystery spot in santa cruz??

  • Son of Sevenless
    Son of Sevenless 22 hours ago +1

    Well I mean I once saw a guy put all the Bible’s in the fiction section in barns and nobles

    CRAGAMING134 23 hours ago

    Read the Bible

  • Danny Burrows
    Danny Burrows Day ago

    are you fucking for real?

  • Mary J. Jones
    Mary J. Jones Day ago

    the india one is dumb because genetics show that those who have twins pass on genes making it more likely to have twins, SO if these people are in an area that generations generally tend to sta apart of, especially if not many new bloodlines move there, AND their was a mutation or whatever coming from father and mother that gives them higher chance of having identicals, then the twins rates woud get higher and higher, especially at any chance of inbreeding that might occur which would make even more pissibiliy for twins. This is a small tight knit indian village that seems to take proud in their genes so they may want to maintain that bloodline, only marrying families within the village, Honestly I bet if they were DNA tested most of them would be related

  • Joshua Allan
    Joshua Allan Day ago +1

    Fairy circles have been solved. It's termites.

  • Mahdi Ahmed
    Mahdi Ahmed Day ago

    damn kim pays hoes to suck his dick he a chaser

  • Mr J
    Mr J Day ago

    ships disappearing and no one knows of any wreckage or anything?
    come on...matter can't just disappear. Especially with all these explorers all over the world.

  • Kasey Prutti
    Kasey Prutti Day ago

    This video annoys me

  • Jeff Fiore
    Jeff Fiore 2 days ago

    #7 Volcanic source???

    • Mary J. Jones
      Mary J. Jones Day ago

      it says when i looked it up that it is no where near any volcanic activity or magma so which is a big part of why it is such a mystery. If its not getting it from volcanic plates, then where?

  • Jeff Fiore
    Jeff Fiore 2 days ago +1

    #10. Water disappears underground maybe stays underground ???

    • Mary J. Jones
      Mary J. Jones Day ago

      I looked it up and it says the river volume before it splits into the waterfalls and after stays the same which means it must just reconnect shortly after it disconnects with the other water

  • Kasey Prutti
    Kasey Prutti 2 days ago

    4:15 its called a hot spring....

    • Mary J. Jones
      Mary J. Jones Day ago

      No. Thats why its a mystery, no volcanic fields within 400 miles

  • Der Zohan
    Der Zohan 2 days ago

    1:22 wtf? Stfu

  • Hayden Conning
    Hayden Conning 2 days ago +1

    Number 9 is mother natures tiddie

  • Jeff Tube
    Jeff Tube 2 days ago

    5:17 bro that’s Santa Clause

  • forever0042000
    forever0042000 2 days ago +1

    Foreign languages don’t sound the same at all chinese compared to Arabic compared to Spainish compared to Korean compared to Hindi way different-- if you are ignorant then yes all you see and hear is foreigners

  • Hi Wants a dollar
    Hi Wants a dollar 3 days ago +24

    I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 2000 likes and I’ll jump in the hole

    • jmz108jmz
      jmz108jmz 2 days ago +3

      Damn get ready bro you're close

    • Payton Baudelaire
      Payton Baudelaire 2 days ago


  • SuperUnitato
    SuperUnitato 3 days ago

    I love how many people can't tell this is a troll

  • jake GÎBBŸ
    jake GÎBBŸ 3 days ago

    I hope the language thing was a joke

  • Jagdip Randhawa
    Jagdip Randhawa 3 days ago

    Dude do you actually listen to your own videos and wonder how full of crap they are. Water flows to Parallel universe, ufo, all foreign sound the same, what the f

  • Swesh Mortals
    Swesh Mortals 3 days ago

    Water goes down the kethole

  • Adam Pm
    Adam Pm 3 days ago

    "Why do all foreign languages sound the same?" ?!?! Wtf is wrong with this guy?

  • XIX NiNjA PrOs
    XIX NiNjA PrOs 3 days ago

    right mate, THERE, not “vere”, THE, not “vhe” the same with THIS, THAT, WITHIN

  • Xxbabygixrl Time
    Xxbabygixrl Time 3 days ago

    OMG THE WATER DISAPPEARS....my dawg it’s called evaporation

  • Yungz •
    Yungz • 4 days ago +2

    Can some one tell me who the bird with black hair in the Tik Tok ads is 😂😭

  • Dogmators
    Dogmators 4 days ago

    Russias baltic teritory? go learn geography you retard!

  • Gregg A
    Gregg A 4 days ago

    there's a lot more than 10 ppl - i mean people think space is a vacuum because they are told so even though it makes zero sense and heat could not pass through it for 93 MILLION miles.... its ridiculous....just because they fool you with math that cannot be proven...and don't tell me theres video and photo proof... its all fake CGI bullshit. open your minds people!!

  • Austin Brown
    Austin Brown 4 days ago

    This dude lost me when he said women think Kim is attractive 😂. The dude has a gun to their families head, they will do anything.

  • Massimo D'Amico
    Massimo D'Amico 4 days ago

    Must be voodooo magic

  • Az7ecs0411
    Az7ecs0411 4 days ago

    3:17 box in the sea?

  • Jordan Skene
    Jordan Skene 4 days ago

    There is one person who could've for maybe 5 mins in the boiling river at just below 95 degrees Celsius this guy should be able to stay for 5 minutes as he's stayed in a bathtub for 3 minute which had 130 degrees Celsius water in it

  • Mr. Priimexx
    Mr. Priimexx 4 days ago

    Damn wheres Florida

  • Joe Sith
    Joe Sith 4 days ago

    you sir are a fucking idiot...

  • Azizur Rahman
    Azizur Rahman 5 days ago

    'Amazon Rainforest children of Nasty war criminals who live like monkeys'' did I hear that right mate are you feeling ok narrator ?

  • HaTeD-_-Disciple 𖤐{THS1}

    Till this day scientists still don’t know why we pour milk after cereal

    • Jordan Skene
      Jordan Skene 3 days ago

      And you are partially true but sometimes people have different reasons like i just like i want my cereal more soggy or something similiar but most of the time it is because you get more cereal

    • Jordan Skene
      Jordan Skene 3 days ago

      Anyway I'm not too worried about that as I wasn't talking about that specifically but it just obviously came out that way even tho I didn't mean it to but that's cool

    • Jordan Skene
      Jordan Skene 3 days ago

      most of the time I have barely any cereal and mainly milk so i add cereal last plenty of people add it last too

    • Gunnar Marr
      Gunnar Marr 4 days ago

      +Jordan Skene thats why we do it!

    • Gunnar Marr
      Gunnar Marr 4 days ago

      +Jordan Skene i really just 100% explained it! Try it urself, fill up a bowl with milk then add cereal, then do it again the other way with milk last. U will have way more if the milk comes last

  • nasariosilva
    nasariosilva 5 days ago

    He said why do women find kinda jong so attractive? Cause he got all the food and supplies lol

  • Ron G.L.
    Ron G.L. 5 days ago

    Something tells me that scientists do not say things like, "the water falls into a different dimension." Some say its magic or witches." If the guy that got to the top of the stripped hill in Siberia had a heart attack when he got there, who went and got him? And did he die of a heart attack too?

  • dbae1004
    dbae1004 6 days ago

    “why do women find kim jung un attractive?” because if they dont they finna get shot. im south korean btw so dw

  • Aloyce Lyimo
    Aloyce Lyimo 6 days ago

    If science cant explain... God can😊😊

  • ennyyyable
    ennyyyable 6 days ago

    this whole video is so cringe

  • Noob Review
    Noob Review 6 days ago

    Science can explain everything. Humans can't... not yet.

  • HeyIt'sAsh !
    HeyIt'sAsh ! 6 days ago

    Have I been linked or was this a real video?

  • Patrick star
    Patrick star 6 days ago

    If someone really wants to know where everything goes in the kettle. Jump in!!! I'm kidding dont.

  • DreamCloud
    DreamCloud 6 days ago

    Here's what I learned from this video... when you can't explain something blame dragons and aliens

  • Alex -
    Alex - 6 days ago

    0:07 they find him attractive because he is

  • Jonathan S
    Jonathan S 6 days ago

    Everything in this video is easily explainable. Science is bullshit and anyone involved thinks they know everything when they can’t explain shit

  • Family Vondruska
    Family Vondruska 6 days ago +1

    Casper... Is that you?!!

  • W Minogue
    W Minogue 6 days ago

    I stopped watching after the first one. Parallel universe? Really?! Could have suggested underground aquifers or lakes, but nope, parallel universe.

  • Johnleonard Dauag
    Johnleonard Dauag 6 days ago


  • James Leeds
    James Leeds 7 days ago +3

    It’s so irritating when he says vat, errmmmm it’s called “that”

    • Sophi Edits
      Sophi Edits 2 days ago

      James Leeds It’s his accent that causes him to pronounce it like that.

  • Slavin Balen
    Slavin Balen 7 days ago

    narrator attacks with his voice color

  • Anthony Raymond
    Anthony Raymond 7 days ago

    The reason why women like Kim Jong Un is because he doesn't support ISIS & AL QEADA or Nazis in the Ukraine.
    Perhaps you Poms could get your Politicians to stop supporting Wahhibi & Takfiri Headchoppers throughout the Middle East, Africa, and Asia? And get the fuck out of the Ukraine now!!! White Helmets = AL QEADA = UK = War Criminals

  • Omar Hany
    Omar Hany 7 days ago

    5:24 that a heavy sniper

  • xian quadros
    xian quadros 7 days ago

    All foreign languages are not the same only languages with same language family will sound alike..still not the same!!!

  • The Real Danklink
    The Real Danklink 7 days ago

    All of these have explainations and facts about them, actual evidence. He keeps saying things like "nobody knows" and "the explaination is too boring for this video" and "theres no widely accepted explaination" when there obviously is. Laaaame👎👎

  • Brian Roberts
    Brian Roberts 7 days ago

    Loved it once i heard the minnesota joke lol

  • Terrorbell
    Terrorbell 7 days ago

    If number 1 isn't a your mom joke I'm copyright striking this

  • Donald Sayers
    Donald Sayers 7 days ago

    (10-16 seconds into the video)
    "Things scientists still can't explain, like why do women find Kim Jong-un so attractive?"
    (17 seconds into the video)
    Me looking for something else to watch on TVclip.

  • yodiejulian
    yodiejulian 8 days ago

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  • siemprerosso
    siemprerosso 8 days ago

    OFAH Cwyuing anyone?

  • jaxon pery
    jaxon pery 8 days ago

    um did he just roast a psychopath with nuclear weapons

  • melissa 3.141
    melissa 3.141 8 days ago

    Women 'find Kim Jung un (however you spell it) 'attractive' because it's not going to prison camp to be worked to death. And foreign languages do not all sound the same. Weird and re dom.

  • prado
    prado 8 days ago

    did he just diss Kim Jong-Un?

    CHRISTOPHER ADAMS 8 days ago

    Warning, this video will lower your IQ.

  • Notso fun
    Notso fun 8 days ago

    twin town just fuck with each other use common sense

  • Notso fun
    Notso fun 8 days ago

    1.it goes in caves under the rocks
    2.its a huge niple
    3.its 2018 stop that bs
    4.fuck im tired of stupid ppl im out

  • Firdaus Elis Majid
    Firdaus Elis Majid 8 days ago

    Narrator, please release your finger from pinching your nose

  • MichaelGraham
    MichaelGraham 8 days ago

    Some people believe in the weirdest shet

  • Darius Allison
    Darius Allison 8 days ago

    lol this is funny

  • TheSmosis
    TheSmosis 8 days ago

    bet if i threw my phone in that first water hole and told my gf if she finds it then she can go through it that itll be found

  • StruckOne
    StruckOne 8 days ago

    1. Canada

  • welsh logic
    welsh logic 9 days ago

    his voice though.

  • Russ Pink
    Russ Pink 9 days ago

    That first one is so stupid.

  • Larry Kelley
    Larry Kelley 9 days ago

    the faerie circles have been found to be caused by a termite or ant that lives in the ground under the circles

  • Huma Saffdar
    Huma Saffdar 9 days ago

    This moving lights in the sky I have also seen one. Me my sister and cousin all watched and it was a cloudy evening. We couldn’t find any one near who might be doing it on clouds. It went on for hours then we got bored and just stoped finding explanation. Where my house is in Pakistan many unexplained things have been observed in the whole area by many people living there. At least everyone i met or talked to. I had lived there for 25 years.

  • †æœs†
    †æœs† 9 days ago

    Look at my finger, good, that's good. Now look closer...

  • True is God
    True is God 10 days ago


  • realboonie
    realboonie 10 days ago

    very stupid video...

  • Charlie Newman
    Charlie Newman 10 days ago


  • polari
    polari 10 days ago

    If sientists cab't explaing underground rivers
    Magnetic fields
    Why sea over litosfar area is behaving odly
    Ancient civilications making large temples for gods
    Why river most likely over hot spot in earths crust is hot
    And other stuff like that we are in trouble.
    You should seriosly check your facts before making videos like this...

  • Phillip von Scheven
    Phillip von Scheven 10 days ago

    This sounds like a parody tho

  • Joe Cme
    Joe Cme 10 days ago

    Nothing grows on the crater ..... except for the trees on it

  • Kie
    Kie 11 days ago

    Which species on Earth have the longest farts which cross the more tones and frequencies?

  • Kayla Goldstein
    Kayla Goldstein 11 days ago

    Why don’t they throw a tracker into the hole and see where it goes 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • S.0.S
    S.0.S 11 days ago +1

    Shitty narration and false information makes for a big fat thumbs down

  • E A
    E A 11 days ago

    Is this a off season April fools joke?

  • Jeseph Willis
    Jeseph Willis 11 days ago

    I thought "fairy circles" are areas where uncommon growth happens?

  • Jeseph Willis
    Jeseph Willis 11 days ago

    A portal eh?...
    *smacks forehead*

  • tommy sport
    tommy sport 11 days ago

    Wish to know more,,,,,zorra of hollow earth.com thanks for your vid,,,,,best wishes.

  • tapps4260
    tapps4260 12 days ago

    your an idiot

  • Crimson Wolf
    Crimson Wolf 12 days ago

    Magical mythical place called Minnesota

  • A_broccoli_ head
    A_broccoli_ head 12 days ago

    why does german sound like chinese?!?? I'm so confused they sounds exactly alike

  • Dirty Dan
    Dirty Dan 13 days ago

    1:34 that’s not Siberia! it’s not snow covered.

  • Qualava
    Qualava 13 days ago

    Number ten, no one fucking realised that they can tie a camera to a rope, and drop it into the water to see..

  • Lombe Lombe
    Lombe Lombe 13 days ago

    Poisonous bweath

  • Lombe Lombe
    Lombe Lombe 13 days ago

    Water is transported to a parallel universe.

  • Night RageZ
    Night RageZ 13 days ago

    At #2 Who would name a land "Chihuahua"? Is it because of a dog?

  • Paige Scaffidi
    Paige Scaffidi 14 days ago

    Uh, sorry, I don't know of any women who find Kim Jong Un attractive and all languages sound distinctly different to me, thanks for your sexist conjectures, I won't watch this video. Nice try