Ray Dalio's hedge fund bets $1 billion that stocks will fall: WSJ

  • Published on Nov 22, 2019
  • The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that Ray Dalio's hedge fund Bridgewater is using put options to bet more than a billion dollars that global markets will fall by March. Sarat Sethi, managing partner at Douglas C. Lane, and Mike Santoli, CNBC's senior markets commentator, join "Squawk Box" to discuss.

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  • david de la tiare
    david de la tiare 15 days ago

    that AH already lost 1B saying BS

  • Yaser Khamis
    Yaser Khamis 16 days ago +4

    why are they all talking at the same time?

  • Stephen Sawyer
    Stephen Sawyer 17 days ago +1

    You... can’t... time... the... market... just invest.

  • Angelin Bobîrsc
    Angelin Bobîrsc 18 days ago

    Fire Joe !

  • hyou zan ren
    hyou zan ren 20 days ago

    This is why I leave US market and enter Asia market! 😚😚😚.... Waiting for big bargains for US market next year!

  • Gene Au
    Gene Au 22 days ago

    Fake news.

  • Anders Bodin
    Anders Bodin 22 days ago

    Hedge fond managers are bad investors

  • YooToobModerator
    YooToobModerator 24 days ago +3

    When everyone is talking at the same time there is nothing to learn..

  • Philip Lewis
    Philip Lewis 29 days ago

    He runs a hedge fund. That pretty well explains what he is doing! Blessings and peace.

  • Jeremy Baybayan
    Jeremy Baybayan Month ago

    Hedge play... it's a principle.

  • iam1ina1000000
    iam1ina1000000 Month ago +1

    If anyone wants to know what Ray Dalio thinks next week, be sure to tune in to the Max Kaiser show on RT news today... Ray consistently repeats everything Max says, (a strange 'coincidence' to see how that poser Ray Dalio always thinks the exact same thought Max Kaiser shared on RT news a week before.)

  • Kaveh Zoghi
    Kaveh Zoghi Month ago

    A bunch of idiots trying to diss Dario!

  • norcalreppin1
    norcalreppin1 Month ago

    Dude hates USA

  • Trent Petersen
    Trent Petersen Month ago

    We are only in a recession statistically.....don't worry the 2 TRILLION for the failing banks went smoothly. All is well.

  • Christopher O'Shaughnessy

    I thought that WSJ article was debunked?

  • Michael Rumbles
    Michael Rumbles Month ago

    National insurance works you have to work and invest easy simple

  • J
    J Month ago

    Additional Traiff will infuse market decline , market will drop more when panic kick in

  • Jacques Nicolay
    Jacques Nicolay Month ago +3

    It’s put options.. it’s more like insurance Incase the market goes down. He’s spending 1% of his net wealth in management to save it Incase the market drops 50%. That’s not a bet that the market is going down. It’s insurance Incase it goes down. Very different. Everyone buys insurance.. even billionaires.

  • Sourish Saha
    Sourish Saha Month ago +1

    tiktok everyone

  • Gilbert
    Gilbert Month ago

    so if Warren sells all the fools like me wanna see, which if you think about it is when I should buy. Maybe Warren does it to have some stocks become cheaper for his friends or associates that will benefit. anyone agree?

  • vbboyd
    vbboyd Month ago +2

    Listen to all of these corporate talking heads trying to shill and spin this whole thing. It is nothing short of disgusting.

  • EVOL Voodoo
    EVOL Voodoo Month ago

    yes you've " hyped" a lot of his calls and others. fukin shillers

  • GlennBen
    GlennBen Month ago

    Your average Joe vs Ray Dalio

  • Wade Adams
    Wade Adams Month ago

    All you Paper Money Millionaires your paper money is on life support along with the stock market that the Federal Reserve keeps pumping up with quantitative easing and rate cuts and you Paper Money Millionaires are going to find out that the financial crisis of 2008 is going to finish what it started no more bailouts just ask automobile companies haha your paper money is on life support but my gold and silver show ain't and you're going to see historical levels in gold and silver because that paper fiat currency is done just ask Venezuela 1 oz of silver the people are eating for three months paper money they are starving and it's coming to America believe that

  • Travis Chang
    Travis Chang Month ago

    Recession or stock market collapse/ correction is a real concern to Ray Dalio--small hedge (1.5/150) relatively or otherwise. It's significant for him to spend $1.5b; he's not doing this everyday. On relativity, $1.5b on a single-idea bet (i.e. stock index will fall) is akin to betting 1.5b on say, a company. If he ever does that, or does that regularly, then this WSJ headline is sensationalizing; else, it's not entirely so.

  • Cole
    Cole Month ago

    News guy asking hedge MPs what is the news going to be talking about first of the year... Smh

  • imeldo marcos
    imeldo marcos Month ago

    Makes sense a healthy correction is actually good for the market. The big names are too expensive.

  • Wade Adams
    Wade Adams Month ago

    That stock market is on life support it's so far detached from reality it ain't funny I invest in gold and silver and you should too because when a stock market fails and your paper fiat currency is no good no gold no silver I do believe that you will bleed and bleed bad

    • Wade Adams
      Wade Adams Month ago

      @Re3iRtH oh and don't forget that we can never ever ever raised interest rate because when they do the House of Cards comes tumbling down that's why they keep cutting rates the 2008 financial crisis is going to finish what it started and you are going to find this out

    • Wade Adams
      Wade Adams Month ago

      @Re3iRtH why you're living in a country that 23 trillion dollars in debt and over 65 billion dollars Ode to the automobile sector and the retail apocalypse that sweeping through our country I think you're going to find out big man when your stock market and your fiat currency that's paper that is backed by nothing you're going to be wishing that you had gold and silver I got plenty of fiat currency and It's Goin Down believe that

    • Re3iRtH
      Re3iRtH Month ago

      @Wade Adams Gold and silver doesn't pay me every month, and I can't eat them. Therefore, a poor and uninteresting asset to own.

    • Wade Adams
      Wade Adams Month ago

      @Re3iRtH oh no my friend I am nowhere near poor nowhere near it I just know what's coming in the future and I am all set up for it I got a hundred thousand CD I'm cashing in over 2000 oz of silver and 20 oz of gold I don't think I'm broke buddy and when you comment you better know what you're talkin about which you don't

    • Re3iRtH
      Re3iRtH Month ago

      You sound poor.

  • Christian tønnesen
    Christian tønnesen Month ago +1

    And they were right!!!

  • Thatguyinthathat. s

    Few weeks ago... recession recession... now Recession who. Lol.

  • TheShaha26
    TheShaha26 Month ago +2

    Is there an app that can only mute Joe Kernen?

  • Cormac Daly
    Cormac Daly Month ago

    Clicked on this link because Dalio is a legend but it's just these idiots talking so goodbye

  • The Podcaster
    The Podcaster Month ago


  • Patrick Notstar
    Patrick Notstar Month ago

    Buffet was in a stable economy where value investing meant something, nowadays everything is way overvalued and it’s all gonna come crashin. RIP boomers trying to retire

  • Ruben Duarte
    Ruben Duarte Month ago +8

    This type news alone make the stocks drop

  • Newf Ie
    Newf Ie Month ago +1

    how about the goverment voting in favor of legalization???????? find it funny all theses smoke and mirrors be flashed .... get on the band wagon its great. trudy didnt do much be he did get the world to open up.. stay safe merica

  • enviso - investing
    enviso - investing Month ago

    CNBC = Fake media

  • Petroleum Jelly
    Petroleum Jelly Month ago +1

    CNBC is such garbage 🤮

  • Mark Elliot
    Mark Elliot Month ago

    Dalio made a brilliant bet so you better print some more to pay him off.
    Derivatives are a tax deductable, and because it's speculative, they get paid before depositers do.
    If dalio sold off at a high, he could start a drop through automatic algorithm sell levels, win his bet, and buy the cheaper shares. The rich get richer .

  • Mariners
    Mariners Month ago

    Fake money in a fake matrix. Gold and silver. The fed is pumping trillions of fake $$ into the market

  • F M
    F M Month ago

    He literally posted on twitter that this was a false article and that this was a hedge not a bet

  • jacob18925
    jacob18925 Month ago

    This might be the biggest yolo play

  • David P
    David P Month ago

    He manages tens of billions. A 1 billion short will mean he’s still net long the market. Very misleading WSJ article. Journalism has just gone to shit

  • ablackprep
    ablackprep Month ago

    Must be nice.....
    If I had 1 billion dollars 💵 I wouldn’t bet any of it

    • ablackprep
      ablackprep Month ago

      Betting is different than investing

    • shakir miah
      shakir miah Month ago

      ablackprep you make billions by risking millions. That’s why you don’t have billions. Money in bank isn’t growing

  • Dan Wheeler
    Dan Wheeler Month ago

    does CNBC get a tax credit for hiring joe since he has special needs?

  • Skeptoptimist
    Skeptoptimist Month ago

    This "news" clip is a joke. People exchanging ignorance with each other - Get Dalio on and ask him directly or move on, stop wasting our time with nonsense.

  • Austin Abrahan
    Austin Abrahan Month ago

    I have 6 stocks in Microsoft and 8 in nasdaq do I keep buying or sell

  • Charlie AnC
    Charlie AnC Month ago

    Trump signs Hong Kong bill, Dalio wins again

  • Lawrence L.
    Lawrence L. Month ago +1

    The news media is f'n dumb...it's their job to create panic and sensationalism. Not that different from TVcliprs, as well I suppose -- or anyone in show business, or sales and brokering and marketing.

  • Ali Naveed
    Ali Naveed Month ago

    That's fake news. He clarified on his twitter account. Dint believe me, look it up.

  • HowHeDoIt
    HowHeDoIt Month ago

    Sooo, how do you get in? Link?

  • Donald Draper
    Donald Draper Month ago

    the big short

  • Juan Martinez
    Juan Martinez Month ago

    What is this? I really don't think that Ray Dalio Will buy naked options. He's probably just getting some put options to lock his risk.

  • Jason Hockly
    Jason Hockly Month ago +1

    This is just a few amateurs who have been getting it wrong lately plenty.

  • cmpdas
    cmpdas Month ago

    so bored with "its going to crash" videos. i know gold and crypto bugs love them. how about a basically boring year with some decent gains. that won't get more viewers though

  • cmpdas
    cmpdas Month ago +2

    a hedge fund hedging....go figure

  • Dan
    Dan Month ago

    Fake news. Dalio has no bet against the 500

  • MrBigEnchilada
    MrBigEnchilada Month ago +2

    This is fake news man wtf, they putting out clickbait again. He's just found a good pricing on the bet, that's it.

  • foodnetworks
    foodnetworks Month ago

    It does not take a genius to know that the market is going to fall once it hits a little over 28,000 points... Institutional traders sell off ... The repurchase on the dip.... Look at the historic price chart...

  • Pierre Aribaut
    Pierre Aribaut Month ago

    So it's just to cover some bull positions?