John Legend Appears On ‘Surviving R. Kelly’

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • After John Legend was the only major artist willing to appear on the R. Kelly docuseries “Surviving R. Kelly”, Roz Weston and Graeme O’Neil react during "ET Canada Live".
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Comments • 2 984

  • No SmokeTv
    No SmokeTv 38 minutes ago

    What type of man get on video and talk down on another man John legend in the closet

  • KING Peralta
    KING Peralta 19 hours ago

    John legend is a bitch he mad cause kells is a better singer then him

  • amna jabbar
    amna jabbar Day ago

    R Kelly is still a thing😳😳🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ i really thought he was shunned from the music industry!! 🤔🤔 this world loves pedofilers?! Naaaaaaasty!!

  • Jen Hicks
    Jen Hicks Day ago

    R Kelly hasn't been convicted yet of a crime nor has he been charged or arrested, that doesn't mean he's not guilty but until these young women take action this will allow him to continue. Pedophilia is not a black or white women issue it's world issue. R Kelly's behavior is publicly known and has been for years, yet these parents gambled their daughters to jump start a career and they lost. R Kelly has amazing talent, I don't think people want to be told by the media what they can and cannot do. R Kelly is the symptom not the root cause.

  • Lawrence DeHarde
    Lawrence DeHarde 2 days ago

    John Legend is a Prick

  • UWECHUE George
    UWECHUE George 3 days ago

    Companies stream music for artists and earn a commission, Rkelly is one of the highest streamed RnB acts, theater owners book out their halls for concerts to make money, Rkellys concerts are always sold out , Companies sell concert tickets for a commission, Rkelly tickets will give you a whole lot of commission as they are usually completely sold out in weeks. These guys saying they dont get why any one would do those things simply show that they are not smart enough to realize that money rules the world, and they just wanna make money. Jay Z and Celine dionne have had hits with Rkelly, so coming out to talk negative about him would really not go down well so i understand their refusal to be on air about it, they may be disgusted but i dont think they will ever want to be part of a bring rkelly down movement

  • Linda 01X
    Linda 01X 3 days ago


  • Linda 01X
    Linda 01X 3 days ago

    I got chills

  • Terminatorx81
    Terminatorx81 3 days ago

    Lifetime what about surviving Harvey Weinstein? He just got some of his charges dropped against his accuser Ashley Judd. He is getting away with his crimes where is the metoo and the feminist movement on that issue? Wow everybody's quiet about Harvey Weinstein, but they want to go after Michael Jackson R. Kelly and now Chris Brown I wonder why. 🤔 If we're going to talk about sexual harassment and abuse towards women we need to talk about everyone who's guilty.

  • Gabriel Armsted
    Gabriel Armsted 3 days ago

    Yet these white mean are not talking about their own that do this shit all the time. White people have no moral high ground.

  • danny harding
    danny harding 4 days ago

    I have only just read all the court cases against him , ITS UNREAL HOW HE HASNT EVER BEEN IN PRISON

    JETTABUSY 4 days ago

    somebody from the mute R Kelly campaign raped R Kelly and they know he can't read or write and they are desperately trying to silence his voice so he can't tell us what they did.. This Is America. No victims shall be silenced.. Justice for the Male victims too Love is Love families

  • mtg909mtg
    mtg909mtg 4 days ago

    Most of these girls didn't want to testify againgst R. Kelly at that time. So no testimony no case. Now with this documentary maybe it'll be the first step to stop it. 51 years old only for R. Kelly pretty sure he's still doing it.

  • Babe29doll
    Babe29doll 5 days ago

    Dam the elites are definitely taking R Kelly down .. WAKE UP my people! Don’t sign that contract it’s not worth it . The Satan doesn’t love you in actuality he hates us bc we are the chosen by Yahweh... he gives u fame and Fortune for your soul lol and believe or not your soul is YOU not a Spirit.., when will you learn 🙄🤔😳

  • Universal Knowledge
    Universal Knowledge 5 days ago +1

    Black and white race people, are a myth for the brainwashed, beneath the Matrix.
    Never seen skin tone as white as milk, not even with albinos; nor skin tone as black as oil, not even with the south Sudanese.
    We're all different shades of pink or brown.
    Colourless human beings don't exist either, we are all people of color. Colored pink race and colored brown race people.

  • Zero Energy
    Zero Energy 5 days ago

    Botttom line is R kelly is having the sexual fun all men desire!! WITH CONSENT from young (teenage girls are not innocent) and old women!!! The "abuse" must be Sadomasochism!!!

  • thabo mntambo
    thabo mntambo 5 days ago

    Let's correct the man rather than destroying him, no one who is perfect here even u, u have your own scandal it doesn't help to destroy the man let's get some specialist to help him.

  • Shanai Veal
    Shanai Veal 5 days ago

    This is 2019 not 1995 lady u bout three decades behind

    TOLRADIOSHOWMSN 6 days ago

  • donald mwenera
    donald mwenera 6 days ago

    when American's want you die it doesn't matter how much they used to like you i think R.kelly he is the next price to be sacrificed from Michael Jackson the reality will come on after he will be gone for good so now is hunted from the music industry to his individual life the will be million of women claim of sex abused from him while they where the one sick to test his cock

  • OneStopClips
    OneStopClips 6 days ago

    Does he believe he can fly in prison?

  • Non-Ya #1
    Non-Ya #1 6 days ago

    I believe the girls was trying to be grown and hot in the ass. Let's be clear what parent would allow their 15 16 17 yr old child to leave and go hang with a grown man talking about a singing career. I'm lost🤔next most of the women stayed at their own will😒Hints🙄R Kelly did all those horrible things yet the only reason most of the women left was bc they were hungry😒really bihh🤦so they didn't leave when R Kelly had them fucn each other & minors😭bihhh bye😡at that point I was done🤷#NotGuilty in addition at the end of the day most of the women left on their own🤷"not held hostage" and living in hotels by themselves🤔where was R Kelly🤔so once again "not trapped" and the ones that stayed made that choice hints old girl said I left and got to the airport and she called her so called abuser R Kelly hoping he would answer the phone and to tell her to come back😁SMFH🤦I'm dead😭LMAO😅not guilty🤷on top of that she said R Kelly didn't even answer her call yet he's controlling her😬more like he didn't give 2 fucs about her leaving🤷put me on the jury #NotGuilty

  • javier singh
    javier singh 6 days ago

    R kelly is the american dream

  • Julian Glasgow
    Julian Glasgow 6 days ago

    Smh I see judgement every where towards this man, and many of you need to check yourself. I don't stand for wrong doing, but at the end of the day, that man has one judgement and it's our father above. He still have life today, so look at that as a sign and asked yourselves, who's judgment is more effective. Smh this God for asking world we're in. If they don't have a story these days, they make one smh

  • Edson Francisco
    Edson Francisco 6 days ago

    The fundamental right. ... The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 11, states: "Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumedinnocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence.".

  • FIGHTFANNERD9.I'm Gay for Moonbin

    me too movement with black lives matter in the comment section....

  • FIGHTFANNERD9.I'm Gay for Moonbin

    why is this coming out now

  • Uthmaan Abrahams
    Uthmaan Abrahams 6 days ago

    Hollywood what a wonderful place lol yeah follow this deceptive life theres no benefit in it and its shown

  • A Girl
    A Girl 6 days ago

    John Legend is a decent man and his daughter ( s ) are lucky to have him as their father 💜💞

  • Jessi J
    Jessi J 6 days ago

    Now Why is John legend spaeking up Now ?? Dint everybody know years befor !!!???? What about everybody Else ? Jay z p diddy Elvis and much more !! ?? Everybody still Listen to them ! So there it was ok jayz 27 foxy 15 ! Dint he meet beypnce wenn she were 17 ! Elvis we all know ! Diddy his First babymama 16 he 25 !!! So Why is legend ain’t talking about all that shit !!?? I am confused?! What Kind of shit is going on I don’t understand this word no more ! And what’s up wit them parents ?? We’re they been when the kids meet all these man ?? Why ain’t no parent went there to fuck them people up ! Now they stand outside waiting for somebody to come out of the studio on surving r Kelly ! If that would be my kid in there nobody could stop me from going in I would kill for my kids !! So what is really going on here???!!!!!

  • joseph james
    joseph james 7 days ago

    Black folk are the most controlled and manipulated group of people of earth.

    HEAVYGUNZ05 7 days ago

    R stay strong

  • Primate Punch
    Primate Punch 7 days ago

    John Legend is a "Hypocrite". He was taking pics with Harvey Weinstein and Wendy Williams has a lot of nerve to be on here when her Boy Charlamange tha wannabe god. Was doing the same thing with young girls

  • Tynesha Brown
    Tynesha Brown 7 days ago

    I dont get how you could vote for trump

  • Mary Woods
    Mary Woods 7 days ago

    this isn't a shock for me...this happens allot in America...the rich and powerful always feel above the law when it comes to hurting what they consider people they think are powerless

  • Maverick Artitude Entertainment

    It's curtains for this cat, he won't get away this time. They got Cosby, it will be peanuts to get R-Kelly in his ignorance.

  • brittney brandt
    brittney brandt 7 days ago

    Wow, even Erykah didn't pitch.. I'm surprised to say the least

  • Eric Fusire
    Eric Fusire 8 days ago

    Yea i doesn’t care i will buy his music. R Kelly is not Robert Kelly

  • Mia Bowers
    Mia Bowers 8 days ago

    If he did it with a white young girl he wouldn't get away with it he would be in jail right now

  • James Franklin
    James Franklin 8 days ago

    I think That ET and John Legend and people in general have a responsibility to not convict someone without a fair trial.To say they are telling the truth without facts is fucked up.If undeniable facts are presented and a you are found guilty in a fair trial not a rigged trial then we can call you a rapist but until then its wrong.Actually his rights are being violated because we are allowing people to make very serious claims without facts.Dont claim that shit go to a local precinct and press charges if you have been violated.I only see people coming together slandering,talking,assuming.Lets put together facts and remove the alleged predator from the street to the prison cell if its in fact true what they are claiming.We need facts not slander.We need you to go to the police station not you tube because these allegations are very serious.If you werent there to see the alleged crimes take place then you should want facts.If people claiming things is good enough for you and you dont need facts you a fucked up individual. R Kelly I dont know him or his deeds.The alleged victims I dont know them to say its true or false.We need facts and proffessionals who went to school for these things to get to the bottom of this.We dont need I think.

  • iThaab
    iThaab 8 days ago

    he's sick, he needs a dr. not a cell

  • Godwin James Apuede
    Godwin James Apuede 8 days ago

    A documentary about Michael Jackson and his abuse victims is coming up soon on sundance.. Hope y'all keep up the same energy too.

  • Honest Debates TV
    Honest Debates TV 8 days ago

    And another thing that I don't get and don't understand, everybody has known that R. Kelly has been liking and dating young girls for many years including the sex tape plus everyone was still listening to his music and artists were still performing, making music and writing music for them... If everybody knows this why are there trying to kill his career and destroy him now after all these years? Not sticking up for him but I'm just confused

  • black stars
    black stars 8 days ago

    I remember coming up in the hood back in the day and one thing i learned is that all these different dudes with a lot of money they had the girls chasing after them... But when it came to that that time when they had to choose one the other one always get mad at the baby mama and make up lies about the dude relationship to create drama and lies to keep the couple lives a living hell. "He mistreat his woman" "she a hoe this" "she fucking everybody that" its always drama to come with these ghetto women and part of why so many black men go for women outside the hood because they know the risk that come with being with ghetto women. Growing up poor and getting to your feet you see this happening and then you run from it simple as that. These are just mad rkelly didnt choose them and is seeking revenge or some money thru a lawsuit. Thats why its best not to get involved with them. I work on base and its 90% all black workers mostly females but whenever you date a female and yall brake up or she mess around with each or you leave one alone they get mad and bring up stuff to make you sound like a bad person some might be true but i wouldnt count it most of times because they're always go think of a way to bring you down especially when you reach the top because they're mad because you aint stick with them.

  • Fijian Traveler
    Fijian Traveler 8 days ago

    Ill be honest. All these people saying its because these women are black the media doesnt care as much are race baiting. Some of the nastiest, two face women i ever met were black. So i dont blame the media or the industry for not acknowledging this case like they should but in all reality im all for woman having a voice but knowing the truth about r kelly he did not kiddnap these women or forced them to do anything. He has a cult following of whores and people cant stand that.

  • Brenda Hicks
    Brenda Hicks 8 days ago

    John legend want to be the r&b king but he is not I hate some his shit r.kelly always #1

  • Kwesi Sulley
    Kwesi Sulley 8 days ago

    White peoples and haters

  • Man on an island
    Man on an island 8 days ago

    John Legend is weak, he opened for Sade and everyone was in the lobby. He probably didn't hang with Kelly. This is a psy-op for the masses and got 2 million views. I don't get why they would make a documentary about Kelly and still an investigation. This was to sale records and make money.

  • akpan thephilus
    akpan thephilus 8 days ago

    the day black people stop whining about their color on every damn thing, especially the women folk, the day y'all grow out of mental slavery, the day black finally grow out of their skin literally. We got 14yr olds in the street doing drugs and sh*t, we got 14yr old gurls giving up on virginity we are more concerned who they lost it to? at 17 you still claim a minor, do you think once you 18 the brain is removed and maturity replaces? 18 is legalities, you need to grow up...and no Rkelly shoulda known better and done better but I won't give him all d blame...the girls and their parents deserve a spill off if not more...
    "I see pee, I move. she saw pee, she stood" Riley Freeman

  • Steve Mclean
    Steve Mclean 8 days ago

    JOHN LEGEND what a Hypocrite how dare he come at R.Kelly with all that "BULLSHIT" parading this and that "brainwashing" the sheep but um what's that JOHN next month (Feb) your paying tribute to none other the King of PEDOS.... ELVIS lol SMH wtf ppl

  • tanya kidd
    tanya kidd 8 days ago +1

    If you have sex with a minor... that makes you a sexual preditor, regardless of whether you was abused yourself. He was an adult and knew right from wrong. Not all 14 year olds do though, so if this is true, then I hope justice is served.

  • Tanya To Hot
    Tanya To Hot 8 days ago

    Would they have laughed so much of this situation if R. Kelly was abusing white female young and of age.

  • 2tonsolid
    2tonsolid 8 days ago

    john legend another sell out coon tryin' to save his career. fear the white man might stop payment. john legend not even talented. with his big faced asian wife.

  • Curtis Dexter
    Curtis Dexter 8 days ago

    R. Kelly needs to smack John Legends punk mouth.

  • Will
    Will 8 days ago

    Jigga. Kelly. Not. Guil-Tee!

  • Annabella Ramirez
    Annabella Ramirez 8 days ago

    I really want to watch it I can't find it ..

  • acajudi100
    acajudi100 8 days ago

    It is because we separate the talent from the personal life. Did you stop eating Subway? So many rape the under age I was that age, and RK could never brain wash me. It was about the money with those women, and RK was wrong to deal with under 18.

  • acajudi100
    acajudi100 8 days ago

    #survivingbloodyChicago. Search Bloody Chicago on TVclip. Search Judi Grace StoryCorps.
    Elvis moved in a 14 years old P....

  • Dorian Graye
    Dorian Graye 8 days ago

    What about Roman Polanski / Harvey Weinstein/ Charlie Sheen & Woody Allen🤔🤔💭💭❓❓

  • Dorian Graye
    Dorian Graye 8 days ago

    Wait a minute 🤔‼️ what is this even news worthy 🤔💭❓. Everyone knew R.Kelly was Fucken 14 year old Aliyah‼️. Dave Chapelle did a skit in it‼️

  • Toto Baby
    Toto Baby 8 days ago

    For Legend to be a legend, pardon the pun, anti establishment R Kelly has to go. Just a house negro, calling another negro out. Am not supporting Kelly buy what happened to innocent till proven guilty??.

  • Tommy Nico
    Tommy Nico 8 days ago +1

    Both sides are to blame. The black community knew about it but didn't want to tarnish the career of a successful black man by outing him. White people knew about it for decades but chose to turn a blind eye. The information was always out there. He was and always will be a paedophile. Unfortunately it's too late and the damage has been done.

  • Jersey LTD
    Jersey LTD 8 days ago

    Hes a pimp period. Lol most of these rappers was all about that lifr

  • Stacey Harris
    Stacey Harris 8 days ago

    Is so different because there's nothing illegal about the things that he's doing he's not holding anybody has said they would have went to the police and it's different because he's the king of sex sex sells so he selling sex oldest age at home and everywhere and everybody loves it that's why I so hard to really understand what these women are really saying you don't know if they want money or they do want him because they're acting like they want him because they're not leaving and some of them say they still love him so you don't know if they fans or what and nobody has gone to the police because they want to keep getting beaten and fucked that is why it's so daggone different and he loves sex to and it's nothing wrong with that especially if you don't box yourself a bunch of freaks all I got to do is not take the money no more and going home home

  • lenniepain
    lenniepain 9 days ago


  • Mark G
    Mark G 9 days ago

    I find it's wonderful that John Legend took time out of his busy schedule to condemn R-kelly while staying nothing about Harvey Weinstein.

  • dayana heriel
    dayana heriel 9 days ago

    Wht they mean when they said America is free to be whtver u like??🤔 bcs this happens bcs pple they dont care til things goes opposite .. ehen to start to knw our limit b4 we made any desicion ... yes he admit but wht the hell is going on industry bcs i am sure is not only R.Kelly in this Matters

  • Ben Oghre
    Ben Oghre 9 days ago

    He is not as dumb as they make him out to be, he wont touch a single white girl...he knows the consequences. I say they are waiting for a white girl to speak up and he'd be shot.

  • Mcdonalds Worker but im with your sister

    Jay Z a pedo just like R Kelly

  • sayfami sayfami
    sayfami sayfami 9 days ago

    Peodo or Black Haffner lmao 😂. Until proven guilty let him 🐝 that’s the law but above all fair play.

  • Cee Muhammad
    Cee Muhammad 9 days ago

    1:28 ugliest black woman ever to be on tv.

  • Warren Jeffreys
    Warren Jeffreys 9 days ago

    Jay Z is a coward for that

  • David Bailey
    David Bailey 9 days ago

    #openmindselevated lies too many lie. Racism live on and on. You all going to hell. Didn't Elvis meet Priscilla when she was 13 and had a 8 year courtship . I'm sure Priscilla wasn't the only one. Let's talk about that. let's talk about jerry lee Lewis he married the 13-year-old daughter of his cousin and partner J. W. Brown, 'Myra Gale Brown. They are peodophiles aren't they?

  • kindness DUCURAY
    kindness DUCURAY 9 days ago +1

    « R Kelly’s is different « I guess because he has been abused sexually by his sister when he was just a little boy...Hiding that..(a victim making justice for himself...)he is trying to help him self instead of talking openly like one of his brothers did...then get serious professional help...

  • Henna V. The world
    Henna V. The world 9 days ago

    I agree he doesnt deserve a dollar

  • Perryvilla island
    Perryvilla island 9 days ago

    Have John work with rkelly before?

  • kevia zion
    kevia zion 9 days ago

    Happy birthday R Kelly

    SHERIFF AKANDE 9 days ago

    Black girls matters too... (BGM) castrate him with immediate effect..#damn

  • Raven NeverSmiles
    Raven NeverSmiles 9 days ago

    John Legend wait till find out what you do.

  • L. James
    L. James 9 days ago

    Most of you all ignorant to the law,"31 states in the U.S are 16 years old for sexual concent". Where are the complaints to your gov and state legislators. Most of you all are obsessed w/celebrities & athletes to where you can't even think str8. Reason you all don't want to fight beast, you prefer to waist time on bs R Kelly stories and tearing down another black man. And dont give that bs talk because Harvey Weinstein and a million catholic priest molesting boys. Also where is life time on all these white guys. But most of you negroes love helping em take down another bro. Like Pac say f___ all yall!

  • Go CPNG
    Go CPNG 9 days ago

    These Celebrities Crack Me Up...One They Knew Two They Did Something Foul They Hoping They Hope Don't Get Out And They're Not Known For Having A Moral Compass, God Help The Alleged Victoms And God Heal Chicago's Son.

  • pennyrock150
    pennyrock150 9 days ago

    Ok it's cool being relaxed chill and being laid back, but I don't get the silly smiley face in delivering the fact that his streams are going up. It's sad. Be serious as a journalist and address it as it was a sad story, not just something fascinating to smile and jiggle about.

  • Scotty H
    Scotty H 9 days ago

    Their parents need to be arrested
    Pimpin their own kids
    For personal gains

  • jamaica son Jamrock
    jamaica son Jamrock 9 days ago

    I'm just here to read the comments and watch how this plays out.
    In my few shorts years on earth i have come to realise that when a weath/celebrity black man step out of line or do now wish to follow orders for the master. They fine a way to hang him. It has been said that he was doing this for the pass 20 years, he wasn't binding it he and the playboy guy was friends. Yes the same guy their.
    Hmmmm, now lets get back to the point, ask yoursevels, who did he upset now? Could it be that he wants the rights for his music? Could it be that he don't want to be tied to a label no more? Lets just think for a minute. What parent would know that this man have there 15 years old daughter lovk down in is house and not called the police? Something is fishy!
    I have seeing alot of black men get rost by the industry, some was branded to be crazy, so died and some go the jail.
    I have learned that when certine entity whats to get its way they used the media to win the hearts of the people and when they play a lie over and over. The people believed and turn against the person.
    Because what parent would be in there right minds and let there underage child lock down with a grown man?
    I sure wouldn't stan or sit for it.
    I hope kelly story is a lesson the you up coming back stars.

  • Dwayne​ Jacob
    Dwayne​ Jacob 9 days ago

    Lol y'all on R Kelly case....
    Nobody sent them there watching that series just open my eyes ..these girls didn't have parents? Not like he raped them.....and held them against their will....these women even said after they left they wanted to go back.....when they went to court some change their stories hence the reason he won his trials and to this day all that evidence and yet he's never been convicted. And to top it off they brought psychologist to explain & justify why the teens lied about their age and why they did what they did....smh....and I'm not saying he doesn't have a problem cause clearly he does..... and for those black men and women who saying if it was white women he'll be locked up just know that the media using you to bring down your own for thought.

  • Simone Davidson
    Simone Davidson 9 days ago

    It must be hard for people in the media to cover this topic knowing that they themselves/ their colleagues/ their bosses/ the CEO'S/ the owners of the company could be involved in the abuse/ murder of children too.

  • Goemon
    Goemon 9 days ago +1

    Just stop calling the victims “women”. They are GIRLS. Kids whose innocence were taken. Children who were manipulated and violated.

  • MacPherson Mchesi
    MacPherson Mchesi 9 days ago

    Talent-wise he is the king of R and B. He is a superstar. But his personal life is worse but he isn't a devil. He is a legend with a bad behaviour

  • Mike Jazz
    Mike Jazz 9 days ago

    In the lyrics of Eminem: "Where were the parents at? Now look where its at, middle america now it's a tragedy, now that it's happening an upper middle class city having this happening in" * key word parents

  • Rafael Jair Santa Cruz Casavilca

    Hypocrisy all over the place. First they work with him now they talking shit bout him. Still don't get it why asking other celebs like if they they know everything R. Kelly does behind closed doors.

  • Michael 2010
    Michael 2010 9 days ago

    Kelly pissed on a kid years ago fucked Aaliyah when she was a kid now MF's wanna push the issue after all these years SMH

  • Monet Brown
    Monet Brown 9 days ago

    Okay the reason all other celebrities not coming forward cause they all do the same shit jay z puff daddy its alot of r kellys they been known this about rkelly,all girls he got with him now is 18 and ova and they dont want to leave, So we need to focus on whats really going on,,A distraction with this rkelly mess gtfoh

  • s j
    s j 9 days ago

    Americans have no problem of their 15yrs old girls sleeping around but if they sleep with older guy he is evil? As long as This guy didn't rape them i wont stop listening to his music

  • Cool Ceaze
    Cool Ceaze 9 days ago

    Also... I just wanna touch on something... Im 37... I been around for a spell. And as a heterosexual male, ive watched the progression of our fairer counterparts the whole time and this is a major thing now. As time progresses... Women look older... Way more mature and sexualized at younger and younger ages. It is now the norm for a 15 year old girl to have on full make up... Hair extensions down to her waistline.... Skin tight jeans or leggings that show every contour of her lower half... 4 and 5 inch heels on.... Toes and nails freshly done. All thing geared to attract grown men. I mean... Where is the accountability for all the other factors that make these situations possible? You knew ya daughter was on i.g. modeling and it was all good till she got what she was looking for. A baller... A daddy... A real nigga. You raised her.. Dont forget that. You taught her that money was most important in life over everything. You birthed and cultivated the weak mind that wants to be controlled and be a slave for life. Look in the mirror

    • Cool Ceaze
      Cool Ceaze 7 days ago

      One more thing... It was never your fault a man groped or harrased you. But... Ask yourself honestly... Where there things you could have changed to prevent that scene? Where you somewhere you shouldn't have been at your age? Where you under any influences? I mean gathering from our convo... You clearly where in a space with grown men present dressed like some loose ass grown woman... And this is where y'all make y'all mistake. You wanna be grown until something happens... Then its "im just technically a kid"... Lol. This is why back in the day there was a dress code for children. Because society respected the evils of the world and made precautions... They had respect. This new generation just wanna wish and social media talk stuff away. Shit, when i was in school in the 90's, girls my age then wasnt so "out there" like y'all. Twerkin all crazy... Twerkin for a living... Lol... Same 16 year old girl got her 2 year old twerkin too... Cdfuuuu. "Sexualized by grown men"... Funny, more like sexualized by your household. Ya mom let you buy that cheap ass rainbow thot gear. She condoned it and said it was cute. Even though she knew you was gonna get man attention as apposed to boy attention. Miss me. The girl story on the interview sounded so stupid it was unbelievable!! She was so uncomfortable and felt so violated she just had to keep coming back for more... All these pics wit him cheesin dumb hard.... Im not buying all this shit. We been knew what kells was... He been on nut shit! Dave Chappelle solidified it a long time ago. But to excuse these grown women and parents of girls altogether is a mistake

    • Cool Ceaze
      Cool Ceaze 7 days ago

      +Goemon you keep throwing me in your argument... For what? Just argue your point. Why name call? Just show your intelligence... Smh... Back to kells since you wanna continue... There are grown women making claims as well as the parents of under aged girls which is where the root of my argument lies... The Parents of these under aged girls!! And im sorry young lady but no... Little girls shouldn't be able to wear any naked ass shit! But you are clearly not a parent and dont know the first thing about preventative measures when it comes to raising your child. Ill put it another way so you can get it.... I would love to live in this world you dream of where everyone gets along and theres no violence and assholes or ppl that cant see another side of an argument or at least a few points 😒... But we dont and wont ever... There will always be violent, sick individuals in our world. In my time here i will be sure make sure me and mine stay safe... And you just keep wanting to be some video shorty in these real ass streets...smh... Good luck with that✌

    • Goemon
      Goemon 8 days ago +2

      Cool Ceaze Yes, a YOUNG GIRL should be able to be wear what she would like without being sexualized by men like you!!! It’s disgusting how you can’t see it. You’re the type of man to think all women dress for your attention and for a mans attention. Bitch I dress for my own self and so do many other women and girls. It’s gross that you think actual teenage girls are dressing how they want to attract older men’s attention. Anyone who goes against your traditional, sexist beliefs isn’t a troll. Stfu talking about “teach these girls”, NO. Teach these men and ignorant people in general to solely blame the pedophiles and rapists instead of the VICTIM. As someone who has been harassed and even groped by older men, am I to blame for what happened to me at the age of 13-15? Also maybe you should look up what “grooming” means. It happens to a lot of little girls and that’s how they trust their abuser or rapist. Children and teens are not to blame for anything.

    • Cool Ceaze
      Cool Ceaze 8 days ago

      +Goemon again.... Reading comprehension is lacking here. I never condoned pedophilia... Thats 1... Number 2 is... No, you're wrong. There is a lot more blame to be placed. I notice you never touched on the parent part which makes me think you gotta be trolling. My message is clear.... We all have neighbors and we might like most of them and believe that they mean us no harm... But at the end of the night we lock our door because there is that threat in our world. The same philosophy should apply here! Im not writing in french. This is very easy to understand. You dont wanna live in a world with pedophiles... Well sorry to inform you... But the world doesnt just rid itself of the ppl you think should be gone. You do, however have a responsibility for your own well being. Why knowingly put yourself in sticky situations?? Another point before i retire from this sillyness... I heard you say pedos and im technically a kid. I just think there should be a conversation held about women that dress scantily clad just to turn around and call a man a creep or a perv for simply looking at your blatant cry for attention. Lets look at the psychology behind how you got dressed and looked in the mirror and knew the attention you would garner with this naked shit on.... Smh... According to you.... All young girls should be able to look as grown and naked as they want to and no one should ever say or do anything about it. Its a dumb argument... You gotta be trolling but i hope someone reads this and understands my view. Teach these young girls cuz they are lost. Too much social media controlling young minds...smh... Less and less free thinkers

    • Goemon
      Goemon 8 days ago +2

      Cool Ceaze you’re response made absolutely no sense. It doesn’t take a genius to understand what I said. You’re victim blaming young girls for how they dress and look. ALL the blame should go on the actual rapist/pedophiles. My point is that girls, even if they are begging for sex from a man, are not to blame for what happens to them. I don’t think you realize how disgusting pedophilia is.

  • bk the real
    bk the real 9 days ago


  • Paul Brown
    Paul Brown 9 days ago

    Sorry to say this but until black people Unite and protect our women how can any other race look up look up to us until we start looking up to ourselves and put him fellas like him to account for his actions I do not believe for one minute all other women he abused some of them must have played along with it but the ones that didn't I didn't have to trace that had the choice to come away from them down to him he needs to pay for that and all the underage business that im being reading and I'm hearing he needs to pay for that he's a nasty nasty nasty man another thing is this black people were easily bought

  • Tony Pee
    Tony Pee 9 days ago

    What does John legend has to do with r Kelly?

    JDM BOOST 9 days ago

    I say throw him in with the other pervs and melt the key and let them rot

  • Joe Young
    Joe Young 9 days ago

    His music sucks.

  • Benedict Luoga
    Benedict Luoga 9 days ago