John Legend Appears On ‘Surviving R. Kelly’

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • After John Legend was the only major artist willing to appear on the R. Kelly docuseries “Surviving R. Kelly”, Roz Weston and Graeme O’Neil react during "ET Canada Live".
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Comments • 2 493

  • Nick H
    Nick H 13 hours ago

    I support r Kelly 100. If you're in puberty, and can get pregnant, your of age. Just because America says no, does not make America right. Pretty sure evolution, god, or whatever you believe created the human form disagrees with American and world morals, or you wouldn't hit puberty until 18. STFU, I always win.

  • Richie Pickett
    Richie Pickett 2 days ago

    Swallowing R. Kelly will be the hot series after he is found not guilty lol

  • Ron Ron
    Ron Ron 5 days ago

    yet John legend just did a tribute to Elvis Presley, a known pedophile. the hypocrisy. uncle tom

  • limited access
    limited access 7 days ago

    R kelly must have denied John not so Legend a collaboration otherwise why is he so invested in R. Kelly. John legend looks like a whole bitch. Let's start digging in John's background and see what we'll find

  • Donna Robinson
    Donna Robinson 10 days ago

    Fucking love John

  • Hazel Walsh
    Hazel Walsh 11 days ago +1

    Good on John! The other stars like Lady Ga Ga... ought to be ashamed for keeping quiet!!

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith 12 days ago

    I swear you guys are straight devil 👿

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 12 days ago

    social engineering

  • Awuondo L.
    Awuondo L. 13 days ago

    Chrissy Teigen is so lucky,she got a well adjusted,handsome,talented and successful BLACK MAN who is not a narcissistic mysoginist. John Legend is a legend.

  • omichaels producer
    omichaels producer 14 days ago +1

    foolishness is concluding on a human being's character based on a stupid ungrounded onesided documentary....they 4got to mention any good about him? no they try to paint him dark and crue John legend certainly not a legend and never will be

    • eugene buady
      eugene buady 14 days ago

      thank u very much. now I know there is some one out there who reasons. look at these presenters trying so hard to create the narrative why ppl should not listen to his music. has any of the charges against him passed. why wait tf 20 yrs after to come out if it's true... and this john stupid guy can never be a legend , how do u condemn a man without 1st hand knowledge. all of a sudden ppl who don't even know R Kelly say he abused them. meennnnn these guys are just f*** up

  • L T
    L T 14 days ago +1

    Lady Gaga remained quiet and refused to say anything is nothing more than a Social Justice Warrior. She's a hypocrite and supports social causes just for self promotion. She's a tool and a record company's creation and puppet.
    Kudos to John Legend for speaking out and doing what's right.

  • Gloria Guzman
    Gloria Guzman 14 days ago

    I must say if my daughter was held captive I would not throw pebbles at no damm window I would call cops.and peeing on a child is obnoxious.the proof is there they were black and Hispanic and not even the parents gave a damm.including the R Kelly team and all its crew.parents to not just R kelly

  • Thewassajja
    Thewassajja 14 days ago

    Forgive this man ... please ...
    I m sure he regrets what he did 😫😫

    • 兰林
      兰林 13 days ago

      Thewassajja ;yes 🙏🏼

  • Ren Pilak
    Ren Pilak 14 days ago

    Yet, venues, states, schools, and celebrities are so quick to ban political right wing speeches! Most likely, the same people marching against free speech are the same ones seeing R.Kelly concerts! So much hypocrisy!!

  • Eve Simon
    Eve Simon 14 days ago

    Why do all celebrities stories come out like the weather sun, rain, wind, storm, there's never, sun and rain at the same time, why didn't some one speak out and made a tape years ago and go public, am sorry but it's hard to believe, some of the celebrities will see wrong and keep quite, and the women too!!, is this another Micheal story, oh are all celebrities eventually going to go to jail, #please Hollywood was never a clean place!!!!!

  • faber tales
    faber tales 14 days ago +2

    John is a sambo

  • Hshdj Sghshd
    Hshdj Sghshd 15 days ago

    Leave R.Kelly alone ,most of u people that are talking about him u people are evil more than him,some of u are biosexual with people little kids no one can't hear it ,but u people are just wasting ur time we in Africa love R. Kelly n right now we are waiting for his new music ,he didn't rape,kidnapped or killed for what we have seeing on you tube with R
    Kelly n those girls is no crime also not months but more than years where were the parents when they started living with him.things u people in america supposed to talk about is left out but only that poor man story is the major problem in the USA

  • kanyisa baduza
    kanyisa baduza 15 days ago

    If RKelly gets jail so should these teens' parents!! If MJ is found giulty should the parents. PERIOD! Child neglect!!

  • Leslie Bonner
    Leslie Bonner 15 days ago

    People’s decision to continue purchasing R Kelly’s music (for whatever reason) aside from the many allegations of sexual abuse towards women of color; and, the celebrities (whom have collaborated with him musically or in some other form) refusing to speak out against his alleged actions can be similarly compared to that of whites in this country whom witness moral corruption or racial discrimination against people of color everyday yet refuse speak out against the politicians, government officials, law enforcement, institutions, etc. that commit such disparities is equally wrong, but is well within their right to not vocally contribute to the discontinuation of it, I suppose? What’s the real difference here? Isn’t it all societal corruption? Why do we cherrypick; choosing to only address topics that cater to and is popular amongst a “certain” audience? Furthermore, why does the media only choose to focus its discussion of the topic on certain perpetrators and not all? So the real question becomes, since we are on the subject of societal corruption and the role it plays as it relates to sexual abuse, will the media keep the conversation going with the exact same level of interest in discussing Jeremy Strohmeyer, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Woody Allen, Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer, Stephen Collins, Ben Roethlisberger, Ben Affleck, Harvey Weinstein, the Catholic priest, and countless other men that I failed to mention all charged (and some convicted) of the same or similar crimes or acts. If we are going to have the discussion, let’s have the discussion; holistically and wholeheartedly.

  • Janice Leighton
    Janice Leighton 15 days ago +1

    Neither did Jackson people won't to speak out too

  • Lööp Bröther
    Lööp Bröther 15 days ago

    Crazy Lady Gaga didnt speak out. Isnt she a rape victim? I wouldn't think twice about collaborating with someone like R.Kelly. So many allegations n that tape. "Do what you want with my body"
    Did lady gaga just show her true colors?

    • limited access
      limited access 7 days ago

      Think twice? It seems like you don't even think at all! It seems like you just jump on a bandwagon and expect everyone else to follow suit

  • Khurram Khan
    Khurram Khan 15 days ago

    How old is 15 really-Dave Chappell

  • My Mushka
    My Mushka 15 days ago +5

    It was Michael Jackson nd now R.Kelly..what about Donald Trump nd Bill Clinton? This aint fair.

  • roro1980
    roro1980 15 days ago

    It’s scary that people have facilitated his terrible behaviour towards vulnerable women .

  • mohammed hakeem
    mohammed hakeem 15 days ago

    soundtrack on 1:05 please

    MOALA FINEST 16 days ago

    John legend and the rest of the celebrates saying r kelly not hero they all got payed to say things on camera they all control like puppets. Just think about it if they have evidence a long time ago r kelly will be in prison 10 years ago!

    GYU LKRCA 16 days ago

    Plot twist. Rkelly inappropriately touched john legened.

  • Noey Tindol
    Noey Tindol 16 days ago

    John Legend IS a legend.

  • amy lopez
    amy lopez 17 days ago +1

    No guy has ever gone to jail for abusing me and I'm white So I believe if was hard for me as a white girl it was even harder for black girls but No Men go to jail for this traditionally

  • prettypaidkaash tv
    prettypaidkaash tv 17 days ago

    WHY don't John legend speak on his connection to pedogate

  • Daniela
    Daniela 17 days ago

    I stand with R KELLY

  • super novaa
    super novaa 18 days ago

    So many sheep in the comments 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Alyssa Lee love
    Alyssa Lee love 18 days ago

    Ppl r just f*** up in this world I swear

  • Ayten A
    Ayten A 21 day ago

    I would really like to know, what is so funny, that the guy on the right is laughing!

  • Timothy Y
    Timothy Y 25 days ago

    Rkelly had young girls n boys in his John legend just speaking out...or was John legend one of the boys who rkelly controlled n abused before he became famous John legend. Is legend now speaking out without spilling the whole truth

  • TheVmorgan
    TheVmorgan 28 days ago +2

    John legend is a demon 😂😂😂😂Evil man. R Kelly did wrong but this is low....

  • Anthony P
    Anthony P 29 days ago

    To answer the guy's questions. Companies have been working with him because he has not been convicted of anything yet. I think there is too much against him to weasel out of it this time but stranger things have happened. I do think he is a scumbag and will be convicted but until then, he or anyone has a right to conduct business. I got a feeling r will be the one calling men daddy soon. Once he is convicted then we make sure his life is ruined.

    KADEN REED Month ago +1

    Everyone is on those women sides but i have 1 question were where all those children parents when this was going on ?

  • shuna shuna
    shuna shuna Month ago +2

    His music is the best ..streaming companies can withhold there services we are looking at talent versus commercial gains from these companies..stop being judges .His music will never die no matter what haters might say he is simply the best and one way or the other his good musical talents shall continue to be heard by the massive audience all over the globe through other channels as he is not money driven but talent driven..ha.ha.ha.

  • shuna shuna
    shuna shuna Month ago +1

    black on black..Another black men trying to destroy another black man out of jelousy..what a shame..who are you to judge?

  • M P.B.
    M P.B. Month ago

    That jonathan legend fella might have millions of TVclip hits, but has anyone actually ever paid for his material.
    Never cared for his attempt at music before, now he's just an annoyance trying to be in the video.

  • morpheos111
    morpheos111 Month ago

    John Legend is that guy who will sell his own mother to earn woke elites. Disgusting type.

  • Incognito MuziQ
    Incognito MuziQ Month ago

    How much money these hoes got from R Kelly?

  • abiagil Rlili
    abiagil Rlili Month ago


  • melissa marshall
    melissa marshall Month ago

    I don't think it's his fault he likes young teens because mentally he's a young teen..he should have abused them but that may be because he was abused as a child and he normalizes it..just my opinion

  • Aliyu Audu
    Aliyu Audu 2 months ago

    I called R. kelly a wasted talent....he would have been a respected singer bcos he gat real talent bt he RUIN himself .

  • forever unknowm
    forever unknowm 2 months ago

    The comments of people here saying the girls went with their own accord and he had consent, man stfu please.. that one point makes you completely IGNORE the fact that he was ABUSING THESE WOMEN MENTALLY PHYSICALLY EMOTIONALLY! REGARDLESS of the fact whether the girls willingly went into a relationship with him or not! He's a serial abuser and he deserves to get punished for it! And women are human! Doesn't matter the colour race or religion. These facts dont change just because the poor women were black! Where has the compassion gone in this society. You might not agree with these women but don't degrade them. Just hear them out.

  • Jasmine Ridley
    Jasmine Ridley 2 months ago

    Did they say Celine is different... different how🤔

  • Spectacular Rich Beauty & Brilliance

    Shocked about John Legend speaking out? NO, Shocked that You think we would be shocked.
    Shocked that other celebrities are turning a blind eye and declining to speak about the R Kelly issue at all; whether they think he is guilty of a heinous acts of pedophilia and abuse, or simply think he is innocent and a victim of circumstance. Either way, Celebrities should use their platform to responsibly speak up and speak out to protect their has been communities and people from becoming further damaged. COULD IT BE THAT THEY TOO ARE GUILTY OF THE SAME HEINOUS TruthS??? BLack women still:
    “The most DISrespected person in America is the Black Woman. The most UNprotected person in America is the Black Woman. The most NEglected person in America is the Black Woman.” And Malcolm concludes by saying that a Black Man should be willing to lie down his life to SUPPORT AND PROTECT HER.

  • Verbs describe us
    Verbs describe us 2 months ago

    the R Kelly situation is different because abusing minors and locking women is not really as common as the cases within the metoo movement...

  • Gabrielle Griffiths
    Gabrielle Griffiths 2 months ago +3

    People still book rkelly shows, sell rkelly tickets and sell his music bcuz his music is fire🔥🔥 the guy might be a rapist but he still gotta pay rent........its sad tht its so easy for people to down grade other people and cause them so much pain and I bet most of them have no idea what it was like being in Rkelly's shoes.......smh........ I'm not defending him buhh if they gonna throw him in prison they should do tht instead of having him out in the open still working.......smdh👌💢💯sad

  • No SmokeTv
    No SmokeTv 2 months ago +1

    What type of man get on video and talk down on another man John legend in the closet

  • KING Peralta
    KING Peralta 2 months ago +2

    John legend is a bitch he mad cause kells is a better singer then him

  • amna jabbar
    amna jabbar 2 months ago

    R Kelly is still a thing😳😳🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ i really thought he was shunned from the music industry!! 🤔🤔 this world loves pedofilers?! Naaaaaaasty!!

  • Jen Hicks
    Jen Hicks 2 months ago +1

    R Kelly hasn't been convicted yet of a crime nor has he been charged or arrested, that doesn't mean he's not guilty but until these young women take action this will allow him to continue. Pedophilia is not a black or white women issue it's world issue. R Kelly's behavior is publicly known and has been for years, yet these parents gambled their daughters to jump start a career and they lost. R Kelly has amazing talent, I don't think people want to be told by the media what they can and cannot do. R Kelly is the symptom not the root cause.

  • Lawrence DeHarde
    Lawrence DeHarde 2 months ago +2

    John Legend is a Prick

  • UWECHUE George
    UWECHUE George 2 months ago +1

    Companies stream music for artists and earn a commission, Rkelly is one of the highest streamed RnB acts, theater owners book out their halls for concerts to make money, Rkellys concerts are always sold out , Companies sell concert tickets for a commission, Rkelly tickets will give you a whole lot of commission as they are usually completely sold out in weeks. These guys saying they dont get why any one would do those things simply show that they are not smart enough to realize that money rules the world, and they just wanna make money. Jay Z and Celine dionne have had hits with Rkelly, so coming out to talk negative about him would really not go down well so i understand their refusal to be on air about it, they may be disgusted but i dont think they will ever want to be part of a bring rkelly down movement

  • Linda 01X
    Linda 01X 2 months ago


  • Linda 01X
    Linda 01X 2 months ago

    I got chills

  • Terminatorx81
    Terminatorx81 2 months ago +1

    Lifetime what about surviving Harvey Weinstein? He just got some of his charges dropped against his accuser Ashley Judd. He is getting away with his crimes where is the metoo and the feminist movement on that issue? Wow everybody's quiet about Harvey Weinstein, but they want to go after Michael Jackson R. Kelly and now Chris Brown I wonder why. 🤔 If we're going to talk about sexual harassment and abuse towards women we need to talk about everyone who's guilty.

  • Gabriel Armsted
    Gabriel Armsted 2 months ago

    Yet these white mean are not talking about their own that do this shit all the time. White people have no moral high ground.

  • danny harding
    danny harding 2 months ago

    I have only just read all the court cases against him , ITS UNREAL HOW HE HASNT EVER BEEN IN PRISON

    • limited access
      limited access 7 days ago

      Its unreal how you invest your time digging up information worrying about another man

  • mtg909mtg
    mtg909mtg 2 months ago

    Most of these girls didn't want to testify againgst R. Kelly at that time. So no testimony no case. Now with this documentary maybe it'll be the first step to stop it. 51 years old only for R. Kelly pretty sure he's still doing it.

  • Babe29doll
    Babe29doll 2 months ago

    Dam the elites are definitely taking R Kelly down .. WAKE UP my people! Don’t sign that contract it’s not worth it . The Satan doesn’t love you in actuality he hates us bc we are the chosen by Yahweh... he gives u fame and Fortune for your soul lol and believe or not your soul is YOU not a Spirit.., when will you learn 🙄🤔😳

  • Universal Knowledge
    Universal Knowledge 2 months ago +1

    Black and white race people, are a myth for the brainwashed, beneath the Matrix.
    Never seen skin tone as white as milk, not even with albinos; nor skin tone as black as oil, not even with the south Sudanese.
    We're all different shades of pink or brown.
    Colourless human beings don't exist either, we are all people of color. Colored pink race and colored brown race people.

  • Zero Energy
    Zero Energy 2 months ago

    Botttom line is R kelly is having the sexual fun all men desire!! WITH CONSENT from young (teenage girls are not innocent) and old women!!! The "abuse" must be Sadomasochism!!!

  • thabo mntambo
    thabo mntambo 2 months ago

    Let's correct the man rather than destroying him, no one who is perfect here even u, u have your own scandal it doesn't help to destroy the man let's get some specialist to help him.

  • Indigo Nai
    Indigo Nai 2 months ago

    This is 2019 not 1995 lady u bout three decades behind

    TOLRADIOSHOWMSN 2 months ago

  • donald mwenera
    donald mwenera 2 months ago

    when American's want you die it doesn't matter how much they used to like you i think R.kelly he is the next price to be sacrificed from Michael Jackson the reality will come on after he will be gone for good so now is hunted from the music industry to his individual life the will be million of women claim of sex abused from him while they where the one sick to test his cock

  • OneStopClips
    OneStopClips 2 months ago

    Does he believe he can fly in prison?

  • javier singh
    javier singh 2 months ago

    R kelly is the american dream

  • United
    United 2 months ago

    Smh I see judgement every where towards this man, and many of you need to check yourself. I don't stand for wrong doing, but at the end of the day, that man has one judgement and it's our father above. He still have life today, so look at that as a sign and asked yourselves, who's judgment is more effective. Smh this God for asking world we're in. If they don't have a story these days, they make one smh

  • Edson Francisco
    Edson Francisco 2 months ago

    The fundamental right. ... The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 11, states: "Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumedinnocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence.".

  • FIGHTFANNERD9.I'm Gay for Moonbin

    me too movement with black lives matter in the comment section....

  • FIGHTFANNERD9.I'm Gay for Moonbin

    why is this coming out now

  • Uthmaan Abrahams
    Uthmaan Abrahams 2 months ago

    Hollywood what a wonderful place lol yeah follow this deceptive life theres no benefit in it and its shown

  • A Girl
    A Girl 2 months ago

    John Legend is a decent man and his daughter ( s ) are lucky to have him as their father 💜💞

  • Jessi J
    Jessi J 2 months ago

    Now Why is John legend spaeking up Now ?? Dint everybody know years befor !!!???? What about everybody Else ? Jay z p diddy Elvis and much more !! ?? Everybody still Listen to them ! So there it was ok jayz 27 foxy 15 ! Dint he meet beypnce wenn she were 17 ! Elvis we all know ! Diddy his First babymama 16 he 25 !!! So Why is legend ain’t talking about all that shit !!?? I am confused?! What Kind of shit is going on I don’t understand this word no more ! And what’s up wit them parents ?? We’re they been when the kids meet all these man ?? Why ain’t no parent went there to fuck them people up ! Now they stand outside waiting for somebody to come out of the studio on surving r Kelly ! If that would be my kid in there nobody could stop me from going in I would kill for my kids !! So what is really going on here???!!!!!

  • joseph james
    joseph james 2 months ago

    Black folk are the most controlled and manipulated group of people of earth.

    HEAVYGUNZ05 2 months ago +1

    R stay strong

  • Ricochett 1983
    Ricochett 1983 2 months ago +1

    John Legend is a "Hypocrite". He was taking pics with Harvey Weinstein and Wendy Williams has a lot of nerve to be on here when her Boy Charlamange tha wannabe god. Was doing the same thing with young girls

  • Tynesha Brown
    Tynesha Brown 2 months ago

    I dont get how you could vote for trump

  • Mary Woods
    Mary Woods 2 months ago

    this isn't a shock for me...this happens allot in America...the rich and powerful always feel above the law when it comes to hurting what they consider people they think are powerless

  • Maverick Artitude Entertainment

    It's curtains for this cat, he won't get away this time. They got Cosby, it will be peanuts to get R-Kelly in his ignorance.

  • brittney brandt
    brittney brandt 2 months ago

    Wow, even Erykah didn't pitch.. I'm surprised to say the least

  • Eric Fusire
    Eric Fusire 2 months ago +1

    Yea i doesn’t care i will buy his music. R Kelly is not Robert Kelly

  • Mia Bowers
    Mia Bowers 2 months ago

    If he did it with a white young girl he wouldn't get away with it he would be in jail right now

  • James Franklin
    James Franklin 2 months ago

    I think That ET and John Legend and people in general have a responsibility to not convict someone without a fair trial.To say they are telling the truth without facts is fucked up.If undeniable facts are presented and a you are found guilty in a fair trial not a rigged trial then we can call you a rapist but until then its wrong.Actually his rights are being violated because we are allowing people to make very serious claims without facts.Dont claim that shit go to a local precinct and press charges if you have been violated.I only see people coming together slandering,talking,assuming.Lets put together facts and remove the alleged predator from the street to the prison cell if its in fact true what they are claiming.We need facts not slander.We need you to go to the police station not you tube because these allegations are very serious.If you werent there to see the alleged crimes take place then you should want facts.If people claiming things is good enough for you and you dont need facts you a fucked up individual. R Kelly I dont know him or his deeds.The alleged victims I dont know them to say its true or false.We need facts and proffessionals who went to school for these things to get to the bottom of this.We dont need I think.

  • iThaab
    iThaab 2 months ago

    he's sick, he needs a dr. not a cell

  • Godwin James Apuede
    Godwin James Apuede 2 months ago

    A documentary about Michael Jackson and his abuse victims is coming up soon on sundance.. Hope y'all keep up the same energy too.

  • Honest Debates TV
    Honest Debates TV 2 months ago

    And another thing that I don't get and don't understand, everybody has known that R. Kelly has been liking and dating young girls for many years including the sex tape plus everyone was still listening to his music and artists were still performing, making music and writing music for them... If everybody knows this why are there trying to kill his career and destroy him now after all these years? Not sticking up for him but I'm just confused

  • black stars
    black stars 2 months ago

    I remember coming up in the hood back in the day and one thing i learned is that all these different dudes with a lot of money they had the girls chasing after them... But when it came to that that time when they had to choose one the other one always get mad at the baby mama and make up lies about the dude relationship to create drama and lies to keep the couple lives a living hell. "He mistreat his woman" "she a hoe this" "she fucking everybody that" its always drama to come with these ghetto women and part of why so many black men go for women outside the hood because they know the risk that come with being with ghetto women. Growing up poor and getting to your feet you see this happening and then you run from it simple as that. These are just mad rkelly didnt choose them and is seeking revenge or some money thru a lawsuit. Thats why its best not to get involved with them. I work on base and its 90% all black workers mostly females but whenever you date a female and yall brake up or she mess around with each or you leave one alone they get mad and bring up stuff to make you sound like a bad person some might be true but i wouldnt count it most of times because they're always go think of a way to bring you down especially when you reach the top because they're mad because you aint stick with them.

  • Fijian Traveler
    Fijian Traveler 2 months ago

    Ill be honest. All these people saying its because these women are black the media doesnt care as much are race baiting. Some of the nastiest, two face women i ever met were black. So i dont blame the media or the industry for not acknowledging this case like they should but in all reality im all for woman having a voice but knowing the truth about r kelly he did not kiddnap these women or forced them to do anything. He has a cult following of whores and people cant stand that.

  • Brenda Hicks
    Brenda Hicks 2 months ago

    John legend want to be the r&b king but he is not I hate some his shit r.kelly always #1

  • Kwesi Sulley
    Kwesi Sulley 2 months ago

    White peoples and haters

  • Man on an island
    Man on an island 2 months ago

    John Legend is weak, he opened for Sade and everyone was in the lobby. He probably didn't hang with Kelly. This is a psy-op for the masses and got 2 million views. I don't get why they would make a documentary about Kelly and still an investigation. This was to sale records and make money.

  • akpan thephilus
    akpan thephilus 2 months ago

    the day black people stop whining about their color on every damn thing, especially the women folk, the day y'all grow out of mental slavery, the day black finally grow out of their skin literally. We got 14yr olds in the street doing drugs and sh*t, we got 14yr old gurls giving up on virginity we are more concerned who they lost it to? at 17 you still claim a minor, do you think once you 18 the brain is removed and maturity replaces? 18 is legalities, you need to grow up...and no Rkelly shoulda known better and done better but I won't give him all d blame...the girls and their parents deserve a spill off if not more...
    "I see pee, I move. she saw pee, she stood" Riley Freeman

  • Steve Mclean
    Steve Mclean 2 months ago

    JOHN LEGEND what a Hypocrite how dare he come at R.Kelly with all that "BULLSHIT" parading this and that "brainwashing" the sheep but um what's that JOHN next month (Feb) your paying tribute to none other the King of PEDOS.... ELVIS lol SMH wtf ppl

  • King Spud
    King Spud 2 months ago +1

    If you have sex with a minor... that makes you a sexual preditor, regardless of whether you was abused yourself. He was an adult and knew right from wrong. Not all 14 year olds do though, so if this is true, then I hope justice is served.