Budget Gaming Setup CHALLENGE - Scrapyard Wars 8 Part 3

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
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    The FINALE of Scrapyard Wars is here! Which team is going to win?!
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  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips  Month ago +748

    THE FINALE IS HERE! One more shout out to Honey for sponsoring this season of Scrapyard Wars! Get the best coupon codes online and try it now for free at www.joinhoney.com/scrapyard

    • Kenneth Mathe
      Kenneth Mathe Month ago

      For next season you should build rigs and then have to swap rigs with the other team.

    • Qusal Secret
      Qusal Secret Month ago

      This season was ok, but it felt a bit rushed especially the last episode, I would love to see a season where you guys have to buy broken/bugged/bricked computer parts(maybe except cpu) and fix/flash/solder/etc them together to get best gaming pc for an extremely low budget like $ 250.

    • Pay_Uncle_Sam
      Pay_Uncle_Sam Month ago +1

      Heads Up, Colton Cheated. Yall made it a point that you had to use the chairs and tables you bought and with Hope's that it wouldent break..... But did colton use budget money to pay for those screws and angle brackets?

    • JJ
      JJ Month ago

      @Ben Gotro it is once a week just like tv

    • Ben Gotro
      Ben Gotro Month ago

      Why the F does it take so long to post each ep? We need a recap before each episode. jesus

  • Al Shalattenni
    Al Shalattenni Day ago

    I love the red alert 2 music, good one

  • Radiatorninja
    Radiatorninja Day ago

    They could easily try and OC the monitors as well to get a bit more refreshrate out of them.

  • Bl4ckDe4th88
    Bl4ckDe4th88 Day ago

    Although there was much less focus on the actual rigs this time it was still entertaining. But imo there shouldn’t be 2/3 games from the same genre. Instead use like racing, fps, rpg, strategy and like fight games, sports, flight or jedi knight academy (lightsaber fights). Heck, even Assassin‘s Creed had some games with multiplayer
    Maybe also only those games, that no one ever played before
    Then do like a day for install and training before the competition day

  • Evx Eevvxx
    Evx Eevvxx Day ago

    Linus you should give one free pc to lenovo guy because he didn't take 240

  • Evx Eevvxx
    Evx Eevvxx Day ago

    This is not fair
    Shooting game
    Than shooting????
    It should be strategy game
    Like hero of the storm, totally free game or pick any.
    But 2 shooting

  • Just SMM Dude
    Just SMM Dude 3 days ago

    This is supposed to be scrap yard wars not a gaming competition. Luke's team made it about practicing and that's bullshit.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 4 days ago

    No benchmarks is lame

  • M1nde
    M1nde 4 days ago


  • Renegade Cz
    Renegade Cz 5 days ago

    During the reveals they're talking about odd cases and all we get to see are their faces? That's either terrible camera work, or editing.

  • Darko
    Darko 5 days ago

    "play the doom soundtrack" 10/10

  • Mark Arnott
    Mark Arnott 6 days ago +1

    👨‍💻💭one of the 1st Rally games a demo 1980s nintendo? i learnt to hold Throttle down & drifted all the way to Top score
    NO one in the house could beat me haa🤳
    then trys 2005 approx gets on aPC and drives over the wall haa could not drive full throttle :( 😥😂💭👍🚒EEHYAW

  • Тонкий Зеркальник

    Colton is the best!

  • IshidaNikurasu
    IshidaNikurasu 6 days ago

    This has to be the best SYW i'v seen, and the game-of at the end? would see much more of that stuff in the future ;o

  • expired zoos
    expired zoos 6 days ago

    really glad the camera man got the blasphemy of them using keyboards to play a racing game.... animals

  • Ronald San Pedro
    Ronald San Pedro 6 days ago

    why is alex driving a right hand drive fiesta st? 20:25

  • Silluete
    Silluete 6 days ago

    Next time do dota 2!

  • diniles
    diniles 6 days ago

    Watching you play CSGO is painful lol

    Probably about as painful as if someone watched me play Overwatch to be honest

  • Pindiggley
    Pindiggley 7 days ago

    I had an Antec Eleven Hundred v2 case for about 4 years before getting the Coolmaster that I'm using right now. The case was a behemoth - easily my favourite case that I've used. You could kick the thing down the stairs, and the only things damaged would be your foot and the stairs. For maximum lulz, I put a micro-ATX board in it.

  • DedomaxYT
    DedomaxYT 7 days ago

    What is the rule of this season scrapyard wars? Just win the 3 Games? I thought building a budget gaming setup is all about. You need to build a pc for each for 1800 dollars. And Linus team got a 144hz monitor. That's budget. Talking about gaming setup which include gaming monitor, mouse, headset and keyboard. Really confused right now.

  • Rubuk
    Rubuk 7 days ago

    Really disappointed with the finale, really missed the point behind scrapyard wars.

  • Nick the slick
    Nick the slick 7 days ago

    Why is everyone at ltt a bot at any videogame

  • Samuel Diffenderffer

    If I were them I would have focused on getting more high ended keyboards and mouses cause those games are not very graphics intensive

  • Trusty Knave
    Trusty Knave 7 days ago

    That CS:GO match genuinely looked like medium difficulty bots going at each other

  • Rob bobnot
    Rob bobnot 8 days ago

    That editing 0-o

  • N9.The_Noob
    N9.The_Noob 8 days ago

    They are all so bad in CS xd

  • Med ia
    Med ia 8 days ago

    unsub, this series is a representation of ltt's overall demise these past 12 months

  • aimlxss 69
    aimlxss 69 8 days ago

    on csgo y’all should use a deagle or all or awp instead of aug or p2000🥱

  • Jacob Benden
    Jacob Benden 10 days ago

    And James has his vengeance!

  • Brie Reynolds
    Brie Reynolds 10 days ago +3

    You were talking about the computers and we got footage of the headset...

    This was really poorly done.

  • SylusUndertaker
    SylusUndertaker 10 days ago

    I honestly they did league of legends as one of the games

  • Anton Nilsson
    Anton Nilsson 11 days ago +1

    2:30 ohoh stinky

  • Austin Hurst
    Austin Hurst 11 days ago

    Are the full videos of the games from csgo available to download?

  • Jaden
    Jaden 11 days ago

    gg bois

  • Harry Caleb
    Harry Caleb 12 days ago

    31:07 HAHAH

  • Harry Caleb
    Harry Caleb 12 days ago

    wtf is wrong with that guy's face? is he smiling or is he frowning??

  • Woozie Maddox
    Woozie Maddox 12 days ago

    Linus was getting salty asf during the comp lol you can tell he was butthurt that him and his team was trash 😂

  • DJRockster_ 360
    DJRockster_ 360 13 days ago

    Carlton has nice hair

  • Cyvox
    Cyvox 13 days ago

    whens next scrapyard wars?

  • Enzo Farias
    Enzo Farias 13 days ago

    Damn Colton got mad rejected for that high five

  • Dab Science
    Dab Science 13 days ago

    that cs gameplay was cringe worthy lmao

  • Troll MeBro
    Troll MeBro 14 days ago

    I love the 144hz monitor with the RX 580... If you are playing at 720p or below sure go for it.

  • Parker Cohen
    Parker Cohen 14 days ago

    33:08 Look at those pits!!

  • Ryan White
    Ryan White 15 days ago

    I have those exact 144hz monitors

  • AMV king
    AMV king 16 days ago +1

    Wtf you played wingman....thats shit

  • AMV king
    AMV king 16 days ago +1

    They shouldve 1vs1 rust

  • CrazyBlueTv
    CrazyBlueTv 16 days ago

    Poor Colton

  • Rivaldi Hartanto
    Rivaldi Hartanto 17 days ago

    where did the PC go after this ?

  • Mr J
    Mr J 17 days ago

    How did he get banned from CSGO?

  • Mr J
    Mr J 17 days ago +1

    I wanna see a "How to play CSGO" from them :)

  • Teeep
    Teeep 17 days ago

    jake has a very punchable face

  • Joshua Medenilla
    Joshua Medenilla 18 days ago

    i am waiting for someone to say cyka blyat. or drop awp

  • Nitrouspeed
    Nitrouspeed 18 days ago

    Anyone remember the specs from the 1st scrapyard wars, I think Linus was trying to secure a 4550T with some old GPU, now these guys got sky lake & R9 390s

  • Ruzzel YTG
    Ruzzel YTG 18 days ago

    Dang the best content ever lol

  • dege13
    dege13 18 days ago

    It may seem minor, but I really appreciated the room lighting colors to help distinguish the teams.

  • Lucas Blakely Zroback
    Lucas Blakely Zroback 18 days ago

    Instead of solder. Use uninsulated butt connectors and waterproof or heat shrink with sealant. Easy, faster and a better connection.

  • Joker
    Joker 19 days ago

    I loved this series but benchmarks should have been more important ultimately. Although making it a gaming competition was fun, it didn't reflect the point IMO

  • Cowell Simon
    Cowell Simon 19 days ago

    You guys are soo bad at CSGO lol

  • Joe
    Joe 20 days ago

    i want to play dirt now after watching this

  • CodeAndGin
    CodeAndGin 20 days ago

    Calling ISO the shitty layout... damn ANSI shills.