Not Worthy - Viewer Mail Episode #56

  • Published on Mar 22, 2019
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    I'm speechless...
    Absolutely Speechless...
    Seriously, I can't believe it!
    This is Viewer Mail Episode #56 and I'm floored at the generosity...
    thank you so much Maxwell and Eric!
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Comments • 111

  • TheOutdoorGearReview
    TheOutdoorGearReview  6 months ago +14

    Everyone, enjoy the weekend and get ready, the next overnight adventure is coming up on Monday and that will be the only upload for next week.
    It's a 3 day adventure and is called, "The Forgotten Loop."

    More on the way, Strength and Honor.
    - Luke

    • Casey Greenwell
      Casey Greenwell 6 months ago

      I am so happy for you Luke, you definitely deserve it... Eric is such a nice, generous friend to you. Im assuming its the same Eric that sent yall the jackets as well. Keep doing what your doing. I always look forward to your next adventure. It should be about time for another overnight bushcraft at Lone Mountain huh. I know you said you had some trees that fell down huh? Anyways, good luck my friend and tell Susie a fan says hi for me please.

  • Mike Davis
    Mike Davis 3 months ago

    no you aren't, just take before they change their mind lmao that's pretty great

  • Mike Davis
    Mike Davis 3 months ago

    Admit it Maxwell is really susie with your credit card lol

  • Jeff Smith
    Jeff Smith 5 months ago

    WOW! That is some awesome gear! The NF sleeping bag is over $700 by itself! Those are some awesome people and so are you Luke. Keep it up brother!

  • Matt Moratelli
    Matt Moratelli 5 months ago

    That’s a $750 sleeping bag 🤤

  • Chris Kayak Quinn
    Chris Kayak Quinn 5 months ago

    Very cool Luke buddy! You definitely got it all together with your adventure videos and wifey Susan!!! Looks like a friend doesn't want you to be unprepared for a miserable cold night on the trail dude! That bag is top notch and I have some bags that I used in winter trips in the back country in New England New Hampshire to be specific. Can't ever be too comfortable when the temps dip down and dirty! You are the "Man" dude.

  • Debbie Littlejohn
    Debbie Littlejohn 6 months ago

    Hope u do a video on the sleeping bag

  • Keisha
    Keisha 6 months ago

    I'd really like to learn more about that sleeping bag. You absolutely have to do a video about it.

  • Viper Chin
    Viper Chin 6 months ago

    Wow...wish i had gifts that left me gob smacked....guess well have to call you lucky luke

  • William Fotey
    William Fotey 6 months ago

    Great haul better do a review on that sleeping bag before it’s 40 degrees out

  • West Coast Wilderness: Gear Review & Outdoor Guide

    woah!!! a -40 degree bag, very nice indeed. I love seeing all the support in this community.

  • Knives Edge
    Knives Edge 6 months ago

    Do you think it would be possible to do a review on the Elite Survival Systems Mission Pack
    Olive Drab

  • Michael McGrath
    Michael McGrath 6 months ago

    Good for you brother, I have been watching your videos and have been highly entertained. I am motivated and am currently conducting a modernization of my old ALICE pack, I will shoot you a video. Cheers to you and your beautiful family.

  • Edward Rodriguez
    Edward Rodriguez 6 months ago +1

    Oohh yeah!

  • Modern Woodsman
    Modern Woodsman 6 months ago

    That compression bag thingy in the woodland print is an I.C.E. bag.
    Individual Chemical Equipment bag.
    It has Alice clips on the back to be worn on the equipment belt like the Vietnam error butt pack.
    The ICE bag was common issue during Desert Storm.
    Obviously the intent was you to carry your chemical suit with you for when/if needed.
    But more often than not, it soon was used to carry everything else BUT a chem suit (after Desert Storm).

  • david jennings
    david jennings 6 months ago

    Nice job Eric and Maxwell, awesome stuff!

  • Steve Hogue
    Steve Hogue 6 months ago

    Dag nab! Here we just got over a late winter and now I will have to wait till next winter to see that sleeping bag review. I just thought of something. Since I'm further north than you how about you send that bag to me and I'll test it for you? No need to repay me or anything, I'm just glad to help out. Really.

  • Michael W
    Michael W 6 months ago

    The BDU bag is for a gas mask...known as an NBC bag. The canteen is not US issue.

  • Matthew Wilcox
    Matthew Wilcox 6 months ago +1

    That's incredible, dude! So great. I bet that's an awesome bag. These next few weeks and next winter will be wonderful testing!!

  • Drifus
    Drifus 6 months ago

    Ok Luke that -40 bag has to be a trip to Northern Canada!! WOW!!!

  • Lennart Daniëls
    Lennart Daniëls 6 months ago

    Have a nice weekend, Luke.

  • Esther Jackson
    Esther Jackson 6 months ago


  • don bowlby
    don bowlby 6 months ago

    Luke, that harness is a sleeping bag carrier for an Alice pack.

  • dhession64
    dhession64 6 months ago +1

    Lesson of the day for Luke: you get back what you give, sometimes more. Someone appreciates what you do, and wants to show it. You are undeniably grateful, since that's the kind of guy you are.
    You get what you give.

  • Rick Vollmer
    Rick Vollmer 6 months ago

    Wow what a score , sure do love military surplus .

  • William Mcknight
    William Mcknight 6 months ago

    Hi Luke, As a former NBC NCO, I recognize the bag from maxwell. It is an NBC Gear bag it was used to carry your MOPP Suit and gloves and booties.

  • Buffalo Berger
    Buffalo Berger 6 months ago

    That's bad ass. I got a 80 below surplus mummy bag for 80$ slept in it for several years to find out i had acquired a down bag allergy.
    I really miss that bag.
    Can't wait till the tech gets them as small as a wool blanket.

  • 3_Degrees_Of_Freedom
    3_Degrees_Of_Freedom 6 months ago

    Wow Luke, you have some seriously generous and kind viewers. That's a $1000 sleeping bag!
    I absolutely love watching your channel, your such a humble guy and it's so nice to see how much people appreciate the honesty of your content. Keep doing what you do my friend. All the best, Ben.

  • Norman
    Norman 6 months ago

    Where is Susie. I will unsubscribe unless she's on your next episode. >=(

  • Grizzly
    Grizzly 6 months ago

    Luke, you are the best brother. You have some great friends and followers. Love your videos and Channel. Keep the videos coming brother. I'll have the Tasters Nasty ready!!! 😂😂👍👍

  • Engr.Mansoor Habib
    Engr.Mansoor Habib 6 months ago

    Maxwell, what's the second pouch with dividers called? It's awesome. You've got to go out on a really really cold trip and bring this gigantic -40F sleeping bag with u. Strength and Honor

  • John High
    John High 6 months ago

    You wont be hiking with the bag but car camping for sure. i have a -20 bag that is almost that big and boy does it work

  • Ian R
    Ian R 6 months ago

    That’s a cool (warm 😀) sleeping bag buddy. I can imagine next winter’s adventures already!

  • Rob Amos
    Rob Amos 6 months ago

    Awesome gifts for some awesome people!

  • Cindy neely
    Cindy neely 6 months ago +1

    it don't get no better

  • Pack Mule
    Pack Mule 6 months ago

    WOW!!! Some of the gifts you get are incredible. These two are just incredible. You climbing Everest now?

    • Pack Mule
      Pack Mule 6 months ago

      @TheOutdoorGearReview Naw!!! Then there's a decent chance we might not get any honest gear reviews after that.

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview  6 months ago

      I think I will have to, what do you think?
      - Luke

  • 40belowful
    40belowful 6 months ago +2

    That's a nice bag but I can guarantee its to hot for you there in NC. I had a 6" loft polar guard north face "king tut" mummy bag for -40 and To hot for me in Alaska. Good for mountain climbing or survival:)

    A&B OUTDOORS 6 months ago

    Can you please review the apls mountaineering lynx 1 tent

  • John Galt
    John Galt 6 months ago

    We’re not worthy!

    ROGER SCOTT 6 months ago

    the pouch with the deviders is a medical pouch called a IFAC and the one bag is for what ever you want it for,like dry cloths and other things

  • sean coffey
    sean coffey 6 months ago

    If only I had money to buy that stuff.

  • tara brave wolf
    tara brave wolf 6 months ago

    Awesome gear

  • Darren Neiger
    Darren Neiger 6 months ago

    That is a sleeping harness that you got.
    It is supposed to be used with m-65 web gear, but it will work with Alice to. There is a video that I recommend it’s from Collector Nick. Look up M-65 sleeping harness Collector Nick.

  • john king
    john king 6 months ago

    Nice one Luke. My mind kind of wanders. I was wondering if I start The Nudie Bar Review if people would send me strippers? Maybe not. Thank you and keep it up.

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview  6 months ago

      I'm liking the sound of this...but I see the potential for things to go very wrong. haha .
      - Luke

  • Mélanie Roussel
    Mélanie Roussel 6 months ago

    That a $900 sleeping bag!!!!!!!!! 😱.

  • Michael Wood
    Michael Wood 6 months ago

    Good things happen top good people

  • Man Flakes
    Man Flakes 6 months ago +1

    “I wish I could smash this guy’s head in with a rock for drawing on a rock in the middle of woods” - Luke

  • EarlyMist
    EarlyMist 6 months ago

    Awesome gift. Please tell me that beast compresses down and that's not its final form? 😂

  • Andrew heuft
    Andrew heuft 6 months ago

    Can I this say hi you are amazing

  • r seyls
    r seyls 6 months ago +6

    I guess nice guys sometimes do finish first. You get what you deserve. I couldn't be happier for you and your channel. Please continue to be true to yourself.

  • Comissar Cap
    Comissar Cap 6 months ago

    Класс !!!

  • John Galt
    John Galt 6 months ago

    Man, what a haul!

  • Vagabond Querier
    Vagabond Querier 6 months ago +1

    Now Luke MUST go to Alaska to use that sleeping bag ... or wait another year ...

  • Beard Bear
    Beard Bear 6 months ago

    If you guys got viewer mail made by the viewer would you review it?

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview  6 months ago

      Potentially, it ultimately depends on what it is, the interest in the item and time.
      - Luke

  • M. Redleg
    M. Redleg 6 months ago +1

    Only psychotic people voluntarily go camping in -40 deg weather!

    • M. Redleg
      M. Redleg 6 months ago

      @Lee Benson You're nuts! Ive been in cold (not that cold) but it wasn't by choice.

    • Lee Benson
      Lee Benson 6 months ago +2

      Spent 3 months above the Arctic Circle in Norway and I volunteered. Rangers lead the way. Warmest day was -10 and coldest was -65 with 60mph winds, great fun.

  • stickyfingaz745
    stickyfingaz745 6 months ago +1

    You combine the sleeping bag and woobie blanket and you woobie warm 👍

  • beeveedee
    beeveedee 6 months ago +19

    Luke! You need to invite these generous friends to Lone Wolf Mountain for some Outdoor Hospitality! A special guests outdoor adventure.

  • CrunchyHam
    CrunchyHam 6 months ago

    I was speechless when you read the bag tag 💀

  • nick garner
    nick garner 6 months ago +2

    Holy shit that's awesome. That's like a $800 bag right there!


    Awesome 👍