Jack Black asks Sir Elton John to identify one of his own songs - The Graham Norton Show


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  • michael rogers
    michael rogers 9 days ago

    jack , needs to do a meatloaf parody of paradise by the dash board lights . whe i watch meatloaf doing that video i see ( jack black and a girl from jersey .) in the skit .

  • The Internet Killed Music

    I would like to see a School of Rock 2. The story should be that there is a "battle of the bands" between a bunch of prestigious schools whose children are mostly only classically trained. They are all nice schools and nice kids except the one that always wins who are snobs. Another school notices that the snooty school only wins each time because they always do 'popular music' but their own kids don't know anything about that. After they find out about what Jack Black's character did in the first movie, they hire him on a special contract to teach their kids about rock and hopefully win the competition. He goes in and teaches them all sorts of cool stuff, and uses different bands than the first film. So instead of ACDC, Led Zep, etc, this time it could have some other legendary bands but also hopefully some less mainstream stuff too. The film ends with the big battle, lots of great music, and his new kids play a great show and win. But instead of accepting the award they reject the award and quote Nick Cave, explaining that good music should be allowed to stand on its own without being 'measured' against others.

  • Roguee
    Roguee 10 days ago +1


    • Roguee
      Roguee 10 days ago

      hahaha yea

  • Bradley Walsch
    Bradley Walsch 13 days ago

    You can tell a set up joke by the perfect camera angle set for the accompanying bit....k. I’d like more genuine dialogue between such talented people besides da fookin’ shoes, mate.

  • Zacynthius -
    Zacynthius - 13 days ago

    So nice of Jack Black to help this blind man get some time in front of the cameras.

  • amandine512
    amandine512 13 days ago

    Jack Black should get healthier before it's too late.

  • Tom Merson
    Tom Merson 14 days ago

    Wow, Jeff Goldblum made Elton John's shoes

  • Metallicfender
    Metallicfender 15 days ago

    Romeo, Cruise and Brooklyn. I love Elton John but his God Children have stupid names

  • Joe Bagadonuts
    Joe Bagadonuts 15 days ago

    Can you imagine being there in the car with Elton John and just casually saying, "Oy Elton, sing us a song will ya" AND HE FUCKIN DOES IT!

  • Thormentor Cortes
    Thormentor Cortes 16 days ago

    3 guys sucking each other wait the program name BBC.... what that it means?

  • Joe _
    Joe _ 17 days ago

    Used to like jack black until I realized he was a liberal. But in hollyweird thats the norm.

  • Joe
    Joe 18 days ago

    elton john looks like a young patton oswalt. in turn, that means that patton oswalt looks like a fat elton john lol.

  • Mike Miller
    Mike Miller 19 days ago

    Jack is a fuckin rock star

  • Lacy Jinks
    Lacy Jinks 20 days ago

    Love both these guys

  • Malak Begore
    Malak Begore 22 days ago


  • Em Dee
    Em Dee 22 days ago

    just dont try to make ppl gay youre fine

  • The WacoKid
    The WacoKid 23 days ago

    It's sad that there are children out there that has no clue who these two men are... those are the people we need to get rid of

  • B 11082
    B 11082 25 days ago

    Elton john is hard af

  • Cris Griffin
    Cris Griffin 26 days ago

    Play the best song in the world!

  • Ollie Gueret
    Ollie Gueret 26 days ago

    Elton John. What a treasure.

  • Rick Rose
    Rick Rose 27 days ago

    And then instead of singing it for them, he played them a version dubbed by Jack Black.

  • Corey Jordan
    Corey Jordan Month ago

    Is Hollywood making Adam samleers the cobler movie realeased in 2014 poplulae by mentioning coblers now and you research the term and his movie pops up fisrt giving you a interest more in the idea so that people like shoes more so you go out and by them more often?

  • Menolikeit Me
    Menolikeit Me Month ago

    Honestly love jack black reminds me of my brother. Just random jokes and puns 😂

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    1:35 elton is like "what the fuck is going on"

  • tümay nacar
    tümay nacar Month ago

    what was that shoemaker doing at 0:44 ?

  • Getoffofmycloud
    Getoffofmycloud Month ago

    Jack Black's fav card is the 'Black Jack'

  • Nick Koopmann
    Nick Koopmann Month ago

    Lol!!!!! "I know where you're going with this...."

  • Jmoney Elk
    Jmoney Elk Month ago

    Jack black should have his own show lol he’s a better character than jimmy Fallon and jimmy Kimmel and all the other jack ass late night show host lol

  • Halley Jack
    Halley Jack Month ago

    You're a piece of shit jb i used to like you but if you talk about my president boycott all the way

  • Tober Mory
    Tober Mory Month ago

    Why do we worship these people? They sing well. That is all.

  • Pyaria Cheeja Bakwaas Te Makhol

    They all went down the dungeon after this and teamed up on Jack Black with whips and a leather one piece and put a snooker ball in his mouth. Jack loved it.

  • Tiagorpg mendes
    Tiagorpg mendes Month ago

    some times elton john looks like ozzy

  • Fae far awa
    Fae far awa Month ago

    Jack Black is awesome

  • Zsa Zsa Umbra
    Zsa Zsa Umbra Month ago

    That outfit is fabulous.

  • Dave McCullagh
    Dave McCullagh Month ago

    Is Elton John Christian?

    • brendalg4
      brendalg4 Month ago

      I don't know. He has been reported to have said that Jesus is gay. Also just because someone wears jewelry of a Christian symbol does not mean they are Christian. I have heard that he and Bernie both don't know what Take Me to the Pilot is about. To me it is obviously about Jesus/God... with lines like
      take me to the pilot of your soul
      and a verse of:
      I know he's not old
      And I'm told he's a virgin
      He may be she
      What I'm told
      Is never, never for certain
      Bernie writes the lyrics... Where to Now St. Peter chorus
      Where to now St. Peter
      If it's true I'm in your hands
      Although I may not be a Christian
      I've done all one man can
      I understand I'm on the road
      Where all that was is gone
      So where to now St. Peter
      Show me which road I'm on
      Which road I'm on

  • Adam Powell
    Adam Powell Month ago

    just here for the pringles comment, dont mind me

  • Hippity Hoppity
    Hippity Hoppity Month ago

    Elton John was funny in the Kingsman!

  • Ture M
    Ture M Month ago

    We dont deserve Jack Black

  • phoenixsplash135
    phoenixsplash135 Month ago

    a surprisingly accurate cover with barely any actual lyrics

  • Mammoth Chimp
    Mammoth Chimp Month ago

    Elton John is a god.

  • israel castelan
    israel castelan Month ago

    imagine waking up one day with Elton John as your Goddfather

  • Michele Eslick
    Michele Eslick Month ago

    Elton looks wonderful!!!

  • Craig Whitelaw
    Craig Whitelaw Month ago

    “Yeah I saw Kung Fu panda... it was right before...” continuing to ramble about himself for a while

  • Munchycrust
    Munchycrust Month ago

    imagine riding in a car with Elton John driving and singing Circle of Life.

  • Brute Better
    Brute Better Month ago

    Do i see a similarity between Simon Cowell and Elton John here? Could they be brothers?

  • Mitchel Paulus
    Mitchel Paulus Month ago

    I thought jack was gonna ask Elton to identify a tenacious D song and I was waiting for Elton to go “wait you make actual music?”

  • Michael Mathers
    Michael Mathers Month ago

    oh he doesn't play the guitar never mind this video is stupid shit

  • Michael Mathers
    Michael Mathers Month ago

    i don't know any of either of their songs

  • Mr. deKanko
    Mr. deKanko Month ago

    one of my favor actor Jack Black. f..king School of Rock

  • ironfae
    ironfae 2 months ago

    I always love seeing a younger actor GUSH over a legend.

  • TheHorseFormerlyWithoutAName

    I just pictured Elton John singing

  • Doug Nulton
    Doug Nulton 2 months ago

    g o l d b e d a z z l e m e n t

  • SiggelkowTV
    SiggelkowTV 2 months ago

    So wait... So not enough that David Beckham is Brooklyns father. Elton John is is fkin godfather?! Who's his godmother?! Meryl Streep?!

  • Jesse Colton
    Jesse Colton 2 months ago +1

    Take Me To The Pilot by Jack Black
    Ha na livvuh, ha nah haww
    Well I fowch oh pleethuh
    Ahna panow tawna chawn
    With a one eyed danger zone
    Take me to the piloh haww nee ohhh
    Take me to the pilot
    Ree me awna chain!

  • Pedro Henrique
    Pedro Henrique 2 months ago

    take me to the pilot

  • Turd throwing monkey
    Turd throwing monkey 2 months ago

    You tube app is amazing, I just typed take and the first suggestion is take me to the pilot.

  • Will090681
    Will090681 2 months ago

    1:36 That look on his face!! Hahaha!

  • greenbeagle13
    greenbeagle13 2 months ago

    School of Rock still one of my FAVORITE Jack Black movies.... !!

  • Brian Orr
    Brian Orr 2 months ago +1

    Elton John seems like a kind of odd guy. A little self-absorbed dressing like that o.O And has someone making custom shoes for him, it sounds like more than once? Okay then.

  • Emily Walker
    Emily Walker 2 months ago


  • Will Walker
    Will Walker 2 months ago

    Jack Black so cool

  • Everett Webster
    Everett Webster 2 months ago

    Jack Black is loonking a little more of a chubster than usual

  • Blake Blair
    Blake Blair 2 months ago

    the graham norton shows set is the show.

  • jay sintonus
    jay sintonus 2 months ago

    a couple of underling paedos looking up to their senior paedo knight!

  • Willem DaFuckedUp
    Willem DaFuckedUp 2 months ago

    Those shoes look hideous

  • Dustein McLean
    Dustein McLean 2 months ago

    sir john, low key, ended that story like, " we saw your movie then I sang them lion king.. jack black who?"

  • decodynamo
    decodynamo 3 months ago

    Dont Let My Son Go Down On Me

  • Pig Fucker
    Pig Fucker 3 months ago

    Maybe I just haven't seen him in enough videos, but Elton John seems like a bit of a snob.

  • George Jensen
    George Jensen 3 months ago

    "Cocks is one of my favourite words" - Elton John 2016

  • Max Sands
    Max Sands 4 months ago

    Very nice to see Elton in such a good mood . . . I've only seen his bad ones & WHEW! Love Elton! (& NACHOOOOOOOOO!)

  • MrBiggysmalls87
    MrBiggysmalls87 4 months ago

    We’re so sorry...Uncle Elton...

  • MrBiggysmalls87
    MrBiggysmalls87 4 months ago

    We’re so sorry....uncle Elton...

  • Truth
    Truth 4 months ago

    Two legends. I didn’t know Elton John was this down to earth.

  • sonnic1995
    sonnic1995 4 months ago

    Jack Black looks exactly like the bad guy from Home on the Range, Alameda Slim

  • Kimberlee Catena
    Kimberlee Catena 4 months ago

    Look his fabulous sparkly suit and style and he’s sweet. Whatta fella.

    Paul ANTONESCU 4 months ago


  • L taylor Armour
    L taylor Armour 4 months ago

    Jack is really a talented dude!

  • Non Binary Transgendered Teddy Bear Hamster

    Sir Elton John is a real man's man

  • Scauldy Brown
    Scauldy Brown 4 months ago

    Elton John out here with some T. rex arms

  • grahamt19781
    grahamt19781 4 months ago

    Lol celebrity lives

  • Jeffrey Ottinger
    Jeffrey Ottinger 4 months ago

    When you sing the circle of life it trumps a whole Kung fu panda movie. Lol

  • wiseman 1965
    wiseman 1965 4 months ago

    A tin of gold spray.. Nice one Mr cobbler

  • Catherine Jackson
    Catherine Jackson 4 months ago

    Patrick Cox!!

  • Stacie Shaw
    Stacie Shaw 4 months ago

    Jack Black should do an impression of Meatloaf singing Two out of Three Ain’t Bad ..... he’d be spot on ... looks and all !!!!

  • Bonesofinsanity
    Bonesofinsanity 4 months ago

    Elton got his own song wrong, it's actually, 'Breaking hearts' that has the 'Danger Zone' line and it's starts with just piano as Jack says!

  • The California Garage
    The California Garage 4 months ago

    Jack black looks like Ron Jeremy

  • Lisa Akinlabi
    Lisa Akinlabi 4 months ago

    Elton sure lightened up since he married a Canadian and had kids - usually a segment like this way back when would have pissed him of and he would have gotten grumpy!

  • darkdoctor2017
    darkdoctor2017 4 months ago

    Jack Black can really sing ...check out his TVclip page

  • Harley Reynolds
    Harley Reynolds 4 months ago

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  • Tommy Robertson
    Tommy Robertson 4 months ago

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    SHADYCOCK 5 months ago

    Jack Black is the Seth Rogen of the 2000s

  • Matt Guitar
    Matt Guitar 5 months ago

    Love Jack Black. I didn't realise one of Beckhams kid was Angry Kid. For those that don't know who Angry Kid is tvclip.biz/video/z-VGrTFVnZA/video.html

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude 5 months ago

    I seriously love jack black! Elton John is a legend too!

  • CaptainAMAZINGGG
    CaptainAMAZINGGG 5 months ago

    When you live a life where you get to demand songs of Elton John and he complies on the spot..

  • okay 0
    okay 0 5 months ago

    Even just singing nonsense, jack black sounds good

    STORMZ UNIQUE 5 months ago

    When is mr. Schneebly coming back

  • Johnathan Tyrer
    Johnathan Tyrer 5 months ago

    Without a doubt the most unfunny guy ever to of graced our screens



  • kickapooCam
    kickapooCam 5 months ago

    little kids that asked elton john to sing the circle of life in the car are legends to me now. Great choice.