History Of Captain Marvel! (Carol Danvers)

  • Published on Jun 22, 2016
  • Today on Variant Arris gives you the History of Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers). Plus check out his thoughts on Injustice 2 and the new Spider-Man game! And as always see what comics you should buy this week!
    Civil War II issue 1 review! tvclip.biz/video/qsqNp4aGmiA/video.html
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Comments • 1 674

  • banu prakash
    banu prakash 6 hours ago

    you left an important point.She is a child abuser.She abused miles morales.

  • Joenier Jotar
    Joenier Jotar Day ago +1

    who else is here again because of the origin movie? hahaha

  • Collins Chokki
    Collins Chokki 3 days ago

    Thx dude, I’m new to marvel and the MCU and I hardly know anything about it haha. I gotta do my research, so this vid is a big help

  • #1 Villian
    #1 Villian 4 days ago

    Monica was the first captain Marvel and she was black..dude do your research THE FIRST CAPTAIN MARVEL LOOKED LIKE WHITNEY HOUSTON

    • Cataclysmic Dildoser
      Cataclysmic Dildoser 3 days ago +1

      True, but this video's focus is Carol Denvers! I wanted to know more about her personality, so this is a letdown. Guess we both didn't get what we wanted...

  • John Free
    John Free 4 days ago

    I was a big fan of Mar-Vell and was very disappointed that they cut him out of her history in the MCU

    ARIEL GOLD 5 days ago

    The haircut was inspired by Brianne of Tarth

  • Capy
    Capy 5 days ago +1

    Who’s here after watching Captain Marvel?

  • Heiroo
    Heiroo 6 days ago


  • Kuba Novak
    Kuba Novak 8 days ago

    Her origin is pussy

  • Dakota Guardiola
    Dakota Guardiola 9 days ago

    Why is this chick so damn powerful??? Just omg.

  • Onion Dark Knight
    Onion Dark Knight 12 days ago

    those jokes doesn't land at all....

  • Onion Dark Knight
    Onion Dark Knight 12 days ago

    Who is here just because you just here and doesn't fucking care, you're just browsing.

  • Constant BR
    Constant BR 12 days ago +5

    Who is here after watching The Movie

    SCORPZGCA 12 days ago +7

    I guess you're here becuase you watched the Captain Marvel movie right ?

  • Shiboline M'Ress
    Shiboline M'Ress 13 days ago

    I like Kamala Khan's Ms Marvel very much.

  • Terrell Campbell
    Terrell Campbell 13 days ago

    What about Photon

  • Pandavap
    Pandavap 14 days ago +3

    Who’s here after watching Captain Marvel?

  • MidnightStorm
    MidnightStorm 14 days ago +3

    I just watched captain marvel it was good

  • allah satangod
    allah satangod 15 days ago

    The new version of Capt. Marvel looks like a allah damn short haired BULL DYKE lebo. The art work sucks also.

  • Bmxman 411
    Bmxman 411 15 days ago

    Batta bing batta bomb I’m aboutta see this movie

  • Sweetexorcist7
    Sweetexorcist7 15 days ago

    Great episode

  • frederik ahle
    frederik ahle 15 days ago

    could you do a redux?

  • WilsonxDoom
    WilsonxDoom 15 days ago +4

    Whos here after watching Captain Marvel?!

  • Brad Bassett
    Brad Bassett 16 days ago +1

    So Captain Marvel is the first Trans Gender Super Hero?.....Cool!

  • Landon Bravo
    Landon Bravo 16 days ago

    who is here after watching the captain marvel movie

  • Landon Bravo
    Landon Bravo 16 days ago


  • Ninja Assassin's Creek

    This topic is a spoiler for 2019's Captain Marvel and it's too early for this year's movie though I knew it was uploaded on 2016..
    *Marvel* *Future* *Fight* , anyone?

  • Ralph Jael
    Ralph Jael 16 days ago +49

    Who's here after watching Captain Marvel

    • professor x
      professor x 5 days ago


    • TShorty929
      TShorty929 7 days ago +1

      now i'm sad that Mar-vel was some old chick instead of the dude!

    • Stimx
      Stimx 8 days ago +1

      Ralph Jael me watched it all today

    • Dime Time1007
      Dime Time1007 11 days ago +1


  • Silent Groyper
    Silent Groyper 17 days ago +1

    Captain Marvel is dead

  • Leon Alfa
    Leon Alfa 17 days ago +3

    Who’s here after watching Captain Marvel

  • Rajnikanth
    Rajnikanth 17 days ago

    Celebrities that preach certain practices without thinking of the rammifications of those practices, or how to promote and convey them responsibly and holistically when, to push those said practices in its self, is not in her job description, is premature and naive to say the least. 😎

  • Candi Warhol
    Candi Warhol 17 days ago +6

    ✨Brie Larson✨ is Queen Badass 🖤💯

    • Shrek
      Shrek 15 days ago +1

      Candi Warhol More like flat ass

  • Lowkey Edgy
    Lowkey Edgy 17 days ago +6

    I saw the movie... I'll be honest I'm worried that end game might end like Last Jedi.

  • Omar TheOwner
    Omar TheOwner 18 days ago +1

    Is captain marvel lesbian?

  • jimlovesgina
    jimlovesgina 18 days ago +9

    It is amazing how the new movie has been vilified as some recent feminist takeover of the Marvel universe. So many do not know this story goes back to the 60s.

    • Taryn M
      Taryn M 5 days ago

      +Baba boundingintocomics.com/2019/02/12/brie-larson-confirms-marvel-wants-to-make-captain-marvel-a-big-feminist-movie/
      The entire cast essentially knew it was gonna be a film with heavy feminism. Which is why half the comment by the men in the movie other fury were written to be sexist.

    • Baba
      Baba 5 days ago

      +Taryn M Link?

    • Taryn M
      Taryn M 5 days ago

      +Baba The movie was trying to make the point that all men are dicks though. Even the director admitted that in an interview.

    • Baba
      Baba 5 days ago

      +Taryn M I wasn't implying that women would've gotten that line specifically. I was implying that there probably would be some jerk dudes who would cop an attitude or treat a woman differently in that situation.
      Not saying all men just saying some men likely would. And it's hard to say what exactly would've happened back then so there's definitely discrepancies o both sides.
      People win be dicks, but not everyone is a dick.

    • Taryn M
      Taryn M 5 days ago

      +Baba I'm in the air force. There is more men. But I work on the flightline and not a single female pilot I've talked to has gotten that line. The air force has been letting women do more than other branches since inception. That, and hazing isn't that big of a thing in that sense. Saying something like that would have gotten him paperwork, even in my dad's day in the late 70s.

  • bruce lau
    bruce lau 18 days ago

    Cannot wait to see the movie big time this opening weekend

  • brownskindiva10
    brownskindiva10 19 days ago +4

    Saw Captain Marvel tonight it was pretty good funny bittersweet seeing Stan Lee

    • TShorty929
      TShorty929 7 days ago

      It's not as bad as people say but it's pretty bland. I think Cap Marvel deserved a little more of UMPH if you know what I mean. I don't think it lives up to her comic book self

    • John Lewis
      John Lewis 17 days ago +3

      Yeah it was good. But not great. Some people hate it, but it was definitely not terrible

  • King Pain
    King Pain 20 days ago

    Ain't this the dude that got wrong iron Man suit names? Peace.

  • Idiotic Tirades
    Idiotic Tirades 21 day ago

    Boy is the in her later comic books terrible.

  • Joels_Creed141
    Joels_Creed141 21 day ago +2

    I’m not gonna waste my money on the movie, I’ll wait for Endgame

  • Ciro Torres
    Ciro Torres 22 days ago


  • Israel Pedraza
    Israel Pedraza 24 days ago +1

    Wait their is Coral danvers in Marvel but in DC theirs supermans cousin Kara danvers supergirl 🤔

  • glen reyes
    glen reyes 25 days ago

    Is she the capt marvel x man rouge got her powers?

  • ninegames
    ninegames 26 days ago +3

    These feminists better not complain about women getting more roles as heros

    • Christopher Nava
      Christopher Nava 12 days ago +1

      She not racist dumbass. 😡

    • Michael Nahod
      Michael Nahod 16 days ago +3

      Oh they will, when the white male will not see the movie..

  • Bring Da Beards
    Bring Da Beards 26 days ago +3

    Tyler Perry's Madea's family funeral. March 8th. Finally a real strong woman we can all look up to ✊🏿

  • Papepo Mamemo
    Papepo Mamemo 26 days ago

    Who else thinks Marvey will change Captain Marvel origin story to favor feminists?

  • Denzel Monfort
    Denzel Monfort 28 days ago

    I always knew her as ms marvel.

  • Jsmes Wagner
    Jsmes Wagner 28 days ago

    Carol Danvers is Mrs shazam..

  • Jsmes Wagner
    Jsmes Wagner 28 days ago

    So if she would have been so great before Howard Starks would have know about her and how did she leave us a and Starks not know..its such a mess when they make a feminist super hero..they never fit into the story

  • John Richmond
    John Richmond 28 days ago

    Her binary form looks like the warrior that was in the Shi 'ar Impiral Gaurd from the Xmen animated series. Please confirm

  • Matt Davis
    Matt Davis 28 days ago

    1: So basically Captain Marvel has always been a controversial character good to know
    2: Wether or not the actress playing ms.marvel wants me to see it or not. I am considering her character is (as far as I can see) a direct character between the avengers and x men. Basically she could start an x men crossover with the avengers

  • Freaking Fountain
    Freaking Fountain 29 days ago

    How RACIST didn’t even go over the Black Captain Marvel.
    1980’s. If marvel wanted to be progressive they would have used her

  • Bryson the Mad Pencil
    Bryson the Mad Pencil 29 days ago +1

    Captain marvel the most boring female character ever

  • inurbackpocket TWOdee
    inurbackpocket TWOdee 29 days ago

    Still not going to watch the movie

  • Garnet Campbell
    Garnet Campbell Month ago +4

    Brie Larson murdered Captain Marvel...

    • Garnet Campbell
      Garnet Campbell 15 days ago

      Thanhtacles Are you saying the speech she made at the actor's guild awards was written by her?

    • Thanhtacles
      Thanhtacles 15 days ago

      She didn't write the lines. The writers did

  • Paul Bonifacio
    Paul Bonifacio Month ago

    Captain marvel (carol danvers) vs nova (richard riders) and (sam alexanders)

    JT STAR Month ago +1

    This is just an overall confused character that not many people have interest in just because of the male and female role as Captain Marvel.

  • devilsveryown
    devilsveryown Month ago +1

    Not going to lie but it seems Marvel steal a lot of ideas and names from DC and she sounds stupid.

  • Eric Feldmann
    Eric Feldmann Month ago +1

    she sounds like a bit of a Mary Sue

  • emcee gange
    emcee gange Month ago +3

    did rogue's power to fly came from ms marvel?

  • Dennis Campbell
    Dennis Campbell Month ago +2

    What about the ROUGE factor?

  • Joan Reyes
    Joan Reyes Month ago

    Dc Captain Marvel sucks Captain Marvel Carol Danvers is better

  • Marcelo Capel Junior

    So, I have never really seen anything of Captain Marvel / Mrs Marvel because of the lack of comic availability where I live. The firs and only time I've seen Carol Denvers was when I played the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games. It is interesting to finally learn about the character. I am tentatively optimist to see the movie, a lot of people have been raising red flags about it so I am not sure yet.

    • Mie R
      Mie R Month ago

      By "a lot of people raising red flags" are you referring to the people who are so angry at this movie's release they're frothing at the mouth? Don't you think it's suspicious that they have such a strong hatred for this movie that hasn't even come out? They have an extremely obvious agenda, and are out to get this movie. You'll notice a lot of them are also Star Wars "fans" who hate Disney for The Last Jedi, they were also behind the planned boycott for Black Panther last year.

  • Leonardo Di Savino
    Leonardo Di Savino 2 months ago

    Hey arris, can you make a history of Mar-Vell?

  • Citizen Joe
    Citizen Joe 2 months ago

    You have the same mannerisms as "Manny" in Modern Family

  • Ferra Zm
    Ferra Zm 2 months ago

    Who is here right now?

    NODEE ZEE 2 months ago +1

    I’d smash

  • David Smith
    David Smith 2 months ago +1

    A feminist Mary Sue that will be the new face of the MCU.

    • David Smith
      David Smith 13 days ago

      ++Thanhtacles What a load of bollocks. First of all the correct term you're looking for is Gary Stu.
      Tony has weaknesses which showed many times when he was beat up in every one of his own films. Oh, did you forget when Tony got his faced bloodied up by Captain America? Or Tony's drinking problem? How about the fact that Tony's suits can run out of power.
      How about the fact that Captain America is still human which means he can die.
      Or Thor losing his hammer and eye fighting his Mary Sue sister Hela.
      I can keep going.
      The fact is Captain Marvel has no weaknesses.
      Try again.

    • Thanhtacles
      Thanhtacles 15 days ago

      Every MCU character is practically a Mary Sue, esp Stark

  • Sherry Patrick
    Sherry Patrick 2 months ago

    Who's here because their just here? 😂

  • Carlos Rodriguez-martinez

    Is ig me or did he gain weight?

  • Blitznstitch2
    Blitznstitch2 2 months ago

    Hate the marvel back story - hope they just throw it all away and create a new backstory

  • New Age Rise
    New Age Rise 2 months ago +1

    She got her ass whooped by the Hulk in comics.But movie Feminism will have her being stronger now.Man what fools these movie fans be believe anything that Marvel makes

  • Sheldon Helms
    Sheldon Helms 2 months ago

    By the way, I love this guy on “Modern Family.”

  • Sheldon Helms
    Sheldon Helms 2 months ago

    This kid clearly didn’t get the Feminism message. It’s MS. (pronounced mizz), not MISS.

  • rAdiant Jet
    rAdiant Jet 2 months ago


  • Sumanth Pruthvi
    Sumanth Pruthvi 2 months ago

    Correction: She worked in Nasa with Dr. WALTER LAWSON (Captain Mar-vell in disguise) not Dr.Philip Lawson as you said at 3:13

  • Brutal 203
    Brutal 203 3 months ago +1

    I wish they could have found a woman that looks more like the short haircut version of Capt marvel

  • Mac Kobalt
    Mac Kobalt 3 months ago

    Captain Marvel is gonna Be better than Captain Marvel

  • Bunthan Sephieroth Kong

    The name lol

  • ForestSakan
    ForestSakan 3 months ago

    Your face in the video is totally unnecessary...get over your egos and get to the job

  • Chip
    Chip 3 months ago +1

    Captain marvel trailer makes me wanna watch superhero movies TBH I'm not really a movie person

  • Lester Leonor
    Lester Leonor 3 months ago

    Who wants a movie adaptation for Civil War II?

  • Nashmann Jango
    Nashmann Jango 3 months ago

    Who did she sleep with , you kinda missed all of that !!!???

  • David Kennedy
    David Kennedy 3 months ago

    Skip to 1:20
    Talks shit poo 💩

  • Maurice Penright
    Maurice Penright 3 months ago


  • Daniel Foster
    Daniel Foster 3 months ago +1

    Who else is here because of captain marvel trailer 2?

  • Agent Other
    Agent Other 3 months ago +1

    So Captain Marvel is a Inhuman

  • u2good2b4gotn
    u2good2b4gotn 3 months ago +1

    Confusing as hell.

  • Bless Eddins
    Bless Eddins 3 months ago +8

    Who's here bc they ruined her origin in the new 2nd trailer today

    • Jsmes Wagner
      Jsmes Wagner 28 days ago

      The trailer shows her get hit by a bolt of lightning or light to get her powers..

  • CJ Jones
    CJ Jones 3 months ago

    lol, he was excited about Spiderman ps4 in 2016

  • robb
    robb 3 months ago

    whos here after watching the new captain marvel trailer #2

  • Hypestyle
    Hypestyle 3 months ago +1

    bring back Monica rambeau for a high profile role!

  • Breyeand Jelks
    Breyeand Jelks 3 months ago

    Sorry you lost me at "(Carol Danver)"

  • Fatty McPoopytits
    Fatty McPoopytits 3 months ago +1

    What a boring, uncompelling character. A total flawless mary sue

  • Mine SG
    Mine SG 4 months ago

    Great video. Wonky teeth. It's never too late for braces.

  • YaBoySnoozy
    YaBoySnoozy 4 months ago +1

    Soo Marvel Supergirl?

  • Ahryn W
    Ahryn W 5 months ago +1

    so before the explosion she was " non-binary" 😉

  • ChilledTea
    ChilledTea 5 months ago


  • RyfernzOfficial
    RyfernzOfficial 5 months ago

    didn't she get powers from the quantum realm too?

  • Joshua J WARS
    Joshua J WARS 5 months ago +1

    Ms. Fanservice: Carol for a long time was practically the poster girl for this before her "promotion" to being the new Captain Marvel. Her first Bare Your Midriff costume was originally derived from the red-and-blue Kree uniform of Captain Marvel, but after emerging from under his shadow she was given a distinctive new black-and-gold leotard costume with a lightning bolt motif; this costume get many Male Gaze. This was lampshaded by Moonstone/Dark Ms. Marvel in Avengers: The Initiative when she asks Tigra just how Carol wears these outfits, and by Eventually it was finally averted with her latest outfit, which aside from being form-fitting, is about as non-fanservice as you can get and Amazonian Beauty: Although her physique varies Depending on the Artist, she is a big woman who has very strong muscles, toned broad shoulders, muscular yet voluptuous body, and standing in at 5'11" and over 160 lbs. Frank Cho in particular makes her look like Cammy. Her newer titles have her looking less overtly curvy, and far more muscular, than before.