History Of Captain Marvel! (Carol Danvers)

  • Published on Jun 22, 2016
  • Today on Variant Arris gives you the History of Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers). Plus check out his thoughts on Injustice 2 and the new Spider-Man game! And as always see what comics you should buy this week!
    Civil War II issue 1 review! tvclip.biz/video/qsqNp4aGmiA/video.html
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  • Jamar Martin
    Jamar Martin 4 days ago


  • Shenique Jackson
    Shenique Jackson 8 days ago

    I hope soon Marvel Company makes Captain Marvel 2. I REALLY wanted to see Karla Sofen/Moonstone in that movie. I REALLY wanted to see the Marvel Hero and Villain Showdown between Captain Marvel and Moonstone.

  • Tim Sullivan
    Tim Sullivan 11 days ago

    Its MIZZ marvel, not MISS marvel

  • Tim Sullivan
    Tim Sullivan 11 days ago

    You have truly no clue do you?

  • TheRandomKing
    TheRandomKing 16 days ago

    Worst mcu movie by far

  • Blєѕѕєd mp3
    Blєѕѕєd mp3 22 days ago +1

    “Hi Peter Parker, you got something for me?”

  • Shenique Jackson
    Shenique Jackson 24 days ago +1

    I'm here, cause' of both Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame.

  • Shenique Jackson
    Shenique Jackson 24 days ago

    Carol Danvers, A.K.A., Captain Marvel, is definitely one of THE Best of the Best Marvel Heroines there is! She's SO Super MEGA ULTRA Cool and Awesome and Badass! That's what I called Extreme Girl Power! I'll always have my Full Support and my Utmost Respect for her! She'll always have my symphonies and condolences! She's definitely a No.#1 in my books!

  • Mektek19
    Mektek19 27 days ago

    The movie was awful sheesh.

  • Vortex141979
    Vortex141979 29 days ago

    The movie origins is different from the comics.

  • RacerC45
    RacerC45 Month ago

    Does Sony really own Spider-Man? It's just not fair.

  • ocularisabyssus
    ocularisabyssus Month ago +1

    Starts at 1:16. You're welcome

  • Winner Seven
    Winner Seven Month ago +1

    Lesson for Tony Stark, stay away from Superheroes that has "Captain" in their madeup names.

  • Alford Alford
    Alford Alford Month ago

    What’s your opinion is Shazam stronger or is captain marvel stronger who would win in a fight do you think

    • Pucci
      Pucci Month ago

      ...They're both the same.

  • Nightwing25
    Nightwing25 Month ago

    Haha game of thrones has the most popular battle scene Ha cough(endgame)cough

  • Mark Wiygul
    Mark Wiygul Month ago

    this is mainly the history of Ms Marvel. I didn't hear anything of the Captain Marvel family, AKA Captain Marvel Jr

  • 김기남
    김기남 Month ago

    In Marble's original comics, the service scene of the invited girl Captain Marvel's butt, the service scene except for the buttress of the inviting girl Captain Marvel, is posted in the reply to the source.

  • Ham 'Housekeeping' Sarris

    whos here?

  • Julie Angeli May Sabacan

    hi just gonna ask i want to read all about captain marvel (carol danvers) comics in what order should i read

  • Jigga
    Jigga 2 months ago

    Who cares.

  • Joe Dohn
    Joe Dohn 2 months ago

    They ruined Captain Marvel and Endgame

    DRAGOTH BELMONT 2 months ago +1

    all i want from miss Marvel right now is a movie of ROGUE stealing her powers
    ROGUE is the one who deserved that movie

  • Dan Boud
    Dan Boud 2 months ago +1

    "Where this past week's episode of GoT had one of the best battle scene's in all of TV and movie history..." Checks vid upload date... Well, I'm watching this vid with some strange timing...

  • MiztarBriteCide
    MiztarBriteCide 2 months ago

    Who's here after watching Into the Spiderverse?

  • pogijuice9061
    pogijuice9061 2 months ago

    The name Carol Danvers really screwed me up because I got her name mixed up with the Danver sisters on the tv show. Guy explained about ms. Marvel's background and have some similarities to Kara's sister Alex.

  • Original King
    Original King 2 months ago

    Who here after. End game🤔🤔🤔

  • Edward Emmanuel
    Edward Emmanuel 2 months ago

    Whos here after avengers endgame :'(

  • dtadeo2006
    dtadeo2006 2 months ago +1

    marvel went full sjw on this one. miss marvel was wayy cooler.

  • MandrakeMoorglade
    MandrakeMoorglade 2 months ago

    The movie would have been so much better if they kept Mar-vell a man and actually had them in a relationship. Would have given her a lot more depth and made her more sympathetic.

  • Sunset Rider
    Sunset Rider 3 months ago

    Good history of the character but Civil War II ended up being terrible.

  • Puro
    Puro 3 months ago

    Who's here after year 0?
    Posts like this are so stupid, do not like it.

  • 70cheyennejcu1911
    70cheyennejcu1911 3 months ago

    You left out a big part of the story of character death of captian 1970.you don't explain how captain marvel went from being a man to being a woman and from black women to blonde hair girl.

  • dakota cox
    dakota cox 3 months ago

    They literally made all that happen!! 😂

  • Matthew Hunt
    Matthew Hunt 3 months ago +1

    i saw the captain marvel movie

  • banu prakash
    banu prakash 3 months ago

    you left an important point.She is a child abuser.She abused miles morales.

  • Joenier Jotar
    Joenier Jotar 3 months ago +1

    who else is here again because of the origin movie? hahaha

  • Collins
    Collins 3 months ago

    Thx dude, I’m new to marvel and the MCU and I hardly know anything about it haha. I gotta do my research, so this vid is a big help

  • #1 Villian
    #1 Villian 3 months ago

    Monica was the first captain Marvel and she was black..dude do your research THE FIRST CAPTAIN MARVEL LOOKED LIKE WHITNEY HOUSTON

    • Cataclysmic Dildoser
      Cataclysmic Dildoser 3 months ago +1

      True, but this video's focus is Carol Denvers! I wanted to know more about her personality, so this is a letdown. Guess we both didn't get what we wanted...

  • John Free
    John Free 3 months ago

    I was a big fan of Mar-Vell and was very disappointed that they cut him out of her history in the MCU

    ARIEL GOLD 3 months ago

    The haircut was inspired by Brianne of Tarth

  • Heiroo
    Heiroo 3 months ago


  • Kuba Novak
    Kuba Novak 4 months ago

    Her origin is pussy

  • Dakota Guardiola
    Dakota Guardiola 4 months ago

    Why is this chick so damn powerful??? Just omg.

  • Constant BR
    Constant BR 4 months ago +5

    Who is here after watching The Movie

    SCORPZGCA 4 months ago +19

    I guess you're here becuase you watched the Captain Marvel movie right ?

  • Shiboline M'Ress
    Shiboline M'Ress 4 months ago

    I like Kamala Khan's Ms Marvel very much.

  • Terrell Campbell
    Terrell Campbell 4 months ago

    What about Photon

  • Tori Poulton
    Tori Poulton 4 months ago +3

    Who’s here after watching Captain Marvel?

  • allah satangod
    allah satangod 4 months ago

    The new version of Capt. Marvel looks like a allah damn short haired BULL DYKE lebo. The art work sucks also.

  • Bmxman 411
    Bmxman 411 4 months ago

    Batta bing batta bomb I’m aboutta see this movie

  • Sweetexorcist7
    Sweetexorcist7 4 months ago

    Great episode

  • frederik ahle
    frederik ahle 4 months ago

    could you do a redux?

  • WilsonxDoom
    WilsonxDoom 4 months ago +4

    Whos here after watching Captain Marvel?!

  • Brad Bassett
    Brad Bassett 4 months ago +1

    So Captain Marvel is the first Trans Gender Super Hero?.....Cool!

  • Landon Bravo
    Landon Bravo 4 months ago

    who is here after watching the captain marvel movie

  • Landon Bravo
    Landon Bravo 4 months ago


  • Ninja Assassin's Creek
    Ninja Assassin's Creek 4 months ago

    This topic is a spoiler for 2019's Captain Marvel and it's too early for this year's movie though I knew it was uploaded on 2016..
    *Marvel* *Future* *Fight* , anyone?

  • Ralph Jael
    Ralph Jael 4 months ago +73

    Who's here after watching Captain Marvel

  • Silent Groyper
    Silent Groyper 4 months ago +1

    Captain Marvel is dead

  • Leon Alfa
    Leon Alfa 4 months ago +3

    Who’s here after watching Captain Marvel

  • Rajnikanth
    Rajnikanth 4 months ago

    Celebrities that preach certain practices without thinking of the rammifications of those practices, or how to promote and convey them responsibly and holistically when, to push those said practices in its self, is not in her job description, is premature and naive to say the least. 😎

  • Candi Warhol
    Candi Warhol 4 months ago +6

    ✨Brie Larson✨ is Queen Badass 🖤💯

    • Shrek
      Shrek 4 months ago +1

      Candi Warhol More like flat ass

  • Lowkey Arki
    Lowkey Arki 4 months ago +6

    I saw the movie... I'll be honest I'm worried that end game might end like Last Jedi.

  • jimlovesgina
    jimlovesgina 4 months ago +11

    It is amazing how the new movie has been vilified as some recent feminist takeover of the Marvel universe. So many do not know this story goes back to the 60s.

    • Isaac Yebio
      Isaac Yebio Month ago +1

      Taryn M hey dude, I said Valkyrie was the exception. But the two other female character, Hela and the servant to grand master were complete assholes. Is that on attack on women?? No! Just becuase they showed how sexism from the men in her life affected her(which by the way is realistic for the time, all the things you have said have been a straight up lie, or using some example from today)

    • Isaac Yebio
      Isaac Yebio Month ago

      Taryn M yeah, becuase a lot of the time sexism came from the men in her life who thought she should ‘slow down’ and do things more girly, and this correlates with what was common in the 1990s and what the first female fighter pilot had to face.

    • Isaac Yebio
      Isaac Yebio Month ago

      Taryn M ok crazy, first off in the movie it showed her lying down smiling with her brother, and in the comics her relationship with her brother plays a big part in her character and they have a healthy one

    • Isaac Yebio
      Isaac Yebio Month ago

      Taryn M sorry just assumed from what your stance was created, my point still stands though

    • Isaac Yebio
      Isaac Yebio Month ago

      Taryn M I literally just explained how all of your reasons why it was “man-hating” were incredibly false, and you don’t have a decent response. Also, Go search up what the first female fighter pilot had to go through, how she had to fight so many insult and sexist barrating.

  • bruce lau
    bruce lau 4 months ago

    Cannot wait to see the movie big time this opening weekend

  • brownskindiva10
    brownskindiva10 4 months ago +6

    Saw Captain Marvel tonight it was pretty good funny bittersweet seeing Stan Lee

    • TShorty929
      TShorty929 4 months ago

      It's not as bad as people say but it's pretty bland. I think Cap Marvel deserved a little more of UMPH if you know what I mean. I don't think it lives up to her comic book self

    • John Lewis
      John Lewis 4 months ago +3

      Yeah it was good. But not great. Some people hate it, but it was definitely not terrible

  • King Pain
    King Pain 4 months ago

    Ain't this the dude that got wrong iron Man suit names? Peace.

  • Idiotic Tirades
    Idiotic Tirades 4 months ago

    Boy is the in her later comic books terrible.

  • Joels_Creed141
    Joels_Creed141 4 months ago +2

    I’m not gonna waste my money on the movie, I’ll wait for Endgame

  • Ciro Torres
    Ciro Torres 4 months ago