Keith Thurman breaks down key moments from his epic fight with Manny Pacquiao | INSIDE PBC BOXING

  • Published on Aug 22, 2019
  • Keith Thurman joins Kate Abdo to break down fight film from his championship bout with Manny Pacquiao.
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    Keith Thurman breaks down key moments from his epic fight with Manny Pacquiao | INSIDE PBC BOXING
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Comments • 2 410

    PBC ON FOX  5 months ago +197

    Who should Keith Thurman fight next?

    • Marcelino Palacio
      Marcelino Palacio 10 days ago

      Spence or Danny Garcia

    • Marcelino Palacio
      Marcelino Palacio 10 days ago

      Danny Garcia or Spence. Horn lost his last fight by a knock out to unknown boxer

    • Stev3
      Stev3 11 days ago +1


    • Carl Brown
      Carl Brown 11 days ago

      @Alyas Linda word lol on the Bradley

    • roundedges2
      roundedges2 12 days ago

      Jemuel Cedrick Satumba Been there done that

  • Ronaldo Dela Cruz
    Ronaldo Dela Cruz 8 hours ago

    The problem keith one time is you talk too much🙄

  • jesbsnrn
    jesbsnrn 16 hours ago

    wow. much older fighter . shorter reach shorter stature. naturally smaller . pacman. you are the greatest! enduring in spite of the odds.

  • Eric Tang
    Eric Tang Day ago

    Class act by Thurman, took loss like a man..
    But soo amazing seeing a 40 year old Pacquiao beat a prime Thurman, Imagine what Prime Pacquiao would’ve done to Thurman 🥊🥊

  • BA BA
    BA BA Day ago

    Looking smart sir

  • BA BA
    BA BA Day ago

    So honest Thurman

  • Jeremiah Cuarteros
    Jeremiah Cuarteros 2 days ago

    his promotional antics do not extend to his true personality. it was just for the fight. he is a classy gentleman afterall.

  • Whynn Whynn
    Whynn Whynn 2 days ago

    Keith looks big now, i think he shld do well at the 154 lb division.

  • ocirne nizurc
    ocirne nizurc 2 days ago

    Much respect to you thurman for accepting defeat without any excuses and for showing true sportmanship you win by gaining more experience after fighting a legendary fighter in boxing manny paquiao. You fought like a true champion unlike other boxer all they know is to run in the ring. This is even better than pacman vs mayweather fight.

  • Celestine Segovia
    Celestine Segovia 3 days ago

    ...mayabang ka kasi.. hahaha

  • Benjie Canaveraljr
    Benjie Canaveraljr 3 days ago

    Are you sure 1 point,,,keith?

  • MrMave100
    MrMave100 4 days ago

    I still rocks wit one time..

  • Khadimar Jaafar
    Khadimar Jaafar 4 days ago

    Hahahha you are Los men hahahh from Philippines 🤗

  • Gavin Lim
    Gavin Lim 4 days ago

    After watching this video, you have my respect mr. Thurman

  • Desmond Allin
    Desmond Allin 4 days ago

    Thumbs up 👍🏻 Thurman.
    One of the class and intelligent boxers to date.

  • Lyna Payumo
    Lyna Payumo 5 days ago

    Straight point, respect to you..

  • genilledwight
    genilledwight 5 days ago

    Kieth knows that it should have been a unanimous decision that is why he is classy, the judges have been kind to him, but still kieth was a beast who fought the monster.

  • Caliber .45
    Caliber .45 5 days ago

    Shout out to a true champ Keith one time Thurman who takes any challenge that comes along his way. You’ll be back on top brother!! Shout out from the Philippines bruh!! Keep it up!!
    PS, come visit the country and enjoy our islands. You have tons of fans here.

  • lightrose100
    lightrose100 5 days ago

    Thurman's rib cracked from the body shots

  • Coach Randall
    Coach Randall 5 days ago

    Not for the knockdown, it's a draw

  • Glenn Vicencio
    Glenn Vicencio 6 days ago

    I can see thurman becoming a boxing analyst

  • Marlon Black
    Marlon Black 7 days ago

    He really is talkative

  • Willy Sy
    Willy Sy 7 days ago

    you should have used kite teknik by mayweather in order to beat manny....
    its the only way. kite...
    no one beats manny in infights but

  • rob wren
    rob wren 8 days ago

    i must be the only person that feels like Thurman won the fight, and Pacquiao won the popularity contest.

  • Shooshtime Chris
    Shooshtime Chris 9 days ago

    Marquez cried robbery LOL

  • Raniel Lamosa
    Raniel Lamosa 9 days ago


  • armand acosta
    armand acosta 10 days ago

    once upon not the same just like spence won't be the same

  • Charlie Ting
    Charlie Ting 11 days ago +1

    T-Rex arm WON !! pac pac pac pac pac ...Pacman !

  • Spike Spike
    Spike Spike 11 days ago

    Anchor looks very hot and sexy though.

  • Jermaine Fate
    Jermaine Fate 12 days ago

    Should of ask for a blood test .

  • Invoker Tinker
    Invoker Tinker 12 days ago

    Respect to Thurman👊👊👊

  • Tim Porter
    Tim Porter 13 days ago

    What key moments! You got straight Cooked!

  • Paulo Austria
    Paulo Austria 13 days ago

    Keith you know it. The Pacquiao taking that 0 shouldnt be a split decision. You know who is next Errol Spence your Next.

  • OG/PL//Boogieman Gonzo

    All you haters cant hate on Thurman because he kept humble , never dissed Manny over and after the fight .
    A rematch would sell out for sure .. Double trouble .

  • Jomar Beran
    Jomar Beran 15 days ago

    Meanwhile Broner is in denial that he lost to pacquiao and kept trash talking!! Thurman should fight him next and teach him a lesson!

  • Marbie Martinez
    Marbie Martinez 15 days ago

    Thurman he is not a dirty fighter i salute you sir 💪💪💪

  • icaruz serrano
    icaruz serrano 17 days ago

    He speaks genuinely tho

  • kalusha kalushh
    kalusha kalushh 18 days ago

    not a quiter like chavez jr🤣😂

  • junior balderas
    junior balderas 18 days ago

    He got smashed never will be the same after pac man.. now i see why he wouldn't fight and get injured on purpose so he wouldnt get his belt taken

  • TboneNYC10
    TboneNYC10 18 days ago

    I like Thurman more now in defeat. We know what Keith is made of now. True professional imo. One Time!...But still "He wasn't reeeaa-dy! He wasn't reeea-dy! He wasn't reeeaa-dy for Manny Paaaac" lol
    Really good fight.

  • Wardell Curry
    Wardell Curry 18 days ago

    eto maganda laban manny vs thurman..
    malinis yung laban nila

  • Raven Valkyrie
    Raven Valkyrie 19 days ago

    Honestly, this guy Keith is soooo much better than Mayweather. God bless to your boxing career Keith. ❤

  • Boy Good Vibes
    Boy Good Vibes 21 day ago

    At the end of the Thurman take all the punches from Pacquiao and for sure he always bring this to his future fight to make better fighter and to become a champion and he had a Heart of a champion like Pacquiao and even Pacquiao appreciate that much😊👍

  • Norcal1 Doimpossible1

    The LEGEND reigns supreme.

  • Grindlab Music
    Grindlab Music 22 days ago

    Damn those T-Rex arms! 😂😂😂

  • vaibhav sharma
    vaibhav sharma 23 days ago

    a real champion

  • brenda Gonzalo
    brenda Gonzalo 24 days ago

    I remember when Senator Manny lost to Marquez before he told that he lost but he's not quitting instead move forward and raise again,adopt that Kieth and salute you because you accept the defeat and still promote our senator.

  • ToughGuy
    ToughGuy 25 days ago

    I watch the whole fight over And over again and all i can say is This fight is not even close. Pacquiao clearly won. Period

  • MarcusMSP Gaming
    MarcusMSP Gaming 25 days ago

    Actually your also a winner on that fight Thurman. You won the hearts of most Filipino fans if not all. I'm sure all Mexican feels the same way. Mano-e-mano. You gave that to Manny. You too stood tall. Keep on fighting, you still have lots to give in the sport of boxing Thurman

  • Alex Cann
    Alex Cann 25 days ago


  • Arun Andrew
    Arun Andrew 25 days ago +3

    Give more respect to Manny. Don’t give excuses. Move on to fight Terence Crawford or Eroll.

  • Arun Andrew
    Arun Andrew 25 days ago +1

    You lost to a 40year old Manny.. Think of you wud have fought him at Mannys 30’s.😂😂😂😂

  • Arun Andrew
    Arun Andrew 25 days ago +2

    For years you were bigmouthing that you will knock Manny Pacquiao out cold .....but you coward you lost to Manny Pacquiao at his 40’s...

  • Arun Andrew
    Arun Andrew 25 days ago +1

    Hey thurman you are a coward...

  • LabGorilla
    LabGorilla 27 days ago

    Thurman v lomachenko. Now that’s a fight

  • Cayanan Rommel
    Cayanan Rommel 28 days ago

    Can't wait to watch you fight again, i know you will be best again on your next fight

  • Ras Alghul
    Ras Alghul Month ago

    Damn - Keith has a super hot wife

  • Vienna Jamaica
    Vienna Jamaica Month ago

    Hey??? Garbage talkers.even manny pacquiao made you punching still big are nothing compare to manny.

  • Manuel Silva
    Manuel Silva Month ago

    Thurman wants to cry.

  • Nok Segundo
    Nok Segundo Month ago

    Naaa. Its not a 1 point lose big time... you are reacting to mannys power clearly.. but manny can ate all your powerpunches and this is the type of fight that really convincing than a knock out...