DP/30: The King, Eugene Jarecki

  • Published on Jun 22, 2018
  • Eugene Jarecki is probably best known for his docs about the Military-Industrial Complex, Henry Kissinger, and Ronald Reagan, not to mention the powerhouse film on America's incarseration of black men, The House I Live In. His latest takes on America as it slides from Young Elvis into Fat Elvis, expressed in a winding journey through America in Elvis' Rolls Royce. He took a moment (and hour, actually) to talk to David Poland about the film and more.
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    Shot in Los Angeles, June 2018
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Comments • 5

  • AnotherWayFilms
    AnotherWayFilms 6 months ago

    An amazing interview! Eugene is so on point. It is clear that he has spent a great deal of time considering just how we got into this social and political morass. Not leveling shame or blame. Yet attributing the situation to its roots and causes. His tone and perspectives actually give me hope for America.

  • Suzanne Sands
    Suzanne Sands Year ago

    Living breathing? It has all of these neat, tidy, pre-planned, black-white contrasts in viewpoint --- like the ossified formula of a Frontline documentary. It's scripted.

  • Lucas Vergara
    Lucas Vergara Year ago

    Hey David, did you ever considere uploading these interviews as podcasts? It would be great!

  • bunderbundle
    bunderbundle Year ago

    Interview is incredible. Lav rustling makes it hard to listen to.

  • John Doe
    John Doe Year ago +4

    I appreciate that he suggests the President is an affect of social pressures. Less intelligent people seem to think shouting down a temporary public figure is tantamount to performing social justice work.