Take An Inside Look At Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas' Emotional Wedding (Full) | PeopleTV


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  • Louis Purves
    Louis Purves 20 hours ago

    Holy shit nick jonas can finally have sex he must be so excited 😂😂😂

  • Habib Ur rehman
    Habib Ur rehman 20 hours ago

    Used material

  • Johnathan Nang
    Johnathan Nang 20 hours ago

    Ladies, take a hard look at the wedding you're never going to get. And enjoy it. From your screen time :)

  • blla gry
    blla gry 21 hour ago

    Idk why but this seems soo odd and sudden. Like it doesn't feel right to me. Best of luck to them though and the wedding looked beautiful.

  • TheEnlightenShadow
    TheEnlightenShadow 21 hour ago

    Im glad to see Cece & Schmidt still going strong ✊💞

  • richard mill
    richard mill 21 hour ago

    green card, alright!

  • FTV One
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  • FTV One
    FTV One 21 hour ago


  • alex huang
    alex huang 21 hour ago

    I love them both, so this makes me happy and sad in the same time.

  • Divinely Guided
    Divinely Guided 21 hour ago

    Who else came here thinking that she was related to Deepak?

  • John Smith
    John Smith 21 hour ago

    I love this and can relate

  • KingtoaGod
    KingtoaGod 21 hour ago

    4:37 why is she hiding her ring tho

  • FTV One
    FTV One 21 hour ago


  • KingtoaGod
    KingtoaGod 21 hour ago

    idk who these guys are but when they divorce its gonna be a big problem cause of different religious beliefs

  • Alana Shae
    Alana Shae 21 hour ago

    I want to see the Indian wedding!!

  • Fandoms Explained and vlogs

    Hopefully this marriage lasts

  • Slay Gyal
    Slay Gyal 22 hours ago

    Welp there goes My Demi Lovato x Nick Jonas fantasy...

  • elizabeth durham
    elizabeth durham 22 hours ago

    So happy for them! Such a beautiful wedding.

  • xGoldenSniper17x
    xGoldenSniper17x 22 hours ago

    He could have done better

  • FuNn videos
    FuNn videos 22 hours ago

    Dont know how long it would last. These hollywood weddings are most of the time just flops.

  • singsinging sang
    singsinging sang 22 hours ago

    why did this make me cry

  • Presiden ATeam
    Presiden ATeam 22 hours ago


  • Levi Ross
    Levi Ross 23 hours ago +1


  • balancebeambitch
    balancebeambitch 23 hours ago

    She's 36?!? God, her skin is FLAWLESS

  • JohnDoe
    JohnDoe 23 hours ago

    Divorced in 9 months. #BlowJobsStopWhenYouSayIDo

  • al
    al 23 hours ago

    this video didn't go into any wedding details

  • Triple7
    Triple7 23 hours ago

    80% of the comments are women

  • Looking Owl
    Looking Owl 23 hours ago +2

    Great acting from both of them

    ARNOLD SWACHENEGGER 23 hours ago

    I've seen hotter Indian women in person he fucked up but bieber fucked up worse so Jonas still winning

  • Ride the Wave
    Ride the Wave 23 hours ago

    That lady is beautiful. She's way too pretty for him. Please tell me it's just staged.

  • kampa koala
    kampa koala 23 hours ago

    Lets see how long it lasts while it does.

  • Haznil Aqmal
    Haznil Aqmal Day ago

    Muhsje shaadi karogi....

  • fahren299
    fahren299 Day ago

    These over the top weddings are such a waste of money. The more they spend, the quicker they get divorced. Look at Russell Brand and Katy Perry.

  • Ikiguy
    Ikiguy Day ago

    The most beautiful part is bringing two different backgrounds and culture together. Cant wait until we keep mixing ethnicities and become ONE ethnic group.

  • Alina Vasilevskaya

    Does anyone know the song playing at the end of this video?

  • Dali Segar
    Dali Segar Day ago

    Wooowza!! Amazing wedding. INDIA is so extra at weddings and magical. They are soo cuute together, I am gushing over here!

  • Teddy Poop
    Teddy Poop Day ago

    4:05 OH......MY.......GOOOOOOOD

  • Joseph Ortiz
    Joseph Ortiz Day ago

    No homo but Nick is hot.👌

  • Johan sigurdson
    Johan sigurdson Day ago

    Lol dude isnt he like 10 years younger then her? She is almost 40 years old wtf can she even have kids at that age?

  • Jt parker
    Jt parker Day ago

    Take an look?

  • jigar dave
    jigar dave Day ago

    its called 'Widaii' ceremony not ' pidai'.

  • B Singh
    B Singh Day ago

    Honestly my fave couple ❤

  • Royf Frank
    Royf Frank Day ago

    Anyone else sad tho that Demi couldn't make the wedding ,(I think she was in rehab at the time)😞😭

    JENNISEED Day ago

    She's really ummm...... yeah idk

  • StrafeZ
    StrafeZ Day ago +1

    "Enemy Chopra spotted,request backup"

  • Chelsea Granger
    Chelsea Granger Day ago

    that veil though

  • jamz jam
    jamz jam Day ago

    i literally been watching her since i was a kid when she was performing in bollywood films playing the bride and honestly i cant even take this seriouse i love that shes happy congrats but if anyone has grown up watching all her movies since you was a kid and now you see her with this short boy wearing man heels to take pictures with her i mean i cant i never thout i would see her with him him out of everyone why whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?why this man with man heels this lil boy i dont speak hindi but nahinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn noooooooooooooooooooo but yes her dress was amazeing and he was looking good in those heels and all ;)she deserves better tho way better.Good luck.

  • Jerry Gundrum
    Jerry Gundrum Day ago

    Okay who are they? And why is it important?

  • Danielle Young
    Danielle Young Day ago

    I'm obviously not the target for Peoples videos but its reeeeeeeally weird and creepy to me when I see strangers talking about celebrities and telling their personal stories and speculating about their lives....especially based on their social media pages of all things. I love me some pop culture but this shit is next level weird...

  • brandonsworld1
    brandonsworld1 Day ago

    "Must be nice"

  • ItsJustMikee
    ItsJustMikee Day ago

    Some people fall in love once getting married but nick got to twice

    SKO OMAROW Day ago +1

    I feel like i watched..something..

  • The Sandman
    The Sandman Day ago +1

    must be nice to have $$$$$$

  • Ms Kate
    Ms Kate Day ago

    Shes 10 years older than him...

  • Daisy Rios
    Daisy Rios Day ago

    Gee. Wish ya the best. But dam did i hope to be with nick for the longest ! Uggh.

  • Boys for boys
    Boys for boys Day ago

    Such a waste of men ... 💔💔💔

  • SuperSaiyan3985
    SuperSaiyan3985 Day ago

    F*ck both of them.

  • IndianLover4you69

    Weird couple that doesnt make any sense

  • YouDonkey Butte
    YouDonkey Butte Day ago

    Just another white guy taking another beautiful Asian (this time South) woman. Muahahahahaah
    Well at least its not as bad as southeast asian (thai, pinoys, etc) women. Geez right out of the womb their mothers tell them to marry a white guy even if he is a fat 60 yr old LOLOL!!!!

  • ZoZo Jones
    ZoZo Jones Day ago

    Comparison is the thief of happiness

  • Vee Lovely
    Vee Lovely Day ago +1

    They are unequally yoked she is Hindu and he is Christian. I pray that it work out for them .But it can’t be blessed like that !

    • disbeyaboy1234
      disbeyaboy1234 Day ago

      +Vee Lovely The word of GOD also tells the slave to obey his master, the bible also speaks of marriage until DEATH, the bible also speaks of Obeying the laws of the land yet the laws of the land disregards the laws of the bible such as divorces, eating certain meats, gay marriage, sex before marriage. I can go on and on. Let GOD hand what they got and did my guy! Judge NOT for he shall not be judged. Your barking up the wrong tree when it comes to the word. There is the bible of the OLD yet there is common sense of the world that has changed.

    • Vee Lovely
      Vee Lovely Day ago

      +disbeyaboy1234 2 Cor 6:14 read it ! The word of God is always right !! I never said God didn't love them !

    • disbeyaboy1234
      disbeyaboy1234 Day ago

      Yes it can. The world has changed. GOD accepts them both. Get your head out of religion

  • claud 29
    claud 29 Day ago

    So what men do it all the time .

  • Mars😜
    Mars😜 Day ago

    Eww is it me or do you find it gross marrying someone 10 years younger than you!?

  • blank pallet2
    blank pallet2 Day ago


  • TheThing
    TheThing Day ago

    So how long we thinking till the divorce comes in? I’m saying maybe 3-4 months

  • Mareen Shah
    Mareen Shah Day ago +1

    I’m Indian why didn’t he marry me I wish I married him also my mom is Irish and my dad is Indian they also had a double wedding. I am so happy for them.

  • Shivangi Patel
    Shivangi Patel Day ago

    We love you our Desigirl Priyanka... You're gorgeous queen of beauty and the most beautiful soul.... God Bless you both a happy married life.....

  • Israt Nali
    Israt Nali Day ago

    she's not pretty much beyonce in india. No one is Beyonce only Beyonce is Beyonce. She's no where close to Beyonce. omg.

  • Hamizul Aniq
    Hamizul Aniq Day ago

    T series supporter... hell nah

  • Dolores Huntoon
    Dolores Huntoon Day ago

    Wowsers!!! Priyana Chopra is so beautiful & ravishing!!!

  • Baba mama
    Baba mama Day ago +1

    Bad marriage, there are no special moments !! Everything is artificial !!

  • Harper S
    Harper S Day ago

    I can't stop gushing over these two. 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Stephanie Tejada

    That’s what I called a Happily ever after

  • Louis Alaba
    Louis Alaba Day ago

    How much was the dowry?

  • Anthony Badillo
    Anthony Badillo Day ago

    He has good taste in women holy crap is she gorgeous

  • RealMorePink
    RealMorePink Day ago

    Why isn’t she working at a 7/11 she’s a nasty unibrow head ass smelly Indian head ass

  • rtm00s
    rtm00s Day ago +1

    People saying age difference is okay? Okay then let ur son or daughter get married to a someone 15 years older than them. When he was a baby she was an adult

  • Quontium97
    Quontium97 Day ago

    I'm just glad to finally see young guys getting some love for once. Not all of us are immature, with no stability or credit 😂I swear women 90% of the time want men older than them

  • DRIFT__KANG101
    DRIFT__KANG101 Day ago

    May god bless them both with love for all eternity

  • Shubha Naik
    Shubha Naik Day ago

    M so happy for them

  • Ruby V
    Ruby V Day ago

    This was a bigger spectacle than the royal wedding.

  • TheTheratfarmer
    TheTheratfarmer Day ago

    no, i train my dogs not to bark, i train my cats. you all can not. shut up a barking dog. save this poor dogs life. shut it up.

  • BM29 HB
    BM29 HB Day ago

    Nick will plow her. And he’ll be thinking “fuck that ring”. Haha

  • TheTheratfarmer
    TheTheratfarmer Day ago

    someone else will do it, save your ass.

  • TheTheratfarmer
    TheTheratfarmer Day ago

    carry this heavy weight, to defend. i don't see anyone else. are you?

  • Jordan Harrington

    Anyone else thinking real life Shmidt and CeCe?

  • Manny Gonzalez
    Manny Gonzalez Day ago

    Disgusting laying in bed with the enemy

  • HuCCayne Malyk
    HuCCayne Malyk Day ago

    Y is it emotional did someone die?

  • Konwar
    Konwar Day ago +1

    when Priyanka won the miss world title Nick was a 7 years old kid...wow....

  • Pards S
    Pards S Day ago

    Nice... I'm hoping her marriage doesn't create deluded Indian Princesses, who will look for the same kind of man. Ladies she is a celebrity... please remember.

  • Seven Eleven
    Seven Eleven Day ago

    This is on trending lol... Why would anyone care? By looking at the like ratio I must be the weird one.

  • Patrick
    Patrick Day ago +1

    It’s easy to be Prince Charming when you’re rich and handsome. “He closed down a Tiffany’s!!!” Meanwhile I tried to close down a soup kitchen I go to where this woman I like also goes and got arrested.

  • Lamin Manneh
    Lamin Manneh Day ago

    This nigguh took away my crush from me👿😡😡

  • Air Crash
    Air Crash Day ago +1

    Priyanka is Beyoncé of India ?? That’s the joke of century 😂😂

    • Air Crash
      Air Crash Day ago +1

      Shubham Tripathi okay man you are right

    • Shubham Tripathi
      Shubham Tripathi Day ago

      +Air Crash And who according to you can make our country great. People like you who don't even show their real names on social media. I am not living in dreams, I am just trying to make a point that a self made lady who has acheived so much in life doesn't need anyone for comparison.

    • Air Crash
      Air Crash Day ago

      Shubham Tripathi lol living in dreams 😂😂it’s fine bro. Won’t ague with you as you are my indian brother but she is not our pride and modi can only appreciate her not make our country great

    • Shubham Tripathi
      Shubham Tripathi Day ago +1

      You didn't get that, didn't you "Beyonce of India".Btw she is far more popular in India than Beyonce is in America and her outstanding works in every field reach out to the entire world. Her works have been appreciated by our country's most powerful person Shri Narendra Modiji and her humongous and mesmerizing personality doesn't needs to be compared by any Beyonce or whatever.

  • airjaff
    airjaff Day ago

    Never mix races, kids turn out fucked up!

  • ريماس أحمد

    كل احد عربي يحط لايك

  • LetsVïsh Ģr8
    LetsVïsh Ģr8 Day ago


  • S. Kreg
    S. Kreg Day ago

    Who gives a crap who designed the dress? Imo, weddings are overrated. Even if I had enough money to buy designer all the time you wouldn't see me doing it because clothes are clothes, shoes are shoes. You should be happy you got something on your back that is weather appropriate. And it all looks the same to me anyways, but I still don't get why people make such a big deal about "who" the celebrities are wearing. It's just superficial imo.

  • Gloria Roosevelt

    Priyanka looks so incredibly beautiful!!