Magic is Rising: Stand With Sylas | League of Legends

  • Published on Jan 25, 2019
  • Demacia is built on a lie. All these noble ideals and promises of a brighter future - they were never meant for us. For too long have we mages had to hide in the shadows, and it has cost us everything.
    It is time we stand up and fight back!
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  • Yoda Gaming
    Yoda Gaming 2 hours ago

    Gamers Rise up

  • jacktjong
    jacktjong Day ago

    Like, I don't really like his overkill REVOLUTIOOOOOON personality but that the demacians lock up anyone that shows any trace of magic is pretty sad

  • Tardar Sauce
    Tardar Sauce 3 days ago

    **Demacian Revolution**

  • WickedWitcher01
    WickedWitcher01 5 days ago

    God, poor Lux standing in between the ideals she was raised on and the very thing that makes her unique

  • The Dovakhiin
    The Dovakhiin 5 days ago +1

    And at that moment Noxians had the perfect gank opportunity

  • artistguy99
    artistguy99 15 days ago

    *laughs in Noxian*

  • mohamed maroc
    mohamed maroc 15 days ago +1

    that is so cool.

  • just for troll
    just for troll 23 days ago

    Sylas: Mages of Demacia the day has come its time to fight back
    Mages: wait isn't its your fault we got found out in the first place kill him

  • Emerald Typhoon
    Emerald Typhoon Month ago

    Sylas 2020

  • Main Urgot
    Main Urgot Month ago +1

    I stand whit sylas

  • Pughhead
    Pughhead Month ago

    I love how they've tried to make him sound British, but he still says "Demarsia"

  • Platinum P
    Platinum P Month ago

    if it's in Japanese rather than english it will be million times better who is agree ?

  • Nikos Karakas
    Nikos Karakas Month ago


  • azure unknown
    azure unknown Month ago

    Lux has magic

  • Kaye, The Righteous

    They could have lived in peace with the mages, using their magic to better their society and make them stronger. Instead:
    Mages: *exist*
    Demacia: Ew, let’s kill ‘em!

  • ChrisNSX
    ChrisNSX 2 months ago

    this teaser sends shivers down my spine

  • Lesley Zheng
    Lesley Zheng 2 months ago

    It looks familiar.. Like WW1 oH wAiT

  • Mylifeis funny
    Mylifeis funny 2 months ago

    Vicroty is Garenteed


  • \V/ - WORLD
    \V/ - WORLD 2 months ago

    i hate Demacia. Demacia is fake. I hate lux , SO YASS SYLAS DESTORY THIS COUNTRY

  • Mitchell Neuhoff
    Mitchell Neuhoff 2 months ago

    Well this is going to end badly.

  • ghost 134
    ghost 134 2 months ago

    Just like Asgard, built on a lie.

    • william
      william 2 months ago

      Go away marvel fanboy

    BOHEMIA XVIII 2 months ago

    The tittle is a JOJO REFERENCE?

  • Yukilvitsu Xi
    Yukilvitsu Xi 2 months ago

    And then Lux ex machina.

  • szlseah
    szlseah 3 months ago

    They should've created an event for this. Demacia civil war

  • Galaxy Kun
    Galaxy Kun 3 months ago +3

    When I saw this video I thought it was a teaser for a new VS event between garen and sylas BUT NOOO YOU HAD TO GIVE US A CATS VS DOGS EVENT...🙄🙄

  • ngo dat
    ngo dat 3 months ago


  • bapanxu me
    bapanxu me 3 months ago

    As a mage myself i stand with sylas💜💙

  • Confused BOI
    Confused BOI 3 months ago +1

    They battle in demacia with magic?
    That isnt the best idea

    Also galio

    • J Lowndes
      J Lowndes 2 months ago

      Everyone will finally see Galio alive with all the mages around

  • jamal anthony legaspi
    jamal anthony legaspi 3 months ago

    Its time to give new champion damacia Darius laugh

  • CaptainHAX Gaming
    CaptainHAX Gaming 3 months ago +1

    So let me get this straight demecia was the villain not noxus?

    • CaptainHAX Gaming
      CaptainHAX Gaming 3 months ago +1

      Man Bunkers I mean lux I keep getting auto correct

    • Man Bunkers
      Man Bunkers 3 months ago

      @CaptainHAX Gaming liz? Who Liz? They hate mage bcus.. I dont read lore there is origins of it.. I only know thats they all hate mages

    • CaptainHAX Gaming
      CaptainHAX Gaming 3 months ago

      Man Bunkers but why tho
      Liz is a mage?

    • Man Bunkers
      Man Bunkers 3 months ago

      Demacia is good but they just hate Mages so much

  • ShawN ReivZ
    ShawN ReivZ 3 months ago +1

    Demacia vs demacia

    All regions:*EATS POPCORN*

  • ShawN ReivZ
    ShawN ReivZ 3 months ago

    Demacia vs demacia

    All regions:*EATS POPCORN*

  • Adnan AbdulAziz Abdalla

    Isnt lux from demacia and she is using magic?
    Where is the story?

    • Man Bunkers
      Man Bunkers 3 months ago

      But Lux accidently let Sylas escape and he start up his revolution of Mages.. sorry bad english

    • SadBoy
      SadBoy 3 months ago +2

      She's hiding her magic according to the lore currently. Also the high rank/nobles have mage users but since the law is hypocritical, it only punishes the people in lower social hierarchy.

  • Filemon Taliwongso
    Filemon Taliwongso 3 months ago

    What if rito make a champion that's with Zoe and neeko passive and with sylas ult.....
    Wow that would be such a cancer

  • Anime Arena
    Anime Arena 3 months ago

    I mean like you don't have to fight but, just tell them that some mages weren't evil so Lux don't need to hide anymore

  • Baldi
    Baldi 3 months ago

    Helmet bro :)

  • EsperMan X
    EsperMan X 4 months ago +1


  • Eren Ünal
    Eren Ünal 4 months ago

    Demacia internal riot

  • Friendly Tess
    Friendly Tess 4 months ago

    anders is that you

  • PolandMapperGeneral
    PolandMapperGeneral 4 months ago +4

    **Ionia eating popcorn with Noxus**
    Better movie than Twilight

  • Haris Bokhari
    Haris Bokhari 4 months ago

    so bernie sanders vs hilary clinton. round 2. ive seen how this ends

  • Exavier Reyes
    Exavier Reyes 4 months ago

    The Demacian Revolution. I like the sound of that.

  • DRivorobotnik 77
    DRivorobotnik 77 4 months ago +1

    What is a demacia? a miserable pile of secrets

  • jamal anthony legaapi
    jamal anthony legaapi 4 months ago

    Not yet done sylas

  • jamal anthony legaapi
    jamal anthony legaapi 4 months ago

    Please new damacia champion

  • jamal anthony legaapi
    jamal anthony legaapi 4 months ago

    Why j4 was not in movie? Jervan is a king of damacia

  • Dzaky Fauzan
    Dzaky Fauzan 4 months ago

    anyone please tell me what technique that this video used?

  • Kayn The Cosmic shadow
    Kayn The Cosmic shadow 4 months ago +1

    0:00 to 0:02
    Usa ppl: First time ?

  • 헤드셋머리가3개면

    ??? : Save (de)Martha!

  • ONI employé #343
    ONI employé #343 4 months ago

    Magic is a tool for those who are too weak to carry a true weapon.

  • Marcelo Varela
    Marcelo Varela 4 months ago

    Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder Reset rank ladder

  • James Li
    James Li 4 months ago

    Sylas Is the real righteous

  • I'm Groot
    I'm Groot 4 months ago

    its time for communist revolution and lenin will lead this revolution........... I MEAN SYLAS

  • Gail Hatherley
    Gail Hatherley 4 months ago

    What�s Oprah doing on TVclip??

  • Dadang Sulistiyo
    Dadang Sulistiyo 4 months ago

    He's back at fortnite cause Apex wasn't getting views on TVclip?

  • rebecca cailon
    rebecca cailon 4 months ago

    you can't trickshot..

  • Gabrielly Bernardo
    Gabrielly Bernardo 4 months ago

    Stop playing apex??? Just fortnite whose with me like?

  • Charles L. Howard
    Charles L. Howard 4 months ago

    Press this if you miss old Ninja

  • X Tch
    X Tch 4 months ago

    he didn�t even ask if she was ok...sad?

  • Deborah Marinkovic
    Deborah Marinkovic 4 months ago

    Should ninja play fortnite or Apex legends? Like for fortnite and comment for apex?

  • yu qe
    yu qe 4 months ago

    No thumbnail??

  • gabriel bernal
    gabriel bernal 4 months ago

    I don�t understand the title of this vid because there were no trick shots but thx for the vid ninja and can you keep playing Fortnite it�s not the same with apex?

  • TheBlack N
    TheBlack N 4 months ago

    So there is civil war in Demacia and Noxus takes time to invade it and later on says we wanted to help. Sounds like Ukraine and Russia

  • 不是你
    不是你 4 months ago

    l'homme est condamné à être libre.

  • chicaki
    chicaki 4 months ago

    longer plez?

  • Bones the Ninja
    Bones the Ninja 4 months ago

    Wow, this champ is sure easy to hate.

    LORD AINZ MHP3RD 4 months ago

    Garen has a cape?

  • Javi
    Javi 5 months ago


  • Mr. Newbie
    Mr. Newbie 5 months ago

    make a movie pls!!

  • Yukina Light
    Yukina Light 5 months ago +9

    I will be honest I stand with Sylas here