6-Year-Old Hysterically Throws Tantrum at Baseball Game

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
  • A pint-size baseball coach was not happy with an umpire's call. Coach Drake Livingston, 6, is an honorary coach with the Kalamazoo Growlers in Michigan and a huge hit at the games. His fiery temper sometimes gets him into trouble, however. Drake recently let the ump know he was displeased with a call, kicking dirt on his shoes. The result? Automatic ejection. Drake didn't take it lying down, though. From the dugout, he threw a tantrum, hurling bats and balls onto the field.

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  • 8StarGames
    8StarGames 16 days ago

    That’s Michigan for you

  • Let’s Smoke Foo
    Let’s Smoke Foo 16 days ago

    This is awesome

  • John L.
    John L. 22 days ago

    LOL love it

  • True Review
    True Review 22 days ago

    Things must be real slow in that town to have a six-year-old act out his tantrum on a baseball diamond. I hope nobody believes this is real

  • Melissa Cooper
    Melissa Cooper 25 days ago

    He's on his way!

  • Davidjoel Sostre
    Davidjoel Sostre 27 days ago


  • Charts JvChonte
    Charts JvChonte 29 days ago


  • ↠ Dreams ↞
    ↠ Dreams ↞ Month ago

    aw :c

  • Ewleina Wieczorek
    Ewleina Wieczorek Month ago


  • Koby Schechter
    Koby Schechter Month ago


  • Blue Angel
    Blue Angel Month ago

    Isn’t that Gavin Thomas ???

  • Cakez253
    Cakez253 Month ago

    Someone come get this entitled spoiled brat and replace him with someone who'd actually appreciate the experience please!

  • ATitles
    ATitles Month ago

    I thought he was the Actual coach

  • Charlotte Burgess
    Charlotte Burgess Month ago +1

    He looks so upset in the interview! Poor boy...

  • What The
    What The Month ago


  • ANTonio51006
    ANTonio51006 Month ago

    reeeeee I am anger imma yeet bat now

  • stephen peel
    stephen peel Month ago +1

    That's very funny and very cute

  • jessica & jeordie
    jessica & jeordie Month ago


  • Mika Mape
    Mika Mape Month ago


  • GoodRiddanceGooglePlus

    Awww...isn't it ADORABLE to teach kids at such a young age to be bad sports?

  • Zaytiggy 08
    Zaytiggy 08 Month ago

    This kid is gay

  • Dragon Girl
    Dragon Girl Month ago

    When you finish washing dishes and someone puts a dirty plate

  • gratch gratch
    gratch gratch Month ago

    Not funny or cute

  •  Month ago +4

    He walks like the cat from Tom and jerry

  • Not Bond Hassen
    Not Bond Hassen Month ago

    A young dude perfect rage monster

  • SAMSUNG 2019
    SAMSUNG 2019 Month ago

    They need to put that r***** kid on a leash

  • Pete Gamino
    Pete Gamino Month ago

    They should of tasered the little brat.

  • Just a random Otaku

    Lol that’s adorable 🤣

  • OnlyABoy *
    OnlyABoy * Month ago

    6 year old becomes famous for being a brat🤩

  • Myster y
    Myster y Month ago

    Awww this is so cute

  • Drake Werner
    Drake Werner Month ago

    Drake gang!🤝

  •  Month ago

    Y'all need to chill it's a damn skit

  • Vehicled
    Vehicled Month ago

    I live there

  • BTS-Bhabie
    BTS-Bhabie Month ago +1

    Love how everyone out there is like, "This is normal, keep playing"

  • Janet Kristell
    Janet Kristell Month ago +1

    It’s just him being a kid and it’s all for fun. He’s not a brat and I think if that’s how he truly was then others wouldn’t be laughing.

  • Beto is better than Trump

    thats donald trump in a nutshell

  • Fanggra MPS
    Fanggra MPS Month ago

    When your mom is a karen

  • Milena
    Milena Month ago

    *when your minecraft girlfriend breaks up with you*

  • TheFancyTopHat
    TheFancyTopHat Month ago

    "Wait it was a joke?"

  • Letucces Satan
    Letucces Satan Month ago +1

    This will show up in your recommendations 2 years later, mark my words.

  •  Month ago

    So glad I found your stuff. Great content.

  • The Giant Machine
    The Giant Machine Month ago

    Coach Drake, manager of the NY Yankees in 2049

  •  Month ago

    Hi Inside Edition I have been watching y'all for forever and I'm only 11 years old I love when y'all post videos about y'all going to the hotel rooms and looking in there I hope y'all see this.Have a great day.💓

  • Mèow Cat
    Mèow Cat Month ago

    He should of throw stuff at the coach

  • Cannayy
    Cannayy Month ago

    Damn y'all cant watch at least 30 secs of the video before assuming hes a brat🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️SMH

  • Kiriuu
    Kiriuu Month ago

    His shirt said .5

  • KM R
    KM R Month ago

    This was already on the news. It's all staged to entertain the crowds at the baseball game. !!!

  • LB ToyReviews
    LB ToyReviews Month ago

    I like strawberryyyyys kale smoothieeeeees

  • Alexis 15
    Alexis 15 Month ago

    I’m rolling 🤣🤣

  • Bone Jones
    Bone Jones Month ago

    “Hit the showers, and not be happy with this ball game”
    That’s my life and I

  • X ලర୮ተεx
    X ලర୮ተεx Month ago

    seriously like, can i do the same

  • Carol Lothian
    Carol Lothian Month ago

    😂👍 little dude is not having any of it

  • Mary Kinuthia
    Mary Kinuthia Month ago

    Haha! heeee heeee.

  • silverstreak492
    silverstreak492 Month ago

    Give him a snickers bar then he will calm down.

  • Dawn Kelly
    Dawn Kelly Month ago

    😂😂😂 so cute

  • Masterflex03
    Masterflex03 Month ago

    I wonder why he was mad

    SKY RANGA Month ago


  • Happy Virus
    Happy Virus Month ago

    *6 year old kicks sand*
    *man ignores him*
    Savage level 9999999

  • Ry guy Sims
    Ry guy Sims Month ago

    This child is me

  • Duryl Cook
    Duryl Cook Month ago

    I live right down the street from the baseball stadium. Been to a couple growler games.

  • TheRealOne29
    TheRealOne29 Month ago

    this kid is awesome! I love it!

  • Cory Williams
    Cory Williams Month ago

    Tec on lil boi get your b***h a** out of here

  • K J
    K J Month ago +6

    It looks cute but its actually sad. Probably a spoiled brat kid.

  • The bot Brodster748
    The bot Brodster748 Month ago +2

    The funny thing I was at that game cause I live close to Kalamazoo

  • Alex Johnston
    Alex Johnston Month ago

    Lisa Guerrero coming through!

  • Dreadskinn HD
    Dreadskinn HD Month ago +1

    Surprised they didn't call in a baseball tantrum expert

  • Javier Rivera 7470
    Javier Rivera 7470 Month ago

    Just like grownups 😁

  • MissxXxBrokenHeart11

    He's so cute!! 😍😍

  • Taste_like_Skittles

    Idiots in the comments thinking this is real 🤦‍♂️It’s a damn act he’s not actually throwing a fit

  • kira sussane
    kira sussane Month ago +1

    That kid needs some boundaries

  •  Month ago


  • springfield Ms
    springfield Ms Month ago

    White rich n a brat lol

  • Nick Cox
    Nick Cox Month ago

    So was it a real tantrum or was it staged? I hope it’s real 😂

  • The mystic parrots
    The mystic parrots Month ago

    I love how he says it's pure anger yet he sounds like he's commenting a golf match

  • Banjo The Ferret
    Banjo The Ferret Month ago

    Wow, a 6 year old coach!