Gabriel Iglesias Talks About Stalker For First Time - YMH Highlight

  • Published on Dec 1, 2019
  • Every comedian needs to deal with their fans, which for the most part are amazing people that keep you humble. However, every now and then you run into someone who's a little... different. Fluffy Guy Gabriel Iglesias comes on YMH to tell Tom Segura and Christina P about one of his stalkers.
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  • Autumn Mist
    Autumn Mist Day ago

    Jerry Sienfied had an episode on this and so did Frasier. Ahh yeah it is time to be rude. BTW, Gabe, you look good. I didn't recognize you.
    Gabe if you think your friend please check out Bill Burr

  • Rand0m411
    Rand0m411 Day ago

    Reflect creeper attention expert, married Tom...

  • 82RN
    82RN 3 days ago

    Was that stalker faking??

  • Shaded Gamer
    Shaded Gamer 4 days ago

    people got their boundaries. you gotta let others know about it, period.

  • Deedee Hartley
    Deedee Hartley 5 days ago

    I think it would be cool just to meet Gabriel. I don't know how or why any person would want to stalk a celebrity/famous person. It just seems like it would take too much to do it.

  • Night Begins To Shine!

    So uh Gabe... ... When you gonna do the Rogan podcast?

  • Jamie Pollard
    Jamie Pollard 6 days ago

    Got a bottle of Tito's Andy said this dude is a less funny Ralphie May

  • peace and love
    peace and love 7 days ago

    Gabriel....remember what happened to Selena for being so nice to her fan/stocker/store manager? Get restraining order.

  • lugialover09
    lugialover09 7 days ago

    Scary part about being rude is that you have no clue what their reaction is going to be. It could make them back off and cuss you out and then it's done. could make them ramp it up and suddenly you're in more danger than before. Very much depends on the context and situation and your surroundings.

  • Rebel Scum
    Rebel Scum 8 days ago

    I could not imagine being a women ....

  • Sifat Shams
    Sifat Shams 8 days ago

    5:03 lmao

  • F Z
    F Z 8 days ago

    Gabriel is the man!

  • carsten mencke
    carsten mencke 10 days ago

    Nice word it's OK not offended

  • RetroHabit82
    RetroHabit82 11 days ago +1

    $100 the stalker is reading these comments.

  • travis aaron
    travis aaron 12 days ago +1

    this broad is a creep

  • Mondaymilkshake
    Mondaymilkshake 13 days ago

    3:30 Lmao that face

  • Adzerk
    Adzerk 13 days ago

    What headphones is Gabriel wearing? They look really comfortable. I really need a new headset after my house got flooded; can anyone please tell me what they are? Thanks!

  • Watchiratzuu
    Watchiratzuu 13 days ago

    What is the name of the standup comedian they are talking about?

  • Kelly Spatarella
    Kelly Spatarella 14 days ago +2

    Please read the book, "The Gift of Fear" by Gavin DeBecker.

  • Pamela O'Reilly
    Pamela O'Reilly 14 days ago

    She is absolutely right. We as women have to learn to be rude. If they are making you uncomfortable then be rude. Better rude than being attacked or killed.

  • Spencer J Elliott
    Spencer J Elliott 15 days ago

    Just watched an Ian Bagg clip. He is not funny.

    • Jose Vergara
      Jose Vergara 14 days ago

      Great comedians often don't translate well from the club to video.

  • Jorge Dominguez
    Jorge Dominguez 15 days ago


  • Pinkie Love
    Pinkie Love 16 days ago

    good guy... dont listen to the woman. keep up your goodness

  • Jerry Salmon
    Jerry Salmon 16 days ago +2

    This sounds like a Seinfeld episode 😂

  • Kelly Hudson
    Kelly Hudson 16 days ago

    Send him a stalker gift basket.😊

  • mistax2k
    mistax2k 16 days ago

    male stalker... that sucks...

  • Mc Hammer
    Mc Hammer 16 days ago

    5:40 too ugly to be "deflecting"

  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson 17 days ago

    Gabriel seems like a nice guy but I've always found his standup cringey and hacky

  • Shane Castillo
    Shane Castillo 17 days ago

    a lil fellow name Chapo that hilarious Gabriel Iglesias

  • pladampa3
    pladampa3 18 days ago

    Who is this fat guy? I've heard of people stalking hot chicks, not a random fat guy. How hard is it to run from a 70 year old on oxygen or walk as fast as this fat guy moves. I bet fat guy wins. Lol 70 years old on oxygen and he can't handle it. He must be somewhat famous even if I never heard of him, sounds like he kept on hitting on some chick out of his league and he kept on pursuing, then she kicked his ass and it turned into a 70 year old on oxygen afterwards. Is this fat guy famous and rich enough to have a stalker? Sounds like being scared of a guy in a regular wheelchair with no arms. He should leave the part out that the guy is lugging oxygen and maybe say he's not pushing 70.

  • Thomas Christopher White

    I forget that Tom is also latino.

  • rock climbing33
    rock climbing33 20 days ago

    Stalkers are everywhere.

  • ginny may
    ginny may 20 days ago

    I struggle with being rude to others.. my family says that I have a heart of gold and than I’m too hard on myself.. I’m like this because of a few reasons.. I take on the emotions of others.. with ease.. and I don’t always understand certain feelings and why I shouldn’t feel like that towards other people.. I have a hard time trying to understand certain feelings.. coz I have Aspergers (I’m on the autism spectrum) and if you know one person with Aspergers you only know one person with Aspergers.. every person with Aspergers is different.. and it’s not just a little different or a small spectrum.. it’s a very broad spectrum! It’s very complicated this is why doctors find it hard to diagnose.. it took me years to get diagnosed and it’s not just Aspergers that I have that is very hard to diagnose.. I also have irlen syndrome.. which it’s when the brain can’t control the exposure of light that comes into the eye.. for example a normal persons eyes can focus, squint or their brains can adjust to different lighting to a certain extent.. but for me the I’m sensitive to light.. I’m allergic to light.. so yeah.. it can cause poor concentration, poor depth perception, can’t sit still, fidgety, oh and I also have ADHD along with my ASD.. so that’s interesting..

    • ginny may
      ginny may 20 days ago

      And I talk off on tangents a lot too.. so I’m sorry if my conversation doesn’t make much sense or have a good ending to the conversation.. I always struggle to remember what I was talking about when I go on tangents about something.. it’s like I went to wonderland but then when I came back I realise that my mind still is in the dream and I need to retrieve what I forgot..

  • The f’n Catalina Wine Mixer

    Nobody thinks women act sweet and nice all the time😂😂😂 who tf said that, lady?

  • Kristine Roberts
    Kristine Roberts 21 day ago


  • BlargieArg
    BlargieArg 21 day ago

    Honestly report this guy to the feds and put him on a watch list

  • BlargieArg
    BlargieArg 21 day ago


  • goodmaninabadtime117
    goodmaninabadtime117 22 days ago

    Yeah this goes to show women aren’t the only ones who are victimized.
    I do laugh about how bad she makes it sound for women though. (The sex that aborts 300,000 babies a year)
    Plenty of innocent men in jail or almost in jail due to false allegations too.

  • Steve Pasquale
    Steve Pasquale 23 days ago +1

    3:31 LOOOL

  • Nicolas Riou
    Nicolas Riou 23 days ago

    « You’re familiar with a little fellow named Chapo?? » 😂😂

  • Damien X
    Damien X 24 days ago +2

    I tell you what, that stereotype of comics being asshole's, couldn't be farther from the truth! I have met so many of them at shows, hotels & just randomly. & some more than once. & EVERYONE was amazingly nice!

  • adam clark
    adam clark 25 days ago

    Love fluffy, wish he would stay healthy, don’t need to lose another to soon,,,,

  • Fox Hound
    Fox Hound 28 days ago +1

    Man i always thought fluffly was kind of a sell out, he seems like a real genuine guy. Definitely not gonna jump to conclusions so easily

  • The T-Man Show
    The T-Man Show 28 days ago +1

    She looks like a wet cat, no emotions, no sense of humor, just a boring looking, annoying sounding wet ugly, 10 pounds of makeup cat!!! Of aaaaall the ppl you could hire as on air personality, you HAD to choose this amazing winner.... Wow. I'm glad this is the 1st And LAST time I'll listen to this show and her!!

    • adam clark
      adam clark 25 days ago

      The T-Man Show that’s the mans wife your insulting,,,,, go back to your video games

  • C Brock
    C Brock 28 days ago

    It puts the lotion on the skin or it gets the hose again

  • Demi Guerrero
    Demi Guerrero Month ago

    Hey stalker if ur in da comments please stop!!

  • youcef319
    youcef319 Month ago

    people with their empty lives

  • dylnmllr
    dylnmllr Month ago

    Can't believe Tom didn't push the YMH exclusive button

  • FB 1ali1996
    FB 1ali1996 Month ago +1

    this is how an 2016 a beautiful singer TVclipr got shot ..dead!! ....

  • idlefritz
    idlefritz Month ago

    now his stalker gets stalkers coming to see if they can see the stalker...

  • Andy Hernandez
    Andy Hernandez Month ago

    The fuck tell him to leave

  • Selina Ray
    Selina Ray Month ago

    It’s weird, I think a lot of women understand what he’s dealing with... a person that just doesn’t stop. Someone guilt tripping you, finally accept that bbq dinner, trying to be nice even though he was uncomfortable and just wanted to get rid of him. Then to hear “let me know when I can make you dinner” 😖 it’s fucking hell

  • Grecco Buckliano
    Grecco Buckliano Month ago

    Ewwwww. Hot mike on the closer. Who's twaddling your knobs, man?

  • www
    www Month ago

    i don't think rudeness deter stalkers. restraining orders and cops barely stop them, you need more than rudeness. try taser gun, pepper spray and a body guard.

  • Beeb
    Beeb Month ago

    He just wants to make you some dinner what's the worst that can happen? :D

  • Chuck Hembree
    Chuck Hembree Month ago

    With that filthy mouth that no class women doesn’t have any fear of anyone I know messing with her. Sad she thinks she’s all that.

  • JT F
    JT F Month ago

    Don’t flatter yourself there Garth. You don’t have to reflect very much creep behavior. Not many people creeping on you...

  • Kim Hawkins
    Kim Hawkins Month ago

    Was a good story until homegirl came in preaching her "as a woman" SJW crap 🤦‍♀️

  • Angel Vergara
    Angel Vergara Month ago

    wtf would you have said if it was a black guy?💀

  • Faith returns
    Faith returns Month ago

    That woman is disgusting and nobody would stalk her