YouTubers React to Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos of All Time

  • Published on Aug 13, 2017
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    Ian Hecox & Courtney Miller
    Timothy DeLaGhetto
    Zane Hijazi
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    TVcliprs React #138 - TVcliprs React to Top 10 Most Viewed TVclip Videos of All Time
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  • FBE
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  • Divided Reality
    Divided Reality Year ago +1

    TVcliprs react to the grapefruit technique

  • Lina Liong
    Lina Liong Year ago +3

    who else screached when marsha and the bear popped up XD

  • 1943 43
    1943 43 Year ago

    *When will I see you again*
    Drops tablet *OHhhhhhhh

  • i need rosΓ©'s solo

    HOW TF DO THEY NOT KNOW MASHA AND THE BEAR πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ goddamn... Americans lmao

  • Valeria J.17
    Valeria J.17 Year ago +2

    5:08. "Sad song, I've heard this song a number five". πŸ˜‚

  • Samra
    Samra Year ago

    How'd they not know Marsha and the bear

  • Mario Akamaru
    Mario Akamaru Year ago +3

    what about shape of you by ed sheeran?

  • _._moya_._
    _._moya_._ Year ago

    2. Gangnam Style
    3.see you again
    That's all I can remember

  • queen__ rhapsody3
    queen__ rhapsody3 Year ago +1

    anyone realise despacito came out months before it became number 1 nobody really listened until justin remixed it wich it the became more popular

  • Mougg Mouse
    Mougg Mouse Year ago

    Courtney ❀️

  • queen__ rhapsody3
    queen__ rhapsody3 Year ago +2

    how is masha and the bear in top ten

  • SebzOnline
    SebzOnline Year ago +5

    Masha and Bear? Wtf

  • Stewpi
    Stewpi Year ago +5

    hey look mini is here

  • Obeyzo
    Obeyzo Year ago +3 tired of the 'make it bounce' non skippable ad

    • DarkSE10
      DarkSE10 Year ago


    • Obeyzo
      Obeyzo Year ago

      not... really, yours is a bit more uneven lol

    • DarkSE10
      DarkSE10 Year ago

      ObeyAssassin ha we got the same background lol

  • scott
    scott Year ago


  • Minifridge
    Minifridge Year ago +4

    press f for respects for jacksfilms

  • Double Yell
    Double Yell Year ago +4

    1: See you again
    2: Gangnam Style
    3: Despacito
    4: Sorry :)
    5: Uptown Funk :)
    6: Shake It Off
    7: Roar
    8: Ballando :)
    9: Sugar :)
    10: Weird bear thing

  • thegameizsik
    thegameizsik Year ago +2

    i just came here for jacksfilms.. dem sideburns

  • Daniel Mendoza
    Daniel Mendoza Year ago +12

    I'm glad "Despacito" is number 1. Gotta culture the Americans.

  • Sarah Heart!
    Sarah Heart! Year ago

    i'm so happy see you again because i love that song so much!

  • rin 127
    rin 127 Year ago +3

    my niece and nephew watch masha and the bear every single day for hours πŸ˜‚

  • ZiasXVI
    ZiasXVI Year ago +4

    See you again hit 3 bil before Despacito did..

  • charli
    charli Year ago +2

    zanes beard went from pink panther to cheeto dust

  • Mari S
    Mari S Year ago +5

    "ahhhh how can I forget my own people" lmao

  • Abii97
    Abii97 Year ago +4

    Wow i got 7/10 :D
    1. Despacito βœ”
    2. See you again βœ”
    3. Gangnam Style βœ”
    4. Sorry βœ”
    5. Uptown Funk βœ”
    6. Bailando (8)
    7. Shake it off βœ”
    8. Sugar (9)
    9. Masha and the Bears (6)
    10. Roar βœ”

  • Nighthawk
    Nighthawk Year ago +4

    waaaaaaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwait......... gangnam style topped the ranking in a couple of months, and stood there for almost a year, if not more.
    you telling me that despacito not only raced off see you again, but even overtook it AND gangnam style as well?
    ....................holy shit!
    I... uh... I mean.... jesus, maria y jose!

  • Mightyena Wildclaws
    Mightyena Wildclaws Year ago +9

    Alright, now let's pray to all the artists in the world to create a song that will take Despacito's undeserved first place

  • TheRareOne
    TheRareOne Year ago +2

    Shoulda done top ten THAT ARENT music videos. (I mean Gungnam Style works)
    *EDITED holy hell, the top 80 viewed are all music videos with a few "for kids" animations.

  • Austin Kilgore
    Austin Kilgore Year ago

    I got 4 lol

  • Childish Gavino
    Childish Gavino Year ago +6

    So the top videos on TVclip are just music videos and some weird Russian bear thing...

  • Natalie Padron
    Natalie Padron Year ago

    It's kinda crazy how they all give the same kind of answers

  • Gabe Shorthose
    Gabe Shorthose Year ago

    Decpacito was released in January

  • Imaan A
    Imaan A Year ago +3

    How are there no kpop songs other than gangam style??

    • Imaan A
      Imaan A Year ago

      Bts took over my lifeu samee armyy

    • youngjae’s laugh
      youngjae’s laugh Year ago

      Imaan Ahmed lmao I thought perhaps for some reason BTS would be in in lel

    • Nomin & Changlix
      Nomin & Changlix Year ago +1

      Imaan Ahmed yeah
      I actually thought some kpop songs will be here
      But I guess kpop isn't the most viewed

    • Moonlight
      Moonlight Year ago

      Imaan Ahmed because they are not the most viewed

  • Imaan A
    Imaan A Year ago

    The guy at 5:00 list' is SO messed up.

  • Alisia Krieg
    Alisia Krieg Year ago +3

    It's so weird for me seeing Courtney in Smosh instead of Anthony. Is it weird for anyone else? And how does Ian know Courtney? Is she his girlfriend?

  • Daniel Nguyen
    Daniel Nguyen Year ago

    Andre is a true nerd lmao

  • Evan Shipman
    Evan Shipman Year ago +12

    Despacito is just absolute shite

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf Year ago +2

    The guy saying marron 5 Wasn't a big hit like what!! That was one of his biggest hits

  • Mike B
    Mike B Year ago +1

    imagine if Gangnam Style and Despacito were combined... AYYYYY DESPACITO

  • rogerina is bae
    rogerina is bae Year ago +99


  • cherquarius
    cherquarius Year ago

    Pentatonix should be number 1 next year!

  • ankles
    ankles Year ago +5

    sorry to say but you forgot bts sooooooooo FIX IT thanks!

    • Jam 'E
      Jam 'E Year ago +2

      Jacy Taylor And, all related kpop shits are irritating if you're not into it. JUST SO YOU KNOW.

    • *Namjoon's Expensive Girl*
      *Namjoon's Expensive Girl* Year ago

      Jacy Taylor I knew I would find a fellow A.R.M.Y here!!

    • MGeri14
      MGeri14 Year ago


    • ankles
      ankles Year ago +1

      SHOULD I CARE???????????????????

    • Jason Gong
      Jason Gong Year ago +3

      Jacy Taylor none of bts videos are near the "top 10 most viewed videos on TVclip"

  • ツ_iTzRiazPvP
    ツ_iTzRiazPvP Year ago +4

    when they said despactio came out recently...

    • Yung Milker
      Yung Milker Year ago +4

      _iTzRiazPvP ツ the Justin Bieber version came out on January 12 which is the one they are referring to

  • caldergrace
    caldergrace Year ago +2


  • 10Tickle-sama
    10Tickle-sama Year ago +2

    Didnt see you again hit 3B first

    • Nubmer
      Nubmer Year ago

      10Tickle-sama "didn't" why?

  • Ella Gaming
    Ella Gaming Year ago +9

    Explanation why Despacito is Numero Uno:
    Despacito is a world song even though it's in spanish they sang so nicely, and the this song is catchy AF! And Luis Fonsi is hot AF! NOT WORLD EARTH ANTHEM!

    • Ninten Duck
      Ninten Duck Year ago +1

      UniCornLover Ellagaming In Mexico, everyone hates that song

  • Nate Tenebris
    Nate Tenebris Year ago +1

    Yessss miniladd first place

  • kotosqopos
    kotosqopos Year ago +7

    Hmm .. I'm not the only one who hasn't ever seen that Maroon 5 video either.

  • Mandla Thusi
    Mandla Thusi Year ago +3

    I'm so glad Andre is in youtubers react now

  • Akansh Chowdhary
    Akansh Chowdhary Year ago +3


  • Green Maximillianus
    Green Maximillianus Year ago +2

    He was a part of the parody of the same song with Bart Baker where he was Mark Ronson.

  • Jared Comer
    Jared Comer Year ago +1

    Does anyone else when shake it off is played think of Supernatural?

  • drunktowel
    drunktowel Year ago

    Who else got them wrong?

  • Nicole Nikulin
    Nicole Nikulin Year ago +2

    oMG MASHA I MEDVED IM SO HAPPY, childhood 😍

  • TimorousSiren14
    TimorousSiren14 Year ago +1

    Mini look up MiniCat

  • Nick Ferrum
    Nick Ferrum Year ago


  • jasmine salsabila
    jasmine salsabila Year ago +357

    It was a BIGHIT


  • Silents Gaming
    Silents Gaming Year ago +4

    Haven't watched vid but I bet gangnam style is no. 1

  • Angela Chen
    Angela Chen Year ago +2

    React to the new Taylor swift music video coming out in two days

  • 8 Ball Pool Exodus
    8 Ball Pool Exodus Year ago +2

    The 3rd video is Pocoyo they have Chinese and English

    • 8 Ball Pool Exodus
      8 Ball Pool Exodus Year ago

      MADSCIENCE GAMER Frick you

    • 8 Ball Pool Exodus
      8 Ball Pool Exodus Year ago

      They have different languages that's why. It's still called Pocoyo, my niece watches it. I'm 13, I have a niece, yay

  • Melissa Apoka
    Melissa Apoka Year ago +2

    The top three was pretty obvious those were also the only ones I've got right

  • DankerZ
    DankerZ Year ago +1

    that fuckin beard makes me furious

  • Army For Lifeu
    Army For Lifeu Year ago +2

    All stars game advert came up
    Blackpink Playing with fire came on

  • CuteLoli
    CuteLoli Year ago +3

    2:40 Masha and the bear ftw :v

  • Ioana Provo
    Ioana Provo Year ago +224

    * despacito starts playing *
    * slams laptop shut *

  • Payton C
    Payton C Year ago +1

    I only got three right (the top 3)

  • yuhboiskinnypenis
    yuhboiskinnypenis Year ago +3

    I remember on 0:26 that use to be Anthony's chair:(

  • Zombiepm3
    Zombiepm3 Year ago +1

    Wow, i didnt know jon cozart got on here. P A I N T SUBSCRIBE

  • Venessa Mbedzi
    Venessa Mbedzi Year ago +1

    the guy in the red shirt n glasses was having the tym of hes lyf

    • Melissa Apoka
      Melissa Apoka Year ago

      He always gets overly excited. He's great