Top Gun: Maverick - Official Trailer (My Thoughts)

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • After decades of talk, we finally have a sequel to Top Gun coming out! Here are my thoughts on the first trailer for TOP GUN: MAVERICK!
    Watch the trailer here:
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  • forkky lizard
    forkky lizard 6 days ago +1

    would you kindly do a bioshock infinite spoiler review

  • Wickthebear
    Wickthebear 6 days ago

    I really love your jacket man! What’s the jacket called? @jeremyjahns

  • Nzguy
    Nzguy 10 days ago

    This is going to bigger then star wars.

  • Every Hour
    Every Hour 12 days ago

    E.M.P. strike. Tomcat returns!

  •  16 days ago

    force maverick to work for Delta and end it with him drinking alone in a hotel room staring at a gun then fade to black with a single gunshot 🤣

  • Manu Biggs
    Manu Biggs 17 days ago

    Not sure why I'm so excited for this, I wasn't a huge Top Gun fan in the 80s, I preferred Iron Eagle - dont judge me - but so excited for this

  • 2A Talk and Politics
    2A Talk and Politics 18 days ago

    loved it... till someone said you know hes in the back seat right? I know but i cant help noticing it :( still cant wait

  • Roland Boss
    Roland Boss 18 days ago

    He will shot down.

  • Angry TechAddict
    Angry TechAddict 19 days ago

    I like to listen to your reviews while driving but I always forget to skip before your done because your outro blows out my speakers and also my brain 😅💩

  • rooster booster
    rooster booster 20 days ago

    Jeremy is secretly the voice over for Roger in American dad

  • Mr Blonde E
    Mr Blonde E 20 days ago

    This pee on was still in his daddy's nut sack when the original movie came out! Fuck this douche bag! He knows so little about movies. I wish I could punch his stupid face in.

  • IshCoke
    IshCoke 20 days ago

    Sad didn't hear danger zone in the trailer

  • Superfan Arsenal
    Superfan Arsenal 22 days ago

    1 word arshole

  • Husnain A
    Husnain A 22 days ago +1

    Do A Video On Your Thoughts On Phase Four Please!!!!!

    WWG1WGA! USA 22 days ago

    Looooooooooks so goood! MY CHILDHOOD IS RESURRECTED! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Kzero
    Kzero 23 days ago

    If they were smart, they would have the whole "We need Maverick for this mission, your final mission" ...then he doesn't shoot anyone down. He has to internally deal with him facing his age, limits, and retirement.

  • mechasentai
    mechasentai 23 days ago

    My pants just spontaneously sprouted cargo pockets!

  • Kenith McIntosh
    Kenith McIntosh 23 days ago

    Drones are the new maverick

  • Byron watson
    Byron watson 23 days ago

    Did you ask a ninja before posting this video?

  • Andrew Bussey
    Andrew Bussey 23 days ago

    Anyone else just a little pissed off that they just continue to make movies about movies that were great in the past. For god sake can’t anyone come up with something original and fantastic without looking back at the classics. They think just because the first top gun was amazing that we are all stupid enough to run to the theaters for a second one and throw money at it. What’s next a remake of The Godfather? Or maybe even a remake of citizen Kane?! Just look at what they did to the terminator franchise! And they are still making more!!! Fricken Paul walker dies, they say so what we will just keep pumping out fast and furious movies using the supporting characters instead! Those are just a couple examples. Just ridiculous. Sigh

  • ELT1078
    ELT1078 23 days ago

    This looks like a ton of fun!

  • S Christy
    S Christy 24 days ago

    MAVERICK(57 years old) would be far to old to be a fighter pilot. Most retire at about 42. Yes I know Squadron Leader Phillip Frawley of the Royal Australian Air Force was 66. When he retired.

  • Namorat
    Namorat 24 days ago

    One small thing: you make it sounds as if shooting down three enemy aircrafts (only) was a bad thing when the trailer states that this was an accomplishment in actuality ^^

  • danny bowes
    danny bowes 24 days ago

    Is it too early to buy a ticket,? hell yerrr.

  • Adam Osborn
    Adam Osborn 24 days ago

    Dope review 👌

  • Jonathan Cohoon
    Jonathan Cohoon 24 days ago

    Where the hell is the Star Trek Picard (my thoughts) video? Jeremy where are ya?

  • Cody Red Beard
    Cody Red Beard 25 days ago

    Why haven't you revied AHS

  • DEBBO8080
    DEBBO8080 25 days ago

    Why are there no reviews for Hobbs and Shaw anywhere

  • WhoDey!
    WhoDey! 25 days ago +1

    Pussy not gonna talk about female thor

  •  25 days ago

    My favorite part of this review is when you do, "The BELL" , at 47 seconds. LOL

  • Tito
    Tito 25 days ago

    You should review Free Solo with Alex Honnold

  • Rump Shaker
    Rump Shaker 25 days ago


  • Isaiah Thomas
    Isaiah Thomas 25 days ago +1

    Where are your thoughts on phase 4

  • RetroBeard
    RetroBeard 25 days ago

    Hey you should do a trailer review of Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!

  • Matthew Russell
    Matthew Russell 25 days ago +1

    I'd honestly love hear your thoughts on the projects announced for phase 4 of the MCU

  • Brandon Lambert
    Brandon Lambert 25 days ago

    On Jeremy's thoughts it'd be cool if they make Maverick retire but he flies with the Blue Angels as a stunt pilot and is always on call in case the government needs him. Just a thought

  • Heidi D.
    Heidi D. 25 days ago

    It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood trailer is out. Can you review that?

  • Andres Salazar
    Andres Salazar 26 days ago

    Still no midsommar review....

  • Daniel Collins
    Daniel Collins 26 days ago

    Needed more ice.

  • Douglas Buck
    Douglas Buck 26 days ago

    The spacesuit if for a HALO jump into Iran where he has to "steal back" an F-14 and land it on a carrier so we can see what upgrades they have made to it so we can learn how to defeat it in combat when we go to war with Iran.
    I have seen this movie before on an episode of JAG back in the day!

  • mojo MCcall
    mojo MCcall 26 days ago

    Worst singer ever

  • Stephen Phillips
    Stephen Phillips 26 days ago

    Uuuh isn't it "i went to the danger zone"???

  • daverage47
    daverage47 26 days ago

    "I don't give i shit if they make Cats..." Yep. That pretty much says it for most of us. :)

  • JHK23 Gaming
    JHK23 Gaming 26 days ago

    I really want him flying the f22 or f35

  • rob1811
    rob1811 26 days ago

    Are we getting a Cats trailer review?

  • andre newman
    andre newman 26 days ago

    I'm so disappointed cause you missed the most crucial part of the trailer and you didn't talk about it.

  •  26 days ago

    Jeremy big fan. Please do a review of the movie “Grandmas Boy” would love to hear your thoughts. I think it’s hilarious

  • Michael
    Michael 26 days ago

    Please please talk about the CATS trailer

  • KevinPFH
    KevinPFH 26 days ago


  • Scott Dickinson
    Scott Dickinson 26 days ago

    Hungry? Critical Drinker ate your lunch on this one.

  • Sitranine
    Sitranine 26 days ago

    We've been on an 80s nostalgia kick with rehashes, late sequels, unoriginal shit, and remakes for like 5 years. I'm so sick of it.

  • Bloodshot Road
    Bloodshot Road 26 days ago +3

    You gonna talk about Phase 4 MCU?

  • Henrique Santos
    Henrique Santos 26 days ago +1

    Your new youtube banner is sick i like the legacy of kain reference. ( hint - Kain's sword )

  • Sharky Magnum
    Sharky Magnum 26 days ago

    "Below the "hard deck" doesn't count"...?
    Not in the opening of this trailer!

  • Bruno De Marques
    Bruno De Marques 26 days ago

    That soundtrack is awesome. Top Gun was a WOW spectacle when it came out and that bell still gives me the chills

  • aHairyWhiteGuy
    aHairyWhiteGuy 26 days ago

    Jeremy! Review The Art of Self Defense! It's really really good!

  • Phil Faraci
    Phil Faraci 26 days ago

    It was good for what it was...

  •  26 days ago

    ☝🏾but, will there be Mig-28’s in the film...?
    I wonder if Miles Teller’s Mom , Meg will reprise her role🤔Gosh, I must’ve seen Top🔫about 237 times, first being on a Caribbean holiday cruise (no puns) in 1986-87

  •  26 days ago

    I’ve never seen top gun fully because it’s always been played for a joke in pop culture (I’m 25) for the homo erotic undertones and film cliches of that decade but I LOVE fighter jets so Imma watch that and especially this sequel

  • Prince Gray
    Prince Gray 26 days ago

    So I just watched your first video and hot fuck man you’ve changed a lot for the better

  • BrayOfTheDonkey
    BrayOfTheDonkey 26 days ago

    Why isn't Tom Cruise black and female in this movie?!!! :p

  • Rohit Vijayakar
    Rohit Vijayakar 26 days ago

    R.I.P goose ♥️

    xDARTHuSAGEx 26 days ago

    You need to do a Witcher trailer

  • Dominique Martinez
    Dominique Martinez 26 days ago

    Go see the art of self defense

  • dreskywalker
    dreskywalker 26 days ago

    Keep the glasses on, ok, but now I’m starring at you’re crooked teeth. Throw some Invisalign on too

  • Common Sence
    Common Sence 26 days ago

    Tom Cruise should be replaced by a strong woman......

  • Mike Al-Lateef_513
    Mike Al-Lateef_513 26 days ago

    I thought you were the guy who play lucifer for a sec

  • Kevin Poe
    Kevin Poe 26 days ago

    talk about phase 4❤️🥺

  • rockleone3000
    rockleone3000 27 days ago

    I'll give you $50 bucks to a video on the cats trailer

  • M Long
    M Long 27 days ago

    Trailer looks amazing

  • James Bavolacco
    James Bavolacco 27 days ago

    You have some of the best movie reviews! I started posting reviews of the TV shows and movies I watch. Hopefully, they'll be as good as yours one day. Any tips for a new channel? I already do follow back and talk in the community.

  • Titan MacDougall
    Titan MacDougall 27 days ago

    Nice how you tied Star Trek into Top Gun! lol Yes, I finally saw this Trailer (and Picard) earlier today, and will have them both edited and uploaded soon-ish!

  • craig storey
    craig storey 27 days ago

    This is the movie I'm hanging out for.

  • Eric
    Eric 27 days ago

    Would somebody please tell Tom Cruise that he doesn’t have to really become the characters and do all the shit the character does. Dude became a pilot during the first one and is still flying. Dude said he wanted to have actors that could actually handle the G’s! It’s acting Tom! Calm down before you break a hip. Real talk, I give him props and I think he is still the only real Superstar in Hollywood.

  • Headbangers and Hooligans

    Tom Cruise sucks Assmaggots