Two hungry cats on the bench

  • Published on Jul 10, 2019
  • Two hungry cats on the bench.
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  • Adorable Cats
    Adorable Cats Month ago +579

    Hello Robin

    • Adorable Cats
      Adorable Cats 14 days ago

      @Mookooow9 Thanks for feeding them

    • Mookooow9
      Mookooow9 14 days ago +1

      Adorable Cats there is a cat that comes outside in my garden everyday for food and she's got an eye problem and a broken tail but she is used to it now and got used to me too.

    • Adorable Cats
      Adorable Cats Month ago

      Hello there. Thank you very much for your support. I need 3100 hours of surveillance. You can watch my videos all the way and support me. I love you all

    • Teemu Vartola
      Teemu Vartola Month ago

      I hope you get 10000 subs Adorable cats

  • Bettina Eicher
    Bettina Eicher 7 days ago

    Thank you for feeding and petting this nice cat-couple!❤️👍🏻

  • Robyn Mcgrath
    Robyn Mcgrath 15 days ago

    Name tabby
    Boy: Kooter
    Girl: Keena

  • Clare Ruth
    Clare Ruth 23 days ago

    The tabby has very interesting markings on its back.

  • Brincadeiras e diversões da Carol

    0:01 and 0:04 this is so Funny and cute

  • Quelots Aqui
    Quelots Aqui 29 days ago

    Striped kitty knows what's in the bag. 😻

  • Jaayuz _
    Jaayuz _ Month ago +1

    It’s so cute how they share it my cats would have punched each other

  • natsy
    natsy Month ago

    what a brilliant and resourceful cat that stripey one :)

  • EvilShane
    EvilShane Month ago

    Can you just tell me how you find all of them wtf?
    I just found a Cat and then gone like 5 Seconds :/



  • Kendra Curtis
    Kendra Curtis Month ago +1

    Precious babies ❤

  • Brown Nibba
    Brown Nibba Month ago

    Ey when i try ksksksks on my streets cat they just run away ?_?

  • Бусинка Тв
    Бусинка Тв Month ago +1

    Я одна здесь русская?

  • Jake Ryan Booth
    Jake Ryan Booth Month ago

    Why tf does he make that noise? What is the point?

  • Zogus Bogus
    Zogus Bogus Month ago

    Omg so cute 😍😍😍

  • expired milk
    expired milk Month ago

    first time i have ever seen robin laugh lightly from 3:48 instead of him being the 'ksks-man' he is on the internet.

  • Mint Min
    Mint Min Month ago

    Awww. That black n white cat is so sweet 😍

  • DreamWalkers
    DreamWalkers Month ago

    Sik suyu

  • Ben Stevens
    Ben Stevens Month ago

    You have the best job in the world! You get to film and feed cats!
    I haz no cat...

  • Janya Deshields
    Janya Deshields Month ago +1

    That black and white cat is pregnant

  • Chaffinch Muffinch
    Chaffinch Muffinch Month ago

    Какие милахи!

  • Shintaro Kisaragi
    Shintaro Kisaragi Month ago

    2:34 *I need the food for me-*

  • Nora Shila
    Nora Shila Month ago

    That is why it is hungry her body is tin

  • Zy t
    Zy t Month ago

    0mg the thumbnail on this 1 is Everything too - i think um def fot ur thumbnails cover pic's . . . !

  • Deepsearch3
    Deepsearch3 Month ago

    Keep up the good work of helping these poor unfortunate felines.

  • TeeClover
    TeeClover Month ago

    That heavily pregnant cat needs more food than that

  • Norma Castro
    Norma Castro Month ago


  • thrst_demoncharlie123 FallenWolf

    2:35 mhmmmmmmm I smell sweat and...i..i smell fishsticks

  • Kiki's Kurls
    Kiki's Kurls Month ago

    I wish I could bump into cute kittens and cats. Usually cats are very timid, but you manage to win their trust and affection.
    *You're a CAT MAGNET....tsk, tsk, tsk*

  • Makoto Ito
    Makoto Ito Month ago

    I really believe that cats understand what we say.

  • Leopolda
    Leopolda Month ago

    Mannaggia Robin dammi da mangiare che ho fame che sono incinta.🤗💞👍🖐️😍🇮🇹😄

  • angela loves sans
    angela loves sans Month ago

    Me : Robin has 1k+ vids about cats....

    Me: so he have a 1k+ of cats??..

  • tolstoy431
    tolstoy431 Month ago

    Thanx for taking Care, your a good soul....

  • tall32guy
    tall32guy Month ago

    I love his squawky meow ❤️

  • SaSSy GiRL
    SaSSy GiRL Month ago

    The black/white looks pregnant. Can you get her and take home so her kittens won't be so difficult?

  • Maria Teresita
    Maria Teresita Month ago

    Por qué le quitaste la bolsa?

  • GobbyGabby
    GobbyGabby Month ago

    Awwwww the so cute

  • Brian Jones
    Brian Jones Month ago

    Stop hissing at cats.

  • Крис Крис
    Крис Крис Month ago +1

    Вот она кошачья благодарность. Ласково себя ведут чтобы поесть, а когда поели - игнор. Милые дьяволята 😊
    Ну че, русские есть)?

  • Name2site
    Name2site Month ago

    Wow! So friendly!

  • Funny animals' stories

    affectionate cat wants to be fed😻

  • Jinky Olitoquit
    Jinky Olitoquit Month ago +1

    Robin seplut found cute kittens

  • Ahmed AlShalchi
    Ahmed AlShalchi Month ago

    I hate non touchable cats....

  • Inlove Here
    Inlove Here Month ago


  • Char Rar
    Char Rar Month ago

    greatest thumbnail of all time

  • helizPH
    helizPH Month ago

    Well I just have to ksksksksksksksks and hope me good look to find a cat

  • max rufi
    max rufi Month ago

    Hello Robin

  • 人參剩粒祖
    人參剩粒祖 Month ago

    Anyone knows what camera he use? Video quality is great!

  • Hentai Akuma
    Hentai Akuma Month ago

    I always forget that Robin is able to speak instead of ksksksksksks, so that last bit when I heard him not ksksksksksks caught me off guard.

  • promień 7
    promień 7 Month ago


  • XxpurplekatxX ;3
    XxpurplekatxX ;3 Month ago

    Ahhh that cat looks so skinny please fatten her up!!

  • Grace W
    Grace W Month ago +1

    The black and white cat IS PREGNANT !!! Try to spay it ! Don't let new homeless unhappy creatures into this world !
    Just feeding them without spaying is not doing ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It is actually making the problem worse.

  • Christian Puga
    Christian Puga Month ago

    Is the 2nd cat fat?
    Make no mistake, *I think he/she looks cute.*

  • Sydney Lorelei Official

    He protecc
    He attacc
    But most importantly
    He says ksksks to bring the kittens bacc

  • Lil' Dee
    Lil' Dee Month ago

    I love friendly kitties

  • Ivorionna Riley
    Ivorionna Riley Month ago

    That white and black one pregnant.

  • jan klaassen
    jan klaassen Month ago

    Oh,the pussycat os pregnancy

  • Cobra Kai Clips
    Cobra Kai Clips Month ago

    Cats are the best 👍

  • DRAKOLA I دراكولا

    Human: ksksksks
    Cats: the fuck you say me little shit

  • Crusader!
    Crusader! Month ago

    Cat: "Hooman! I demand pettins and food! I am hangry!"
    Robin: "ksksksksksks"

  • TheTripstraps
    TheTripstraps Month ago

    one is pregnant, again kittens on the street:( and the other one is very skinni:(. poor creatures. and so many people eating themselves into deadly obese fatnesses

  • Crystal wolf Gamer prankers

    Aww am getting a light black kitten today it’s very smart! Am super excited and thank you robin for taking care of all these cats!❤️💖💙

  • Saphir mon chat
    Saphir mon chat Month ago

    1:34 It’s too cute ❤️

  • Sean Freeman
    Sean Freeman Month ago

    You basically get cats and starve them so you can make a video and then give microwaved food in plastic container to them. You are a genius.

  • Djordje Jovicic
    Djordje Jovicic Month ago

    Ah shit, here we go again.

  • Ng Joshua
    Ng Joshua Month ago

    3:45 he's sitting like a human only without fork and spoon

  • Rxsey Vibes
    Rxsey Vibes Month ago


  • Wicked Amoeba
    Wicked Amoeba Month ago

    Is the panda car pregnant?

  • Eduardo Jose Mendez Miñan

    Ya carajo tengo hambre !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shiny •
    Shiny • Month ago

    My neighbors are neglecting a 17 year old female cat. She had been living her whole life outside, wandering the neighborhood for food. Now she is completely deaf, dehydrated and starving. (Her rubs jut out) so I have been trying to feed her and give her water. I want to call our local animal shelter, to see if they can get her a new, better home inside where she can live out her sunset year(s) in peace. But my neighbors still technically own her, and it would cause a lot of trouble. I already have two dogs and two rescue cats, so theirs no way I can have her inside. What should I do?

  • Chimken NuggerzXBepis

    First kitty looks so tired 😢

  • Real Nyasha
    Real Nyasha Month ago

    Робин настоящий красавчик. Включила твое видио, а ты в нем «Кскскскс» прибежал мой кот Кузька.) Думал я его зову покушать ему дать, лол.

  • Antonio Antonio
    Antonio Antonio Month ago

    My new kitten cute name Pufi and its black

  • Pink guy
    Pink guy Month ago +1

    When you gonna get to 1 million subs because you deserve it 😁👍

  • John Bill
    John Bill Month ago

    The cat was like give me food motherfucker