How Long Will Our Monuments Last?

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  • Life Noggin
    Life Noggin  12 days ago +213

    Thanks for watching! If you want to know what the Earth will look like in 100 years, check out this video:

    • Leyla Hot
      Leyla Hot 3 days ago

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    • rainne cruz18
      rainne cruz18 4 days ago

      Life Noggin i

    • Jenica Jenica
      Jenica Jenica 4 days ago

      Life Noggin 02:45 the tower was not made in France was made in Romania in foundry from Reşiţa, was made Gheorghe Panculescu engeneer, the casting proces last 1ear ani 2 months . :D

    • Niklas Sieden
      Niklas Sieden 6 days ago

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      hang hang 7 days ago

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  • Hector Hernandez
    Hector Hernandez 6 hours ago

    stone monuments are eternal, unless some humans blows it up or an earthquake occurs...

  • Latvian Therianthrope
    Latvian Therianthrope 15 hours ago

    Why do we like music?

    THE LAST PHEONIX 17 hours ago

    fun fact: we humans have killed 40 billion people through out our existence

  • LucasDoesAnimation 150 000

    Box people look weird with faces

  • Pink Flower
    Pink Flower Day ago

    La Tower Effilé

  • yoke6
    yoke6 Day ago

    Wait, before that, Didn't statue of liberty was first going to Egypt then Egypt refuses it then gave it to america?

  • Riya Kalra
    Riya Kalra Day ago

    the pyramids

  • Gamer Rick
    Gamer Rick Day ago

    I want to visit the if el tower

  • lynn peterson
    lynn peterson Day ago

    Empire State Building

  • Water Bubble
    Water Bubble Day ago

    Can you make a video about parrots

  • Jonas Ovaska
    Jonas Ovaska 2 days ago

    i would like to visit the great wall of china

  • Kevin McLogan
    Kevin McLogan 2 days ago

    I'll give you a like, but you could have done a lot better.

  • Teddy McCoy
    Teddy McCoy 2 days ago


  • Monlimarians vloger Galilei lang namn

    Philippines history life nuggin

  • Florian Mielke
    Florian Mielke 2 days ago

    Where is the Brandenburg Gate!?? Der Kaiser won't be pleased!!

  • Stereotypical Filipino Spanish Mexican

    To the Mayon 'Nearly perfect cone'

  • Pedro M-12013
    Pedro M-12013 2 days ago

    Yes the pyramids where built over 4,500 years ago but they where never bulit as tombs, we have never ever found a mummy inside the actual pyramids instead they where found in separate tombs so meaning the pyramids where used for something els maybe a place of awakening

  • Pedro M-12013
    Pedro M-12013 2 days ago

    Actually the statue of liberty was a gift from Egypt to France but France did not want it so France gave it to America as a gift

  • Isaac Zou
    Isaac Zou 3 days ago

    What is it never rained?

  • StonyStampy
    StonyStampy 3 days ago

    Always the Basic cool lands America, Egypt, France But never OTHER LANDS LIKE BELGIUM

  • reverse hsuehe
    reverse hsuehe 3 days ago

    the rizal monument in ph manila

  • Damn Klonoa
    Damn Klonoa 3 days ago

    But pyramids and a few thousand or more monuments dont belong to europeans....

  • ebony berry
    ebony berry 4 days ago

    triangle Bob!

  • Roar Productions
    Roar Productions 4 days ago

    I want to visit the ancient Greek ruins and the pyramids since i'm half Greek

  • Laurenz xD
    Laurenz xD 4 days ago

    Pyramids 4500 years old? People actually still believe that?😂

  • Peter Molzer
    Peter Molzer 4 days ago

    I would like to visit your mom

  • Lina Kucinskiene
    Lina Kucinskiene 4 days ago

    What causes vomiting?

  • The IMMORTAL Time!
    The IMMORTAL Time! 4 days ago

    How smart were the ancient people comparing to us?

    GOKU PLAYER 900 4 days ago

    I would like to visit the Great Wall of China

  • Tim Tim
    Tim Tim 5 days ago

    Angkor Wat and bagan y'all should visit! :)

  • Sjargodk gaming
    Sjargodk gaming 5 days ago

    Witch wonder hmmm what about blockos home😉

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  • bob bobbob
    bob bobbob 5 days ago

    London is the best and has all the best stuff go there

  • Wonderbolt
    Wonderbolt 5 days ago

    Why do we need a president

  • CannedBread
    CannedBread 6 days ago

    Statue of Liberty even though I live in ny I’ve never been

  • Calvin Baber
    Calvin Baber 6 days ago

    will Triangle Bob ever host a life noggin video?

  • Zuleyka Torres
    Zuleyka Torres 6 days ago

    The iffe l tower

  • Dylan Jones
    Dylan Jones 6 days ago

    Prob...The Leaning Tower of Piza

  • FLAVITO Vega
    FLAVITO Vega 6 days ago


  • Candle Cookie World!

    I would like to visit Chichen Itza.

  • Drew Marshall
    Drew Marshall 6 days ago

    Pretty bad video with no clear answers...

  • Kyle Blue
    Kyle Blue 6 days ago

    You know shit is real when triangle bob comes

    DANIEL MCALEESE 6 days ago +1

    #40 In Trending

  • Melker Fransson
    Melker Fransson 6 days ago

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  • Ethan Hossain
    Ethan Hossain 6 days ago

    what about Stonehenge

  • Nicole Sohn
    Nicole Sohn 6 days ago

    The music sounds like the Worlds Adrift OST

  • Unreal Realist
    Unreal Realist 6 days ago

    You can't be calling Giza pyramids as OUR monuments, come on )))

  • I'm still breathing
    I'm still breathing 6 days ago

    Pleas make a video on why we have sesons and why do the seson s change and if there are seson s that we never heard of 😁

  • Ben
    Ben 6 days ago

    The stone henge would have been a great shout

  • Moupi Plays
    Moupi Plays 6 days ago

    I wanna visit the pyramids!

  • MusicalSawMen
    MusicalSawMen 7 days ago

    Mount Rushmore !

  • Avatar Raptor
    Avatar Raptor 7 days ago

    you should do what will happen in the next 50 years

  • TiagoTiago
    TiagoTiago 7 days ago

    The Statue of Liberty wasn't always green; originally, it was coppery, but then patina took over.

    LAKSHMI 7 days ago

    I would like to visit Taj Mahal in India.

  • DarkCraft GT
    DarkCraft GT 7 days ago

    My Monument

  • I Love Cats And Kittens

    why pyramids ;-;. they look like they were the hardest to build. they also are the most ancient monuments in this video ;-; i am sed

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  • Hamid Khan
    Hamid Khan 7 days ago

    I love this channel and I would love to
    Visit the Eiffel tower

  • Wim Cornelissen
    Wim Cornelissen 7 days ago

    THE castel VROM Disney land

  • Silver Star
    Silver Star 7 days ago

    third class audio of a third class video

  • TheReadyMapleSyrup
    TheReadyMapleSyrup 7 days ago

    Which monument I would visit? Well, my home duh.

  • jchyld
    jchyld 7 days ago

    Reality struck watching this. Thanks life noggin

  • The_1_MLG_ DOGE
    The_1_MLG_ DOGE 7 days ago +1

    Emm....uhhhh.... I want to visit Mount Rushmore oh wait it's not on the list emmm... I guess Lady Liberty no I already visited that uhhh what's another OH yeah the no ehhhh I can't make up my mind this test is to hard OH I FOUND AND ANSWER wait no that can't work Oh I'm dumb Egypt yes the weird triangle shaped buildings oh emmm No no Paris France the tower no back to Egypt pyramids Yes A+ for meeee
    Teacher: schools over you got a F-

  • Marlo And Nicole
    Marlo And Nicole 8 days ago

    ive already visited the statue of liberty so i would like to visit the Eiffel Tower someday

    ANDY SZE 8 days ago

    Thank you for this useful information. Now I can be the smart kid tomorrow.

  • Mariam Tutuyan
    Mariam Tutuyan 8 days ago

    I would love to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France over the summer

  • EAZ
    EAZ 8 days ago

    The Great Wall of China something I must see before I die

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    #22 on trending!

  • Papa Smurf
    Papa Smurf 8 days ago

    id like to see the burj kalifa in dubai


    What about Acropolis of Athens??

  • Jacob Melia
    Jacob Melia 8 days ago

    Watching in that crisp 144p

  • Jose M
    Jose M 8 days ago

    He should do how earth will be with out music

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    Congrats on trending Blocko!

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    Congrats on 1million subs and on trending😊😊u make science much more intresting than my science teacher😂😂😂😂😂

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    Why do you occasionally deep throat the mic

  • Sky kun
    Sky kun 8 days ago

    Triangle Bob: Mom says you have to take me.

  • Koharu Namidashi
    Koharu Namidashi 8 days ago

    Taj mahal

  • Just Trent
    Just Trent 8 days ago

    I would love to walk along the Great Wall of China and do a parkour session there.

  • Deepak Mishra
    Deepak Mishra 8 days ago

    Taj Mahal

  • My name
    My name 8 days ago

    I've always wanted to visit the twin towers. Can't wait to see them.

  • Soonly Taing
    Soonly Taing 8 days ago

    I wanna visit Angkor Wat

    • Soonly Taing
      Soonly Taing 8 days ago

      JK. I already live in Cambodia so, FUk it lawl

  • Fernando Davillar
    Fernando Davillar 8 days ago

    IGNORANCE everywhere in America!
    So (as We can see in this video) Paris is "West from NY"!? And Egypt is further Western??
    USA = Dumb people trying to teach dumber people!

  • sebastep
    sebastep 8 days ago +1

    Surprisingly uninformative

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    GroundVolcano 23 8 days ago +1

    I would want to visit your house 🏡

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    Lord Slapaman 8 days ago

    what would happen if every living cell on earth died at once?

  • GD DoggyInfinty
    GD DoggyInfinty 8 days ago

    I just want to think how do we get born like are we born right now right away or we wait till 1998 or whatever you been born

  • ZOD ZK
    ZOD ZK 8 days ago

    How does dementia work

    9,999,999 views 8 days ago +1

    Statue of blocko soon?

  • Sri Vishnu
    Sri Vishnu 8 days ago

    Defiantly rome!!

  • Muhammad Osama
    Muhammad Osama 8 days ago

    the city of mohenjodaro

  • drsupremo88
    drsupremo88 8 days ago

    3 monuments
    Hardly any numbers
    Blocko uve lost it!

  • luca micele silva
    luca micele silva 8 days ago

    Is trump a monument?

  • Tahseen Ahmed
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  • aaryaputra108
    aaryaputra108 8 days ago

    This video was too short. How about the taj mahal, Sydney opera house, or the great wall of china?

  • JE$$E
    JE$$E 8 days ago

    What if the sun would never turn?

  • T.J.Z T.J.Z
    T.J.Z T.J.Z 8 days ago

    I love this! Keep up the good work man!

  • Bella Karns
    Bella Karns 9 days ago

    the monument I'd like to visit the most is the Taj Mahal.

  • Ben Bro
    Ben Bro 9 days ago

    I would love to go to Egypt find a secret tunnel and get enchanted with the ability of flight, hey I’m allowed to dream😏

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    Kaden Kart 9 days ago

    I would say... MY HOME