Artful Dodger - Please Dont Turn Me On [Disclosure Remix]

  • Published on Nov 24, 2012
  • Disclosure take on remix duties yet again this time reworking The Artful Dodger classic Please Don't Turn Me On .
    The result is as you would expect a bouncing slab of futuristic house music .
    As an early Xmas present for the masses this remix will be released as a FREE Limited edition download on the 10th of December from the following sites &
    @ThisisArtful @Artfuldodgerdj @Artfuldodger_mc @Liffordshilling @Disclosure_uk
    For all booking enquires e mail: //
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Comments • 38

  • Alan Snelgrove
    Alan Snelgrove Year ago

    Still sounds incredible in 2018

  • BigAl Snel
    BigAl Snel Year ago

    Sensational love it

  • Ezra Majestik
    Ezra Majestik 6 years ago

  • TheAlmightyClipse
    TheAlmightyClipse 6 years ago

    Oh that's cute you got stats.. Feed that shit to the birds..
    Different day and age.. see we got this cool thing called the internet now..
    So we don't have to waste time / money buying music..
    But I'm sure folks who buy music are "real" supporters..

  • TheAlmightyClipse
    TheAlmightyClipse 6 years ago

    Haha i'm sorry but who buys music these days?...

  • DanR53
    DanR53 6 years ago

    yes artful dodger and disclosure should do more like this!!!

  • Lemieux Jerem
    Lemieux Jerem 7 years ago

    Love musique !

  • BK
    BK 7 years ago


  • droptopsixfo
    droptopsixfo 7 years ago

    Hell yeah!!! :)

  • Ayan M
    Ayan M 7 years ago


  • mfarmz14
    mfarmz14 7 years ago

    Where can I buy this track from?

  • Pulpredemption
    Pulpredemption 7 years ago

    so that you buy the song instead of youtube ripping it, or in the case of radio, making a rip of the digital radio broadcast

  • Gyvenotjas
    Gyvenotjas 7 years ago

    Why these UK radio stations or in this case PD Records has to put their stupid advertisments in these songs, ehhh, they are screwing them up. This one especially.

  • Swapnil Malik
    Swapnil Malik 7 years ago


  • Lawrence Perkins-Boone

    Appreciate this shit!

  • LioTigRo
    LioTigRo 7 years ago

    Most best song ever, replayed for the 12th time!!

  • 中
     7 years ago

    Thank you Annie Mac

  • Michael M
    Michael M 7 years ago


  • Alex Strachan
    Alex Strachan 7 years ago

    Good music I guess. And tons of radio support.

  • MrKained123
    MrKained123 7 years ago

    Pahaha, it's funny. What got disclosure big? I used to listen to a few of the tracks a long while ago. but now they're getting mainstream. (not saying im some kind of hipster) Just curious :)

  • MrKained123
    MrKained123 7 years ago

    I wouldn't describe it as UK garage. More like future garage. Uk garage is so 90s ;)

  • Hawesy25
    Hawesy25 7 years ago

    10th repeat

  • jdot90
    jdot90 7 years ago


  • Corky_Butcher
    Corky_Butcher 7 years ago

    UK Garage, New Garage, 2-step

  • Loss Rey
    Loss Rey 7 years ago

    what would be the genre to this???

  • Daniel DriftingIRL
    Daniel DriftingIRL 7 years ago

    Disclosure just made a big junk of the oldskool Garage community happy

  • So Choice
    So Choice 7 years ago

    this is excellent

  • Jazz Cafe Tokyo
    Jazz Cafe Tokyo 7 years ago

    yeah, hope this charts and does well. nice vibes

  • bamafencer12
    bamafencer12 7 years ago


  • iBone5
    iBone5 7 years ago

    Waited so long for this! Amazing.

  • Sam Slatter
    Sam Slatter 7 years ago

    Smashing it!

  • Skankandbass
    Skankandbass 7 years ago


  • wave-o
    wave-o 7 years ago

    Over and over and over again.. they're f*cking geniuses. O_O

  • jason stafford
    jason stafford 7 years ago

    I'm lovin it

  • Jordanthetwin
    Jordanthetwin 7 years ago

    Big!! Been waiting for ages. Holdtight PD, Disclosure and of course Jeff and the AD

  • Tom hryhy
    Tom hryhy 7 years ago

    straight banger

  • h0odie
    h0odie 7 years ago

    FVCK this track is fire!

  • Maëlys M
    Maëlys M 7 years ago

    Why they are so genius... Love Disclosure !