Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - CUSTOM ZOMBIES & MODS! (Unlimited DLC)

  • Published on Nov 2, 2015
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - CUSTOM ZOMBIES & MODS! :O
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Comments • 2 081

  • talking cat
    talking cat 2 years ago

    pc pc pc pc pc pc pc why pc now i got to spend 600$ fuuuuu

  • Rolek 611
    Rolek 611 2 years ago

    So we cant have this on consoles? Great vonderharr you made billions mad

  • Cx Insanity
    Cx Insanity 2 years ago

    I think bo3 shud be like gta online where someone invites u and then pause the game so u can't join there map

  • felixS
    felixS 3 years ago

    imagine custom bubblegums!

  • pappi
    pappi 3 years ago +1

    It's March and I still haven't seen any alpha

  • Gray Mason
    Gray Mason 3 years ago +2

    It's almost March!!

  • Barry Benson
    Barry Benson 3 years ago

    I think there best 5 rated zombie maps/ game modes should be added to Xbox for like 99€$£¥ or whatever

  • Sick_plague_doctors
    Sick_plague_doctors 3 years ago

    why cant more games include this, the biggest problem with most games is length but when you add mod support the games life increases exponentially.

  • Gabriel Rice
    Gabriel Rice 3 years ago

    When he said only pc I actually started to cry

    • -Melon
      -Melon 3 years ago +1

      Then get a fucking pc you pleb

  • SheldonBob Bill
    SheldonBob Bill 3 years ago

    they should make it so that you can download custom maps on console

  • Pants Hobo Beavcoon
    Pants Hobo Beavcoon 3 years ago

    Watch it be something like you need the season pass to play mods

  • AustinWatchesYT
    AustinWatchesYT 3 years ago

    Lol RIP WAW Custom Zombies

  • ItsBrettFoo
    ItsBrettFoo 3 years ago

    Darn it

  • Neko Amachi
    Neko Amachi 3 years ago

    So that means on March 2016 will I be able to do this modding stuff on Xbox one? Will all of this be on Cod BO3 on all consoles?

  • btzke
    btzke 3 years ago

    I herd this is coming to consoles....

  • Maliki Grimes
    Maliki Grimes 3 years ago


    GAMINGFUTUREIOS 3 years ago


  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 3 years ago

    I hope its gonna be also for Xboxone-ps4 or that you can just play maps from players at the pc

  • TheYaffaCake
    TheYaffaCake 3 years ago


  • deathsharp dog
    deathsharp dog 3 years ago

    I might just get the comuter vesion saves more because I don't have ps4 or xboxone and now this I think I might as well I will look to put in a xbox controller.

  • deathsharp dog
    deathsharp dog 3 years ago

    suck to have a pd4 and xboxone

  • GommeHD
    GommeHD 3 years ago

    Halt die Fresse du Hurensohn

  • Hasan Shaikh
    Hasan Shaikh 3 years ago

    Anyone tell me The musicin this videoplzz

  • Itzadam766
    Itzadam766 3 years ago

    I feel like the top custom maps will be ported over to console that's my opinion though

  • Brodawg47
    Brodawg47 3 years ago

    Does this mean you can make you own Easter egg??

  • Mathieu Devoldere
    Mathieu Devoldere 3 years ago


  • Slender EnderBros
    Slender EnderBros 3 years ago

    Imagine a mode that you get all achievements

  • Erik Sigge
    Erik Sigge 3 years ago

    Well this game just got buyeble

  • dog man
    dog man 3 years ago


  • Hyperion
    Hyperion 3 years ago


  • Caleb Plemons
    Caleb Plemons 3 years ago

    I'm getting a limited edetin ps4 that bo3 style

  • Zétto
    Zétto 3 years ago

    BO3 = Game of the year - IGN - Machinima - PCGamer - AND SO ON

  • Daily Pet
    Daily Pet 3 years ago

    I swear to god if he says "absolutely" one for fucking time I shit you not I will kill myself.

  • mando Marquez
    mando Marquez 3 years ago


  • Janne Lakkapää
    Janne Lakkapää 3 years ago

    Someone please make a Kino Der Toten Remake!

  • Athus 775
    Athus 775 3 years ago +1

    This is why I got bo3 on my pc

  • madness
    madness 3 years ago


  • Daftric
    Daftric 3 years ago

    Just make sure 3Arch gets a Steam workshop and actually has it working.

  • Gninja2006
    Gninja2006 3 years ago

    switch to PC. I did from xbox and i am so glad i did

  • Neo Dimi
    Neo Dimi 3 years ago

    only if thy find a way to add this in consoles..

  • Bradley Norris
    Bradley Norris 3 years ago

    This really topped everything for me, I was so excited when I started learning about SOE, then nightmare mode, the fact it comes out so freaking soon and now this, I think this is going to ruin my life again like BO3 haha

  • Constipated Turd
    Constipated Turd 3 years ago +1

    The hype is real as each day get closer to the release my boner grows 1 inch

  • TPGameBoyz
    TPGameBoyz 3 years ago

    Black Ops 3 content on my channel! Sorry for spam.

  • Michael Lopez
    Michael Lopez 3 years ago

    cool legend of zelda hats in the back. great games

  • Atlas Respect
    Atlas Respect 3 years ago

    No game can be more hype than BO3!

  • Joyride 22
    Joyride 22 3 years ago

    So it's kind of like grand theft auto right, like you can make missions type thing but it's not a mission though but that's how I see it

  • Rotten Banana
    Rotten Banana 3 years ago

    2 days boys lets go

  • iShleeep
    iShleeep 3 years ago


  • Bxndz_1k ?
    Bxndz_1k ? 3 years ago

    Why pc whhhy pc only

  • Ashik Rahman
    Ashik Rahman 3 years ago

    Now I can finally play custom zombies without the awful WaW knife

  • Cozmc21 21
    Cozmc21 21 3 years ago

    Am I the only one who noticed the skylanders superchargers in the background?

  • Miroslav Gabco
    Miroslav Gabco 3 years ago

    If anyone has a ps4 and pre ordered it just put it in rest mode to download faster good look guys once the game comes out😄

  • bhavan mattu
    bhavan mattu 3 years ago

    2 fucking days

  • FrostyTheSM
    FrostyTheSM 3 years ago

    One day left!

  • Dean Nickelbutt
    Dean Nickelbutt 3 years ago

    2 days

  • BazzaFazza169
    BazzaFazza169 3 years ago


  • Aiden Meredith
    Aiden Meredith 3 years ago

    Gonna have to get this for PC. I love map editing, although I feel like it will be way more complicated than the Far Cry 2 map editor :P

  • Aubrey
    Aubrey 3 years ago

    Say for PC in the title

  • Redmist2025 Gaming
    Redmist2025 Gaming 3 years ago +1

    Plz take a look at my channel I'm still kinda new to the youtube community

  • Jordann
    Jordann 3 years ago


  • Angel george
    Angel george 3 years ago +1

    Wow, now you can make your own game, and custom the game....WELL HALLO HALO FORGE!!!!!!

    • Angel george
      Angel george 3 years ago +1

      And they got a new thing called "NIGHTMARE" with zombies, and multiplayer just like "WARZONE" In Halo 5

  • TheOdd1Out
    TheOdd1Out 3 years ago

    Hopefully down the line, Console users c=will get to use pc mods.

  • IceyChocolate
    IceyChocolate 3 years ago

    HueHue New Zealand get it first, get to play in about 17 hours :D

  • killerscorpion452
    killerscorpion452 3 years ago

    So this is for PC? What about people that don't wanna waste 1k just to play a game. And there's plenty of mods on the PlayStation and Xbox. Don't see why trey arch can't support next gen consoles. They should consider that, I bet people are going to hack the game anyways, mine as well support it so there's freedom

  • syi infinite
    syi infinite 3 years ago

    is it pc only?

  • Alex Moore
    Alex Moore 3 years ago

    Tbh I really think Its pointless to have it for the ps3 version and Xbox 360 version. It says we wont have "NUKETOWN Or campaign Plus Graphics look really bad. Like what is the point? At least Put NUKETOWN on the ps3 version and Xbox 360 version.

  • jennifer kerton
    jennifer kerton 3 years ago

    free minnows

  • Jon T Marriott
    Jon T Marriott 3 years ago

    hypes getting unreal

  • DevTristan
    DevTristan 3 years ago

    Halo gets custom maps n modes (made by players)and they on x1 why can't they just implent this in cod

  • The dark Dolphin
    The dark Dolphin 3 years ago


  • LittleGamerHD
    LittleGamerHD 3 years ago

    AliA what is your mail adress I want to send u staff

    CHILLWAVE 3 years ago

    whats with the sign language

  • Codyy
    Codyy 3 years ago


  • Casual Studdz
    Casual Studdz 3 years ago

    I have a PC and a ps4 😁😁😁 which one should I get bo3?

  • Patrick Staarink
    Patrick Staarink 3 years ago

    If you give permission to mod people wil be to busy to hack the game.
    it's a good thing, They should port it to console.

  • loriparker666
    loriparker666 3 years ago


  • AyeYoAzzy
    AyeYoAzzy 3 years ago

    I could totally use friends to play Zombies/Multi with...mainly zombies lol add me : AyeYoAzzy

  • Alex Deen
    Alex Deen 3 years ago

    I already have my built pc rig ready for black ops 3 with an R9 380

  • K Evans
    K Evans 3 years ago

    Do you think us console players can just put the custom maps on a hard drive and then play on ps4/xb1?

  • E10E
    E10E 3 years ago

    I have bo3 hardened edition I played it :)

  • Far Out Antics
    Far Out Antics 3 years ago

    What the heck, not for next generation consoles!!!!

    TYLER 3 years ago

    I need a pc I only have a ps4 Right now :(

  • xAyala
    xAyala 3 years ago

    so you can't do this on console????

  • HeyItzCreepy
    HeyItzCreepy 3 years ago +1

    He should really try cs go

    No hate

  • Memes never die
    Memes never die 3 years ago

    Just in case anyone had doubts that PC was the master race :D

  • Kolbey Trombley
    Kolbey Trombley 3 years ago

    So zombies is not coming out when it comes out

  • Noob 009
    Noob 009 3 years ago

    Is it only for pc

    • razerfan5
      razerfan5 3 years ago

      +Eliud Marchany Yes console peasant.

  • zRedHC
    zRedHC 3 years ago +1

    Funny, i've been playing custom zombies since waw. I've had my zombies urge fed for 5+ years :D

  • Cameron Hammett
    Cameron Hammett 3 years ago

    Man I need to get a pc

  • iTrevii
    iTrevii 3 years ago

    Im so ready for zombies! #Xboxone

  • Brandon Brace
    Brandon Brace 3 years ago

    They should really bring this to console players because the community on black ops 2 loves the games created by those that create these mods.

  • FrostyPrime
    FrostyPrime 3 years ago

    Is that Skylanders in the backround?

  • shashwat poudyal
    shashwat poudyal 3 years ago

    00:00 that face tho

  • LogixOr Anthony
    LogixOr Anthony 3 years ago

    :D ... if u scroll through the video it shows a flipbook of ali-a dancing ;D

  • Luis222
    Luis222 3 years ago

    Is custom maps gonna be available for system consoles later on??????????????

  • Buddyboy The
    Buddyboy The 3 years ago

    Now i know this i realy can't wait for zombie!!!!😀

  • chase mcain
    chase mcain 3 years ago

    3 days now

  • Anthony Victor
    Anthony Victor 3 years ago

    ali-a sou brasileiro e curto muito o SEO canal mesmo sem entender nada kkk nas VC grava vídeos muito bom manda um salve pró brasil

  • Ben Shapro
    Ben Shapro 3 years ago

    thats a lot of hats

  • toast _
    toast _ 3 years ago