Riding in a Driverless Taxi at CES 2019!


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  • mckayman
    mckayman 8 hours ago

    we cannot go forward with shit like this.. humans will become motionless and unproductive

  • mckayman
    mckayman 8 hours ago

    this is very lazy

  • Raging_Pototoy
    Raging_Pototoy 8 hours ago

    Bird box needed this

  • jackt0wn_cam
    jackt0wn_cam 9 hours ago +1

    Remember this prank "Ghost drive's car"
    Me 8 years later "no no it's normal "

  • Josh Dustin
    Josh Dustin 9 hours ago

    Markbrown assley

  • LaenPvP
    LaenPvP 10 hours ago

    They should call it "Johnny Cab."

  • Tech4ufools
    Tech4ufools 10 hours ago

    Who else is thinking of Jarad from silicon valley?

  • Mlike Hskins
    Mlike Hskins 11 hours ago

    Autonomous or not, I refuse to drive a prius

  • sun shine
    sun shine 12 hours ago

    How you pay ...?

  • Stacey Hall
    Stacey Hall 12 hours ago

    Way too techy!!!

  • chevyhighrider
    chevyhighrider 13 hours ago

    I think I’ll join the new age Amish village. One full of muscle cars and without all the weird crap coming out in the next few decades.

  • ItsMelloHaeun
    ItsMelloHaeun 13 hours ago +1

    I can. Hack this ot's vulnerable

  • Vinh Pham
    Vinh Pham 13 hours ago

    1.8k taxi drivers disliked

  • Aicha Benlahrech
    Aicha Benlahrech 13 hours ago

    What's the point ? If the car walk alone ?

  • Ramon Sierra
    Ramon Sierra 14 hours ago

    Marques is the only TVclipr I’m subbed to that his videos fit my whole screen

  • Coded Warrior
    Coded Warrior 14 hours ago


  • Daisoreanu Laurentiu
    Daisoreanu Laurentiu 15 hours ago

    Am I the only one that was impressed by Yandex since they are a startup that is not viral online? Thats until I found out they are actually part of Uber so they are using the same tech.. not that impressive anymore plus I don't appreciate the shadowing

  • Dayson B
    Dayson B 15 hours ago

    This is cool oh yeah yeah

  • Jay Ray
    Jay Ray 15 hours ago

    What happens when you hit construction, stop lights temporarily out of order, crowded venues with many people and cops conducting traffic..how does the AI interpret the "off the grid" scenarios

  • Zachary Authier
    Zachary Authier 16 hours ago

    My question is how will the car (or A.I?) react to unexpected events on the road? Animals, car crashes, emergency vehicles like police and ambulance.
    Perhaps there are sensors?

  • George Flint
    George Flint 16 hours ago

    Ну а хули ты думал? Это тебе не на убере кататься

  • Love and War
    Love and War 16 hours ago

    Seriously though; I suspect people-driven cars will be illegal in the next decade. And I don't how how to feel about that. :/
    I mean on one hand I love driving around in my car, but on the other hand a lot of people wreck their vehicles. And because society at large believes that material gain/loss is the solution to all our problems (Examples: Gun-control, Prohibition, the Drug War, Overuse of antibiotics to cure symptoms, Welfare, etc) I predict that such a ban will come to pass.

  • Northern Lights
    Northern Lights 18 hours ago

    You bet I would, without a second thought. I wish I had opportunity....

  • Dylan Reeses
    Dylan Reeses 18 hours ago

    Oh yeah yeag

  • Oil Life
    Oil Life 18 hours ago

    No way would I get in.

  • GodHasStruck
    GodHasStruck 18 hours ago +1

    What if its actually a ghost driving it.

  • The Carrion Show
    The Carrion Show 20 hours ago

    Cool but im not ready to trust tech yet!!!!!

  • Noah Gilmore
    Noah Gilmore 20 hours ago

    No more DUI’s

  • DeViLso
    DeViLso 21 hour ago

    Not in a Prius idk if it flys without propellers not in the damn Prius lol

  • Rares Pop
    Rares Pop 21 hour ago

    This could be done to public transport 1st, not cars. Every bus has a specific route, exactly like this car.

  • epiductions
    epiductions 21 hour ago

    9h yeah yeah

  • Georgi Georgiev
    Georgi Georgiev 21 hour ago

    Is it safer on average than human driver? Yes it probably is. Do i want to become part of the movie Wall-e? No i dont.

  • Donut
    Donut 21 hour ago

    *1.8k* *deslikes* are Taxi drivers Lmao

  • Nikola savic
    Nikola savic 21 hour ago

    but.... its a PRIUS !

  • Daniel
    Daniel 22 hours ago

    *The last wish on earth for me is to sit in a RUSSIAN self driving car.*

  • Ken Daryl
    Ken Daryl 22 hours ago

    Hey Mark Ass

  • Daniel
    Daniel 22 hours ago

    *There's the safety engineer In the passenger seat. Ask that safety engineer to sit in the back seat and then make a vlog. It's a challenge.*

  • vaughnbay
    vaughnbay 22 hours ago

    Would I try it? Sure....if it weren't Russian.

  • 4Gamer
    4Gamer 22 hours ago

    This , where bro?

  • Lowen Hoq
    Lowen Hoq 22 hours ago

    Bye bye, evil taxi driver!

  • Nader Ex-Hardgainer
    Nader Ex-Hardgainer 23 hours ago

    What kind of a license does a driverless car need? If cops pulled it over, who does he ask questions to? Lol

  • Ilya Shiltsin
    Ilya Shiltsin 23 hours ago

    Пацаны вообще ребята!

  • mohd izz mohd yacob
    mohd izz mohd yacob 23 hours ago

    Your last question, Yes!

  • Evan SP
    Evan SP 23 hours ago

    Что??? Яндекс такси с автопилотом на англоязычном канале.. как? Ещё и в Америке. Не Тесла, а Тайота от Яндекса...

  • Sujeendra Senadeera
    Sujeendra Senadeera 23 hours ago

    I think in a another 10 year their wont be that stress about I have to drive 100 miles more

  • Gediminas Jesinas
    Gediminas Jesinas 23 hours ago

    AI's are superior drivers

  • Jason Abell
    Jason Abell 23 hours ago

    and we need this why???
    well this is one way to stop immigration ,take away all there jobs,,,,now i see

  • The African Myths Show

    This is a Perfect for black drivers around the US. No more police pull overs for drivers licence😜

  • oh eah yeah
    oh eah yeah Day ago


  • mjeedan
    mjeedan Day ago

    Skynet system included

  • Basuony comic
    Basuony comic Day ago

    Please buy in my channel now that I need you I sing😢

  • DI4DEE
    DI4DEE Day ago


  • Rema He-wolf
    Rema He-wolf Day ago

    Markasss brown

  • Shri Sai C S
    Shri Sai C S Day ago +1

    Who's the other person in the car?

  • Thomaz Barros
    Thomaz Barros Day ago

    I would totally do it!

  • davesmancave
    davesmancave Day ago


  • Stuart Otis
    Stuart Otis Day ago

    What happens if you get a flat tire? Or a wheel comes off? Or you have engine failure? Or a pedestrian darts into the street? Who's responsible if the car gets into an accident?

  • Emmett Hartung
    Emmett Hartung Day ago


  • jad hzim
    jad hzim Day ago

    this is bad news for taxi drivers

  • Iyoy Ceplok
    Iyoy Ceplok Day ago

    Ofcourse It's got to be a Prius

  • Yasir Farooq
    Yasir Farooq Day ago

    Robot driver human job less i hate it

  • Smooth
    Smooth Day ago

    Yeah getting rid of jobs yeahahhhhahahaj

  • Malik Akmal
    Malik Akmal Day ago

    Is this what you wanted?

  • Giedrius Dovidauskas

    the end has started for the taxi drivers

  • JustGaming
    JustGaming Day ago

    I still don’t like the idea of driver-less cars. If I recall from this video, the route was already made, thus the result of this demonstration.
    Future, and *approved, legal* driver-less cars may use the pre-routed method, but I just still don’t feel safe in a car like this.
    Except driver-less trains, because they are on rails. Like (Australia) Sydney Metro.

  • TheBiggerSelf
    TheBiggerSelf Day ago

    Would you let yourself get driven by a stranger?

  • F4B1X
    F4B1X Day ago

    My question.. how does the car detect other cars far away lmao.. must have some great sensors and stuff.. or cameras or something lol

  • Operation Blackout

    It's nice but it would make a lot of people to lose their jobs so i don't think it should be implemented rn we need to find the right time until when new types of jobs are made for people who will be replaced by robots and self driving cars

  • Savio M
    Savio M Day ago

    Yes, I would!

  • decpticon21
    decpticon21 Day ago

    One more invention to take jobs out of streets.

  • R.R.V.K 21
    R.R.V.K 21 Day ago

    Who else thinks if self driving cabs come into development? Lots of taxi drivers will go out of employment. Especially in populated towns and cities. Or what else could happen?

  • Mark Airwind
    Mark Airwind Day ago +1

    so no more indian cab drivers? yaay!

  • Rantceck
    Rantceck Day ago

    wow yandex made this car? I use their browser since 2014

  • Zheka Kondratev
    Zheka Kondratev Day ago +1

    Doesn't your Tesla do the same thing?

    • ming lee
      ming lee 17 hours ago

      Not exactly. But tesla is working on that though.


    Где такую купить можно?

  • Freakybananayo
    Freakybananayo Day ago

    How is that even legal though? There's no drivers license

  • Jungsuk123456789

    Imagine if you go to a self-service gas station and as soon as you feel up the car and put back the cap, it drives off by itself before you get in lol

  • Fish Monkey Frog

    No more DUI's.

  • Christopher Johnson

    So what are the indians going to do now?

  • Chanel05
    Chanel05 Day ago

    Herbie entered the chat

  • Urzvoise Myvoise

    How many people will be job less stop this shit taking over humans

  • Hunter Osborn
    Hunter Osborn Day ago

    Bro it would take car sex to a new level😱

  • Felix Park
    Felix Park Day ago

    Russian auto pilots in Las Vegas. Am I dreaming?

  • yt
    yt Day ago

    Yes I would do it. But You still need people to fill the car whit gas.

  • boooger joj
    boooger joj Day ago

    Fake the person could steal the car there not that stupid or are they xd

  • Shato Sakurin
    Shato Sakurin Day ago

    What if you get pulled over

  • Omar Abid
    Omar Abid Day ago

    Watching while brushing 😬

  • hulio papi
    hulio papi Day ago

    if i was a cop id pull them over and ask for liscense and registration

  • Fiji Fi
    Fiji Fi Day ago

    You better call Monica NOW before the Prius drives you into a container that will be shipped to an island.

  • Joel Lopez
    Joel Lopez Day ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Justin Huang
    Justin Huang Day ago

    AI is real. While safety may increase, that is an entire industry of jobs vanishing. Taxi drivers, delivery cars, shipping trucks will be gone. AI isn’t limited to these types of jobs either! Hopefully life will improve for all!

  • Bobby Williams
    Bobby Williams Day ago

    My girls asked "would you get in this car?"...I said I don't know. She said "I kind of like it, because if you're tired your could just get driven around".... Lol...

  • Tony C
    Tony C Day ago

    Brought to you by Yandex russian hacking while you ride.

  • Corey Marshall
    Corey Marshall Day ago


  • Максим Альжанов

    Ебаните лайк сюда чтоб американцы думали типа я что-то умное сказал.

    • Максим Альжанов
      Максим Альжанов 18 hours ago

      +Linas shhhh, dont ruin the fun ;)

    • Linas
      Linas 20 hours ago +4

      Translation "Click like here so americans would think i said something smart."

  • Lukash Hoynatsky


  • gerard
    gerard Day ago

    You notice they always try this stuff in open areas try that in New York City and let me know how that turn out

  • Андрей Фролов

    Yeah that's all good and fun, but! Have you seen the roads in Russia? Even consider the fact that this is a Russian tech company it will took ages to put these cars into the streets considering the fact that Yandex recently emerged Uber and if they will try to replace these poor souls who made small money because of the gas prices, the fees and etc. this won't be easy. But for the concept it's really good, it's really sorry that Yandex search is a shit.

  • Miguel Musni
    Miguel Musni Day ago

    so you’re taking the jobs of taxi drivers?

  • Mark Thompson
    Mark Thompson Day ago

    I would love to try this ....amazing ......the future is here .... EMBRACE IT!!!! VERY INFORMATIVE, GREAT VIDEO !!!!