Jess hilarious reacts to surviving R Kelly #rkelly #survivingrkelly


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  • pixpusha
    pixpusha 13 hours ago

    Locking women in a room, forcing them to urinate in a pitcher or risk his anger...yea that's predatory. People still making excuses for him. I hope it never happens to your loved one.

  • True destinyy
    True destinyy 15 hours ago

    Naahh he was defly fucking grown men or getting fucked..

  • Shelandria Jones
    Shelandria Jones 16 hours ago

    I completely agree with you. He should go to jail BUT he shouldn't be going by himself.

  • Siân
    Siân 16 hours ago

    Aaliyah was still 15 when they got married when he was what 30?

  • General Systems Theory
    General Systems Theory 18 hours ago

    Any adult that have a sexual relationship with a minor is a pedophile. For younger girls that love older men, such men needs to avoid such female at all fucking cost. Men ask for ID to protect yourselves from a criminal record.

  • AmnesiaValley
    AmnesiaValley 20 hours ago

    I admit part 2 chill lol 😂

  • AmnesiaValley
    AmnesiaValley 20 hours ago

    When she said she new she was lying from her bang soon she came on I was dead 😂😂

  • demetrica c
    demetrica c Day ago

    Jess u my new bff guy uuuuuu don't give a fuck bruh u just say shit respect 1

  • Amber Thompson
    Amber Thompson Day ago

    I don’t even know how this has still been goin on he should bev locked up, had me at “pissed on 14 yr old” smh

  • Bridgette Fulton

    The bang rested ok

  • Bridgette Fulton

    The bang...the shit was crooked 👀☠️💀

  • Terri Speaks
    Terri Speaks Day ago

    Everybody else was a part of it!!! Playing Victim

  • K. Johsen
    K. Johsen Day ago

    Who peeped that lash that fell ?....
    ...I DID lol

  • Latisha Grant Haynes

    Ur Speaking facts Boo...

  • Sorry For Your Loss
    Sorry For Your Loss 2 days ago

    No one actually saw her leave with her daughter. The camera was never actually on them or showing them together. Niggas be gullible as fuck just because they see something on a show.

  • My mental illness
    My mental illness 2 days ago

    So really what did he do wrong really..its just wrong cause of the laws..shit they all guilty, all of them..including us as people..but jus being real tho, dammit I missed my chance.. Damn damn..I could have bought my mama a car back then..but ole well

  • Carla Smith
    Carla Smith 2 days ago

    I think Jess and country wayne make a good couple. He like the real in her.. She be getting them good looking ass men but they look good together. Ijs

  • Noel Blake
    Noel Blake 2 days ago

    When his money runs out eventually he will get locked up but that pissing in buckets slapping them bitches and starving them girls is fucked up,,Reshonda Edwards-landfair that's the 14 year old when will she talked about what happened

  • Noel Blake
    Noel Blake 2 days ago

    Can someone ask R Kelly if it is really better to be pissed off than pissed on he seems to be the one to know

  • Creepy Kalalou Nouwa-Lalou Nouwa 2

    Well the part about The Huxtables was not entirely true. They were in highschool together when the show aired they made many references to that but I don't know what they gonna do with R Kelly but that Is a disturbing story.

  • jason miles
    jason miles 2 days ago

    What about Elvis falling in love with his ex-wife when she was 14 in Germany? Why do people not care about age outside America? When is the surviving Micheal Jackson, the Catholic Church, Donald trump, Harvey Weinstein, Donald sterling, and Hugh Hefner?

  • Letia Harris
    Letia Harris 2 days ago

    So true can't wait to see Jess in Detroit on Saturday😊😊😊😊

  • Terrence Johnson
    Terrence Johnson 2 days ago

    Being from Chicago, that was a better idea to call as hostage. But Chicago city police even then they are not coming inside to do shit.... the suburbs maybe

  • Kiwanna Brown
    Kiwanna Brown 2 days ago

  • killer gamer1656
    killer gamer1656 2 days ago

    Did you hear how they called the police and said it was Dominique no I think it was joycelyn

  • Latoya Griffin
    Latoya Griffin 2 days ago

    I thought I was the only one that noticed Sparkle's raggedy bangs! LOL

    ANDREA LOVE 2 days ago

    Lmfaooo jess ass be so serious n cant be serious "it was the bang whew cut the bang" lmao then she start singing lmfaoo i cant handle it

  • Boss Bee
    Boss Bee 2 days ago

    What I don’t get is, why he would keep those girls knowing the issues they were causing... why not just let them go? R Kelly slow frfr

  • Dashynae Day
    Dashynae Day 2 days ago

    Savage family the father coached her through the whole damn thang!!! She didnt even know what the say the father stepped in and finished

  • Nikowa Robinson
    Nikowa Robinson 3 days ago

    Under no circumstances is it ok to be a pedophile

  • Vette Geez
    Vette Geez 3 days ago

    Put all them fuks on six buses and brun that shit.

  • Valerie Pigford
    Valerie Pigford 3 days ago

    That bang is definitely lying

  • Valerie Pigford
    Valerie Pigford 3 days ago

    He is not guilty

  • silky slim23
    silky slim23 3 days ago

    I wanna fuck this chic bad

  • Bambi
    Bambi 3 days ago +1

    I think sparkle was too old, thats why she introduced her niece to him 😕 she needs to go to jail

  • Sadie Baxter
    Sadie Baxter 3 days ago

    Nobody got paid to speak in the doc

  • Cristina Storm
    Cristina Storm 3 days ago

    Yeah aaliyah and rkelly were in love. But she later realized how inappropriate it was and probably was confused after.

  • LoveliAngelVibes
    LoveliAngelVibes 3 days ago

    Y’all better read up on Chicago pimps.

  • LoveliAngelVibes
    LoveliAngelVibes 3 days ago +1

    No, you can’t get inside the studio. Or out. That front door is not how to get in the building. You get in through a parking lot. It’s crazy. I love Rkelly. I won’t say anything, but Rkelly is wrong...Kelly does need help. Mentally. His entire family needs help.

  • LoveliAngelVibes
    LoveliAngelVibes 3 days ago +1

    The bang 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 I said the same thing, errrbody (most) who ever did a record with Rkelly is guilty too. They all knew. And I hung out with Rkelly, people could say no, and he wouldn’t press. If you say yes to anything, he got you. Lol Most of those women traded their soul and now want their souls back. By the way...Da Brat went to Kenwood and was found by Rkelly. Hmmm wondering if he helped Brat come up with her boyish image...

  • Lalisa Nguyen
    Lalisa Nguyen 3 days ago

    I feel like the only person who loved Aaliyah was Timbaland bc he was man enough to let it go because he knew Aaliyah was still a baby.... when he got married to his wife she looked dead on Aaliyah he loved her so much and he still respected that she was just a little girl
    That’s who I’m down with the set for.

  • Real Love
    Real Love 3 days ago

    Right now I agree... everyone who had their hands in it need to go

  • Diana Hinton
    Diana Hinton 3 days ago

    When you awaken a child's sexuality at a young age. A child's mind can't handle that. So they are stuck at the age that they were molested. When you don't get help... you go on to victimize others. So sad, but so true!

  • Diana Hinton
    Diana Hinton 3 days ago

    R. Kelly was doomed from day one after his sister took his innocence.

  • Cynthia Stevens
    Cynthia Stevens 3 days ago

    Damn Jess do look like that male comedian Bill Bellamy.Wow! He is a nice looking man and Jess is very pretty, so I don't mean any shade.And I am NOT trying to imply that she looks like a man because she doesn't.I look like my brother so I mean no harm.

  • Brittany
    Brittany 3 days ago

    Girl shut don’t nobody know but god

  • Toni Metz
    Toni Metz 3 days ago

    He did boys!! He nasty!! Believe it

  • gyp muhammad
    gyp muhammad 3 days ago

    Jess is sooooo ignant 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 the bangs

    XRYTH SQUAD 4 days ago


  • Floyd Norwood
    Floyd Norwood 4 days ago

    They lying ppl wake up its all about the money

  • NurseJackie
    NurseJackie 4 days ago

    One minute in and I’m out.......

  • NeeNee bit
    NeeNee bit 4 days ago

    We're gonna find you and we're going to kill you 🤣🤣🤣

  • Destined Queen
    Destined Queen 4 days ago

    R kelly is perverted. He effs lil girls and men

  • keshia Mac
    keshia Mac 4 days ago

    she sound crazy

  • Pamela Latimer
    Pamela Latimer 4 days ago

    Jess you need to sing I admit it for being with a married man and stop trying to detour the attention off you and Wayne putting it on R Kelly. R Kelly should of been punish way back when he first was interesting in Aaliyah and you talking about surviving R Kelly when Wayne wife Gena is Surviving You and Wayne relationship in the public. I see you girl matrix like a big dog

  • DeAndrea Matlock
    DeAndrea Matlock 4 days ago

    The bangs told it all 😂😂😂 omg jess

  • Dominique Satterfield

    It was the bang she guilty😂

  • Arize VizzyMorgan
    Arize VizzyMorgan 4 days ago

    😂😂 23 mins remainin gotta get off the phone...

  • westindiesgyaldem
    westindiesgyaldem 4 days ago

    37 min rant tho for this foofool?

  • Tori Ellis
    Tori Ellis 4 days ago

    Love you Jess

  • Chaquante Horns
    Chaquante Horns 4 days ago

    girl you are so right

  • Jo Ann Johnson
    Jo Ann Johnson 4 days ago

    Well damn Jess keepin it 100. 😂😂😂😂. I agree with you, yes they all pedophiles. Throw all they ass in jail.

  • Taunte YaYa
    Taunte YaYa 4 days ago

    He wasn’t shy he was plotting. The nigga is dumb...

  • Taunte YaYa
    Taunte YaYa 4 days ago

    Calling yo man daddy s creepy asf. I have a dad, maybe that’s why...

  • Lamont Gaston
    Lamont Gaston 4 days ago

    She just said she fucked an older dude because she wanted to though.

  • Taunte YaYa
    Taunte YaYa 4 days ago

    The daughter is GROWN!!!

  • Taunte YaYa
    Taunte YaYa 4 days ago

    That’s right Jess! He should go along with everyone that was facilitating his bs.. trust and believe when he does go to jail these lil girls under his spell will have a chance to wake up.

  • Tiaune Thomas
    Tiaune Thomas 4 days ago

    Capricorn’s are not shy! They are narcissistic though!

  • Lia Starr
    Lia Starr 4 days ago

    Them parents gave their children to that man so they need to cut it out now that she grown she don’t want nothing to do with them! Them girls keep saying they want to be there

  • Artryce McConnell
    Artryce McConnell 4 days ago

    R kelly and the parents need to go down

  • Eimpress Mie
    Eimpress Mie 4 days ago

    This intro song 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Andrea Ross
    Andrea Ross 4 days ago

    Jess said who cut the bang 😭

  • Delvonna Thomas
    Delvonna Thomas 4 days ago

    "I knew she was lying because of that bang"

  • Melanated Carbon
    Melanated Carbon 4 days ago

    yo that intro was WACK AF😑

  • Dasha And Co.
    Dasha And Co. 4 days ago

    She said everything I was saying when I saw it. Literally. Crazy smh

  • Natashia Wright
    Natashia Wright 4 days ago

    I don't believed all of drea story!.. Some of it but not all..

  • glenn 588
    glenn 588 5 days ago

    Did everyone for get that Celine Deion Was with husband music manager at 12 and he married her later

  • Crystal Martino
    Crystal Martino 5 days ago

    I would want to get paid and it is bringing awareness and R. Kelly is losing money and exposure from these accusations.

  • Crystal Martino
    Crystal Martino 5 days ago

    I forgive everyone on the docu series Jesshilarious is making valid points

  • laron robinson
    laron robinson 5 days ago

    Yes niggas is crazy!.. not Raper man talk!!!!...

  • laron robinson
    laron robinson 5 days ago

    You never ever let me girl!

  • GinaGeee Powers
    GinaGeee Powers 5 days ago

    this needs to get to trial due to a lot of partial truths.

  • shell willy
    shell willy 5 days ago

    That bang was blinking two times...blink if she lieing😂😂..sparkling guilty 😂

  • Danielle Warren
    Danielle Warren 5 days ago

    She knew she was lying b cause of the bang .... 😂😂😂😂😂 am dying.....but the pony tail n band look lik it’s the same hair lik its connected 😝

  • kyra Noir
    kyra Noir 5 days ago

    i can't stop looking at her lashes...smh.

  • Tina's baby
    Tina's baby 5 days ago

    Jess those women all said they were being paid for their interviews, all except Drea. I heard she got paid for hers

  • lali k
    lali k 5 days ago

    but what I do not understand. If dominic and joycelyn was at this hotel as well. where was the security or the bodyguards...

  • Michelle Toliver
    Michelle Toliver 5 days ago +1

    Like Master P said what grown man take a camera when ur child is held hostage Lifetime is a reality TV show

  • Cece Parks
    Cece Parks 5 days ago


  • Tonya Childers
    Tonya Childers 5 days ago

    The bang 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 she guilty! Oh yeah and now an album...I usually don't comment but the timing is just too exact...I ain't buying it!

  • Rox Ox
    Rox Ox 5 days ago

    Exactly I knew Sparkles story was not adding up.

  • Cece Parks
    Cece Parks 5 days ago

    the whole situation is crazy they wont sympathy in your money i agree i would be scared af if he was my father

  • FlightSchool87
    FlightSchool87 5 days ago

    Jess and Master P the only celebrities I heard really speak that real shit on R. Kelly.

  • Michelle Harvey
    Michelle Harvey 5 days ago

    The bangs was crooked 😂

  • Envy Monroe
    Envy Monroe 5 days ago

    same shit i keep saying...why the fuck keep his lastnite??

  • Chauntay Webb
    Chauntay Webb 5 days ago

    Sorry for the misspelled words!! Lol

  • Chauntay Webb
    Chauntay Webb 5 days ago

    Just my opinion!!! I feel he looked up legal ages for each state he picked the girls up from and got constent from the parents for the others and people in his camp helped!! I forget what song he did while he was on trail saying someone his camp his talking. Sorry for the no punctuations

  • Chauntay Webb
    Chauntay Webb 5 days ago

    They was stealing from him fo sho!!! Remember when he lost his house in Aurora IL his Accountant was over the taxes for the house

  • Maria Mcarthur
    Maria Mcarthur 5 days ago

    Yo you caught all that you so litty.... that's crazy. That's right she went and got her baby.

  • Jaded Shakur Kent
    Jaded Shakur Kent 5 days ago

    Jess is a mess lmao😂🤣