How To Build A Rollback Can


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  • Yih Tat Tan
    Yih Tat Tan Day ago

    The beard *thickens*

  • SprayBottle007
    SprayBottle007 Day ago

    The ending looks like an actual monaural to Micheal Stevens...

  • RlcZyro
    RlcZyro Day ago

    DONG oats love you. And I love you

  • Silver Hiro
    Silver Hiro Day ago

    Absolute GOLD!

  • Caroline B.
    Caroline B. Day ago

    This was lowkey really wholesome

  • George the Watermelon

    12:14 look on tge right someones elbow

  • wow
    wow Day ago

    Still can't believe you're younger than my dad.

  • Noah Playz
    Noah Playz Day ago

    Who else thought this was vsauce

  • Mongrol Purdy
    Mongrol Purdy Day ago

    This guy to good

  • punkinnonstop
    punkinnonstop Day ago

    Spinning the bottom of a drill by hand, and tapping with a level. Absolutely wonderful

  • It is I
    It is I Day ago

    I can literally watch Michael dry the paint on a wall and still feel entertained

  • Soy El KJ
    Soy El KJ Day ago

    ‘Dong oats love you, and i love you’

  • The Gamer
    The Gamer Day ago

    6:49 😂😂😂 Was not expecting that!!!

  • Michael Park
    Michael Park Day ago

    Is this how roll back toy cars work?

  • seededsoul
    seededsoul Day ago

    this guy is so dumb

  • Aaron Oldfather
    Aaron Oldfather Day ago

    Who else thought he was dabbing? lul

  • Gumball the Baby Triceratops

    Great grandson? Wait so u had sex at 13 years of age and so did your son and grandson? Damn your family has alot of "Ladies Man Genes"

  • stackticz
    stackticz Day ago

    Why doesnt he use vsauce anymore

    NATESOR Day ago

    every time i watch these i think michael has finally gone of the deep end. but maybe we're all just stuck in the shallow end...

  • NickW275
    NickW275 Day ago +1

    14:00 is when I'm genuinely concerned

  • Rob Bob
    Rob Bob Day ago


  • Prankster TV 2
    Prankster TV 2 Day ago

    would the rubber act differently at absolute zero?

  • nihad bangalath
    nihad bangalath Day ago

    Michel Steven..... The real mental man

  • Acrobatoy
    Acrobatoy Day ago

    I very seriously want to know how he got the pennies in the avocado

  • Skystrike70
    Skystrike70 Day ago

    Excellent, next time you make a video can you advertise PEWDIEPIE?

  • Bazooka Llama Productions

    WTF this guy has great grandkids??? I thought he was in his late 20s O.O

  • Rob C
    Rob C Day ago

    DiResta Icepick use #669, poking holes in a rollback can.

  • erm4gundr
    erm4gundr Day ago

    That beard

  • digitalquartergod

    Did he just pull the cakes out of the dishwasher? Talking about hygiene. His great grandsons are in good hands... or are they?

  • Alex PDL
    Alex PDL Day ago

    4:52 Shouldn’t the drill rotate in the other direction if he’s trying to make a hole?

  • Benjamin Kaul
    Benjamin Kaul Day ago

    aw micheal's so cute im crying

  • TorgoFraNorgo
    TorgoFraNorgo Day ago

    Richard Feynman on magnets is the most satisfying refusal to answer a question of all time:

  • Isaiah Sugar
    Isaiah Sugar Day ago

    "Make sure to microwave pennies on high for zero seconds"
    Michael I love your content.

  • Arthas Hastings Menethil

    but one question remain.. shall the love or lover rejected you will it or they rollback to you ?

  • Altwin Intrig
    Altwin Intrig Day ago

    Has anyone here watched Beakman in the past?

  • Luke Schaefer
    Luke Schaefer Day ago

    The intro thing was pretty funny

  • Dominic Dore
    Dominic Dore Day ago +2

    Michael: "Dong oats"
    Me: "This is going to be a good video"

  • Rob Bamber
    Rob Bamber Day ago

    I love your videos. This idea I'll definitely use with my science classes.
    Just a couple of corrections.
    Your thermal energy explanation of curling up polymers is wrong. It's intermolecular forces which curl them up when not in tension, and intermolecular forces which do the work once they're under tension. There's no way thermal energy transfer to a rubber band can stop a cylinder rolling in a few seconds.

    And when you drilled the holes, you had the drill going backwards.

  • Alex Solon
    Alex Solon Day ago

    I S M E L L P E N N I E S !

  • hydrus77
    hydrus77 Day ago

    LSD = micheal

  • Oscar Moreno
    Oscar Moreno Day ago

    I thought he was gon get those paper clips outta that tomato down on his left.

  • Jakub Mann
    Jakub Mann Day ago


  • Dylan Kelley
    Dylan Kelley Day ago

    Expand dong

  • Jason Campbell
    Jason Campbell Day ago

    Michael been droppin 5 tabs a day since Ayahuasca

  • Jason Campbell
    Jason Campbell Day ago

    This is peak Michael.

  • Soultrip89
    Soultrip89 Day ago

    Haven't checked DONG out in a while. But I like what I'm seeing. lmao

  • Sawyer Nicastro
    Sawyer Nicastro Day ago

    @elbow 12:14

  • Paul Weger
    Paul Weger Day ago

    what's the name of the song at the start and the end ?

  • The Ataman
    The Ataman Day ago

    10:32 ghost in the backround


    How dare you?!

  • TheNomios
    TheNomios Day ago

  • Tyler .G
    Tyler .G Day ago

    Omg his beard is so big

  • Krabbypal
    Krabbypal Day ago +1


  • Jacopo Barberis
    Jacopo Barberis Day ago

    0:54 that's not how you use a toaster

  • MrCreativ
    MrCreativ Day ago +1

    Koga su poslali stuberi (LIKE i subscribe na Moj Kanal)

  • Susan Wasowski
    Susan Wasowski Day ago

    bust a nut for michael

  • The Saint
    The Saint Day ago

    Michael has lost it

  • sky
    sky Day ago +1

    Like ako si dosao sa kanala stuberi

  • Bad to the Brick
    Bad to the Brick Day ago +2

    So basically the only way to get anything to come to me voluntarily is to force it to?

  • Bad to the Brick

    I need this bc everything else goes away

  • Bad to the Brick

    Ooh I've always wanted a r0llback can!

  • Sourav Das
    Sourav Das Day ago

    I made one when I was a kid too

  • SerDzo
    SerDzo Day ago


  • Alen ツ
    Alen ツ Day ago

    lajk je dosao od stubera

  • Kivux
    Kivux Day ago

    Neko dosao zbog stubera inc prvi pisem na srpskom xD svi sub na moj kanal

  • Peter Michaels, Private Investigator

    this is a video made by a crazy person

  • General Flip
    General Flip Day ago

    Did he just say his great-grandsons wedding?

  • Nemo_K
    Nemo_K Day ago

    omg that ending

  • Marios PRO
    Marios PRO Day ago

    This now, this, is content

  • Thermingt0n
    Thermingt0n Day ago

    I'm really enjoying the quality of these Michael Stevens living.

  • Dickmeiss
    Dickmeiss Day ago


  • It's Mrpanda
    It's Mrpanda Day ago

    I think that he is slowly going insane from the Isolation Experiment.

  • samuraimane
    samuraimane Day ago


  • Mark Zambelli
    Mark Zambelli 2 days ago

    Fabulous vid... much love to you. I did notice that a dot on the cylinder you kept rolling described the shape of a 'Cardioid' (... checks spelling of 'cardioid' with the Dong 'Mandelbröt Poster' and... damn... STILL no help there!)
    Pssssst... love ya man... ;D

  • DubyVk
    DubyVk 2 days ago +2

    Poslali me Stuberi :D

  • Leeirah Brashka
    Leeirah Brashka 2 days ago

    How come I haven’t heard of D.O.N.G??? I have been a vsauce fan for 3years

  • Steph Ss
    Steph Ss 2 days ago

    Hello elbow.

  • A Part-time Astronaut

    Youre an absolute legend


    No one should miss that 14:02 part

  • Nikotiño
    Nikotiño 2 days ago

    I'm 90% sure the people interrupting the shot is intentional, and i love it

  • Andrew Marshall
    Andrew Marshall 2 days ago

    What we need .... Is more tape

  • Andrew Marshall
    Andrew Marshall 2 days ago

    Vsauce crazy Michael here

  • Nikotiño
    Nikotiño 2 days ago

    this intro will always stun me for a few seconds before im able to think again... all though, i do enjoy the second hand nostalgia

  • L3zli3 TV
    L3zli3 TV 2 days ago

    I was eating but when i got to 6:45 i just literally stopped chewing turned off my computer and walked out my room... This is too much for me

  • İki Kardeş Oyunda
    İki Kardeş Oyunda 2 days ago

    I dont know if i should take this video seriously or not

  • Axel Jair Mejorado García

    I think u changed a little from that hayaguasca trip boi xD

  • Tillum
    Tillum 2 days ago +4

    Michael Steven’s living is straight chaotic good

  • Seoh The Lad
    Seoh The Lad 2 days ago +1

    Top ten anime OPs

  • leti bumbar bzbz
    leti bumbar bzbz 2 days ago +1

    svi mi koji smo dosli posle stubera

  • Avomance
    Avomance 2 days ago

    Michael... you have literally gone Mad
    Still genius, but absolutely bonkers!

  • Lukkyz
    Lukkyz 2 days ago

    YUM! YUM!

  • The Ancient One
    The Ancient One 2 days ago +1

    0:05 "...great-grandson's wedding..." so that makes you what... at least 80 years old?!?

  • Pearl
    Pearl 2 days ago

    This video is a gift

  • Samuel P.
    Samuel P. 2 days ago +1

    That intro figuratively literally made my day.

  • 小瘋子
    小瘋子 2 days ago

    6:34 I smell P E N N I E S!

  • some one
    some one 2 days ago

    You have a great grandson?????????

  • lolyme memelord
    lolyme memelord 2 days ago

    Can you make a rollback father next?

  • Bartosz Kędzierski
    Bartosz Kędzierski 2 days ago

    Funnies begining ever !!! XD LOL

  • Newby Ton
    Newby Ton 2 days ago +2

    12:22 that's a nice elbow on the right