♦)♦(♦ Relaxing Russian Language Lesson pt.1 ♦)♦(♦

  • Published on May 10, 2012
  • Hey guys.. :) I want to thank you for all of your wonderful messages and comments and I want to yell how much I love you all but that wont be relaxing HAHA. :*) In this video I will teach you russian numbers and tell you some facts about russian language. :) I hope you will enjoy.. Thank you. ♥
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  • Joannie Trotter
    Joannie Trotter 13 hours ago

    I can now count to ten in Russian because of you Maria 😃.. can you please consider making more Russian language videos? They are brilliantly educational and relaxing. Thanks 😊🇬🇧

  • Willow Wisteria
    Willow Wisteria 7 days ago +14

    Still watching this video over and over again in 2019. I wish we could get more lessons!!

  • Matt F
    Matt F 7 days ago

    OMG Love this. If I had a language teacher like this, I'd have to be well rested; otherwise, I'd be falling asleep to her voice all the time. ASMR aside, good teacher. Learned a lot.

  • Jenna van der Merwe
    Jenna van der Merwe 10 days ago

    My boyfriend is Russian and I wanna learn a bit of Russian just for fun. Love all your videos, Maria! 💖

  • Night Burning the sun
    Night Burning the sun 11 days ago +1


  • The_LTG
    The_LTG Month ago +1

    When Maria said 5, I could only think of a quote from an Anomaly twitch highlights video...
    Когда секс ? Пять минут назад!

  • LaurenTiare
    LaurenTiare Month ago +3

    It's the 7 year anniversary of this video

  • Dlovan Ramzi
    Dlovan Ramzi Month ago +1


  • rippetoe 38
    rippetoe 38 Month ago +1

    0:54 *personal time stamp*

  • Pella Aleksandrova
    Pella Aleksandrova Month ago

    The russian and macedonian numbers are VERY similar.

  • Mike Nino
    Mike Nino 2 months ago

    Could still here your voice not really whispering.

  • Winter Oaks
    Winter Oaks 2 months ago

    Any time you say "Kievan Rus." *mega tingles*

  • Winter Oaks
    Winter Oaks 2 months ago

    I get soooo many tingles from this. I keep coming back to it to refresh my counting 1 to 10, also.

    ZUCKITS 2 months ago


  • JustAGuy OnYoutube!4K
    JustAGuy OnYoutube!4K 2 months ago

    So sexy pre and post pregnancy 🔥👌🏽

  • Lisa Global Expat
    Lisa Global Expat 2 months ago

    tere :)

  • Mia&Ani Cone-Wade
    Mia&Ani Cone-Wade 3 months ago +3

    Anyone in 2019?

  • Steve Broggie
    Steve Broggie 3 months ago +1

    These are amazing. Gives the the phrase, "Hot for teacher" a whole new meaning.

  • Anast
    Anast 3 months ago

    Бля, че это было? Спасибо, подрочил? Баба с сиськам и выжжеными волосами шепчет что-то про русский язык? Поэтому иностранцы типа "учат" русский, потому что там всегда фигурирует какая-то дешевая "сексителка"? Очки хоть поменяй, они немодные и уродливые, фу.

    • Valentina L
      Valentina L 3 months ago

      Она блондинка- посмотри её видео и это станет понятно. И кстати " баба с сиськами"- это норма в природе). И это 12 год - конечно очки по моде. И это не урок, это асмр!)

  • sorryionlyspeakbroke
    sorryionlyspeakbroke 4 months ago +1

    i can't roll the R (Р), how do i do it?

    • Thiccbert Moss
      Thiccbert Moss Month ago

      sorryionlyspeakbroke vibrate your tongue against the roof of ur mouth

  • Damien Brelay
    Damien Brelay 4 months ago

    18:45 uhhhhh

  • Gerald Graven
    Gerald Graven 4 months ago


  • Dark Cloud
    Dark Cloud 4 months ago +1

    you are stacked!!!!!

  • Paula Lore
    Paula Lore 4 months ago +2

    Please Maria back with these lessons! They're great!!!

  • Mainsail Sound
    Mainsail Sound 4 months ago

    I am a huge fan and I think that you should redo this with better audio. Love you. Thank you

  • Denis
    Denis 5 months ago +1

    ooh!!! so beautiful MARIA!!!! [100%=RELAX].thank you!

  • jannatul ferdoushi
    jannatul ferdoushi 5 months ago

    u talk too slow

  • Tyler Elliott
    Tyler Elliott 5 months ago

    How much Russian do you know?

  • Petr Korotkov
    Petr Korotkov 6 months ago

    Ой ну красота, нашёл где можно учить английский на раслабоне, я прям засыпаааююю................

  • Lydia casper
    Lydia casper 7 months ago +1

    Watched after work , mega head rush tingles immediately 💗👩🏼👏🏼

  • joe orlando
    joe orlando 7 months ago

    Great tits

  • Amelia Edwards
    Amelia Edwards 7 months ago +1

    My dad used to come home from work at 12, 1 or 2 in the morning from his shift. He would always watch TVclip to wind down. Particularly, he used to love watching videos that helped him learn. One night, he talked to me and said "I found this video of a lady teaching Russian. But its weird, she's really quiet. I have to turn it all the way up to understand anything she says." My dad accidentally introduced me to ASMR

  • Alesha Ololosha
    Alesha Ololosha 7 months ago


  • oof
    oof 7 months ago

    this was 2012???

  • Broke Dog
    Broke Dog 7 months ago

    zank you for teaching me how to zpeak ruzzian language, now I will be able to get those zekrit documents and win ze Var !! ! ! !

  • tim feleppa
    tim feleppa 8 months ago

    Ur awesome

  • Steve Kent
    Steve Kent 8 months ago

    You're a credit to the Russian people.

  • NathanRomml
    NathanRomml 8 months ago

    Odin is indeed, a number 1 god.

  • Brgm-
    Brgm- 8 months ago

    1M views yeahh 🎉✨🎉✨🎉
    One of my favorite video 😊

  • Ven detta
    Ven detta 8 months ago +1

    best of the best of the best of the best teacher

  • Indian men i am
    Indian men i am 8 months ago

    Hello dear ***can you send a English translation on russian a b c d e f g h.........z all on WhatsApp

  • Artem Lobov
    Artem Lobov 8 months ago

    Khabib is done in one

  • fertner
    fertner 8 months ago


  • jesse j
    jesse j 8 months ago +2

    Maria is beautiful😍

  • DragonRings
    DragonRings 8 months ago +1

    18:13 - 19:06 I've never been so invested in listening to someone count from one to ten.

  • Nerdy ASMR
    Nerdy ASMR 8 months ago

    Wow, you are talented! Learning a language with a different alphabet would be hard.

  • El Grande
    El Grande 8 months ago +1

    I'm very distracted for obvious reasons.

  • 8 c
    8 c 9 months ago

    I love this video, and I love the Russian culture and language

    • Black Dog
      Black Dog 2 months ago

      Oh, thanks, it's so cute)

  • 8 c
    8 c 9 months ago +1

    Are you Russian?

  • priscilla,s vlogs
    priscilla,s vlogs 9 months ago

    This keeps make me fall asleep lol xd

  • LPS Blue Diamonds
    LPS Blue Diamonds 9 months ago

    I Love How You Put 2 Of My Favorite Things In One Video! YOU MADE MY DAY!!!

  • Robin Powell
    Robin Powell 9 months ago

    Please continue these. They are great lessons and I'm learning Russian! I spoke some of what I learned and someone who spoke it was impressed.

  • Ed Grasmann
    Ed Grasmann 9 months ago

    After hearing how complicated Russian is I think it is wonderful that your English is so good

  • Don Banks
    Don Banks 9 months ago

    Softest M EVER

  • Andrew Carr
    Andrew Carr 9 months ago

    Russian accent is so beautiful

  • Scotty ColoradoKid
    Scotty ColoradoKid 9 months ago +1

    Putin sent Maria here to brainwash us all!

  • mikatu
    mikatu 9 months ago +1

    Odin, the thunder god is the number 1 :)

  • Sheik it off
    Sheik it off 9 months ago +1

    DVA ready for combat

  • Ali Faizan
    Ali Faizan 9 months ago

    interesting how Sanskrit calls two as "dwi", three: "tri", four: "chaturth", five: "pancham", six: "shashtham", seven: "saptam"
    These match almost entirely with the Russian names.. The evolution of language!

  • Ramiro Prado
    Ramiro Prado 10 months ago

    Why are you whispering?

  • Jonathan Lichwick
    Jonathan Lichwick 10 months ago

    When you wanna relax but wanna learn Русский

  • Conner Wilson
    Conner Wilson 10 months ago

    This would hard to learn as an adult

  • The Shaolin
    The Shaolin 10 months ago

    "Young teacher, the subject..." lol

  • 한예지
    한예지 10 months ago +1

    from korea ♥♥LOVE U♥♥

  • onyedikachukwu anayochukwu

    I have watched some of your video Maria. The contents are good but the instructor makes it really bad. Yeah, it's a relaxation lesson but has gone beyond that to something worrisome. Your extreme low tone is never commendable. In fact it looks like a sex class. Please do improve, so students can subscribe to your chanel.

    • Katie Kat
      Katie Kat 10 months ago

      onyedikachukwu anayochukwu HAHAHAHA this video clearly went over your head. WOOSH.

  • Joylesstubo5721
    Joylesstubo5721 10 months ago

    Thanck you for thiss Englissh session

  • Student of Rhythm
    Student of Rhythm 10 months ago

    Мне нравится, спасибо.
    The summer this video was made I met some Uzbeks on the train in Salt Lake City and was able to hold a brief conversation with them in what little Russian I remembered.

  • Alt Fit
    Alt Fit 10 months ago

    I bet the Russians are behind this video!

  • Chilltownify
    Chilltownify 10 months ago +1

    This video is juggtastic 😍😘

  • Saptarshi Roy
    Saptarshi Roy 10 months ago

    Who the hell dislikes these videos?


    parece que no tradujeras la pronunciación al ingles sino al español!


    the sound of the eraser is screepy!

  • ronald sugden
    ronald sugden 10 months ago

    2012 is this were the russian influence comes from, or was it rocky 4?

  • ronald sugden
    ronald sugden 10 months ago

    du hast mesh

  • Fjolner I
    Fjolner I 10 months ago


  • angl 47
    angl 47 10 months ago

    Not only relaxing but so interesting, sharing knowledge is caring 😘

  • Faiaz Hasan
    Faiaz Hasan 11 months ago

    thank you beautiful mam

  • Lilacclxuds
    Lilacclxuds 11 months ago +1

    I remember this is your first video I ever watched soooooo long ago. I was trying to actually learn Russian and I was following along with you in a little notebook 😂 eventually I realized hmm something is off about this And I read the comments and figured out its asmr! You were my gateway to asmr through Russian lessons!

  • sunny kulshreshtha
    sunny kulshreshtha 11 months ago

    These are similar to 'sanskrit' language.
    Sanskrit is a vedic language. That's why 'Sanskrit' is called as the mother of all languages.

  • Aggresive_Allosaurus_1993

    I love your big tits

  • snsjshxshjan sjsfdjisjes
    snsjshxshjan sjsfdjisjes 11 months ago

    i need to marry russian men!!!! :v you cyka!!!!!!

  • amy morton
    amy morton 11 months ago +2

    I spent an hour looking at the title how the brackets turn their backs on the middle diamond and how he might get sad..

  • Mia. W
    Mia. W 11 months ago

    I was 11 when she made this 😂

  • Alexander Castle
    Alexander Castle 11 months ago

    dont read
    ooooh thx i wanted an other russian,, so many words so many asmr's needed,, tho might rafine your technique so i can enjoy rewatching de same ones,, sadly the ones i enjoy de most are the ones you arnt focusing on teaching us,, guess it requires too much focus to make it relaxing just as much as fluffy sleepy and learning as heres one,, guessing also the different hight of noise/voice, and ssss's dat makes a sharp tsssss piercing de ear witch makes it much less appealing or surprising so hard to sleep one any learnings,, also crappy mobile sound is so atrocious compare to my sony mp4 even with headphones mobiles are atrociously horible compare to my pc,, i gotta figure a solution to dis is extremely important for learning and relaxing while falling asleep, and being able to close it fast when ready, pc takes much more energy also sadly
    conclusion,, i wish those learning videos would be as soft and appealing as the relaxing good ones like fluffy cause its hard to relax without your perfect skills focused on appeasing relaxing and learning, would take a looot of brain focus to be able to do both perfectly without compromising the other so i get it if no one can do it (also without offencive context,, religious/animal agriculture etc) and extremely pretty girl same time? lol too much hard to find combinations of quality mixed,, just finding a girl as skilled as you for your usual asmr is extremely hard,, guessing the accent helps and having pretty eyes like dat european accent asmr girl with hypno pendent, tho she dont have your skills for details special attention etc actually i cant even describe why your more skilled than many others actually
    dont stress about it your amazing (hmm tho im starting to find you eating a lot of animal products starting to gain fat,, witch im trying to denie de possibility, cause since you such a rare pearl i dont want to know you eating animal products,, everything dats wrong with humans in de entire north americas and so much more,, wasting ressources insanely cruelty and climate change worse den petroleum companies,, killing millions of humans every year (dat i care less about tho) but sadly animal products are too slow of a poison for the suffering and environemental disrespect (for dem to finally get what they deserve, tho depression and energy loss acnea alergies etc etc dont take too long to know whos addicted to dairy products or animal products (frustrated male in de 40's), tho i learn stress is also a big factor (still learning dis one),, but it doesnt compare to animal products, unless you exercise a lot, then you would have to keep doing it forever until inflamations prevents you to or heart problems or cancers, but yu can always see when they eat too much animal products

    • Katie Kat
      Katie Kat 10 months ago

      Alexander Castle Somebody clearly is not taking their meds.

  • ManOnTheMoon2
    ManOnTheMoon2 11 months ago +1

    It is English, there's no such language as American, that is unless you mean what the native Americans speak

  • Shaun Nichols
    Shaun Nichols 11 months ago

    Why are we whispering? Should I whisper instead of speaking Russian?

  • iHunter
    iHunter 11 months ago

    зачем вы так орете ...можно же говорить тише ...

  • ShesThe1yup
    ShesThe1yup 11 months ago

    What I have been studying about the letter "D" in Russian looks very different to your D's it looks more like an A but rounder top instead of a point. Is this because of diff dialects or is it a slang/lazy way to write a "D"?

  • そばronnie
    そばronnie Year ago

    Когда я увидел DVA, я подумал о Overwatch

  • Legendsoft
    Legendsoft Year ago

    Privet druz'ya she is a real help!! Thumbs up

  • Dasha Chyan
    Dasha Chyan Year ago

    То чувство, когда знаешь русский язык))))

  • ShesThe1yup
    ShesThe1yup Year ago

    ODIN makes me think of the mythology God ODIN (Greek perhaps i think)

  • Euphoric
    Euphoric Year ago

    Wow Russian is complicated but so interestong



  • julio natalucci
    julio natalucci Year ago


  • novo_star
    novo_star Year ago

    i have now an ad of go animate is now vyond

  • drout
    drout Year ago

    when you pronounced six in Russian, i quickly fainted, and then i kept replaying that same part several times :)

  • Christoffer Eriksson
    Christoffer Eriksson Year ago +45

    The Russian word for One, “Odin” is a remnant of Russia’s past being founded by Swedish vikings. Odin, the first of Asgard, the allfather.

    • The_LTG
      The_LTG Month ago

      I always thought that one in Russian was Раз (Raz)

    • Gaming Freaks the cat
      Gaming Freaks the cat 2 months ago

      Asgard is mentioned and all I can think about is Loki 😂

    • Mari Mil
      Mari Mil 3 months ago

      They formed it to odin from jedan or old Slavic jedin

    • Gosia Malolepsza
      Gosia Malolepsza 5 months ago

      Christoffer Eriksson jeden in Polish which pronounces in a very similar way.

    • Бурах
      Бурах 5 months ago


  • mcatuara1
    mcatuara1 Year ago

    Say Maria, did you know that "Stop" in handwritten Russian looks like "Cmon?!" :)

  • justin thyme
    justin thyme Year ago

    No more wedding ring. Are you divorced or is this an earlier video?

    • Katie Kat
      Katie Kat 10 months ago

      justin thyme Didn’t you read the date it was uploaded?