Brandie Love Sings "Up to the Mountain" and Takes Simon to Church! - THE X FACTOR USA 2013

  • Published on Sep 19, 2013
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    The award-winning international phenomenon THE X FACTOR is back. In Season Three of the hit competition series hosted by Mario Lopez, THE X FACTOR judges will travel the nation searching for talent 12 years old or over -- both solo artists and vocal groups -- who are willing to brave the panel for a chance to make their dreams of becoming a superstar come true. Auditions for THE X FACTOR were held this spring in Los Angeles, CA; Charleston, SC; New Orleans, LA; Long Island, NY; and Denver, CO.
    Contestants will audition in front of THE X FACTOR judges, including Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato, Kelly Rowland, Paulina Rubio, and an audience of thousands. This will be the ultimate test to prove they have the vocal ability, charisma and stage presence it takes to become a global superstar or breakout music act and win a recording contract with Syco/Sony Music.
    Those contestants who survive the first auditions will be divided into four categories: Boys, Girls, Over 25s and Groups. Each category will be mentored by one of the show's judges. Not only is it a competition between the hopefuls to stake their claim for the coveted win, but it's also a showdown among the judges as to whose acts will dominate the competition and make it to the finals. The judges may have their say in how the competition progresses, but it will be up to America to decide who ultimately has THE X FACTOR.
    Brandie Love Sings "Up to the Mountain" and Takes Simon to Church! | THE X FACTOR USA 2013
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Comments • 2 261

  • Mike M
    Mike M 35 minutes ago

    Not sure how it was in the auditorium, but the sound engineer for the recording should be fired immediately! Background accompaniment was WAY too loud! Ruined a great performance. She has a great voice though....

  • Common Sense Corner
    Common Sense Corner 20 hours ago

    I’m so glad I hit play!!! You are absolutely blessed with God’s gift, I felt his spirit and yours at 2:45, then I could feel the tears coming shortly after - AMAZING 🧡🧡🧡👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Denese Bell
    Denese Bell Day ago +2

    This was so beautiful...her voice is amazing...listening in 2019.

  • RumpleD Skin
    RumpleD Skin 2 days ago +1

    Piano was too loud. Drowned her voice for most of the song.

  • Rick Harrison
    Rick Harrison 2 days ago

    Brandi Love got Porn Factor ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Faith Reality
    Faith Reality 4 days ago

    What happened to her singing career?

  • Keith Purdue
    Keith Purdue 5 days ago +1

    Sound-mixer should be crucified. He drowned-out the Voice.

  • Moto G4
    Moto G4 8 days ago

    This girl sing better than Paulina Rubio.

  • ThomLin
    ThomLin 9 days ago

    I know it's late to say---BUT, I just loved her mama! All that love and joy over her daughter having done her best..Makes me happy to hear her, every single time...and makes me grin. ☺ Wish every child could know how this feels. Yes. ♥

  • Faith Reality
    Faith Reality 10 days ago +1

    Amazing rendition of that song!😲😢😭

  • Jennifer Wood
    Jennifer Wood 11 days ago

    I love how brown people judge country people and like true country women they show class. Her voice was amazing. And COUNTRY HAS SOUL. These people live under a rock in HollyWEIRD.

  • Roger Pullum
    Roger Pullum 12 days ago

    Great voice. You will go far.

  • Wedgenut Tanker
    Wedgenut Tanker 13 days ago

    Kill the volume of that piano

  • Hahahhaa Penis
    Hahahhaa Penis 14 days ago +4

    I just went to church twice in one day. Today’s Sunday

  • Dan Stafford
    Dan Stafford 14 days ago

    I like to hear her talk she's got a Great Southern drawl!

  • D Berd
    D Berd 14 days ago

    I meant gospel

  • Dianna Dittmann
    Dianna Dittmann 15 days ago

    I wonder what ever happend to her hope shes still singing. love love love her voice!!!

  • Juha Kolunaho
    Juha Kolunaho 15 days ago

    Great singing but, doe`s she have the same mom as Sheldon Cooper???

  • All32American
    All32American 16 days ago

    The piano was way too loud.

  • Bewitched Angling
    Bewitched Angling 17 days ago

    Who else was looking for the other brandie love....

  • Raymond Boone
    Raymond Boone 17 days ago +1

    I pray she starts singing for the lord, and not the world...

    • Kevin Johnson
      Kevin Johnson 17 days ago

      Raymond Boone Amen brother...couldnt have said it any better.

  • Ritchie Willard
    Ritchie Willard 18 days ago

    She is anointed. Beautiful

  • D Berd
    D Berd 18 days ago +4

    She didn’t win because she took them to church! They look for $$$. They feel gossip won’t get that $$$ they are looking for. She will be a blessing to those who love God! God is very proud of that beautiful voice he gave her! May God bless her!

  • Aquahoma
    Aquahoma 20 days ago

    Music was louder than she was. It’s a no for me

    • Kevin Johnson
      Kevin Johnson 17 days ago

      Aquahoma adjust your equalizer because she had a powerful, beautiful voice and she used it to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ😎

  • Duane Reed
    Duane Reed 21 day ago

    Sorry i didn't call it as good as some.Just didn't get to me/Little flat in places.

  • Happy Haus Vids
    Happy Haus Vids 22 days ago +4

    So many talented people... But sometimes I feel no matter how talented you are... God has a will and purpose for you. So don't become sad or depressed if you don't go to Hollywood or become famous. Maybe God wants you to do something else special... 👍🙏

  • Ryleeanne Jade
    Ryleeanne Jade 23 days ago +2

    i know her she’s one of my best friends aunts and we call her kiki as u could see the little girl with a sign

    • Kevin Johnson
      Kevin Johnson 17 days ago

      Rylee Jade she is incredible...and sweet. Loved her personality

  • Christina Fast
    Christina Fast 25 days ago

    I wanna meet Demi Lovato SO badly

  • Tina Johnson
    Tina Johnson 25 days ago


  • Donnie Askew
    Donnie Askew 25 days ago +1

    I live an hr and 15mins from her hard to believe such talent so close to home love her country accent your pretty and you and your man lucly hr has you and yoi have a real man always respect to willing to give there lives for our country hope you make big time

  • Patrick Crowther
    Patrick Crowther 26 days ago +4

    One of the prettiest auditions I've heard in a long time.. and I really don't think she knows how good she really is...She touched hearts..

  • Raytatouille Official
    Raytatouille Official 28 days ago +1

    I'm in tears

  • Barry Barry
    Barry Barry 28 days ago +1

    She took me to Church and it cost me thousands of dollars!... corrupt practices in guise of donations, squeezing the very last dollar out of me!!!

    • Kevin Johnson
      Kevin Johnson 17 days ago

      Barry Barry tithing is an old testament practice of giving 1/10th of your crop or animals, etc to those who act as Rabbi in a temple. The Christian church has gone after money using an old testament practice as an excuse. Jesus would flip the tables in these churches just as He did in the Temple...turning the house of God into a den of thieves.
      We gather at my church, and we don't tithe. We can choose to silently drop a few bucks in a bucket, and we see the open books on church financials. My pastor makes peanuts...drives a 10 year old car, lives in a small home, etc. The church was never supposed to be a business

  • Al shep
    Al shep Month ago +1

    a sample of an ANGEL

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson Month ago +7

    Praise God🙌beautiful song about our Lord sung by a beautiful, sweet young woman. Amazing

  • Polijuana Cracker
    Polijuana Cracker Month ago +2

    Please God protect this beautiful young woman from the tentacles of the evil in the entertainment industry. Let her voice always be a glory to you.

    • Kevin Johnson
      Kevin Johnson 17 days ago

      Polijuana Cracker AMEN praise God...well said

  • Joann
    Joann Month ago

    she needs a vocal coach still

  • George Pollastri
    George Pollastri Month ago +2

    Love her name - You are so beautiful Brandy !!!

  • PJShumack
    PJShumack Month ago +1

    She's gorgeous and CAN sing!

  • Angel Ashley
    Angel Ashley Month ago +1

    That was beautiful. What happened to her?

  • Dwight Stewart
    Dwight Stewart Month ago +1

    How did this song become associated with MLK? There's absolutely nothing about him in it. Someone mentioned Kings isolated "I've Been to the Mountaintop" words (not exactly the same) in a speech, but King didn't even come up with that. He, like many others before and since, was quoting from the Old Testament, written eons before.

  • sgtcrab1
    sgtcrab1 Month ago


  • William Helfrich
    William Helfrich Month ago +1

    I've listened to the rest , Brandi you are the best,Kelly should have copied your moves,but then again it's from the Lord and can't be copied

  • Jennifer Savoy
    Jennifer Savoy Month ago

    I Think She's A Dall.....

  • 101sanford
    101sanford Month ago

    u can sing better than me i love ur singing

  • CanadianPartyLife
    CanadianPartyLife Month ago +1

    this isnt the brandy love i was expecting

  • bapemo49
    bapemo49 Month ago +1

    Piano is too loud.

  • Deborah Dennehy
    Deborah Dennehy Month ago +1

    What a beautiful singer!!

  • Keith Purdue
    Keith Purdue Month ago +1

    And l repeat, the mixer is a POS. She was drowned out by the piano. Worse than amateur soundman.

  • Keith Purdue
    Keith Purdue Month ago +1

    Still one of my favorites!
    And like it or not, He is here, whatever name you give Him.

    • Kevin Johnson
      Kevin Johnson 17 days ago

      Keith Purdue His name is important though lol His name is Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God🙌
      He has been given a name above all names...the only name under heaven by which we must be saved.
      Praise God...put your faith in Jesus

  • Reani75
    Reani75 Month ago

    Wenn ich den Soldat da völlig emotionslos da sehe, könnte ich aus der Hose springen. Ich hoffe Sie hat den in die Wüste geschickt und nen anderen genommen, bitte!!!....
    Ansonsten mega und seit Jahren einer meiner Favorite Casting Beiträge *Thumbs Up*

    *completely emotionless Soldier* Shame on you *Horror*

  • Baker, Gardener, Song Writer, & Singer.

    How could anyone click dislike? Just hateful! She's amazing💗

  • Vicky Benson
    Vicky Benson 2 months ago +1

    I wtill be there forever

  • Nicole Jules
    Nicole Jules 2 months ago +1

    Aww I love her

  • Threelly AI
    Threelly AI 2 months ago

    Unexptected (,/'_'\.)

  • Dorene Mellene
    Dorene Mellene 2 months ago +1

    She has such a beautiful voice, and accent. I love her singing so much. She's awesome.

  • ownerofyourblackass
    ownerofyourblackass 2 months ago


    • Kevin Johnson
      Kevin Johnson 17 days ago

      ownerofyourblackass I thought she had great sound quality...i also can't imagine singing in front of that many people, and the thought of 10 million+ people who are watching lol. She did incredible

  • steve chandler
    steve chandler 2 months ago +1

    Beautiful,truly beautiful

  • Riktigt Rent
    Riktigt Rent 2 months ago

    In Euorope no..

  • David Dillard
    David Dillard 2 months ago +1

    I got goose bumps when she started, and keep getting them....Amazing!

  • Leigh Lofgren
    Leigh Lofgren 2 months ago +1

    glorious and wishing her all the best

  • William Brammer
    William Brammer 2 months ago +1

    She is really good and beautiful and I like her

  • Alex Michaels
    Alex Michaels 2 months ago

    very eccentric... if it's her stage name Google: Brandi Love
    if it's her birth name, she should sue her parents for every dam penny. either way. ..
    W T F !!!!!!

  • Chee Kim
    Chee Kim 2 months ago

    She's talk like Donald duck :) Annoying!

  • Jim Cole
    Jim Cole 2 months ago


  • Martin Ponting
    Martin Ponting 2 months ago

    o m g awsome

  • Andrew Inman
    Andrew Inman 3 months ago +3

    2019❤️ I’ve seen this a thousand times

  • Larry Ward
    Larry Ward 3 months ago +1

    The piano was too loud, drowning out her voice. Or it may be just my poor hearing.

    • Larry Ward
      Larry Ward 3 months ago +1

      By the way, her voice is amazing.

  • john dugger
    john dugger 3 months ago +1

    SO THE LATINO LADY HAS NO FKN CLUE , the song is a folk/country song, not a pop rock

  • Gmamah Janet
    Gmamah Janet 3 months ago +1

    Thank you Miss Love, Beautiful!