Why SpaceX is Making Starlink

  • Published on Jun 15, 2019
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    Co-Writer: tvclip.biz/channel/UClZbmi9JzfnB2CEb0fG8iew
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    Animator: Mike Ridolfi (www.moboxgraphics.com/)
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    Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.
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    Going, Going - August Wilhelmsson
    I Think I Was There - Emil Axelsson
    Rise of the Velcro - Gabriel Lewis
    We Rebuild - Philip Ayers
    Discoverers - Frank Jonsson
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  • Real Engineering
    Real Engineering  5 months ago +929

    You may notice a strange edit at the 14:18 mark. That's because I had to remove a tiny section of video as a result of FC Barcelona claiming all the monetisation on this video, and I was forced to remove a tiny clip of Messi scoring his first goal.

    • No Return
      No Return 11 hours ago

      Wth! Greedy ass people

    • Maciek C
      Maciek C 5 days ago

      Real Engineering they own you. Obey your master.

    • hongry life
      hongry life 7 days ago

      What is the link with the stars exactly?

    • Tes Ste
      Tes Ste 9 days ago

      because want made maps of forest fires in Australia
      - and therefore you can now watching tracking alive what is happens in Australia
      - so much videos and photos about
      anyone news on front page in world are SpaceX photos from fires in Australia
      or you known something else
      - exist not single one photo from space
      - no space agency have made single one photo not photo not video about
      does it not bring to your brain anyone suspicions about
      Virgin Galactic
      Israel Space Agency recently to the Moon (but still not photos from Australia while is so easy and the civilization need it and highly need such something to track back forest fires)
      new someone space agency from New Zealand
      have question for you
      - are you sure are you health in your brain or are you capable to comprise what happens in reality
      GPS usa military system can working worldwide
      (because everywhere usa army bases)
      GLONAS who is Russian working only in Russia
      Chinese version only working in China
      why shall be that
      satellites or is about ground based systems
      if satellites would be worldwide coverage and not related only with some area where they living
      - if ground based systems then must be related only with area where they living or have some army bases on ground
      what you think about

    • Michael Engleman
      Michael Engleman 11 days ago

      Real Engineering you weren’t ignored,this person did so without the ACTUAL people at FCBARCELONA knowledge trying to hustle you for money.i would contact the higher ups and inform them of his bullshit they’ll fire him

  • B Hew
    B Hew 7 hours ago

    Space Net!

  • No Return
    No Return 11 hours ago

    How about north and south poles?

  • Gold Revoli
    Gold Revoli 12 hours ago


  • Azzon
    Azzon 14 hours ago

    This should be illegal in my opinion.
    It's so annoying to think that money can buy anything on this earth, even it's own destruction.
    Fuck all this exaggerated technology that we don't really need, it makes me very depressed seeing that "MONEY" is our new god.
    It makes me hope that the planet will take us back to the origins soon..

  • William
    William 17 hours ago

    Starlink is a vision of Hell.
    Journalists are asleep to Musk.
    He's polluting the sky while all of you fanboys sleep.
    He's a billionaire thug. Wake up!

  • lol
    lol 21 hour ago

    I have heard what garbage orbiting the earth posing threat to people and devices in space near the planet and it will grow by colliding with each other.
    How they planning to clean space around earth?- or they used orbits not affected by space garbage?- but what if some of satellites will malfunction and collide with other satellites and make big amount of small peaces flying with very fast speeds and hit other satellites?

  • dominic dewick
    dominic dewick 21 hour ago

    its gonna get messy for astronaughts and star gazers what a fuckin mess more control for govts this world is going to shit already this will quicken the pace

  • Rogerio Balestero
    Rogerio Balestero 23 hours ago

    NSA with eyes on it

  • R20966
    R20966 23 hours ago

    Starlink not Sterlenk

  • Geo fromNJ
    Geo fromNJ Day ago

    Why is this asshole talking about ion propulsion? He's talking about satellites, and then out of nowhere, talks about ion propulsion. What?

  • Future Dude
    Future Dude Day ago

    Then Asians will takeover EU and US gameservers Oo

  • K K
    K K Day ago

    While it's neat to see a satellite or ISS moving across the sky at night, having an order of magnitude more objects in orbit isn't thrilling for night sky viewing.
    This will have one benefit however. It will be funny to see what kind of lunacy flat earthers come up with to explain it away.

  • praveen bhati
    praveen bhati Day ago

    India launched 104 satellites
    World: Debris Debris
    SpaceX will launch 12000 or later 42000 satellites
    World: Awwww

  • Oh Asis
    Oh Asis Day ago

    Now we can have high speed scammers.

  • Evert Fluit
    Evert Fluit 2 days ago

    Fry the planet with 5G

  • CRASS2047
    CRASS2047 2 days ago

    When we look back in 50 years and beyond, I believe there will be the world before Elon and the world after Elon. The man is single handedly changing the world. Unbelievable

  • Ian Toppler
    Ian Toppler 2 days ago

    The real reason is comcast kept Elon on hold for 4 hours, and he said, "screw it, i will make i own internet".

  • Jim Adams
    Jim Adams 2 days ago

    Really? His company spends trillions of dollars one and only to give you faster and cheaper internet ??? With prospects for cash depreciation over the next 500 years; And all this with the blessings of the US Government ??? How stupid you should be all of you !!!

  • NPC #303
    NPC #303 2 days ago

    Didn't elon musk relinquish space x to the us gov a while back.... Imagine them using this to have the whole world under even more control... Like they could see any one any were any time

    • NPC #303
      NPC #303 2 days ago

      Call me crazy but that world wide broadband just sounds like a perfect front to me lol

  • jeff davis
    jeff davis 2 days ago

    Lol I thought it said starkiller

  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight 2 days ago +1

    I'm an Engineer and i approve of this video

  • Liberty Prime
    Liberty Prime 2 days ago

    Space X and nasa are friends forever
    Like canada and USA

  • Pilot Carpet Cleaning


  • Jamie Burns
    Jamie Burns 3 days ago

    I'm afraid the Death Star will be quite operational when your friends arrive...

  • Christopher heathcock

    Terminator??? Judgement day comes to mind,, robots will take over

  • TurboBass
    TurboBass 3 days ago

    I don't think it'll cost SpaceX but rather it will cost the American tax payer.

  • Salty Hater
    Salty Hater 3 days ago

    All fun and games untill a cloud gets in front of the satelite.

  • Reza Ganjavi
    Reza Ganjavi 3 days ago


  • Max Power
    Max Power 3 days ago

    No Latency, that's really gunna speed up things to the advantage of the Antichrist, after the rapture of the church and at the beginning of the Seven Year Tribulation Period. *Believe on Jesus Christ and REPENT of your sins* !

  • Nicholas T_bird
    Nicholas T_bird 3 days ago

    You guys realise this is what Tesla spoke of....nodal points that connect the megalithic sites....however if man were to want to control these spheres(information globes)much like the atmosphere only we can't see these...they could manipulate people as well as mess with a grid that's already there...so they are looking for something or have found something in ancient scriptures that speak of these such things...

  • Michael Christenson
    Michael Christenson 4 days ago

    Cue the government going socialist and nationalizing Spacex.

    GROM SWAT 4 days ago

    This summer of 2020, North America will be connected to starlink satelites. 10ms latency, gaming will never be better.
    Cheers Elon Musk, we will support you all the way bro.
    For those complaining astronomers, I’m sure Elon will send few telescopes like Hubble in orbit so you all will just shut up and use them.

  • Edwin Lee
    Edwin Lee 4 days ago

    cool no more lag from eu players

  • Erdinc Yedikat
    Erdinc Yedikat 4 days ago

    Baffles me how all the nations on earth that have satellites orbiting earth don't collide and smash together, then again space is a big ass place and they probably have some sort of coordination or air control for those satellites.

  • Michael Godwin
    Michael Godwin 4 days ago

    More people with access to the internet = more people who can be fleeced and corrupted by the machine.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  • Brian Brown
    Brian Brown 4 days ago

    This is Such a bad idea differentiating clearly the huge gap between intelligence and wisdom .

  • Tristan Stockley
    Tristan Stockley 4 days ago

    Ah no more maccas wifi for Australia

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  • Stjepan Nikolić
    Stjepan Nikolić 5 days ago

    I think in secret this is just Google trying to make Stadia playable without lag

  • Maciek C
    Maciek C 5 days ago

    I wonder what would happen if one of those will fall down on someone house and who will be responsible for that. I'm pretty sure that trump would say he was a terrorist and deserve that.

  • Jeramie Curtice
    Jeramie Curtice 5 days ago

    Starlink is the Mars mission funding project. Essentially, we'll all be paying for getting people to Mars.

  • jeflynnenut
    jeflynnenut 5 days ago

    Oh won't it be wonderful?!!!!
    Me: No.

  • yinglun li
    yinglun li 5 days ago


  • GraVe Bally
    GraVe Bally 5 days ago

    Does this mean people who live in different regions can play in lower ping now?

  • Dr.Lemon
    Dr.Lemon 5 days ago

    So, with this project he's aiming to provide the whole world with fast internet connection, and thus global education, which means directly improving the world while blowing out of the water greedy internet service providers worldwide. This Elon Musk seems like a pretty cool guy.

  • johnny mars
    johnny mars 5 days ago

    If Elon puts entire industries out of business, there will be a big target on his back.

  • HeavenlySaviour
    HeavenlySaviour 5 days ago

    Sooooo humans wanna pollute space with more human stuff until there isn't much space left. People with money fighting over space in space smh. What a world we live in.

  • Where Is The Thumbnail

    I wonder what the minimum number of satellites is just to make the NY to London stock exchange part a reality If they just concentrate on getting that up and running first. Is it 4 orbital planes of 66 satellites each = 264?

  • Tammy Leeder Whitaker

    SWEET ♥️

    N8UR NURD 6 days ago

    You didn't mention Neuralink, another reason for Starlink.

  • Jeff Smith
    Jeff Smith 6 days ago

    No satellite is flying over area 51, North Korea, Iraq etc. Elon musk is a retard

  • Hans Meiser
    Hans Meiser 6 days ago

    I think people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity need to consider to live in caves deep inside the earth then or -. Oh boy!

  • 1crazyoutlaw
    1crazyoutlaw 6 days ago

    In order to keep astronomers happy, let’s help them bring the telescope into space. With satellite internet, now astronomers can watch out into space wirelessly.

  • Mr. Cold
    Mr. Cold 6 days ago

    So they can watch you drop a turd from low earth orbit.

  • 665Thunder
    665Thunder 6 days ago

    nobody looking to save the world here, just expand e-commerce customer base by 50% in 1 year, as if that was a need for humanity.

  • Lachlan
    Lachlan 6 days ago

    does this mean, because of how light travels quicker in space, i could technically play on american servers on a game from australia and experience minimal delay instead of unplayable ping?

  • Heckler Koch
    Heckler Koch 6 days ago

    I don’t care how much it’s going to cost. As soon as it’s available I’m signing up.

  • Leggize
    Leggize 7 days ago

    Is there any reason Tesla cannot include GPS tech into the Starlink constellation? Aren't you consistently in range of multiple sats.? Do they have clocks that are good enough for that? Thanks for any time spent answering.

  • DerEntscheider
    DerEntscheider 7 days ago

    SpaceX could be a hope for fair online gaming without any delays 🙏