ARTIST Vs. AI - Is The Art Algorithm Getting SMARTER??

  • Published on May 13, 2019
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Comments • 2 810

  • A rabbit
    A rabbit 6 months ago +5545

    Jazza = 🐲 =🌲 = 🐨

  • Polite Gordon Ramsay
    Polite Gordon Ramsay 18 hours ago

    6:46 wig _snatched_

  • EpicGamer 20192019209
    EpicGamer 20192019209 22 hours ago

    Anyone else noticed there is a freaking Finger in the pallet?

  • xuanxuan11 lee
    xuanxuan11 lee Day ago


  • Apricity
    Apricity Day ago

    What is that black half glove thing on your hand?

  • mom's spaghetti
    mom's spaghetti 2 days ago

    "Robots will rule the world! We are in the middle of a technological REVOLUTION!!"
    Google auto draw: is dis eye? No dis is pasta

  • A random furry
    A random furry 2 days ago


  • Chris Ruiz
    Chris Ruiz 2 days ago

    I love his nose 😭

  • MilkyXD
    MilkyXD 3 days ago

    jazzas Bob Ross looks like a titan from attack on titan

  • EmilBarak
    EmilBarak 3 days ago

    Wow you didint change did you
    I mean you kinda do look the dame

  • Jose Uche
    Jose Uche 3 days ago

    Jazza’s bob Ross fricken looks like a titan

  • Black Chameleon
    Black Chameleon 3 days ago

    Jazza! you are a Legend
    especially between 8:48 - 9:13 - 9:50

  • La Quixtendable YT
    La Quixtendable YT 4 days ago

    Is...that uh.... Terminator in the thuuuummmbn-nail........I mean if that makes you happy

  • Macy Jade
    Macy Jade 4 days ago

    Jazza’s bob ross is more horrifying then 90% of horror movie characters

  • Brooke Eckstein
    Brooke Eckstein 4 days ago

    You should draw something with your eyes closed and see what it comes up with

  • Teddybear Productions
    Teddybear Productions 5 days ago +1

    “We should start a gallery”

    Auto draw: ladder?
    Jazza: no we should put the color “finger” in the gallery

  • Teddybear Productions

    Rip bob ross

  • Re set
    Re set 6 days ago +3

    After years of deep learning, it’s gotten dumber

  • thunder kat578
    thunder kat578 7 days ago

    8:28 from a distance Bob Ross doesn't look so bad 😂😂😂

  • lisa spelhaug
    lisa spelhaug 7 days ago

    jazza should start a no compilation

  • The Smiling Dutchman

    That.. is one amazing bob ross !!
    Scary ....but beautifull.

  • Ashblood100
    Ashblood100 8 days ago


  • shadow slasher
    shadow slasher 8 days ago

    Can we get a f in chat for blue eyes bob ros r.i.p

  • Mohammed Khan
    Mohammed Khan 9 days ago


  • Natural
    Natural 10 days ago

    No one:
    Google draw: 👂🏻👁 👄 👁 👂🏻

  • Sun Eater
    Sun Eater 10 days ago

    Don’t u just have the best fan base lmao

  • Benjamin Pino
    Benjamin Pino 10 days ago

    Made me laugh so hard!

  • Si†ri
    Si†ri 11 days ago

    American dragon

  • Daniel The maniel
    Daniel The maniel 11 days ago +3

    Bob Ross: we don’t make mistakes, only happy accidents
    Jazza: makes cursed bob ross
    Bob Ross: never mind

  • William Lin
    William Lin 11 days ago +1

    carrot colored crayons

  • Viktor Bujtás
    Viktor Bujtás 14 days ago

    Bob lookin like a damn titan at the end there

  • Edvard Tillå
    Edvard Tillå 16 days ago

    Like and if we get more than this video I will swim in snow

  • Kawaii Gamer
    Kawaii Gamer 16 days ago

    10:07 wow i guess this wasn't a mi- steak! XD.... Ok ill just go die in a whole now 🙁

  • Luka Josias Sørensen 5C Ebeltoft Skole

    Uhh i love the Color”finger”

  • Maddie Eng-Nguyen
    Maddie Eng-Nguyen 18 days ago

    6:46 scariest thing in my life

  • Ethan Knowland
    Ethan Knowland 19 days ago

    Jazza =🐲🐉. Jazza =🌲🌴. Jazza = bottle cap

  • Ethan Knowland
    Ethan Knowland 19 days ago

    Jazza =🐨. Carrot =crayon

  • Bertie Widdowson
    Bertie Widdowson 19 days ago +1

    He had a Gucci ad!!!

  • Seven Teen
    Seven Teen 20 days ago

    0:34 ye he said hes family friendly

  • Kate D
    Kate D 20 days ago

    We all just going to ignore the fact that jazza called Jupiter Mars?

  • silver shoe equestrian centre

    6:44 had me in tears 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • филяка
    филяка 21 day ago

    I like your content

  • Jonathan Ellsworth
    Jonathan Ellsworth 22 days ago

    That's a good Bob Ross... But a better Whoopy Goldberg

  • Kayden Tatum
    Kayden Tatum 24 days ago
    I drew Harry Potter with auto draw

  • xdCarnage _
    xdCarnage _ 25 days ago

    *Baguette sleeve*

  • Hades Craft
    Hades Craft Month ago

    Jazza the dragon

  • Madison Southard
    Madison Southard Month ago

    I might be late I be young but when a here the ding I click faster than the sun

    • Ok Boomer
      Ok Boomer 24 days ago

      Your a couple months late

  • AbsurdSkill
    AbsurdSkill Month ago +1

    AutoDraw: sees this video
    Also AutoDraw: instantly deletes it self

  • link7880
    link7880 Month ago


  • Zeno
    Zeno Month ago

    The robot in the thumbnail is from the game “Terra Tech”
    You’re welcome.

  • harrison Frost
    harrison Frost Month ago

    Anyone else relies its termanter in the thumb nal

  • Starya
    Starya Month ago

    Ctrl (or cmd) + shift + T = open closed tab

  • crazyhat15
    crazyhat15 Month ago +1

    Jazza should dress as a choaler for halloween

  • ll 5
    ll 5 Month ago

    That's modern art
    I'd hang that up on my wall

  • AuggieYT
    AuggieYT Month ago

    Im here to see if the thors hammer he drew was acepted yet or if he tried using it

  • Karen Sharp
    Karen Sharp Month ago

    10:15 why is there a fifer in the palette thing

  • matthew Mccullough
    matthew Mccullough Month ago


  • Sukhwant Bassan
    Sukhwant Bassan Month ago

    Who knows Doctor who

  • Adam Birch
    Adam Birch Month ago

    I usually watch this as I lay in bed to help me relax after a long day. I don't think I can close my eyes without seeing AI Bob Ross, tonight. Looks like it'll be a sleepless night for me.

  • Smokinski
    Smokinski Month ago

    Subcribe Shoxer