Jimmy Fallon Pays Tribute to His Mother Gloria

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  • Adam Ruston
    Adam Ruston 46 minutes ago

    I got too emotional

  • Ianna Paredes
    Ianna Paredes 58 minutes ago


  • Little Dorrit__Lisa

    No matter what age you are when your mother passes...you still feel like an orphaned child 😢
    All condolences to Jimmy and his family.

  • Amanda Davis
    Amanda Davis Hour ago

    We love you too jimmy your family continues to my in my thoughts and prayers :)

  • Super Metlife Alex

    Can you sub me don't be a hater you get reported there. 3 hater and 302 fans

  • Roy Lim
    Roy Lim Hour ago


  • Alex Stafford
    Alex Stafford 2 hours ago

    The 1k people who disliked this are the ones who should die

  • luvzlara
    luvzlara 3 hours ago

    Love you Jimmy! Stay strong, Buddy!

  • Super Mario Logan
    Super Mario Logan 3 hours ago

    Jimmy, your mother loved so, so, much! Everyone who is supporting Jimmy go call or give your mother a hug!😞

  • richard boyd
    richard boyd 4 hours ago

    Sad when someone has a emotional human moment people can comment they are weak or have a hidden motive. Keep on keeping on jimmy your awesome!!!

  • headedsomewhere
    headedsomewhere 4 hours ago

    I wondered what happened. I'm so sorry to hear this, and you and your family are in my prayers  :'(

  • priss77 priss
    priss77 priss 5 hours ago

    There's nothing like a mother's love. Sooooo keep on loving and making us laugh. 😍

  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane 6 hours ago

    Rest in peace mrs fallon 💕

  • Ne Ha
    Ne Ha 6 hours ago


  • S Capt
    S Capt 6 hours ago

    Jimmy Failing

  • thetylife
    thetylife 6 hours ago

    Love and appreciate your Moms...............and dads.

  • Contractor 0211
    Contractor 0211 7 hours ago +1

    I have no sympathy for this sellout... sold his soul to the devil to get where's at.. not "honest and hard work". Majority of celebrities reach their status by doing the unspeakable first. This isn't a "conspiracy", as pedophilia, murder and cult rituals are common knowledge in "Hollywood".
    Hope he enjoys what time remains, when its debts are due; he will pay them. We'll forget he existed and another generic late night TV host will rise in his place. The cycle continues and will until their subculture is systematically broken.

  • Megan Marcucci
    Megan Marcucci 7 hours ago

    Just watched this video and said “Aww, Jimmy we love you.” And my 4 year old goes “Aww Jimmy Johns, we love you.” Nothing like a little humor to bring the smile back. Thank you for during the same thing for so many of us Mr. Fallon.

  • Jericho Majewski
    Jericho Majewski 7 hours ago


  • Louise Van Zyderveld
    Louise Van Zyderveld 8 hours ago

    Love you ❤️

  • Mike Hawk
    Mike Hawk 8 hours ago

    Buy Taylor Swifts new album! It's so good and better than anything Jimmy could do

  • in themix
    in themix 8 hours ago

    my mom passed away almost two years ago.  some times I just want to call her and I can't and it just seems weird.  I try to hear her voice and remember how soft her hands were.  RIP

  • Rick And Nick Crompton Morty

    Rip Lil peep

  • Instant Win
    Instant Win 9 hours ago

    I’ve never been brought to tears so instantaneously

  • Unicorn Princess
    Unicorn Princess 9 hours ago


    ZENTORO GAMING 9 hours ago

    Love from the uk dw youl see her again buddy

  • Ophelia Perrin
    Ophelia Perrin 10 hours ago +1

    Thank you for being who you are ❤❤❤

  • Ophelia Perrin
    Ophelia Perrin 10 hours ago +1

    Aww I love you so much Jimmy ❤❤❤

  • S Tuazon
    S Tuazon 10 hours ago

    How are there 1K thumbs downs????

  • Abigail E.
    Abigail E. 10 hours ago

    Jimmy we love you sooooooo much ❤️💘💘

  • President Gowdy
    President Gowdy 10 hours ago

    Democrats are so classless and fake. You belittle an entire political party for a year not knowing who any of them are or what they've been through, and I'm suppose to feel bad when you lose somebody? lol Fuck off, rats.

  • Zom Bee Nature
    Zom Bee Nature 11 hours ago +1

    We should eliminate it!
    Everyone, please watch my little nature videos. There is no talking in them. Shhh!

  • Ronaldo H
    Ronaldo H 11 hours ago

    Gloria can eat gods big dick😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Francisca Brites
    Francisca Brites 12 hours ago


  • Claudia Dinorah
    Claudia Dinorah 12 hours ago

    Jimmy my mom is only one month older than yours. She recently had trouble with her blood pressure & she doesn't even care that I love singing more than teaching. You were so lucky & loved by a Queen. I can tell by the way you feel & talk about her love & the closeness with her. I admire you & you should know your clips here have been part of my English classes for 2 years. Hughs from Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

  • Honest Fellow
    Honest Fellow 12 hours ago

    What a damn fake ass pussycat.

  • Anika
    Anika 13 hours ago

    This is pretty sad :(

  • luvvinallmusik 57
    luvvinallmusik 57 13 hours ago

    U have 2 give it up 2 Jimmy. As much as he breaks in skits, he kept his composure rather well.

  • taylor stevens
    taylor stevens 14 hours ago

    How could anyone give this video a dislike!

  • AdamTrysVlogs
    AdamTrysVlogs 14 hours ago

    God Bless you and your Family Jimmy

  • GZG
    GZG 15 hours ago

    Praying for you and your family Jimmy Fallon just remember God's not done!!!

  • QueenoftheNorth
    QueenoftheNorth 15 hours ago

    I'm crying so hard. My heart goes out to him

  • Katie Merrick
    Katie Merrick 16 hours ago

    Bless his heart

  • King Loz
    King Loz 16 hours ago

    I'm sad

  • Janis Elliott
    Janis Elliott 16 hours ago

    I'm not crying. You're crying. ffs

  • Grace le pla
    Grace le pla 17 hours ago

    I am so sorry for your loss jimmy!
    It's the most heart wrenching feeling I know.
    Stay strong and make her proud xx

  • Ica 0
    Ica 0 17 hours ago

    Try not to cry challenge failed. 5sec in

  • elizabeth luz LoveOfMyLife

    Bless your ♡

  • Nikita Oinam
    Nikita Oinam 19 hours ago

    this would make every man cry......everyone loves their mother more than any else

  • Michael Stig
    Michael Stig 20 hours ago

    And yet they still put advertisement banners on this video.

  • Arsenio Zheng
    Arsenio Zheng 20 hours ago

    Oh my God, when his voice breaks, I could feel his pain.
    RIP mama Gloria, and Jimmy keep your head up!

  • odradekk
    odradekk 20 hours ago

    So sorry for your loss Jimmy.

  • Raj Chauhan
    Raj Chauhan 20 hours ago

    Rip Gloria Fallon

  • hugemagoo
    hugemagoo 20 hours ago

    Jimmy fallon is a good guy

  • Dallas Arndell
    Dallas Arndell 20 hours ago

    Jimmy is the best

  • Dallas Arndell
    Dallas Arndell 20 hours ago

    RIP Gloria Fallon

  • madeh86
    madeh86 21 hour ago

    Jeez she was young...

  • The Coolcaptains
    The Coolcaptains 21 hour ago


  • Red Face
    Red Face 22 hours ago

    I get his mom passed and it’s sad all respect. But putting on an act and crying in front of the tv is just pitiful.

  • ala33406
    ala33406 22 hours ago

    R.I.P Jimmy Fallon Mother Gloria :(

  • Carla Ponce
    Carla Ponce 22 hours ago

    May she rest in peace. My mother died on the same date last year.

  • Muhammad Shoeb Ayubi
    Muhammad Shoeb Ayubi 23 hours ago

    ok who are those assholes who disliked this video? whoever you are wherever you are, I curse you the day you were born...

  • BlueKavet
    BlueKavet 23 hours ago

    Jimmy is one of my favourite people, he's so genuine and kind.

  • Kia
    Kia 23 hours ago

    All the love and wishes with you Jimmy❤
    Who are the intensive 1k fools who unliked the video

  • Shinobu Tenebrae
    Shinobu Tenebrae 23 hours ago

    Jimmy I wish I could hug you! Love watching you every chance I get. Wish you the best for you and your family and never give up bruh!

  • Emily Gee
    Emily Gee Day ago

    A mother is something that can never be replaced, and never should be

  • Shannon Borck
    Shannon Borck Day ago

    I just don't get how anyone could unlike this...really sad guys. Have a freaking heart would u?

  • Getoutofmykitchen28

    Aw, may she Rest In Peace. Jimmy deserves all the happiness😢❤️

  • llennon73
    llennon73 Day ago

    fuck that bitch

  • Ted Pilkington
    Ted Pilkington Day ago

    my heart just broke.. we love you Jimmy x

  • brett DeKoning
    brett DeKoning Day ago

    my regards man.

  • Rose
    Rose Day ago

    I lost my dad in july 2015 and it has messed me up so much my life has turned to shit. This made me cry. I definitely understand your pain, Jimmy.

  • Song Atthajaroon

    Lots of love to you and your family Jimmy

  • Toxic_ Lyrical_Flow

    i cry

  • Sir N
    Sir N Day ago

    1k dislikes aka 1k assholes

  • Domenica Brundia

    Oh Jimmy, we love you. My condolences to you and your family.

  • Martinelli Minimo

    Maybe the ones that hate their mothers?

  • Martinelli Minimo

    How could anyone dislike?

  • Sam Ash
    Sam Ash Day ago

    My eyes are doing the Niagara Falls trick

  • Isabela Hart
    Isabela Hart Day ago

    Naw you can see the pain

  • bubbly
    bubbly Day ago

    My Name Is Gloria

  • Charlie Smith
    Charlie Smith Day ago

    I Love you,too.

  • Heather Hernandez

    May your mom rest in peace love u Jimmy.

  • MsLewcee
    MsLewcee Day ago

    Omg i could barely get through that without crying. Much love and deep condolences to the entire Fallon family! 😓😘

  • Asians PLUS Caucasians

    Jimmy its your mother Gloria im over here playing bingo just wanted to say its ok to tell the audience that your gay they already know i thought your dad was a little light in the loafers by the way he looked at Lorne i guess the fruit doesnt fall far from the tree.
    Love Mom

  • James Halliday
    James Halliday Day ago

    Feel sorry for his mom but you dont force that sadness out of yourself, its as if it was faked even if he felt sad

  • FreakingOutFangirl


  • Tom Martin
    Tom Martin Day ago +1

    People disliking this? why??

  • FreelanceVolume
    FreelanceVolume Day ago

    RIP Lil Peep

  • Amira Donald
    Amira Donald Day ago

    rest in peace gloria🙏🙏❤️❤️

  • Lincoln's World
    Lincoln's World Day ago

    Sending you and your family so much love. You’re the best Jimmy and you are so loved xxx

  • Therese Kelleher
    Therese Kelleher Day ago +1

    So so sad 😞 😭💔

  • Laiba Grande
    Laiba Grande Day ago

    I'm not crying, you are.

  • Alex Russell
    Alex Russell Day ago

    Who the heck dislikes this?! honestly so disrespectful to Jimmy and his mother Gloria's death

  • Lynn H
    Lynn H Day ago

    Crying. 😭

  • IDontHaveAName
    IDontHaveAName Day ago

    For the people who disliked this video, You have nothing to hate him for, you people are just sick bastards.
    Rest In Peace <3

  • Tanner Flood
    Tanner Flood Day ago

    I just heard about this. I'm sorry for your loss I'll be keeping you in my prayers and your family as well. Hang in their Jimmy❤

  • Chelsea Beaumont

    Praying for you jimmy for you and your family

  • lexi lubin
    lexi lubin Day ago

    Oh my baby😣 stay strong

  • Dalton K
    Dalton K Day ago

    Have another glass of baby blood jimmy that should cheer you up